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Why Won’t My Kenmore Dishwasher Drain

Drain Your Washing Machine Manually

How to fix a Kenmore dishwasher that’s not draining

As mentioned earlier, the very first step you need to take to drain water from a washing machine is to force the appliance to expel dirty water by either unplugging the appliance or forcibly resetting it via switches placed within.

Regardless of which strategy you decide to employ, I strongly discourage attempting these tricks as an alternative to seeking professional washer repair service and replacement parts because they will only provide short-term relief.

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Ensure That The Drain Hose Is In Satisfactory Working Order

The first thing to check if your Kenmore dishwasher is not draining is to check if the drain hose is clogged. Ensure that your Kenmore dishwasher is clear of any food or debris by lifting its front cover. There may be two drain hoses on some Kenmore dishwashers, so you should inspect both of them.

Using a star-shaped clip, the Kenmore hose attaches to the main drain pipe in your sink. In the event that this clamp loosens or falls off, the water will drain out rather than drain into the Kenmore dishwasher. If you have any missing clips, you should replace them with new ones from an auto parts store theyre cheap and easy to install.

The first thing you should do is inspect the hose that connects the water line to the drain under the sink for kinks. A kink or obstruction in this area can prevent water from draining properly due to pressure.

Ensure the line between your dishwasher and cabinet is not kinked, and look behind/below your dishwasher for sharp bends. Dishwasher drains should be cleaned out of kinks and tested.

Reasons Why Kenmore Dishwasher Not Draining

It is common to have a draining issue in the dishwasher. A dishwasher is a device that pumps out water to the various component of the dishwasher.

However, the most common problem with Kenmore dishwasher not draining is old food remains.

It is recommended to clean your dishwasher once or twice a week to prevent issues like draining and other various issues.

Besides this, there are various reasons that could stop the dishwasher from draining.

If your Kenmore dishwasher is not draining, youâve come to the right place.

In this article, we will make a detailed discussion on why your Kenmore dishwasher is not draining, along with effective solutions.

Therefore, I recommend you to read the full article this will give you more insight into the problem and the solution to fix it.

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Kenmore Dishwasher Not Draining And Burning Smell

A burning smell is likely coming from a worn-out motor. If the motor/pump has stopped working, the dishwasher will no longer be able to pump water through the drain as well. This requires a replacement motor.

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There is also an element at the bottom of the dishwasher that heats up the water to the desired water temperature for the cycle. If there is anything trapped up against this element, such as food or plastic, it may be melting and creating a burning smell.

The Wrong Type Of Detergent

Why Wont My Dishwasher Drain?

You wont believe it, but even something as simple as the wrong detergent could cause your dishwasher draining problem. It typically happens when you use your dishwasher for the first time.

There are powder and liquid detergents where the former would work the best for your Kenmore dishwasher.

Its because liquid detergents can form a film on the inside of your dishwasher, which causes draining issues later. The film clogs the drains and prevents the dishwasher from draining.

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When To Use Rinse And Hold Cycle In Kenmore Dishwasher

If the dishes have not been washed at the end of the day, use the RINSE AND DELAY programme. The plastic smell disappears after a few weeks of use. If you dont use your dishwasher often, set it to fill and drain once a week. This helps keep the seal moist and the duct clean. This leads to discoloration of the inside of the bathtub with prolonged use.

The Dishwasher Drain Filter Is Clogged

In case of an accumulation of debris in the Kenmore dishwasher filter, it may clog up and prevent water from draining. You can find Kenmores owner manual on their website if you dont know where to locate or how to remove this filter.

Before returning it to its original position, use a stiff brush to remove any obstructions. After reinstalling the Kenmore dishwasher filter, make sure adequate drainage has been restored.

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My Kenmore Ultra Wash Quiet Guard Deluxe Will Not Drain

The Kenmore Ultra Wash Quiet Guard Deluxe is a dishwasher that is designed to operate quietly and features an ultra flow water feed tube, upper and lower spray arms, a rinse aid dispenser and an electronic control panel. All features aside, however, if the dishwasher does not drain, owners might want to try some troubleshooting techniques.

Kenmore Dishwasher Will Not Drain After The End Of Its Cycle

⨠Kenmore Elite Dishwasher – Wonât Drain – (FAST FIX) â¨

I have a Kenmore dishwasher model number 665.13293K113. It runs a full cycle but will not empty out the water.

I took the hose apart ran, water through it, and it works fine.

I disconnected the pump and ran it and it seems to spin fine. I also ran the pump with the hose disconnected from the sink and it emptied fine.

Once I plug it back into the sink it does not push the water all the way up. What could be causing this problem?

  • The beauty of Kenmore is that you can get information about it from Sears. Might want to try to talk to a tech and find out if this is user-fixable. SDsolarMay 24, 2017 at 20:45
  • Could the water be siphoning back from the disposal? This can occur if the vacuum break is plugged and water doesn’t drain out of the disposal quickly enough. BillDOeNov 7, 2018 at 20:14
  • Did you ever get this resolved? If so, please give a check-mark to the answer that helped you the most, or write up your own answer explaining what you did to get it fixed and give yourself a check mark. That will help others with this kind of problem know that this has a resolution and is a good place to look for their answer

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Test The Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse prevents damage to electrical components due to overheating. If it blows, it shuts down the dishwasher. Find the thermal fuse on the control board, behind the inner door. Disconnect the two connecting wires and remove the fuse from the control panel to test it. Set the multimeter to Rx1 and touch the probes to the contacts on the fuse. This should produce a reading of zero. Replace the thermal fuse if you get any other reading.

Check The Dishwasher Filter

  • After youve checked the plumbing, check inside the dishwasher along the bottom of the tub for food and waste buildup. Clean the area with a rag or abrasive sponge.
  • Check the filter. It will be located at the back or along the bottom of the tub near the spray arm. New units have smaller grids that are built into the base. These are designed to protect the filter from buildup, but sometimes debris can still accumulate.
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the casing. Remove the filter and clean it as needed.

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Turn Off The Power Before Disassembling The Dishwasher

Sometimes internal components malfunction and need to be replaced. If you are an experienced DIYer, you may be able to repair the broken dishwasher yourself, but before opening the machine to work on it, be sure to disconnect it from the power source. Use a multimeter to test internal components. Obtain a wiring diagram for your dishwasher model to ensure that you are testing the correct terminals.

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Blown Fuse Or Tripped Circuit Breaker

What to Do If a Kenmore Washer Series 70 Won

If the thermal fuse in the dishwasher has blown, electricity will no longer be able to flow through and the dishwasher will not have any power. The thermal fuse is located on the circuit board and is designed to prevent overheating. However, it is a one-use-only component, meaning you will need to replace it once it has blown.

You will have the same issue if the dishwasher has tripped the circuit breaker in your home. This occurs if the electricity within the dishwasher has risen to dangerous levels. If this is the case, you will need to switch the electricity back on from the circuit breaker control panel in your home.

Either of these two issues occurs due to an underlying problem with the dishwasher. They are safety measures to prevent damage to the dishwasher or your home. If this continues to occur, you will need a technician to find out what is causing the issue in the first place.

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The Air Gap Is Clogged

Solution: Some dishwashers use air gaps to prevent dirty water from backing up and contaminating your dishes. If one gets clogged, it can impact the appliances ability to drain. To tell if your dishwasher has an air gap, look for a small silver cylinder sitting by your faucet. If you have one, check to see if its clogged by removing the top cover and pulling straight up. Then, depending on the design, unscrew or release the tabs on the inner cap. Remove any debris or food buildup that may have accumulated and then reassemble the air gap.

Why Is My Kenmore Dishwasher Making Noise

How to Troubleshoot a Groaning Noise in My Dishwasher

  • Reasons for Dishwasher Noise. One of the primary reasons why you may hear dishwasher noise is due to your dishwasher pump. …
  • Testing the Dishwasher Pump. After you unplug the dishwasher, remove the pump, which is behind the lower access panel. …
  • Wash Arm Seal and Bearing Ring. …
  • Inspect the Spray Arms. …

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Check The Power Supply

If the dishwasher wont do anything at all, the problem could be the power supply. Check the circuit breaker. If it has tripped, flip the switch to the off position and then turn it back on. If the circuit has not tripped, check to ensure that the appliance is properly plugged into its wall outlet. This may require you to pull the appliance out from beneath the counter. Before attempting to move the unit, disconnect the under-counter retainer clips that hold it in place.

Turn On The Garbage Disposal

Kenmore Dishwasher Isnât Draining (SOLVED)

Try turning on the garbage disposal. Built-in dishwashers are usually designed to drain via the garbage disposal. If your disposal still has leftover food inside, turn it on to clear the passage.

If the disposal is making a loud noise when you turn it on, it may be clogged. Try drain cleaner to remove garbage buildup or mineral deposits. If that doesn’t work, you may need to troubleshoot the garbage disposal clog.

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Kenmore Dishwasher Not Draining Completely

It is normal for a small amount of water to remain in the bottom of your dishwasher. This helps to prevent seals in the sump housing from drying out and cracking. This residual water collection is usually around one cup or less of water, which will be drained immediately prior to the next cycle.

If there is more water than you would expect, but the dishwasher has drained some of the water, there is most likely a partial blockage in the drain. These are usually the blockages that occur from a build-up of food in the filter, much like water in your sink will partly drain when there is food piled on the drain grate.

Clear Tube Before Air

  • Push a straightened wire coat hanger 10 inches into the small air-gap tube.
  • Set the dishwasher to drain/cancel/reset and close the door to start draining as you move the coat hanger up and down to break up the obstruction.
  • Look for a column of water shooting up three inches above small air-gap tube.

If you dont have an air-gap up by the kitchen sink, your dishwasher drain hose goes directly into your garbage disposal or your kitchen sink drain. If this is the case, proceed to Step 4.

Scott Flint for Family Handyman

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Check The Garbage Disposer

The water should quickly go through the garbage disposal. If it doesnt happen, it might be either clogged or blocked by something. Make sure nothing is stopping it.

If youve just installed your dishwasher, check if the garbage disposer is installed correctly and if youve followed Kenmores user manual instructions.

Check whether the knockout plug is still inside the disposer to ensure it is closed when not used.

How To Fix A Dishwasher That’s Not Draining

Why My Bosch Dishwasher Won



Under 2 hours

When dishwashers fail to drain correctly, they can create a real inconvenience in your kitchen. Before you begin troubleshooting, its important to understand how dishwashers drain and why dishwashers dont drain properly at times.

This guide will explain how to fix the issue of a dishwasher not draining.

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Kenmore Dishware Is Not Draining Due To An Issue With The Dishwashers Check Valve

Many dishwashers have a check valve on the drain hose that prevents water from flowing backwards into the sump. You may find a check valve inside your upper sump assembly or near your chopper blade.

During drain pump operation, water may flow out of the dishwasher. But will then rush back in after the pump stops if the check valve is damaged.

There is a need to examine the check valve for any damages or debris that might be present in it. When replacing the check valve, make sure that it is clean and free of debris, and if necessary, replace it.

In the comments section below, do let us know if you need any assistance or if you have any queries. Dont hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need assistance with your Kenmore dishwasher not draining.

Solution : Clear Blockages On The Spray Arm

Although unlikely, a blocked spray arm can also be the culprit of water pooling in the bottom of the dishwasher.

As a reminder, spray arms are propellers that spin and spray your dishes with water during the cycle.

Food or hard water deposits can block the tiny holes in the spray arm, which disrupts the flow of water.

Its a good idea to clean the spray arms periodically, not only to prevent water from pooling in your dishwasher, but also because to maximize the cleaning power of your dishwasher.

If the spray arm is clogged, it cant distribute water throughout the entire chamber properly.


  • Disconnect power to the dishwasher.
  • Locate and remove spray arms and check for blockages. The spray arms are usually at the center and bottom of the dishwasher. They disconnect easily but consult our owners manual before attempting to remove them.
  • Use a toothpick or a thin wire to clear each spray hole.
  • If the debris has hardened and you cant clear it with a toothpick or wire, soak the spray arm in a tub of warm water and vinegar for 30 minutes. The water and vinegar will soften the debris, making it easier to clear.
  • Replace the spray arms, restore power, and run a wash cycle without dishes.
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    Kenmore Quiet Guard Standard Dishwasher

    With this model of Kenmore dishwasher, first, start the reset process by opening the door to the dishwasher. The water will still be running from the guide arm but will stop soon after opening.

    When the water stops spraying from the guide arm, immediately check the soap dispenser. If its empty, refill it. Close the soap dispenser door. Leaving the front of the dishwasher unit open, press the button on the front of the appliance that reads cancel/drain two times. Press start/resume, and close the door within three seconds. This method will throw the Kenmore Quiet Guard Standard dishwasher into a reset.

    If these methods do not yield positive results, you can always try hitting the start/reset pad and waiting two minutes. This will also kick the Kenmore model into a reset mode.

    But if your dishwasher still wont come out of the error mode after these methods have been tried, cutting the power to the appliance and restoring it should do the trick. Go to your breaker box and locate the breaker that the dishwasher is connected to. Flip the breaker off. Wait thirty seconds, then flip the breaker back into the on position. This will force your Kenmore washer into a reset.

    How Do You Fix A Clogged Dishwasher

    How TO Repair #Kenmore #Dishwasher Not Draining | Drain Pump WPW10348269 | Model # 665.13429K701

    Fix a clogged dishwasherStep 1 : Turn off the dishwasher.Step 2 : Remove the base.Step 3 : Remove the water with a towel.Step 4 : Locate the drain hose.Step 5 : Remove the drain hose.Step 6 : Check the drain hose.Step 7 : Clean the dishwasher drain hose.Step 8 : The physical breaking of the helmets.

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    Make Sure The Drain Pump Is Functioning As It Should

    Kenmore dishwashers have pumps that maintain water pressure, so theyll keep pumping. If your Kenmore dishwasher is not draining, there may be an issue with the part that is causing it to not drain.

    In either case, the drain pump either isnt getting power or is defective, which prevents it from draining the water from the system. Make sure the drain pump is running properly by checking its connection with a multimeter.

    Ensure that the drain impeller is in good working order by inspecting it and replacing it if necessary. The impeller must be able to spin freely so that it is able to perform its function. It should not be possible for large food bits to slip through the food chopper when it is spinning.


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