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Which Dishwasher Brand Is Most Reliable

Flexible Shelves & Baskets

The Most Reliable Appliance Brands for 2022

Do you have lots of different sized pieces of crockery that frequently require reshuffling inside your dishwasher? If so, consider buying a model with several different layout options or removable shelving.

Choosing between a cutlery basket and a cutlery tray might also make a difference. Are you a stand and stuff kind of person when it comes to cleaning the kitchen, or do you prefer to have your forks, spoons and other utensils stored in specific sections?

Every Dishwasher Is Efficient

Dishwashers are all very efficient. More than 90% of all current dishwashers are Energy Star certified, which means that based on a standardized test, they use significantly less water and energy than the minimum standards allowed by the Department of Energy .

In the real world, its common for dishwashers to use more water and energy than indicated in those government estimates. Most dishwashers have soil sensors, which adjust the cycles length and water use while its running. If the sensor detects a lot of gunk floating around, the dishwasher adds extra water and extends the wash time.

The standardized test isnt perfectly representative of real-world conditions either. The standard load of dishes is moderately soiled, but any days worth of dishes and cookware could easily be dirtier. Sood, the former Bosch product manager, said that the most obvious thing thats unrealistic is that the test load does not include any plastic dishes. That was a little silly back in 2003 when the test was adopted, and it seems like a huge oversight today now that plasticware is ubiquitous. The way things stick to plastic is different, Sood said, so soils might not rinse off as easily, which in turn might affect the soil sensors behavior.

You could also opt for a super-duper efficient dishwasher, if resource conservation is your goal. Models that use even less water and energy than Energy Star requires get a special shout-out on the Energy Star site as the Most Efficient models.

Kitchenaid 24 Stainless Steel With Printshield Built

Be inspired to make a mess with KitchenAid appliances. This KitchenAid built-in dishwasher will give you the freedom to do just that. Since no two meals are the same, take advantage of KitchenAids ProWash Cycle. This technology analyzes soil levels by using sensors to adapt your dishwashers water and pressure for optimal use. Also, the 39 dBA level will be able to run at any time of the day or night. This dishwasher is jam-packed with easy-to-use, durable, and convenient features.

Why We Love It:

  • Express Wash and Sani-Rinse Cycles

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The Best Dishwashers You Can Buy Today

The Bosch 300 Series SHSM63W55N is our pick for the best dishwasher overall. Without setting you back a bundle, it gives you top-notch cleaning performance, a durable and spacious stainless-steel tub, and a third rack for cutlery. Among its cycles thereâs one that washes and dries in just one hour and another that sanitizes. The Bosch 300 is so quiet that it projects a beam of light on the floor to let you know itâs running.

As the controls are out of sight on the top of the door, this model has a sleek upscale look. The only negative we can point out is that because the tines that separate plates are close together, you may have trouble fitting in chunky plates or bowls. Otherwise, the dishwashers adjustable racks are great for accommodating a wide range of large and small dishes.

The Whirlpool WDF520PADM has an unbeatable price but will still get your dishes sparkling clean and hey, thatâs why youâre buying a dishwasher. Itâs a nice-looking unit, especially if you opt for the stainless-steel finish, but itâs definitely not fancy. The controls are on the front so itâs not as sleek looking as pricier models and the tub is plastic which means it may not hold up as well as a stainless steel one. Inside thereâs no third rack for cutlery. The utensil holder can be positioned on the door if you need extra space on the lower rack but if may not get flatware as clean in that position.

Best Dishwashers At A Glance

The Most Reliable Dishwashers on the Market
  • Best energy-efficient dishwasher: Bosch Serie 6 SMS6TCI00E dishwasher, £749
  • Best energy-efficient integrated dishwasher: Samsung DW6A8060BB fully integrated WiFi-enabled dishwasher, £859
  • Best energy-efficient freestanding dishwasher: Beko BDFN36640CX full-size dishwasher, £429
  • Best value dishwasher: Electra C1760WE dishwasher, £219
  • Best all-round freestanding dishwasher: Siemens iQ300 freestanding dishwasher SN23EC14CG, £744
  • Best integrated dishwasher: Hisense HV661D60UK fully integrated dishwasher, £398.98
  • Best semi-integrated dishwasher: Fisher & Paykel DD60DDFHX9 DishDraw dishwasher, £1429
  • Best slimline dishwasher: Hisense HS520E40WUK slimline dishwasher, £269
  • Best slimline integrated dishwasher: Indesit fully integrated dishwasher, £341.98
  • Best slimline freestanding dishwasher: Beko DVS04X20W slimline dishwasher, £249
  • Best eco dishwasher: Bosch Serie 6 SMS6EDI02G freestanding dishwasher, £711
  • Best affordable smart integrated dishwasher: Neff N30 integrated dishwasher S1531TX02G, £429
  • Best budget integrated dishwasher: Candy standard dishwasher CD17LS38S, £269
  • Best dishwasher for medium families: Samsung Series 6 Standard dishwasher DW60M6050FW, £529

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Verdict: Dishwasher Brands In

We’ve pulled together our fault data, customer insight and results from our independent dishwasher tests to give you an in-depth look at each brand.

Only Which? members can log in to view our verdicts on the brands listed below and whether they’re worth buying.

If you’re not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access to the following dishwasher brand verdicts: AEG/AEG Electrolux, Beko, Blomberg, Bosch, Bush, CDA, Electrolux, Hoover, Hotpoint, Ikea, Indesit, John Lewis, Kenwood, Lamona, Miele, Neff, Samsung, Siemens, Smeg, Whirlpool, and Zanussi/Zanussi Electrolux.

Already know which dishwasher brand you want? Use these links to go straight to our reviews and find your ideal model for each brand:

Megan Birot: Home & Lifestyle Editor

Megan Birot is Canstar Blues Home & Lifestyle Editor. Megan has a Bachelor of Journalism and Public Relations from Griffith University and has spent over five years in the comparison industry. Her previous experience includes working as a journalist for News Corp and for the Seven Network. Megans smart shopping expertise has been featured by national media including 9 News, 7 News and major print and digital publications.

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Top 4 Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands


We strongly recommend the above four brands to our customers and it is great to see that Which? has backed up our experience in appliance repairs to confirm they are experiencing the same in terms of reliability of brands.

It is no surprise that Bosch, Neff and Siemens are all group together at the top of the reliability table. BSH Group own all three brands Neff, Bosch and Siemens and so many of the components are in fact the same. Generally speaking we tend to recommend each brand under a different circumstance. For example Neff only manufacture built in or integrated dishwashers so if a customer is looking for a freestanding dishwasher, we can discount Neff immediately. For freestanding dishwasher recommendations, we tend to recommend Siemens first, due to the 5 year warranty the Siemens ExtraKlasse range offer. If customers cannot stretch their budget to the Siemens extraKlasse range, then well recommend a cheaper Bosch alternative.

For built in dishwashers or integrated dishwashers we tend to recommend Neff and Bosch often each brand will have a promotion running during various times throughout the year and well share that information with our customer so they can benefit from these offers and get the most for their money.

Is Thermos Brand Dishwasher Safe

The Most Reliable Dishwashers for 2022 – Ratings / Reviews / Prices

Yes. Specifically, all Thermos brands are top-rack dishwasher safe. However, they should not be placed there under high temperature washing and with abrasive or strong detergent because of their delicate coating. Damaging the coating means lessening the insulating level of the Thermos as well as its lifespan.

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How Dishwasher Reliability Is Calculated

We calculate dishwasher reliability by dividing the products we serviced by the products we sold for a service rate percentage.

That brand percentage is then compared to other brands and ranked. For this article, we looked at the number of dishwashers sold and serviced from December 2020 to October 2021.

Best Dishwasher: Top 7 Dishwashers Of 2022

You want to find the best dishwasher, but in 2022, locating something decent AND in stock can be overwhelming, especially if you’re stuck washing dishes by hand.I’m the founder of Designer Appliances, a premier appliance store in New Jersey, and I have 15+ years of experience. I’ve test-driven most of these dishwashers, visited the plants where they’re made, and sat through countless hours of training. Most importantly, I’ve heard real-life feedback from our customers in real-time.These seven dishwashers are the ones I recommend to customers, family, and friends. Some are in stock today, while others are worth the wait. Let’s find the best dishwasher for you.

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When Should You Replace A Dishwasher

âIf your dishwasher is still functioning but you feel like the dishes arenât coming out as clean as they should be, or that the cycles take too long for your familyâs requirements, it may be worth looking into replacing it,â says Lauren Clark of

âDrainage issues are a common problem people experience with their machines,â says Mark Davidson, appliance engineer with Pimlico Plumbers. âThis happens for two main reasons people donât scrape their plates before they put them in the dishwasherâ and âthe other is broken glass, where items have smashed in the wash and the tiny shards have got stuck when draining the machine’.

If youâre having issues with your current appliance, we recommend checking the productâs warranty or checking in with the manufacturer to see if your existing dishwasher could be repaired before you replace it.

âRunning a regular cleaning cycle and cleaning out the filters will certainly help it to last longer,â adds Clark.

How We Calculate The Best And Worst Brands

Most Reliable Dishwasher of 2022

Which? has a wealth of information on the UK’s favourite brands. Every year we ask Which? members to tell us about the home appliances they own from how likely they’d be to recommend a brand, to how reliable the products are once they get them home.

This year, 12,115 Which? Connect panel members and 5,430 members of the public told us about more than 50,000 individual products. We calculate a brand’s customer score, fault rate and proportion replaced or repaired based on the results of our annual survey.

Our surveys, combined with our extensive lab tests, mean we can recommend the best dishwasher to buy.

For more on our tests and what it takes to be a Best Buy, head to our guide on How we test dishwashers

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How Do You Know If Your Dishwasher Is Quiet

A noisy dishwasher could become quite intrusive if, for example, you have an open plan kitchen/living area. You will find details of a machineâs airborne acoustic noise emissions rating and class on the machineâs energy label in dB.

“The new energy label has not changed the noise assessment of appliances,” says Simon Gosling, CMO at at Quiet Mark. “Along with the decibel level, it now shows an A-D rating, with models in ‘A’ being amongst the quietest and ‘D’ being some of the loudest, but this compares all dishwashers together. At Quiet Mark we compare freestanding models separately from built-in models to ensure we can certify the quietest in each category.”

An independent scheme, Quiet Mark tests dishwashers every year to certify the quietest 10-20% across sub-categories and re-evaluates them annually to reflect and include the advances in performance of new models coming onto the market.

“The dB sound output from dishwasher models currently on the market this year range between 39dB right up to 54dB,” says Gosling. “The difference of 15dB may not look much on paper but as the decibel scale is logarithmic, 10dB is a doubling of the subjective volume, so this means the models at the louder end of the scale would sound more than twice as loud at the quietest ones”

The following noise emission classes relate to the decibels generated during the average wash cycle.

Dishwasher noise emission rating data*:

A: n< 39C: 45 – 51D: 51< n

Candy Standard Dishwasher Cd17ls38s

Best budget integrated dishwasher

  • One Touch connectivity through smartphone
  • One-year manufacturer warranty.

Cycle options: Five

If it’s an integrated dishwasher to do the basics well while offering some modern remote capabilities you’re after, this Candy model could be an affordable option to consider.

You forfeit some of the bells and whistles of more expensive models, like a separate cutlery tray, half-load wash programme and adjustable plate spikes.

However, the top basket is height-adjustable which offers flexibility to accommodate larger plates or chunky cookware, and it boasts A-rated drying capabilities, along with wireless compatibility with NFC-compatible Android smartphones for remote control. The 13-place setting capacity makes it a practical size for larger households, too.

Available from:

Best dishwasher for medium families

Top features

  • Independent cutlery tray

Cycle options: seven

The Samsung DW60M6050FW dishwasher features a hygiene rinsing function that increases the temperature of the final rinse to 70C to give your dishes a more hygienic, thorough clean â two reasons why this dishwasher is one to consider for medium families.

A child-proof lock on its door is another feature that makes this Samsung family friendly, alongside the general versatility of the baskets within. Tall plates and pots can be accommodated within by moving the upper basket up and down. The plate spikes can be adjusted in angle to best support the load.

Available from:

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Which Dishwasher Brand Is The Most Reliable

Dishwashers should last beyond seven years without any problems. However, we’ve found that for some brands, as many as a third need to be repaired or replaced in that time.

As you can see in the table below, theres a big difference between how reliable the best and the worst brands are. The least reliable brands are five times more fault-prone than the most reliable.

To become an Eco Buy, a dishwasher must be both energy and water efficient and come from a reliable brand. If our survey has shown that more than 10% of a brand’s dishwashers have had to be repaired or replaced, none are eligible to be an Eco Buy.

Which? members can log in to view which dishwasher brands last the longest before they need to be replaced. If you’re not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access.

Proportion repaired or replaced due to a fault
Best brand

Least Reliable Dishwasher Brands

Most Reliable Appliance Brands for 2021

Our survey suggests that paying more for a dishwasher does not necessarily mean its going to be a more reliable machine, says Simon Slater, manager of survey research at CR. And in general, we found that consumers pay more to get expensive dishwashers repaired.

Viking, Electrolux, and Samsung dishwashers received our lowest rating for reliabilitya Poor. Because of that, CR cannot recommend dishwashers from these three brands at this time.

Consumers should use some caution when considering dishwashers from Blomberg and Beko, given that they rated only Fair in reliability, Slater says. CR cannot recommend these brands at this time, either.

Of the 20 brands in our survey, owners of Electrolux and Frigidaire dishwashers were the least satisfied , though Frigidaire did earn a Good rating for predicted reliability.

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How To Pick An Eco

As climate change and the cost-of-living crisis dominate the news, many households are seeking out more eco-friendly appliances to cut down on energy and water usage.

When it comes to dishwashers, experts at Currys and advise looking for a machine with an eco setting. This can help you reduce energy and water use quickly, particularly if your dishes only need a light wash.

Look at the energy rating, too, says Emma Krystena McDermott from “Choosing a dishwasher with a good energy-efficiency rating will use less electricity and save money. You should also compare the annual water consumption â this is usually based on an average cycle.”

“Finding a dishwasher that works for your specific household and lifestyle is another good way to ensure you won’t waste energy or water,” says Joe Close, dishwasher expert from Appliances Direct.

If you’re going to be producing lots of dirty dishes and glasses throughout the day, it’s much more eco-friendly to run a larger dishwasher once than a smaller dishwasher several times, adds Currys. Similarly, you shouldn’t buy a dishwasher that’s bigger than your needs, as it will be at its most efficient when run at full capacity.

Best Dishwasher For Baby And Sports Bottles Ge Gdt665ssnss Dishwasher

Is it a match for you?

Pros Reasons to Buy:

  • I love the four dedicated bottle jets. They work great on baby and sports bottles.
  • At 46 dB, itll be noticeably quieter than your dishwasher from 10 years ago.
  • Skip pre-rinsing this dishwasher has a built-in hard food disposer.
  • It has a 3rd rack cutlery tray something we think is a must-have with new dishwashers.
  • GE is a reliable brand and one of the only to employ factory-trained service technicians.
  • Remotely control with your smart phone via the optional Wi-Fi adapter.

Cons Reasons to Avoid:

  • 46 dB is still a bit too loud for my tastes . If youre easily annoyed by ambient noises, target something 44 dB or quieter.
  • Hard-food disposers are prone to breaking and clogs. We still prefer a passive filter system like those utilized by Miele and Bosch.
  • The optional Wi-Fi feature is misleading to some. Youll have to buy a special adapter thats hard to find in stock, and the lack of documentation leads to a cumbersome setup process.
  • Its stainless-steel exterior is not fingerprint-resistant like some of our other top picks.

Why I Chose the GE GDT665SSNSS as our best dishwasher for baby & sports bottles?

When you put bottles in the dishwasher, you have to wonder whether the sprayâs actually getting inside and cleaning it. I usually end up washing bottles by hand with a special brush to be sure.

It meets expectations in pretty much every other way, tooâexcept for noise.

Our Ratings

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