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What Is The Standard Size Of Dishwasher

Are All Kitchenaid Dishwashers The Same Size

Integrated Standard Dishwashers Measurement Guide |

KitchenAid offers a wide range of dishwasher sizes for a large array of users. However, all their dishwashers are usually the same size within each category.

Ideally, the standard dishwasher from KitchenAid will have dimensions of about 35 inches high x 24 inches wide x 24 inches deep.

This is marginally higher than some other options but would still fit into most home kitchens without any problems or major adjustments.

Keep in mind that KitchenAid approximates their sizes to the nearest whole number, so there might be up to a 1-inch difference between the dishwashers actual size and the one on the label, but that shouldnt be a deal-breaker in most cases.

Measuring The Available Width For A Dishwasher

Place one end of your tape measure on one side of the cabinet or opening where your dishwasher will go. Pull it taut across the space to determine the width.

It should be slightly larger than the dishwasher you choose, but no more than 0.5 inches at most. While you want some wiggle room, you still want your dishwasher to fit snugly in the space.

If you plan to place your dishwasher in a corner, you need to consider space for the door to open. Pay attention to the clearance along the cabinet or wall closest to the door. There should be a minimum of 2 inches between the open dishwasher door and the adjacent wall or cabinet.

The Best Dishwasher Finishes

Stainless-steel, white and black are top of the pops when it comes to dishwasher finishes, says Geraldine Gillespie, Cooking, Dishwashers and Kitchenware Buyer at The Good Guys. That said, white works with pretty much any kitchen style, from modern to traditional. White also visually recedes something to keep in mind if you want to make a smaller space appear bigger. Stainless-steel is another timeless choice and will make your appliances a focal point. Love a touch of drama? Go dark with gloss black, black stainless-steel, matte black or deepest-grey anthracite finishes for your dishwasher. Or, go bespoke by integrating your dishwashers front panel with your chosen kitchen cabinetry.

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Full Sized Integrated Dishwashers

The integrated dishwasher is another type of full-sized dishwasher thats built right into the kitchen cabinet to provide a more cohesive and streamlined look.

The differences between the two full sized dishwashers are purely aesthetic, as both of them have just about the same standard dimensions of 34.5 to 35 inches high x 24 inches wide x 24 inches deep.

Despite that, some integrated dishwashers can be up to an inch smaller to properly accommodate the cabinets material.

Both full sized dishwashers can take up to 120 cutlery items.

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Semi Or Entirely Integrated Dishwasher

10 Dishwasher Dimensions (Buying Guide)

With full or at least semi built-in system, this appliance saves kitchen space by simply adjusting to your kitchen design. However, do not forget to install it near your kitchenâs water supply line.

The Frigidaire FFID2426TS 24â³ dishwasher and Frigidaire FFCD2418US 24â³ dishwasher are our top recommendations if youâre looking for a fully integrated dishwasher for your next kitchen upgrade.

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What Size Is The Dishwasher Supply Line

The supply line is the metallic pipe, likely made of steel, that supplies water to the dishwasher. It is connected directly to the tap while the other connects to the inlet.

Thus, it would help if you were careful not to confuse the water supply line and the inlet. Considering that the dishwasher uses principles of pressure in its operations, you must ensure that the supply line is of the recommended length and diameter.

However, your supply lines correct size depends on the main pipeline to your home. For instance, if the main pipeline is ¾ or 1 inch in diameter, its supply line size should be ¾ inch in diameter, while the other pipes should diameter approximately ½ inch.

Generally, dishwasher supply line size should be ¾ inch in diameter

In some cases, supply lines of higher diameter tend to cost more. However, that should not make you compromise on the correct size. Otherwise, you will have yourself to blame because of the low pressures experienced by the machine, which will result in poor performance.

Measuring For A Standard Size Dishwasher

Before you go shopping for your perfect dishwasher, its always wise to take some measurements. Although your dishwashers rough opening is more than likely a standard size, its best to check. You dont want to learn its slightly larger, or worsesmaller, after youve already bought your new appliance.

Remember, there are options for smaller and larger spaces, so if you have an unusual opening, you can still find a match. But first, grab a tape measure and something to make a note of your measurements.

Also, keep in mind the actual dishwasher measurements are typically slightly less than the opening. For example, a standard dishwasher that claims to be 24 inches wide is more likely about 23.75 inches. This is just to ensure you can slide the dishwasher into place easily.

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What Do I Do With My Old Dishwasher

The retailer who sold you the new unit will probably remove it when they make delivery. But if youre not sure where the old unit will go after that, you might want to take disposal into your own hands. The Energy Star program offers advice on recycling old appliances.

If your old dishwasher still works, you might sell it on Craigslist or eBay. Or you could donate it to a recycling center or a nonprofit such as Eco Building Bargains, Goodwill, or Habitat for Humanity, where goods are recycled and resold rather than dumped in a landfill.

For more on sourcing a new dishwasher, see 10 Easy Pieces: Front-Loading Dishwashers. And stay tuned for more posts in this miniseries: Next well cover What to Know When Replacing Your Washer/Dryer and What to Know When Replacing Your Range.

More dishwasher essentials:

Neff N30 Integrated Dishwasher S1531tx02g

Measuring for your new dishwasher

Best affordable smart integrated dishwasher

Top features:

  • Smart capabilities

Cycle options: Five

This N30 model by Neff sits at the more affordable end of the price spectrum for a smart-home-compatible dishwasher, able to be voice activated and controlled remotely by smartphone.

However, sometimes it’s the simple things that make life easier, like handy Info Lights projected onto the floor to show when the dishwasher is running.

It lacks a separate cutlery tray, offering a basket instead. However, a Chef 70C program is on offer for blasting sticky, starchy remnants with a high heat. It’s also possible to save a favourite wash cycles for quick starting.

Available from:

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What Is The Right Dishwasher Size

Now that you know how to measure the size of a dishwasher, the question that you are probably asking yourself right now is: what is the right dishwasher size. The right dishwasher size is one that meets three things: your budget, overall kitchen design, and your cabinet opening. For instance, if your kitchen cabinet is fitted with a standard cabinet opening, then you have to purchase a dishwasher with a standard size. On the other hand, if you are remodeling your kitchen and you have custom-built the cabinet opening, then you can choose a dishwasher size that fits in that space. In other words, the perfect dishwasher size is one that suits your individual needs and the allocated space.

What Is Standard Dishwasher Size

In Australia, most dishwashers are 30 liters in size, and there is a smaller number of 22 liters models available. Here are the common dishwasher sizes, their uses, and the amount of space they will take up in your home:Large 30 litersThis size is ideal for large families and it will take up most of your kitchen. Most dishwashers in Australia are 30 liters.Medium 22 litersThis is the best size for families of two, or if you just have one person living in your home. The 22 liters dishwasher will take up one quarter of your kitchen.Small 17 litersThis is the smallest dishwasher size, but it still offers good functionality. It is suitable for single person households.

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Standard Compact Sized Dishwasher Dimensions

Also known as space-saving dishwashers, compact-sized dishwashers are ideal for smaller kitchens. A compact dishwasher measures 18 inches wide, or six inches less the width of a standard-sized dishwasher. The typical height of a compact dishwasher is 32.5 inches, and the typical depth is 22.5 inches.

Although smaller than its standard-sized counterparts, a compact dishwasher operates in the same manner as other dishwashers. Of course, given its size, a compact dishwasher can hold slightly fewer dishes compared to standard dishwashers.

As mentioned earlier, a compact dishwasher is ideal for small kitchens as well as those who live in condominiums and apartments. Some people even get one for their secondary kitchens placed in their pool areas. Some brands offer compact dishwashers with premium features.

Like their 24-inch counterparts, compact dishwashers are available in different styles. Some have visible controls, while others have hidden panels. Other models have towel bar fronts, while many have seamless profiles. Most models come in stainless steel finish, although you can also get black and white finishes.

While compact and functional, small dishwashers also have their weaknesses. Compact dishwashers usually remain with the house therefore, this may not be the best option if youre just renting your apartment or house.

How To Fit A Dishwasher In A Small Kitchen

10 Dishwasher Dimensions (Buying Guide)

The average Australian kitchen is 4.3m x 3.4m. Around 6 square metres is considered a small kitchen. Small kitchens will generally be able to fit at least one sink, a stove, cabinetry and a fridge. Most small kitchens will also be able to support a dishwasher provided you purchase the right size for small kitchens.

Half sized dishwashers are not as common as full-sized, but they are well utilized throughout the small kitchens of Australia. Also known as compact dishwashers, they usually have a width of 45cm. The average compact dishwasher will have enough space to wash 9 place settings at once. For comparison, full-sized dishwashers have the capacity for 12-15 place settings.

Compact dishwashers are best for people with small families and who have limited space in kitchen. Kitchen renovations can be tricky, and choosing a dishwasher is just the beginning. For more ideas on how to ensure you make the most of your kitchen revamp, take a look at these 4 astounding kitchen transformations.

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What Is My Budget

As always it is recommended to set the budget first. Before starting your search as different models offer different features and options at different prices.

For those on a smaller budget, there are still many great choices out there. Including some really good performing high capacity dishwasher options under $400.

Other Considerations In Buying A Dishwasher

Aside from ensuring that you have enough space in the kitchen for the dishwasher type youre interested in, there are other things or factors to consider in buying a dishwasher.

One important factor to consider is the features or functions offered by the dishwasher. And one function you may want to have is the hard food disposal function. With this feature, you wont have to scrape, pre-wash and rinse the dishes before loading them into the appliance. This function also eliminates food grime and residue during the rinse cycle.

You should also take a look at the wash cycles available in the dishwasher. The most important cycles are a light wash, regular wash, and economy settings. Youll also want a dishwasher with a heavy wash for washing pots and pans. Enhanced cycles like quick wash and sanitize wash are nice to have, but youll likely shell out more bucks in the process.

Keep these things in mind, along with the dishwasher dimensions and space in your kitchen, the next time you shop for a dishwasher.

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Uk Dishwasher Dimensions And Sizing Guide

In the UK, dishwashers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. This is to ensure that they are suitable for wherever theyll be positioned. Some will happily sit on a counter or tabletop. Others are slimmer in profile and slot into narrower spots. There are also full-sized, semi-integrated and fully integrated ones too.

This dishwasher dimensions and sizing guide is offered to make it clearer for visitors about what to expect with these different product types. This way, you wont be playing a guessing game about what dishwasher you should be seeking to fit in your dorm, a smaller kitchen, or other locations.

So, lets dive in.

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How Much Does A Dishwasher Cost To Run

How to measure your kitchen for a new dishwasher

You will often find annual running costs provided in dishwasher product descriptions, which comes in useful when deciding what dishwasher to buy. However, many reviews and product retailers quote the energy usage of dishwashers in pound sterling rather than kilowatt hours. When comparing the running costs of dishwashers, take these with a pinch of salt and remember that as energy prices change, so will the annual running costs of the dishwasher.

If you look for a dishwasher with a high energy rating, you will likely save more on energy bills over the long term.

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Bbc Good Food Dishwasher Survey: Key Findings

80% of BBC Good Foodâs online audience own a dishwasher, 51% of whom said they use it about once a day. A very small minority said they use it once a week or less often . 63% of respondents have owned their dishwasher for over three years and 12% have used theirs for 10 years or more.

When choosing a dishwasher, the top two most important factors by a clear margin are value for money and high energy rating. Water usage and product guarantee were the next important factors in people’s decision making.

People valued the brand’s legacy in their selection criteria. 29% of recipients chose their brand based on it being known for quality â playing an even more important role than whether the machine was the best fit for the kitchen/washing area or its reviews.

Responses also suggest that people are more open to paying for a high-quality dishwasher from a reputable brand than they were concerned about whether the brand was cheap.

How Do I Measure The Dishwasher Opening

If you are considering getting a new dishwasher, the first thing that you should do is get your measuring tape. Measure the rough opening. In most cases, you are simply verifying that it is the standard but, in some cases, you may find that the opening is slightly bigger or smaller than you realized. The idea is to take out the surprise element before picking out your dishwasher.

Height . To measure the height of the opening, start at the floor and measure to the lowest point on the countertop. Be aware of any dips in the flooring as that could play a role in the height of your dishwasher opening and impact the fit of the dishwasher.

Width . To measure the width, simply measure from one side of the cabinet to the other. The difference between the width of the cabinet and the width of the dishwasher should be minimal. You want a little bit of breathing room but not too much a tighter fit is optimal.

Depth . When measuring the width, measure from the very back of the opening to the frontmost point of the cabinets. Remember that the door of the dishwasher will extend just past the cabinets. Be sure that there is a minimum of 27 of open space in front of the opening to accommodate for opening and closing the door.

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What If You Need A Larger Dishwasher

Around 2010, Dacor attempted a 30-inch dishwasher, but due to design issues, they tended to leak. Now, if you check out Dacors website, youll see 24-inch dishwashers and no sign of a 30-inch. The conclusion was people were better off maxing out at 24-inch-wide dishwashers.

But, if you have a large family or just wash a lot of dishes, you can still get creative. You can opt for two dishwashers or try a combination of different types. Perhaps you could use a standard dishwasher and a slimline style in your kitchen.

Or, maybe you get a portable dishwasher that you use along with your standard one when you have large dinner parties.

Size Of A Standard Built

5 Best Portable Dishwashers in 2020

The standard dishwasher comes with a dimension of 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 35 inches high. A dishwasher of this kind is capable enough to be used by a large family with 4-5 members.

The majority of the houses are designed to accommodate a conventional dishwasher. Its the perfect size to replace the old dishwasher with a new one according to the homeowners.

While installing a built-in standard dishwasher, you must keep a few inches of space. This is for the convenience of opening it fully. A dishwasher is sticking out a few inches from the cabinet when installed.

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How Can I Save Energyand Moneywith My New Dishwasher

Youll find the Energy Star ratingas well as the estimated energy use and cost per yearon the yellow tag displayed on the front of the machine, says Andrea. According to the EPAs Energy Star program, Dishwasher technology has improved dramatically over the last decade . Standard-size dishwashers that have earned the Energy Star are on average 12 percent more energy efficient and 30 percent more water efficient than standard models. That helps the environment and also saves consumers money. Bonus: The new dishwashers are both quieter and more efficient.


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