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What Causes Dishwasher To Not Drain

Dishwasher Not Draining: Causes And Fixes

Dishwasher Not Draining | How to Fix a Dishwasher That Won’t Drain in 4 Steps

Every home needs a dishwasher to speed up dish cleaning and help maintain a clean kitchen. With such an important task to perform, your dishwasher must function optimally.

Unfortunately, this is never guaranteed. It fails and disappoints at the least expected times, just like any mechanical and electric device.

One common dishwasher error is when the dishwasher refuses to drain. This often halts all dish-cleaning operations. It even becomes a health hazard if you do not apply immediate fixes.

Dishwashers fail to drain for various minor and major reasons. Even so, it is never a plumbing emergency. You can easily resolve most of the issues in no time.

I have outlined a few common causes and fixed a dishwasher not draining. Try to fix most of these before resorting to seeking professional help.

Samsung Dishwasher Is Not Draining

If your dishwasher isnt draining, you will need to check the sinks drain for clogs and blockage caused by food, debris and waste, and that the drain hose connection to the sink is straight, not pinched shut, kinked, bent or damaged. Depending on your local regulation, the hose may be connected to the sink with an air gap, or have a high loop to prevent backflow and ensure proper drainage.

The Drain Pump Is Damaged

Just like dishwasher filters, a drain pump can easily be blocked by leftover food particles and built-up grease. This will prevent the water from being drained after a washing cycle. Any debris that may have found its way to the pump can usually be found near the impeller .

Foreign objects, such as broken glass, can also easily slip into the drain pump and prevent the pump from working. You should be able to hear the pump struggling if there is a problem here.

Checking the drain pump requires access to the bottom of the dishwasher. This means youll need to disconnect the inlet hose and remove the base plate. Youll also have to take a resistance reading using a multimeter to ensure the pump is functioning correctly. If you feel uncomfortable performing any of these tasks or dont want to risk voiding your appliances warranty, call a to fix your dishwasher for you.

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How To Fix A Dishwasher That Wont Drain

A broken dishwasher can be a do-it-yourself project. These appliances are not overly complex and you can troubleshoot issues safely. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Run your garbage disposal. Make sure this system is working at its best. Running the disposal for 30 seconds might also unclog some of your drains.
  • Remove any standing water from your dishwasher along with the dishes and racks. This will help you check for clogs while cleaning the filter. Remove any food debris you see.
  • Inspect the drain hose to make sure its intact. Look for any kinks or pinches.
  • Run the rinse cycle of your dishwasher with vinegar and baking soda placed on the bottom. This will clean it and remove potential clogs.

If your dishwasher is still clogged, to evaluate the appliance. Before you call the handyman or plumber, run your dishwasher and listen to how it sounds. Is it louder than normal? Does it make any churning or grinding noises that are new? These are signs that something is wrong. Tell the expert you hire what your dishwasher sounds like or record it so they can listen for any issues.

Make Sure Youre Using The Right Detergent

Why is My GE Dishwasher Not Draining?

In college, I definitely made the mistake of using liquid soap instead of specifically made dishwasher detergent several times, and the results were not good. Its common sense but also a common mistakemake sure youre using the right type of cleaning solution in your dishwasher. The appliances are made to run without soapy suds, and proper dishwasher detergent is suds-less. Liquid sink soaps, on the other hand, will create enough bubbles to prevent proper drainage. If this sounds familiar, invest in quality dishwasher detergent and run the dishwasher again to make sure the problem is solved.

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Signs Your Dishwasher Is Clogged And How To Fix Dishwasher Problems

Posted by Express Sewer & Drain Team on Aug 10 2022

Dishwashers have become a major convenience in our lives. We load up the days dishes, run a cleaning cycle, and spend the next hour completing other tasks. Its so easy, we often take having a dishwasher for granted until it suddenly isnt working.

The food particles and other items that collect in your dishwasher over time can create clogs and cause backups that limit performance. In this blog, youll learn about the key indicators of dishwasher problems that may indicate a clog. Well also look at how you can perform dishwasher repair on your own and when its time to call in a professional.

Cause # : Blocked Sink Drain

A blocked sink drain can be the reason behind the dishwasher not draining properly. It often happens that homeowners keep on checking their dishwasher while the real culprit is a blockage in the sink drain.

Solution: Use environment-safe draining cleaning liquids to remove the blockages in your drain. If the problem persists, call a licensed plumber to inspect the situation.

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Clean The Drain With Baking Soda And Vinegar

  • If none of these tactics work, try clearing the drain from inside the dishwasher. Use a DIY mixture of equal parts baking soda and vinegar to unclog the drain.
  • Pour the solution into the basket at the bottom. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • Finish by pouring hot water down the basket and running the rinse cycle.

Check Motor And Pumps

Dishwasher not draining Water – Dishwasher full of Water Fixed

If you are having trouble getting your Whirlpool dishwasher to drain properly, there may be an issue with the motor or pump. The motor is responsible for powering the wash cycle and the pump helps move water out of the appliance. To determine if either one of these parts needs to be repaired or replaced, its important to check them both.

First, inspect your dishwashers motor for signs of damage like burned-out wiring or broken fan blades. If any components appear worn-out or damaged, its a good indication that the motor needs to be replaced. Next, check the pump by removing any debris from its housing and inspecting its impeller blades they should be free of cracks and other wear and tear. You can also run tests on each part to make sure theyre working correctly.

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Why Is My Dishwasher Not Draining Top 7 Causes And How To Fix Them

There are many things that can go wrong with a dishwasher. The most common issue is when it doesnt drain. If this happens, you need to address the problem as soon as possible because it will result in other more difficult problems if left untreated. To troubleshoot your dishwasher not draining, we have given some steps to help you fix them.

Plumbing problems often seem like they are more trouble than they are worth. You can fix the issue on your own if you know what you are doing.

Prevent Drainage Issues For Frigidaire Dishwasher

  • Make sure to clean the filters regularly. This will help to keep the dishwasher running smoothly and prevent clogs.
  • Be sure to check the drain hose regularly for kinks. This will help to keep the drain hose clear and prevent blockages.
  • Make sure to check the flow of the water from the sink to the dishwasher regularly. This will help to ensure that the dishwasher is receiving enough water and there are no blockages.

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Other Less Likely Causes

If the above causes and solutions have failed to fix the problem, one of the following components may be defective. Not all dishwashers have these components, and the locations can vary. Check the dishwashers manual to see if the component applies to your dishwasher and its location. If the component is defective, it will most likely need to be replaced.

  • Timer that controls the pump motor

Dishwasher Not Draining Try These Fixes

5 Reasons Why GE Dishwasher Not Draining

November 23, 2020 by San Diego Plumbing and Pipelining

Dishwashers take care of a job that most of us do not enjoy. Thats why realizing that your dishwasher wont drain can be scary.

Unfortunately, a dishwasher not draining is a problem that tends to pop up from time to time. Youll encounter it at some point if you use that appliance regularly.

The good news is that the issue is typically not indicative of your dishwasher being broken beyond repair. You can try out a few fixes that can get it back in working order.

In this article, well talk about the different explanations for why your dishwasher wont drain. Well also discuss the corresponding fixes you can try.

Avoid getting stuck with a dirty dishwasher by checking out the tips in this article.

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Cause: The Drain Hose Is Clogged

If the dishwasher is not draining, a clogged drain hose is often responsible. If you are lucky, you will be able to clear the blockage with vinegar and baking soda. Otherwise, the drain hose will need to be disconnected, which can involve disassembling the dishwasher. If you need to disassemble the dishwasher, you will want to check the drain pump, and possibly the check valve while you have access to it.

The Presence Of Clogs And Kinks In The Drain Hose

Consider oil, fats, and grease when your dishwasher drainage slows down/ fails to drain. Identify more culprits affecting the garbage disposal in your dishwasher.

If everything else fails, replace the connecting hose. This hose connects the dishwasher machine to the disposal. Over time, the hose becomes clogged and kinked, which slows down the drainage.

Replacement is the only option if the drainage is painfully slow or non-existent.

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Solution : Unclog The Air Gap

Not all dishwashers have an air gap, but if yours does, theres a chance it has become clogged with debris, which can cause water to back up in your dishwasher.

How do you know if you have an air gap?

Its a small cylinder usually located near the sink and is often plastic with a protective metal casing. Heres an example:

If you dont see anything like that, you can skip this section.


  • Disconnect power to the dishwasher and garbage disposal.
  • Next, remove the casing and the diverter, a plastic cap that covers the air gap.
  • Remove any food particles. You may need tweezers or needle-nose pliers.
  • Use a small tube or pipe brush and warm, soapy water to clean the inside thoroughly.
  • If there are clogs deep in the air gap, you may want to feed a slim drain snake through the air gap until you see it appear in the garbage disposal area. That way, you know the entire pipe is clear.
  • Reassemble the air gap, restore the power, and run the garbage disposal.
  • Next, run a wash cycle without dishes to see if the problem is still present. If you still have water pooling in the bottom of your dishwasher, try another solution.
  • If youre a visual learner, check out this quick video that walks you through these steps.

    Check The Plumbing Connection Points

    Bosch Dishwasher not Draining Water – Fixed

    When your dishwasher won’t drain, check the drain hose connected to it. Make sure the hose is still securely connected to the sink or garbage disposal. It should also be clear of food and garbage remnants.

    Also take a look at the hose clamp and drain solenoid. All of these parts are vital to the operation of the drain valve. If any of these components look worn or show signs of damage, you should replace them immediately.

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    Dishwasher Not Draining More Help

    Start by checking the drain filter and drain hose for clogs or blockages.

    If you cant manually drain the dishwasher, you may need to force a drain cycle. Common causes of Frigidaire dishwasher not draining properly include clogged filter, clogged drain hose, faulty drain pump, and a blocked flow of water from the sink to the dishwasher.

    There may also be a check valve inside or attached to the drain hose. If you detach the drain hose to inspect it, always check to make sure the check valve is in working order.

    If you are dishwasher is set up by using an air gap, you need to clean the air gap and also inspect it to make sure theres nothing loose, damaged, or broken.

    Check to see if your drain pump is operated by a drain solenoid. If so the solenoid could have gone bad and that will need to be replaced. If the drain pump is not working properly, it could be due to a faulty motor or a clog in the impeller.

    To prevent clogs and drainage issues in a Frigidaire dishwasher, make sure to clean the filters and drain hose regularly to keep good water flow and check the flow of the water from the sink to the dishwasher.

    If You Are Unsure Why Your Dishwasher Isn’t Draining

    The “dishwater isn’t draining” malfunction is a frustrating one, but don’t allow it to consume you. Take action!

    Schedule maintenance or checkup with a qualified professional today!

    About the Author: Brett Bidwell, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Austin

    Brett has been a trusted Mr. Rooter owner of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Austin since 2012. With over 8 years to back him, Brett has experience with a wide range of plumbing related solutions and systems. He and his team specialize in emergency plumbing, drain cleaning, and more.


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    What Causes Dishwasher Not Draining Troubleshooting And Diagnosis

    Is your dishwasher not draining properly? Have you noticed an unusual grinding noise coming from your dishwasher? Is it vibrating more than usual, or seem to be running on the spin cycle longer than usual? If so, the problem might not be as simple as replacing the filter.

    The drain pump and motor could also need to be replaced. Most people dont realize that their dishwasher can have this issue until theyve already had several problems with water pooling in their kitchen sink or coming up through the floor. Its important to listen to any sound to know if the problem is simple or complex.

    Lets look at the possible causes and solutions for it.

    Remove Any Standing Water In The Dishwasher

    Why is My Dishwasher Not Draining?

    Jake Romano, plumbing expert and manager of John The Plumber , explains that the first thing you need to do is ‘confirm that the drain the dishwasher connects to is working. The dishwasher will likely connect to the drain under the kitchen sink, so you can test the drain by pouring water into the kitchen sink.’ If your kitchen drain is blocked, you are in luck in the sense that you probably don’t need to do anything to the dishwasher itself, just clear the drain.

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    Why Is My Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Draining At End Of Cycle

    There are multiple reasons why your dishwasher isnt draining at the end of the cycle. There could be clogs caused by food build-up if you don’t scrape your dishes clean before washing them. There also might be issues with the hose, motor, filter, or even garbage disposal. Most dishwashers are easy to fix if you can identify the problem.

    Dishwasher Struggling To Drain Here Are Some Common Causes

    Your dishwasher is at the core of your kitchen, cleaning dish after dish after delicious home-cooked meals. So, when the dishwasher is not draining properly, it can throw off your whole kitchen cleaning cycle. Drainage issues can come from clogs or even a damaged part. Need help diagnosing a drainage problem? Let us serve you with exclusive expert insight into the most common reasons why your dishwasher wont drain.

    1. Drain filter

    If your dishwashers drain filter is clogged with debris, it wont be able to drain properly. Regularly clean the filter to prevent blockages. The filter is typically easy to remove and can be washed in hot, soapy water using a scrub brush.

    Drain filter +x

    If your dishwashers drain filter is clogged with debris, it wont be able to drain properly. Regularly clean the filter to prevent blockages. The filter is typically easy to remove and can be washed in hot, soapy water using a scrub brush.

    2. Dishwasher door

    If the dishwasher door is not completely closed and latched, the dishwasher will not be able to run or complete its cycle. Check that no items are preventing the dishwasher door from fully shutting. Inspect the door hinges and door latch for misalignment or damage and then realign or replace the components as needed.

    Dishwasher door+x

    Dishwasher still wont drain? Call on the experts.

    Ask an expert+x

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    Why Use A Dishwasher Anyhow I Can Wash Dishes By Hand

    If your dishwasher breaks down, its easy to forgo costly dishwasher repair and simply hand wash and dry dishes. But heres the rub: Washing dishes by hand consumes 4-5 times more water than dishwashers and that adds up on your utility bill.

    Of course, there was a time when dishwashers used a lot more water. But now, the Department of Energy regulates the amount of water modern dishwashers can use. So, if your dishwasher was manufactured after 2013, five gallons of water is its limit. On the other hand, the US Geological Survey estimates that it takes anywhere from 9 to 27 gallons of water to hand-wash a load of dishes.


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