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Samsung Dishwasher Won’t Start

S To Fix A Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining

Dishwasher won’t start a cycle | Samsung US

One of the more common problems experienced with Samsung dishwashers is that the dishwasher will not drain. This issue is usually caused by food particles clogging the filter, drain hose, or pump assembly. However, a faulty drain pump, solenoid valve, or check valve may also cause the issue. If your Samsung dishwasher is not draining, follow these steps to identify and fix the issue. Remember to disconnect the power and turn off the water supply to the dishwasher before performing most of these repairs.

Problem With Drain Solenoid

Older Samsung dishwashers are still available on the market and theyre equipped with a drain solenoid that helps drain the dishwasher. Similar to the pump, this is also an electrical component, but it has a different function. Instead of pushing the water out, this one holds control of how the water is drained.

Sometimes, a solenoid will clog in a closed position and become faulty. When its stuck, it cant control the way water is drained from the dishwasher and youre likely to see the error codes that imply the dishwasher cant drain the water out.

Editors notes: Unfortunately, no workaround will help you save your drain solenoid. Youll have to replace it. Its usually located close to the drain pump.

This video may not be connected to Samsung dishwashers precisely, but itll help you locate the drain solenoid and remove it from the dishwasher.

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How To Fix A Samsung Dishwasher That Wont Drain

Is your Samsung dishwasher having problems draining the water after a cycle? Then before you start manually draining it with a cup and a bucket, take a look below. Coming up, youll find reasons why the water in a dishwasher might stop draining. And most importantly, youll find instructions to fix the problem.

  • Blocked drains. If you have blocked drains, it will take the water in the dishwasher a long time to drain. Or it may not drain at all.
  • The drain hose is pinched shut. If the weight of the dishwasher is resting on the drain hose it will not allow water to pass through it.
  • The drain hose is not connected to an air gap. If the drain hose is not connected properly dirty water may drain back into the dishwasher.
  • A bent drain hose. Is your drain hose bent or damaged? Then it will be difficult for the water to drain.
  • The control panel is displaying error codes or flashing lights. Some codes and lights highlight problems with the installation of your drain hose. If your dishwasher does this, you will have to fix the problem with the hose for it to work.

You can fix the issue with your dishwasher by working through the following steps:

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Test The Door Latch Switch

Remove the inner door panel to access the door latch assembly at the top of the door. Make sure the catch engages the door latch switch when it is inserted into the latch assembly. If all appears to work properly, use a multimeter to test the switches for continuity. With the multimeter set on Rx1, touch the probes to the switch terminals. The reading should be at or near zero. If your reading is different, replace the door latch assembly.

How To Fix A Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining

Samsung dishwasher error code 7E

Unclean dishes and leftover water can lead you to wonder, Why is my Samsung dishwasher not draining? While a drain clog is the most likely answer, the drain hose, its connections, or the dishwashers filter can also pose problems. Well provide simple steps to troubleshoot these components and resolve drainage issues.

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Samsung Dishwasher Lights On But Wont Start

If you see that your dishwasher has lights that are on within the control panel, you know that the appliance is getting power. With this being the case, you should then be able to select the cycle you desire and get to washing material without a second thought. However, some Samsung dishwasher owners have found that even though there are lights on on the dishwasher, it will not start and begin a washing cycle.

If your Samsung dishwasher has lights on but wont start, check to make sure that the door is closed and latched. If you think this has been done and it is still not starting, inspect the latch and handle for any damages, as if the door cannot latch, a cycle cannot start.

Check That The Dishwasher Is Causing The Issue

  • Run water in the sink that the dishwasher is connected to, and make sure that it drains.
  • If the dishwasher is connected to a garbage disposal, make sure the disposal is not clogged. If the dishwasher has been recently installed, make sure the garbage disposal knockout plug in the garbage disposals drain tube has been removed.

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What Is The Procedure For Resetting The Code On My Samsung Dishwasher

Your Samsung dishwashers leak sensor is detecting moisture or a water leak while the LC code is flashing, indicating that the device has detected a leak.

Alternatively, you can simply clear the code by removing the power cord from the dishwater for about 15 minutes.

This should clear the problem and restore functionality to your dishwasher.

Check The Child Safety Lock

Samsung Dishwasher – Not Starting – Control Panel – Diagnostic & Repair

Most dishwashers include a child lock feature to prevent kids from opening the appliance or changing the cycle settings. In many cases, the unit will not run while the child lock is engaged. Usually, the lock can be activated and deactivated by pressing and holding a button for three seconds, or something similar. If your dishwasher wont run and the door wont open, check the manufacturers instructions for the child safety lock.

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Commonplace Dishwasher Problems That Will Prevent Your Dishwasher From Starting

In advance of checking your machine for problems ensure that your dishwasher hasnt been accidentally switched off, plus that there are no tripped switches in the circuit breaker.

At this point you may wish to also check that the child lock hasnt been activated as well as try resetting your dishwasher.

You will often need the user manual to do this as models vary however the child lock tends to be fairly easy to engage inadvertently. Likewise, if the machine has lights however will not run, the answer may be as easy as resetting the cycle.

Once you have ruled out these issues its time for the real detective work to start.

  • Investigate the door latch or door latch switch.
  • Test the timer.
  • Test the thermal fuse.
  • Check the drive motor.
  • To examine these components you will have to have a multimeter, or VOM to measure the resistance and test the components are working as they should.

    Check Your Circuit Breaker

    Circuit breakers trip all the time for a few reasons. Your circuit breaker could have tripped because too much electricity was flowing through it, and it couldnt handle all that electricity.

    If your Samsung dishwashers touchpad is entirely blank and doesnt show any lights, you need to check your circuit breaker.

    Go to your houses electrical panel, check if the breaker that powers the dishwasher is off, and turn it on.

    Usually, the electrical panel will have a Dishwasher label next to the dishwasher breaker.

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    What Do The Reviews Say

    This dishwasher is awesome, and has quick wash, which I love when in a rush! Very easy to operate! Its awesome that it opens up automatically after its done!

    Not all that water on all the dishes now!!! I havent had time to use all the cycles yet, but everything so far is top!!!

    This is the best dishwasher ever owned! It is very quiet, and the dishes are cleaned sparkling clean without pre-washing them. No complaints at all!

    We are happy with the dishwasher. It does the job. Easy to load and our dishes fit well. Like the options for quick washes.

    Clean The Filter Drain Hose Sump And Tub

    Samsung Dishwasher Won

    Depending on your model, you may have a removable filter in your Samsung dishwasher. Removing the filter may also allow you to clear the drain pump of any debris that may be clogging it. Check the dishwashers manual for filter removal instructions.

    If your model has a filter assembly or pump cover with screws you can remove to access it, removing the screws and cleaning the filter and pump assembly may resolve the drainage issue. If the filter or pump cover is damaged, it should be replaced to avoid damage to the pump and motor seals. For safety, disconnect the power and water to the dishwasher before accessing the filter and pump assembly.

    If the dishwasher is not draining due to a blockage, using a dishwasher cleaning product, or alternatively, white vinegar, will break down food particles and minerals that have built up and may be preventing the dishwasher from draining. If using white vinegar, pour 1-2 cups into a dishwasher-safe bowl, and place it on the top dish rack. Next, close the door and run a normal cycle.

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    How To Reset The Samsung Dryer

    Resetting the Samsung dryer is very easy all you need to do is unplug the Dryer or turn it off from the circuit breaker. Wait 1-5 minutes to clear out settings and configuration from the Dryer. After this, plug in the power cord and press the power button. Some dryer has a built-in reset button, which you can find in the dryer owner manual.

    Check For An Issue With The Thermal Fuse

    Your Samsung dishwashers thermal fuse is located around the control panel.

    The thermal fuse can blow up when your dishwasher overheats.

    You can check if its still working by using your multimeter to test for continuity.

    If theres no continuity, then the fuse has blown, and you should replace it with a good one.

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    How To Reset A Bosch Dishwasher

    If you own a modern model of Bosch dishwashers, heres how to reset it:

  • Make sure the dishwasher is closed.
  • Press the Start button for about 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Wait until the dishwasher drains all the water inside the unit.
  • Once it is fully drained, the cycle is completed and your dishwasher will be back on standby mode.
  • For older models, you would usually need to press two buttons to reboot the appliance. You can try holding the Regular Wash and Rinse & Hold buttons simultaneously for about 3 to 5 seconds to reset it.

    If this method of rebooting doesnt work, dont give up just yet. You can perform a hard reset. Heres how its done.

  • Turn off the dishwasher and unplug it from the power source.
  • Look for its circuit breaker and turn off the switch.
  • Wait for 5 to 7 minutes to give the electrical signals time to settle down.
  • Turn on the circuit breakers switch and plug in the power cord.
  • Turn on your Bosch dishwasher to start a new wash cycle.
  • Thats it! Hopefully, either of these two methods works out for you so your Bosch dishwasher will start working properly once again.

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    What To Do If The Samsung Dryer Wont Start

    Samsung Quick Start Tutorial for Dishwasher | Model DW80R2031US | Dish Washer Control Panel

    If the Samsung dryer is still not working or starting, dont worry. Most Dryer comes with a couple of years of warranty support that can help you repair your dryer free of cost.

    To know more about the warranty period, you can check the warranty card you got while buying the Dryer.

    If youve lost the warranty card may require to pay the charge for the replacement of components and installation charge.

    Contact your supplier and tell them more about the issues. They will assist you in figuring out the problem with your Dryer.

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    Samsung Dishwasher Beeping And Not Starting

    Living with a multitude of appliances, many people become accustomed to the sounds which are randomly emitted from these items whether it be the beep of a washer after a cycle has completed, the bell from an oven once it has been preheated, or the beeping of a Samsung dishwasher when cleaning and drying has finished. However, if you have a Samsung dishwasher it is beeping but will not start, what might be causing the delay?

    If you have a Samsung dishwasher and it is beeping and will not start, this typically indicates that the door has not been properly closed and latched. Be sure that you have the dishwasher door closed tightly and that you either hear or feel the latch catch to confirm it is closed.

    Schedule A Service Technician To Repair The Dishwasher

    If the dishwasher still doesnt power up, then a blown fuse, defective user interface control, a failed electronic control board or a broken wire could be preventing the dishwasher from getting power. Have a Sears service technician examine and repair the dishwasher.

    Youll likely see the technician perform the initial troubleshooting steps described above. Additional diagnosis requires live voltage checks, which only should be performed by a service technician with the proper training.

    Schedule a repair

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    Advanced Troubleshooting And Seeking Professional Help

    You have followed all the troubleshooting steps with your user manual but the dishwasher still cant turn on. You should seek the help of a qualified technician.

    If the motor tests negative for continuity then you might need to do a live voltage test and this may require the presence of a qualified technician.

    If your dishwashers circuit breaker keeps on tripping when you turn it on, you need to call a qualified technician to fix your electricity.

    Samsung Dishwasher Buttons Not Working

    Dishwasher photo and guides: Dishwasher Wont Start Cycle

    If the buttons on your Samsung dishwasher are not working, the display may be defective or power supply issue.

    If some of the buttons are working and others arent the keypad may also be the culprit of your troubles.

    Additionally, there is also a chance the entire control board has suffered internal damage and needs replacement.

    Possible Solution:

    • First, ensure that your washing machine is receiving an uninterrupted power supply by ensuring that the power cable is properly plugged in and the socket works.
    • Check that child lock is not enabled and there is no food impeding the buttons.
    • Replace the faulty display, touchpad, or keypad.

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    Most Common Samsung Dishwasher Troubleshooting

    Any dishwasher is not immune from various breakdowns or malfunctions, the same applies to Samsung dishwashers, which are the most popular manufacturers. The main thing here is to correctly identify the problem, and then correctly eliminate it, then the dishwasher will work properly. The article provides information about the 5 most famous problems of Samsung machines, read on to find out more about how to solve them.

    What Does The Ie Symbol On A Samsung Dishwasher Mean

    Common remedies for the following problems: Samsung IE or 1E WATER INLET ERROR / Water not entering dishwasher properly.

    Check that the dishwashers water supply valve is switched on.

    Solution 1: This error or fault number has been provided by the manufacturer to indicate that the dishwasher is not filling with water in the right manner.

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    How Can I Reset The Control Panel

    Sometimes, the issue causing the red light to blink on your Bosch dishwasher is simply an incorrect signal being sent from the door latch sensor to the main control panel. Resetting the main control panel can trick the door latch sensor into working correctly again. To reset a Bosch dishwasher, simply follow the below steps.

    The Door Is Completely Not Closing

    How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining Properly | Model DW7933LRASA/AA

    Your dishwasher cant turn on if the door has refused to close. There are several reasons why the door is not locked.

    Check if the AutoRelease feature has been engaged. Dishwashers automatically use this feature at the end of a cycle to help dry the dishes faster. This means the machine will be unable to close during that time.

    Remove any poorly placed dishes or adjust the racks to make sure nothing is in the way of the door.

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    Get Help When Your Dishwasher Wont Start


    Unless its a simple issue like child lock or delay start settings, when a dishwasher wont start, you need an appliance repair company to inspect it.

    It could be a simple fix that takes just a few minutes, or it could be a complex problem that requires expertise and potentially dangerous electrical components.

    Dishwashers are important appliances in modern homes. A dishwasher that wont start needs to be inspected and repaired.

    Theyre expensive to replace, so its always more affordable to have one repaired. If you dont have a go-to appliance repair company, use our form above to find one in your area and get a free quote.

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    Check The User Interface Control Wiring

    Many dishwashers have a user interface control in the control panel that connects to the electronic control board.

    If the dishwasher still isnt getting power, check the user interface control wire harness. The control panel wont light up if the wire harness is disconnected.

    • Shut off power to the dishwasher.
    • Open the dishwasher door and remove the Torx screws from the outer edges of the inner door panel. So the outer door panel doesnt fall off, support it with one hand as you remove the final screws.
    • Check the wire harness connection between the user interface control and the electronic control board.

    If the user interface control wire harness is unplugged, reconnect it. Reassemble the dishwasher and restore power.

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