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Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Blinking

Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining Heavy Lights Flashing

Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Blinking / Flashing Light Error

You may find that your dishwasher suddenly does not work properly where you find that it is not draining and the heavy light is flashing. What should we do if this thing happens? Here, you are able to read the information about the meaning of this error and how to fix it.

Fixing Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Is Flashing

If you find that the heavy light is flashing in your Samsung dishwasher, then according to the Samsung Support website, the meaning of it is because the leak sensor of the dishwasher finds moisture. If this happens, you will find that the dishwasher will turn itself on and then it will not turn off. While it is happening, it will be trying to drain the water away.

If you see there is a leak, then you can fix it by accessing Samsung Support about Samsung Dishwasher Is Leaking for fixing it. However, if you are sure that there is not a leak, you can fix it based on the situation that you are encountering.

If you have done the things above, but nothing can help you, you are able to visit the Support Center of Samsung and then request service.

Fixing Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Is Flashing

If the heavy light is flashing in your Samsung dishwasher, the meaning is that in the dishwasher there is too much water. Often, it is related to a drain issue. So, you are able to do the things below.

Fixing Samsung Dishwasher Heavy, Delicate, Quick Light Is Flashing

Fixing Samsung Dishwasher Heavy, Delicate, and Smart Auto Light Is Flashing

Quick Or Smart Auto Or Express 60

A blinking quick, express 60 or smart auto light means you have a problem with the water supply, usually either the water pressure or temperature. Your Samsung dishwasher needs to be able to consistently get a water supply of 120 to 149 degrees Farenheit. The water pressure must also be between 20 and 120 pounds per square inch .

There are a few possible reasons why you might be experiencing an error with your water pressure or temperature. You may have a bad water valve that needs replacing, a flow meter error, or a clogged inlet screen. If you are unable to verify the source of the issue on your own, you should contact Samsung support.

Normal Heavy And Quick Lights

Another possible dishwasher information code is the combination of blinking Normal, Heavy, and Quick lights. This information code showcases that the dishwasher isnt using enough water.

To remedy this information code, empty your dishwasher of all dishes. Add dishwasher detergent to the dishwasher and run it on a normal cycle.

If this does not help, check to see if the water supply valve is closed or the supply is suspended. The water inlet valve could also be frozen or clogged. If this is the case, turn the power off at the circuit breaker and close the water supply valve.

Contact a repairman or the Samsung Service Center for further assistance.

Clean The Dishwasher Completely

Lastly, clean all parts and components of the appliance completely so that there should be no dust, dirt, and debris remaining in it. Its proper cleaning is very essential after some days because if there will be blockages in any part then water will not completely drain out and heavy light will start to flash.

The final thoughts on this article are there isnt anything to worry about if any of your power-operated devices cause a problem thats common. You have to analyze the correct troubleshooting instead of applying any of your local DIY methods.

Make sure you are catching the issue or cause correctly and following the procedure accordingly.

Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes: What Do They Mean

Samsung Dishwasher 3 Blinking Lights Normal Heavy Smart Auto ...

Having a smart dishwasher that can display error codes can be a lifesaver. They help you diagnose precisely what is wrong with your dishwasher when it acts up. It is important to remember that only Samsung models with a digital display will be able to display the error codes we have listed below. If your dishwasher does not have a digital display, it will show the error code via blinking lights instead.

It is important to make sure you perform the correct troubleshooting before you attempt to reset the dishwasher or clear the code. If you simply restart it to remove the code, then the issue that has caused the error will not be addressed.

Clean The Overflow Sensor

You will need a Philipps Screwdriver and a Longnose Pliers. Follow the manufacturers standard procedure to get to the overflow sensor.

The overflow sensor has two parts: The case sensor and the flow meter assembly. The flow meter assembly has a little spinning wheel, while the case sensor chamber has a floating piece that moves up and down depending on the water level in the unit.

The case sensor is just a rudimentary system with two exposed electrode prongs such that when water reaches them, the circuit becomes complete, and the draining mechanism is triggered.

Heavy And Quick Blinking On Samsung Dishwasher

Heavy and Quick Blinking on Samsung Dishwasher means there is too much water in the dishwasher. This is often related to a drain issue.

To solve Samsung Dishwashers Frequent and Heavy Blinking

  • Inspect the drain connection for the dishwasher at the sink.
  • Inspect the drain hose.
  • Fill the sink to which the dishwasher is attached with water.
  • Clean the tubs drain, filter, and sump.

Four Or More Lights Are Flashing

The meaning of this signal is that your dishwashers control panel cannot communicate with the rest of the dishwasher.

Firstly, switch off your dishwasher and wait for two minutes to solve this problem. Then turn the washer again and hope your trouble will be solved.

If the washer is still flashing four or more lights, need to call your local Samsung service provider to solve the problem.

How Can I Run A Diagnostic On My Samsung Dishwasher

Samsung Dishwasher Quick Fix Heavy Error Blinking Light

There are a number of reasons why your dishwasher wont be working the way it should, and running a quick diagnostic can help you discover the root of the problem. While there doesnt appear to be any integrated technology that can immediately identify the issue, you can generally find out what the root of the problem is by analyzing the situation extensively.

First, check for the drain near the bottom of the tub to ensure that is not clogged. If it is, then take a drain cleaning product and pour it down the drain to clear it out. If this doesnt solve the problem, then check to make sure that the drain hose has not been damaged, as well as the connection between the drain hose and for any air gaps. Generally, there will be error codes or flashing lights displayed on the control panel if there are major issues like this in play.

What Is The Meaning Of The Flashing Led Lights On The Control Panel Of Your Samsung Dishwasher

Some models of dishwashers don’t have a digital display, so when it’s time to display an error code they will use blinking lights instead. The combination of blinking lights determines what the code is. However, since lights may blink as part of regular use, you should really only consider this an error code if the dishwasher isn’t working normally, such as stopping mid cycle. Resolving the error code typically involves a slight correction, such as adjusting the temperature of your water supply or making sure that the drain hose is installed properly.

Note: The provided information refers to dishwashers sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for appliances sold in other countries.

Note:If your dishwasher is displaying a code instead of flashing LED lights, read our other guide for the code’s meaning.

  • Auto and Express 60

This means the panel detects a stuck button. Turn off the dishwasher, and touch every button on the panel. If any button is not working correctly, or the error code returns after turning the dishwasher back on, visit our Support Center to request service.

  • Auto and Heavy

This means there is too much water in the dishwasher. This is often related to a drain issue. If you moved the dishwasher recently, make sure the drain hose isn’t pinched or kinked.

  • Auto, Normal, and Express 60
  • Auto and Normal
  • Auto
  • Delicate and Quick
  • Delicate
  • Express 60
  • Heavy, Delicate, and Quick
  • Heavy, Delicate, and Smart Auto
  • Heavy and Delicate
  • Heavy and Express 60

Samsung Dishwasher Buttons Not Working

If you find that buttons on your Samsung dishwasher have stopped working, dont panic! There is an easy fix for the problem.

The Samsung dishwasher has a feature called the Half Load Option button, which lets you use less water and energy by running the washer on half the load size.

Buttons may stop working if they are accidentally pressed too hard or with too much pressure, or just dirty. When buttons become dirty, it affects their sensitivity and can cause them to stop working.

To solve this problem, simply take a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and gently clean each button individually. After cleaning each button, test it by pressing firmly on it to make sure that the buttons work again without any problems.

Smart Auto Heavy And Delicate

When this type of error starts to occur continuously, so this means that the temperature sensor of the Dishwasher is not working. Follow these steps to solve this problem.

  • Empty the Dishwasher first.
  • Put detergent inside the dishwasher dispenser and then run the normal cycle.
  • Even after doing everything, it remains the same. Then you have to remove the power plug from the Dishwasher and visit the Repair Centre.

    Dishwasher Heavy And Express 60 Light Blinking Dishwasher Heavy And Express 60

    Samsung Dishwasher heavy light blinking

    When the heavy and express 60 lights on your dishwasher are both blinking, it indicates that the water level is too high and that the water is not being heated properly in the dishwasher. Check that your water supply is working properly and that your water heater is supplying hot water to your appliance.

    Auto And Heavy: Too Much Water

    Did your dishwasher give you an error code? This often means that the drain is blocked. It can also signify leaks or other problems that need to be solved. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Check the dishwashers drain connection at the sink
  • Run water in the sink and clear out any debris from the filters and drains.
  • Inspect the drain base for any debris.
  • Clean the drains and filters to get rid of any debris in the tub
  • Normal Delicate And Quick Lights Are All Available

    Another possible dishwasher information code is a combination of the Normal, Delicate, and Quick lights on the control panel. The second meaning of this information code is that the dishwasher is using excessively warm water.

    Maintain a temperature of no more than 176 degrees Fahrenheit in the water supply going into your dishwasher. If this is the case, lower the temperature of the water that is being used by the dishwasher. If, on the other hand, the water is not too hot and an information code is still displayed, a repairman will be required.

    Tips To Prevent Samsung Dishwasher Blinking Lights

    It is better to prevent the dishwasher before something happens or occurs. Therefore, here we will discuss some tips and tricks from which you can prevent your dishwasher from Blinking light.

  • Regularly clean your dishwasher. You can use vinegar and water solution to clean the filter part of your dishwasher.
  • Always use the dishwasher in the recommended settings.
  • Never use random detergent in your dishwasher. Always use the detergent that your manufacturer recommends.
  • Reset the dishwasher if the light keeps blinking in your dishwasher.
  • You May Required in Future:-

    How To Level A Dishwasher

    Samsung Dishwasher Flashing Lights Normal Heavy and Smart Auto

    When putting dishwashers beneath the counter, they must be leveled. When the dishwasher is not level, the water accumulates at the low spot. Standing water eventually produces aromas and invites mold and mildew.

    The majority of people are aware of the importance of leveling the dishwasher side to side once it is installed beneath the counter.

    Prior to moving the dishwasher into place, it is critical to level it front-to-back. Front-to-back leveling ensures that the dishwasher fits perfectly under the counter.

    Samsung Dishwasher Model Dmt300rfb Heavy Light Is Flashing

    I have a Samsung Dishwasher model DMT300RFB, One light is flashing according to users manual signaling leakage. I can find no outside leakage. What do i need to do to correct this problem as I suspect the flashing light is in error?

    Brand: Samsung Type of Appliance: DishwasherAlready Tried: Tried turning off electric and water over night and pushing other buttons as per users manual. Turned back on and Heavy light still flashing. What can I try now?


    Heavy Delicate And Quick

    Heavy, Delicate, and Quick light indicates the Temperature sensor failing. If your dishwasher is blinking these three lights, then it means your temperature sensor is malfunctioning. The solution to this problem is.

  • Turn off the dishwasher.
  • Now empty the dishwasher and remove the dishwasher racks.
  • Now add detergent to the dispenser and run a normal cycle.
  • If the error persists, switch off the circuit breaker and wait for a couple of minutes before starting the dishwasher.
  • Normal And Delicate Lights

    Another information code that can occur on your dishwasher is blinking Normal and Delicate lights. This information code once again indicates that a button is stuck.

    As with the Auto, Normal, and Express 60 information code, turn your dishwasher off completely. Touch all the panels buttons and then turn the dishwasher back on. If the information code returns once you have turned the dishwasher back on, contact a repairman.

    In The Event Of No Leak What Should You Do

    Samsung Dishwasher Heavy Light Keeps Blinking

    If there is no discernible leak, a variety of other factors could be responsible for the information code being generated. If youve recently used or moved the dishwasher, its possible that water has splashed onto the sensor. Allow enough time for it to dry.

    Check that the garbage disposal is not connected to the dishwasher and that the disposal cap has been removed. Also, be careful not to overfill the dishwasher with dishwashing liquid. If none of these remedies relieves the information code, you should consult a repairman.

    How To Reset Your Samsung Dishwasher

    When something goes wrong with your dishwasher, such as an error code or a non-draining cycle, you may believe that all that is required is a good reset.

    Often, unique electronic problems can be resolved with such a reset, but if this does not restart your dishwasher, extra troubleshooting will be necessary.

    However, depending on the fault or issue, resetting at the first hint of trouble is not always a wise idea. Continue reading to learn how to reset, when to do so and when not to, and what to do if a reset does not help.

    What Should You Do When Your Samsung Dishwashers Heavy Light Is Blinking

    Jun 7, 2022·

    Dishwashers are an essential appliance in anybodys home and on the occasion that they dont work properly it can be a real source of trouble. This is especially annoying if you dont know what the issue is exactly. In some models of Samsung dishwashers, the digital display will show you the exact error code which can tell you what the issue is. But in some Samsung models, there will only be a combination of blinking lights.

    Heavy blinking lights in a Samsung Dishwasher can mean either there is too much water in the system or there is a leak depending if your model is with or without Express 60. The heavy light can also blink in combination with other lights which can mean other things. Lets take a detailed look at how you can diagnose and fix these issues.

    What To Do If There Is No Leak

    If there is no identifiable leak, several other things can potentially cause this information code. If youve recently run or moved the dishwasher, water may have splashed the sensor. Allow it time to dry.

    If the garbage disposal is connected to the dishwasher, ensure you remove the disposal cap. Also, make sure not to overfill the dishwasher with detergent. If none of these alleviate the information code, contact a repairman.

    Express : Incorrect Water Pressure And Temperature

    Have smart auto and heavy lights flashing on samsung dishwasher,

    Samsung dishwashers use a variety of methods to notify the user of an error. When temperature and pressure are off, the device will signal to the user that it needs attention. Here are some ways to fix the issue:

    • Ensure that the water pressure and temperature are correct for your dishwasher.
    • Avoid using floodgate hoses that are not compatible with Samsung dishwashers.
    • Turn off the water supply to avoid water spraying up.

    If the error persists, please contact the customer service center for further assistance.

    Samsung Dishwasher Quick Light Flashing

    If you are in a hurry and need a specific item watch or need a small load that is not overly soiled run through, the quick feature is one that gets the job done without needing the full cycle time. This is great for those moments where the dishwasher may be an unwanted background noise or there isnât enough time to get the load done by hand while completing other tasks, but what does it mean if the quick light is flashing?

    If the quick light is flashing on your Samsung dishwasher, this is an indication that the water pressure is not sufficient or that the temperature of the water is wrong. Check that ample pressure is being given to the appliance and that the water heater is turned to an appropriate temperature.

    As previously noted, the water pressure is likely something that you can easily remedy by turning off any appliances, such as the washer, that are using water at the same time the dishwasher is being run. If your water pressure is not great to begin with, the use of a sink tap can be enough to take away the pressure the appliance needs, causing this light to blink until pressure is restored.


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