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Replacement Racks For Maytag Dishwasher

Are There Chips Or Scratches On The Rack Tines

Maytag Dishwasher Repair How to replace the Upper Dish Rack

Do not wash rusty metal items such as graters, potato peelers, cast-iron items or items that may scratch or chip the dishwasher tines in the dishwasher.

A dishwasher rack repair kit can be used to cover chips or scratches on the rack tines.

This accessory is available for purchase. Locate the accessories page in the menu above.

Replacement W10195416v 4pk Dishwasher Rack Wheel For Kitchenaid / Maytag

Replacement W10195416V 4PK Dishwasher Rack Wheel for KitchenAid / Maytag
Orders placed by 4pm ET ship today!*

Photos taken on a 1″ grid.

Replacement wheel assembly used for some Amana, Ikea, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, and Whirlpool dishwasher models.

Directly Replaces: W10195416V, W10195416, W10195416VP, W10195418, ERW10195416, AP4567523, AP5983730, EAP11722152, PD00024134, PS11722152.


  • Clips directly onto lower dish rack for easy rolling in/out of the dishwasher.
  • Includes Lower Dish Rack Roller Assembly.


  • Finish: Glossy.
  • Overall Dimensions: 5-1/2″L x 1″W x 2-7/8″H.
  • easy to replace old broken parts and install new

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    Perfect fitment and ease of installation.

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    Swapped out really easy. Just like using oem inventory

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    Fit and works as described..

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    Lower Rollers bottom rack

    I did A LOT of searching on the internet and came across Appliance Zone& #039 s website. Their price was more than fair for the product I needed. I will definitely go to your website when it comes to appliance parts.

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    Excellent fit, great price and fast shipping

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    Fit perfectly for my maytag lower dishwasher rack. Very happy with product.

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    My order arrived faster than I expected & amp the parts were perfect & amp so easy to replace. My dishwasher is back to working like new.

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    Perfect fit and function

How To Remove A Maytag Dishwasher Rack

Maytag dishwasher racks can become rusty or the wheels may require replacing from time to time. When this happens, it is necessary to remove the racks to make repairs or to replace them completely. Removing a Maytag dishwasher rack is a simple process and requires only one tool. Replacement rollers and racks are available at appliance repair centers and from Sears. This is also an ideal time to inspect the spray arm assembly and clean the bottom filter, since you have full access to the interior of the machine.

  • Open the dishwasher door and pull the bottom dish rack straight out of the dishwasher. The bottom rack simply rolls on a ledge on the bottom.

  • Locate the caps on the end of the rail over which the upper rack glides. The rail acts much like a drawer glide. Pry each cap cover open with a flat-head screwdriver.

  • Grasp the end cap covers with your fingers and pull the end caps off the rails. The end caps are plastic and fit on the inside of the rail, preventing the dish rack rollers from coming out during normal operation.

  • Grab the upper rack by its sides and pull it out of the dishwasher. Push the rails back inside the dishwasher if they extend while removing the rack.

  • References

    • Reverse the removal process to reinstall the dishwasher racks.

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    Maytag Quiet Series 300 Dishwasher Wheel Repair Hack

    The wheels on the rack adjuster assembly of the Maytag Quiet Series 300 Dishwasher seem to be poorly designed. In under three years of use, we have broken four of them even one within the first two months of operation. Another wheel just broke, and Im now out of spares supplied by Maytag during the warranty period. So, heres my hack to reattach the wheel and keep it washing dishes.

    How To Remove The Upper Rack On Your Maytag Dishwasher

    Maytag Dishwasher Lower Rack for sale

    Most dishwashers have the ability to remove the upper rack. This is beneficial if you want to wash large stock pots, or tall items like vases or platters. The information below shows how to remove the most common type of upper rack. Check the Owners Manual for your specific model for more information.

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    Are You Having Difficulty Loading Dishes

    The adjustable upper rack can be raised or lowered to accommodate taller plates, platters, pots or pans in the upper or lower racks. To raise or lower the upper rack, press both rack adjusters and lift or lower the rack until it is in the desired position and level.

    NOTE: Always unload the upper rack before adjusting.

    Replacement 8561996 Dishwasher Upper Rack Adjuster For Whirlpool / Maytag

    Replacement 8561996 Dishwasher Upper Rack Adjuster for Whirlpool / Maytag
    Orders placed by 4pm ET ship today!*

    Replacement upper rack adjuster used for some Kenmore, Maytag, and Whirlpool dishwasher models.

    Directly Replaces: W11157084 WP8561996, 8561996, W10889280, 4547264, AH973972, AP6285708, AP3777636, EA973972, PD00039837, PS12347743, PS973972.


    • Adjusts the height of the upper dish rack.
    • Includes Adjuster Wheel Assembly.
    • Overall Dimensions: 1-15/16L x 1-1/8W x 4-3/4H.
    • Wheel diameter measures 1-3/16.

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    Readers Deal With Rusting Dishwasher Racks

    My readers never disappoint, and this week is no exception. One of you wrote to say that the white plastic coating on the bottom rack of the dishwasher was coming off, leaving rust on the dishes. The manufacturers solution: a replacement rack for more than $200.

    My readers never disappoint, and this week is no exception.

    One of you wrote to say that the white plastic coating on the bottom rack of the dishwasher was coming off, leaving rust on the dishes. The manufacturer’s solution: a replacement rack for more than $200.

    Respondents cited similar problems and solutions.

    From Stephanie Simkins: “My dishwasher is many years old and still working perfectly except for the rusting racks. I wrote to Maytag about the problem and did receive a call back from their customer service department. They left a phone number for me to return their call which I did.

    “Unfortunately, Maytag never followed up with my question and I assumed that they would be telling me I would have to replace the racks. So I let it go.

    “My dishes also have rust marks on them, which is no big deal since they are my everyday set, and only my husband and I use them.

    “Other than purchasing new racks, I think your reader and me are stuck with this problem.”

    Simkins did say that she used Lemishine, available for $4 at Wal-Mart, Target and other stores, to clean off the rust stains.

    From Larry Schofer: “I also have experience with rust on the rungs of my dishwasher racks.

    How To Apply Paint And New Tips

    How To: Whirlpool/KitchenAid/Maytag Dishwasher Upper Rack Adjuster WPW10546503

    Coat the freshly cut tip with vinyl paint. Then slip a new vinyl tip over the tine. Let it dry and youre good to go.

    Dishwasher rack tines break off or lose the protective coating at the tips and then you get rust spots on your dishes. New racks cost about $80 . But you can fix your dishwasher rack in less than an hour and for a fraction of that cost. To rerack a dishwasher buy a bottle of vinyl repair paint and a package of replacement tips to match your rack color . Cut off the rusted tips with a rotary tool and cutoff wheel. Then retip the tines .

    To patch a rusted area around a broken dishwasher rack tine, first clean off the rust .

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