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Plastic Vs Stainless Steel Dishwasher Tub

Should I Avoid Plastic Tub Dishwashers

What is a Stainless Steel Tub in a Dishwasher?

If your dishwasher budget is within the $500 $600 dishwasher, you’re most likely going to end up getting a dishwasher with a plastic tub. There will be a downgrade in overall performance, but it still more economic and efficient than washing dishes by hand. Additionally, many models feature a high-density plastic tub that performs better than standard plastic tubs.

That being said, if youre able to afford a dishwasher above the lower-end scale, we highly recommend investing in a dishwasher with a stainless-steel interior. Besides the fact that higher budgets will naturally gravitate toward stainless-steel interiors, doing so comes with a list of benefits that plastic tub dishwashers simply cannot provide, ultimately making dish care an easier job on you with more dependability.

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Frigidaire Gallery 24 Stainless Steel Built

Washing significant loads of dishware has never looked so fresh and so clean as with this Frigidaire stainless steel dishwasher.

With the tub capacity to fit up to 14 place settings, youll have plenty of room to fit all your pots, pans, and dishware all in one go. And with intuitive features like DishSense Technology, this stainless steel dishwasher from Frigidaire automatically adjusts the wash cycle time and water temperature based on the level of cleaning your dishes require. And better yet, this model is Energy Star Certified and comes with an exclusive Energy Saver option that effectively dries your dishes without using heat, which in turn, will cut down on your monthly energy costs.

Key Features:

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Should I Buy A Dishwasher With A Plastic Or Stainless Steel Tub

Open dishwasher with clean dishes in white kitchen, front view

When you need a new dishwasher, there are many options you can choose from. While each one has its own features, one of the more critical choices you must make is between a stainless steel or plastic tub.

It will not take long to discover that a stainless steel tub is more expensive than a plastic one. Your budget is essential, so which one do you choose?

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What Is A Hybrid Stainless Steel Tub In A Dishwasher

Shiny, rust-resistant surface of top-quality machines is stellar. It wont discolor, break or dent. It may still show stains and emit odors. Is tap water in your city hard? In San Francisco, its hella clean. But it comes mainly from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. It touches granite, so the water is soft.

Minerals like calcium might be available in your water. They would leave residue on your dishwashers interior surface. Regular cleaning would be necessary. Additionally, some cutlery made of aluminum or carbon steel may cause galvanic corrosion.

I would try to load them into a plastic tub dishwasher, but not a SS unit. Hybrid tub is mental. It balances the downsides of both materials: hybrid models have plastic on the bottom and all other interior surfaces are stainless steel. So, these dishwashers are budget, affordable. They dry faster than plastic but dont catch stains.

Bottom Line

Are you fixing to buy a new, modern dishwasher? It is to be durable, easy to use and feature-rich. Consider your needs, budget and family size. Dont forget to think about the dishwasher hub material. Its one of the most important, critical criteria. Tub material determines not only the appliances look and style. Its performance, noise level and durability matter. Additionally, nowadays, you are to sterilize dishes. Its necessary to eliminate bacteria. So, opt for a sturdy, reliable option and take care.

Comparison: Plastic Versus Stainless Steel Dishwasher Tub

Plastic vs. Stainless Steel Dishwasher Tub Material: Dishwasher Liner ...

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DIshwashers come in two formats: Plastic and stainless steel. The interior part is called the dishwasher tub that is made of plastic or stainless steel these days.

Plastic can never be best than stainless steel. It is because plastic is not as durable as steel. Plastic also has many other disadvantages over stainless steel.

Plastic dishwashers cannot bear high temperatures during the drying process and consumer extra electricity. These can increase your electricity bill.

It is the best choice to spend some extra money on stainless steel dishwashers for one time and save money later.

Here we discuss in detail which one is best and how?

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Featured: Ge Plastic Tub Dishwashers

GE is one of our favorite dishwasher brands for plastic tubs. GE dishwashers are known for their reliability and effective cleaning cycles. As a buyer, you have the option for your dishwasher to feature cycles like Dry Boost , Piranha Hard Food Dispenser , and the Steam + Sani option that eliminates 99.99 percent of bacteria on every dish.

The average price of a plastic dishwasher tub: $600

Pros of Plastic Dishwasher Tubs

  • Budget-Friendly

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Stainless Steel Vs Plastic Dishwasher Tub

Dishwasher tubs come in two main types: stainless steel and plastic. Dishwashers made out of both of these materials can get your dishes clean, so what are the benefits and costs of each tub type? The experts at Appliances Connection have compared plastic and stainless steel dishwashers, and we’ve even chosen our favorite picks of brands that make each tub type. This way, you can make an informed decision next time you purchase a dishwasher.

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Dishwasher Stainless Steel Tub Vs Plastic

Are you comfortable with your old, familiar kitchen appliance? It may be old-style and primitive. Minor spots on its surface dont make your kitchen interior look better. Knowing its volume and construction, you load your old-shoe dishwasher in your sleep. But if its janky, youd need to replace it. Lets compare dishwasher stainless steel tub vs plastic. Your new machine is to be modern, durable and efficient. Appliances of this kind might be hella expensive. Are you going to save on your purchase? Reliable features are worth spending extra money on. Ill try to prove it right now, for sure.

Benefits Of A Stainless Steel Dishwasher

How to Shop for a Dishwasher

There are a lot of advantages to having a stainless steel dishwasher and their striking appearance is only the first one. If theres one thing to know for certain, its that stainless steel dishwashing units are much more efficient, and superior compared to plastic dishwashers. And heres why:

  • Better construction: Stainless steel dishwashers are sturdier and better constructed. Using metal instead of plastic makes the structure of the appliance more durable.
  • Allows more heat: The temperature of the water during the wash cycle can be heated at higher temperatures in stainless steel units which allows them to clean more efficiently. During the drying cycle, the stainless steel retains heat better as well, which will save you both energy and money.
  • Quieter wash cycles: The heavier steel interior walls help absorb the louder dishwasher sounds better. This makes your dishwasher much quieter during wash cycles compared to plastic interiors.
  • More sanitary: With stainless steel, you dont have to worry about stains, odors, or damage caused by hard water.
  • Better value: The upfront cost of a stainless steel dishwasher will undoubtedly be more expensive than a plastic unit however, over time, stainless steel will save you more energy and dollars

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Do Any Dishwashers Have Stainless Steel Racks

Yes, but its an increasingly rare feature. Almost every modern dishwasher uses nylon for their racks, even stainless steel dishwashers. While stainless steel is a great material for certain uses, nylon coating is less likely to peel or warp, and it wont rust.

Stainless steel racks used to be slightly more common in the past as a premium feature, but over the past 10 years theyve been almost completely phased out.

Are All Stainless Steel Dishwashers Equal

This is an important question to ask while youre shopping since the short answer is no. While the materials used on the tub will be more or less the same, other factors determine whether youre paying solely for the tub upgrade, or for additional features that add value to the appliance. That can include decibel ratings, rack quantity, or special cleaning options , all of which provide more bang for your buck.

An alternative to a fully stainless steel is a semi-stainless interior . In this version, most of the tub and door are made of stainless steel, while trim and supplementary parts are constructed of high-density plastic. A great example of this approach is the Bosch 100-level dishwashers. The addition of plastic into the construction helps to drive costs down, but it also introduces potential points of wear along with opportunities to harbor germs or bacteria, all of which are drastically reduced by use of a stainless-steel tub.

Take a look at the two examples below. The first, a Bosch 100-level model, features a stainless-steel interior all around, minus the bottom, which uses high-quality plastic. On the other hand, the Café dishwasher is completely metal, and surprisingly, it cost around $250 less. To find great savings like this, make sure to contact an expert from Grand Appliance and TV.

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Ge Gdt535psmss 24 Dishwasher Steam Prewash 59 Db

If youre looking for a dishwasher that can handle even the most stubborn stains, then the GE GDT535PSMSS is an excellent option. This dishwasher features a steam pre-wash cycle that can remove tough food stains without scrubbing.

In addition, the GE GDT535PSMSS is Energy Star certified, meaning it is incredibly energy-efficient. And, with a noise level of only 55 dBA, this dishwasher wont disrupt your home.

Best Dishwasher With Stainless Steel Tub

Getting Rid Of Hard Water Stains

Frigidaire 24

One of the biggest complaints customers voice about dishwashers is that their glasses have hard water spots. If you live in an area with severely hard water, this is a difficult problem to contend with. Plastic dishwashers are better at hiding hard-water stains and calcium deposits, but experts always recommend that you frequently clean your dishwasher’s interior to rid it of food particles, whether it has a plastic or stainless interior.

Cleaning your stainless steel interior also helps control hard water stains, according to Sears. The finish is known for showing stains, and it requires frequent wiping down. However, Good Housekeeping recommends a hack: Place a dishwasher-proof container with 1 cup of vinegar on the upper rack and run the machine for a cycle on its hot setting. For an extra dash of clean after the vinegar cycle, sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of the machine and run a short cycle on hot.


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Shop For Your Dishwasher At Howard’s

If you are ready to purchase a dishwasher for your home, Howards can help you find the perfect model to meet your needs. Howards has been in business for over 75 years and is Southern Californias largest and most trusted appliance retailer. We offer free next-day delivery on purchases over $399 within qualified zip codes scheduled before 5 p.m. in the Southern California area. To make things easier for our customers, we also offer online chat, phone consultations, and online ordering. Shop one of our 13 locations or browse our selection online at Howards.com.

Other Stainless Steel Dishwashers We Tested

If you’re looking for a model with strong cleaning power, the ability to dry dishes every time, and ADA accessibility features, the Bosch 800 Series SGX78B55UC/13 is one of the best options available. We found it scrubs out stains with the best of them, within relatively short cycle times. It also improves upon Bosch’s already excellent CrystalDry technology, and in our testing it was able to get every dish perfectly dry on every cycle.

When it comes to features, the SGX78B55UC/13 comes fully loaded, with a third rack, adjustable upper rack, and foldable tines in its lower rack, in addition to Bosch’s suite of smart features. What’s more is this model is ADA-compliant, which means it has enhanced accessibility featuresit’s also a bit smaller physically, so keep that in mind if your cabinetry is designed for a standard-sized dishwasher. Overall, this is an excellent dishwasher and we’re happy to see the SGX78B55UC/13 bring all these Series benefits to the table without sacrificing any performance over the other 800 series models.


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Is Stainless Steel Or Plastic Dishwasher Tub Better

If your kitchen is large, you may select a large built-in machine. Heavy-duty and high-capacity, it would serve your whole family. On the other hand, free-standing models are versatile. Besides, they match any kitchen furniture and design. Integrated units are discreet, screening themselves behind kitchen cabinet doors.

If you live in your own house or apartment, durability matters. Shiny exteriors of fully integrated machines might be invisible. Units with SS interiors are preferable. Are stainless steel tubs in dishwashers better? They are:

  • energy-efficient

Should I get a dishwasher with a stainless steel tub? Consisting of a stronger material it lasts longer. Do you have a little kid or two? If so, consider this solution. Sleek metal surface absorbs noise. So, dishwashers with stainless steel interiors are virtually silent. They may produce as low as 40-45 dBs. You can turn them on at night, and they wont disturb your neighbors. If your baby is having a daytime nap, soft, whispering sound soothes him or her.

Stainless Steel Vs Plastic Tub Dishwasher

Before you buy a dishwasher

When you are going to buy a new dishwasher in the market, you find stainless steel and plastic tub dishwasher.

The question in your mind is stainless steel vs plastic tub dishwasher which will be best for you. Moreover, what is the difference between them?

Read the whole article carefully to get the answers to all these questions. Lets take a look!

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Stainless Steel Dishwasher Tubs

There can be several benefits to having a dishwasher with a stainless steel tub. They are not only more costly to produce, but they have benefited you in the long run which is why youll find they often have a premium price.

When you spend the extra money to upgrade to a stainless-steel dishwasher tub you get a lot of benefits:

Should I Buy A Dishwasher With A Stainless Steel Interior

No matter where you might find yourself currently in your search for a new dishwasher, theres a consistent theme despite which brand or what price point youre exploring the stainless-steel dishwasher tub. Its natural to assume the difference is purely cosmetic, but considering the price swing , you cant help but wonder, Is there more to it than just looks?

In short, a stainless-steel dishwasher tub is far superior than plastic, and the addition of one on a dishwashing machine comes with a few added benefits aside from being a better-looking model. In this quick guide, well show you the ins and outs of these appliances to help you decide if the option is worth the investment.

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Pros Of Stainless Steel Dishwasher Tub

Stainless steel dishwasher tubs are a popular choice for many homeowners because of the many benefits they offer.

  • One of the biggest advantages is that they are incredibly durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • They are also easy to clean and do not require a lot of maintenance.
  • Another plus is that they come in a variety of styles and colors to match any kitchen décor.
  • Lastly, stainless steel dishwasher tubs are very energy efficient and can save you money on your utility bills.

Reliable Dishwashers With Stainless Steel Interiors Near You

Comparison: Plastic Versus Stainless Steel Dishwasher Tub

To find out more about dishwashers with a stainless-steel tub, you can explore our entire catalog of dishwashers along with our complete inventory of major home appliances from trusted appliance brands online or in-store.

With over 25 locations throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa, including locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Indianapolis, you can count on Grand Appliance and TV for all your appliance needs. Shop today!

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Cons Of Plastic Dishwasher Tub

In dishwashers, the tub is where the dishes are placed to be washed. The tub is usually made of stainless steel, but some cheaper models have a plastic tub. There are several disadvantages to using a plastic dishwasher tub:

  • Plastic is not as durable as stainless steel and can scratch or break more easily. This can lead to dishes being scratched or dirty after being washed.
  • Plastic can warp over time, which can make it difficult for water to drain properly and cause dishes to not be washed properly.
  • Some plastics release harmful chemicals into the dishwasher water, which can then contaminate dishes.

What Is A Plastic Dishwasher Tub

A dishwasher tub is a plastic basin that sits inside of a dishwasher. It is used to soak dishes and pots and pans before they are washed. The tub also catches food and other debris that may fall off of the dishes during the washing process.

Some dishwasher tubs come with a built-in rack that can be used to hold dishes and pots and pans. Others do not have a rack, but instead have small depressions in the bottom of the tub that can be used to hold cups, bowls, and other small items.

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