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Philips Avent Bottles Dishwasher Safe

Who Is Dr Brown Of Dr Browns Bottle

Philips Avent Glass Bottle Review | Avent Bottles

Dr. Craig Brown, a family physician, created the Dr. Brown bottle in 1988 because his colicky child cried non-stop. After noticing air bubbles in the bottle his baby was using, he designed a special vent system that solved his childs colic problem within two days.

His wife began sharing the bottles with friends with colicky babies, and the brand slowly grew. Today, the brand is among the most trusted names for baby bottles.

Dr. Browns claims that their bottles arent just for colicky babies or those with digestive problems, but any baby can use them.

Dr Brown Vs Avent Bottles: Faqs

Question: Can you use Avent nipples on Dr. Browns Bottles?

Answer: No, you cannot use Avent nipples with Dr. Browns. Dr. Browns bottles use specially designed anti-colic system, including the long tube and filter top which are essential to the process.

Question: Do Avent Natural nipples fit on Avent Classic bottles?

Answer: Yes, they do, as long as you also use the Avent rings.

Question: Are Dr. Browns bottles dishwasher safe?

Answer: Yes, they are dishwasher-safe . I would recommend purchasing a little dishwasher organizer like this one to ensure every component gets thoroughly washed. Also, check out Dr. Browns bottle brush here the custom drying rack here.

Is It Safe To Put Avent Bottles In The Dishwasher

Avent is one of the few baby product companies serious about safety and quality. The Avent bottles are safe for your baby and also dishwasher safe. They compromise strong materials that can withstand even the hottest dishwasher water setting. So, if you have a fixed schedule, you can put the bottles in a dishwasher for a fast, thorough wash.

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How Do I Clean Infant Feeding Items In The Dishwasher

  • Take apart. Separate all bottle parts .
  • Rinse. Rinse bottle parts and any other feeding items by holding them under running water. The water can be warm or cold.
  • Wash. Place bottle parts and other feeding items in the dishwasher. If possible, run the dishwasher using hot water and a heated drying cycle this can help kill more germs.
  • Remove from dishwasher. Wash your hands with soap and water before removing and storing cleaned items.
  • If items are not completely dry, place them on a clean, unused dish towel or paper towel to air-dry thoroughly before storing in an area free of dust or dirt. Do not use a dish towel to rub or pat items dry because doing so may transfer germs to the items.
  • Are Spectra And Medela Bottles Interchangeable

    Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

    No, the Spectra and Medela bottles are not directly interchangeable. However, an adapter is available which allows you to use the Spectra flanges with the Medela bottles. You can also use a different adapter to use the Medela flanges with the Spectra pump.

    Spectra makes an adapter to use their pump with any narrow neck bottle. There are also several other adapters that are available on Amazon like this one.

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    Are Avent Bottles Dishwasher Safe

    by Amber Dixon

    Were supported by moms. When you buy through links on our site, As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a commission.

    In short, yes Avent bottles are dishwasher safe. You can easily put them in the dishwasher without causing any type of harm to your baby, but there is a lot more to it than simply throwing the bottles in the dishwasher. You also need to understand why it is important to make sure that bottles are properly cleaned, sterilize bottles, and check for signs of wear.

  • 6.3 Check For Wear
  • How We Chose The Best Baby Bottles

    Since your babys really in charge of choosing their favorite bottle, our only option was to turn to other parents to find word-of-mouth recommendations. We searched through BabyCenters Community looking for these positive recommendations in many different categories: favorite bottles made of glass, plastic, silicone, steel anti-colic bottles parents swear by, the bottles they use for their brand-new babies.

    After we found the bottles parents use at home with their own babies, we moved on to checking out each selection to find those that are easy to hold, use, fill, and clean, meet standards from the AAP and experts like Dr. Rodriguez, are priced fairly, and have at least one special attribute, and hopefully more than one, that makes them stand out amongst similar competitors.

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    Can You Microwave Glass Baby Bottles

    If youd like to microwave your glass baby bottles to sterilize them, this should be fine so long as you use a special bottle steamer designed for this purpose. Avoid putting a bottle filled with milk in the microwave to heat for a feed, as this will result in hot spots that could scold your baby.

    Again, check with the manufacturer first, since some glass bottles may be quite delicate and will break if repeatedly exposed to extreme heat changes. For this reason, take equal care when boiling to sterilize.

    Cleaning Avent Bottles Before Feeding

    Philips AVENT Bottle – Natural Bottle & Anti-Colic Bottle Review + Comparison

    You must have gathered that Philips Avent was keen on hygiene when designing their bottles, so cleaning them shouldn’t be an uphill task. Washing the bottles before feeding the baby often requires only hot water and soap.

    Make sure bottles are clean before giving them to your baby

    If the baby is less than three months old, was born prematurely, or has a weak immune system, you may need to sterilize the bottles every day before feeding. However, if they’re above three months old and have normal immunity, you must not sterilize them daily.

    Whatever the case, you can either boil or use the Philips Avent steam sterilizer. Sterilization can kill the most stubborn pathogens and provide extra protection against infections.

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    What Type Of Baby Bottle Should I Choose

    That said, one important bottle choice to consider is the material its made from. Baby bottles are made from glass, silicone, plastic, and stainless steel there is also a hybrid bottle on the market, the Chicco Duo, with glass inside plastic. Each material has pros and cons.

    • Glass bottles are a good option for parents who are concerned about chemicals in plastic. Glass bottles usually last longer than plastic bottles, too. The downside? They can break and are more expensive.
    • Plastic bottles wont break, are lightweight, and are the most affordable option when buying multiple bottles, but do need to be replaced more often. However, since plastic bottles tend to break down over time, and may be made of material containing BPA, they may bring with them the risk of exposure to BPA. See below for more information about avoiding BPA in baby bottles.
    • Silicone bottles are a popular choice because they are lightweight and easy to clean. They are also easy to squeeze, making it easier for a baby to grasp. Silicone bottles arent likely to leak chemicals, like some plastic bottles. These, like the glass bottles, are more expensive.
    • Stainless steel bottles arent as common as the other types. They last a long time, wont break, and, as long as theyre not lined with plastic, are BPA-free. Stainless steel bottles are generally more expensive than both glass and plastic.

    Main Differences Between Dr Brown Vs Avent Bottles

    The Main Differences Between Dr. Brown vs Avent are:

    • Dr. Brown bottles can be hard to clean, whereas Philips Avent bottles are easier to wash and are dishwasher friendly.
    • Dr. Brown has more affordable bottles, whereas Philips Avent bottles are $29.
    • Dr. Browns bottles work better for colics, whereas Philips Avent bottles do offer a certain level of colic relief.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Spectra Bottles

    Categories Pumps & Gear

    When I received my Spectra pump, I had a bunch of questions about it. The bottles looked different from the other bottles I was using. I initially started out using Medela bottles to pump and Dr. Brown bottles to feed. I realized it would be more efficient if I could use the bottles that came with the Spectra pump for both pumping and feeding.

    I compared the types of bottles that I was using to come up with a system that worked for me. What worked the best for me was to pump into the Kiinde system or into Avent bottles.

    If I needed to store milk in extra bottles, then I would pump into Medela or Dr. Brown bottles with an adapter.

    My least favorite bottles for pumping were the Spectra bottles. I will go into more detail below.

    Evenflo Feeding Premium Poflo Venting Balance Plus Wide Neck Baby Newborn And Infant Bottles

    Philips Avent Anti

    Evenflos feeding bottles are designed to make life easier for new parents. Theyre designed to keep milk fresh while providing an easy way to feed your baby.

    The bottles feature a unique venting system that helps to reduce colic symptoms but are also fantastic for tongue-tied babies as well as babies that have difficulties feeding in general.

    This stems from the wide neck that makes it easy for your baby to access the nipple whilst ensuring a slower, more comfortable milk flow.

    Evenflos bottles are made from polypropylene, which means theyre extremely durable and will last for years.

    The bottles are also BPA-free and FDA-approved, making them a safe option too.

    Theyre also dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning much simpler than using traditional glass bottles.


    • Unique nipple shape works perfectly for babies with tongue-tie
    • Wide neck for relaxed milk flow
    • Easy latching that wont result in dribbling
    • Can be attached to a breast pump to store milk
    • Easy three-piece assembly


    • The hole in the nipple is a bit small, it may need to be made larger if your baby struggles to drink with it.

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    How Do Philips Avent Bottles Work

    One of the better-known top options for baby bottles is easily the Philips Avent Bottles. Depending on which you choose from the brand, theyre typically designed to help your baby transition from breast feeding and back again if necessary, and they come with fewer parts than other bottles. So when you need to take them apart to clean and put it all back together, its not a total inconvenience or hassle.

    The bottles are also proven to reduce colic in some babies and prevent air bubbles from getting in while your baby drinks from the bottle.

    Since extra air intake is typically what adds to discomfort during and after feedings, this is very important when looking at any bottle. The nipple is designed to feel like the real thing and is less likely to collapse than other similar nipples from other brands.

    There are also a variety of different flows to choose from. So as your baby gets older and needs a faster or slower flow, its easy to find a new nipple for your Philips Avent Bottle. The bottle itself has a unique shape that makes it easy to grip no matter which way you or your baby hold it.

    The Philips brand itself has a variety of bottles and sippy cups to eventually graduate to so you can keep it in the Philips family if you want to.

    Dishwasher Accessories And Features For Cleaning Baby Bottles

    You actually dont need fancy dishwasher accessories for cleaning your baby bottles. You can use your regular dishwasher, and place the bottles on the top rack and the nipples and any small parts in the silverware basket. That being said, there are some useful dishwasher accessories that make cleaning baby bottles easier and much more effective.

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    Dr Browns Options+ Wide

    Among the best baby bottles for reflux, Dr. Browns Options+ Wide-Neck Bottle are clinically proven to reduce and prevent colic, spit-up, burping, and gas in babies.

    Product Highlights

    These bottles have a patented system that gets all the air out of your babys bottle to help alleviate acid reflux, burping, and gas. The bottles produce an accurate pressure flow that mimics the act of breastfeeding. Plus, it has a vent system that eliminates air from milk maintaining essential vitamins such as C, A, and E. The bottles are designed to prevent fluid from going to your babys ears, and the bottles control the flow, so babies are fed at their own pace.

    The Good

    Moms love this feeding set as it has three 5-ounce bottles, perfect to meet the feeding needs of your newborn. Some moms noticed that theres much less spit-up during and after feeding time. Also, the bottles are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

    The Bad

    The body of the bottle is durable, however, the nipples are too soft and flimsy. Some moms noticed that the bottles leak during feeding time. Since these are made of glass, they can crack if they fall.


    • Nipples are soft and flimsy
    • Bottles leak during feeding time
    • Bottles can crack

    How To Sterilize Glass Baby Bottles

    Philips AVENT Electric Steriliser

    Sterilizing bottles is not always necessary, and certainly not needed after every feed unless your baby has been ill, is very young or has a compromised immune system. You will, however, want to sterilize your glass bottles the first time you use them.

    Your bottles can be sanitized pretty well by placing them on a hot cycle in the dishwasher or washing them and then boiling in a pan of water for 10 minutes. Air dry and seal carefully to prevent introducing any bacteria to the inside. If youd like to sterilize more thoroughly, its usually fine to place glass baby bottles and all their attachments into an electric or microwave steamer.

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    Are Spectra Bottles Accurate

    In my experience, the Spectra volume measurements were slightly inaccurate compared to the other bottles I used. I tested the volume measurements in the same Spectra bottles with three other types of bottles: Dr. Browns, Medela, and Avent bottles.

    I measured 3 ounces into a Dr. Browns bottle, Spectra bottle, Avent bottle, and Medela bottle. Here is a chart with a comparison between the 4 bottles.

    Bottle Brand
    95 ml

    90 ml

    As you can see, the Spectra bottles overestimated the volume the most, by 10 ml .

    This is only a slight difference. It may not make a big difference unless your baby is having trouble gaining weight or if you are exclusively pumping.

    For example, you may pump into the Spectra bottles and feed out of Medela bottles. Over the course of a day, you may think that you pumped more than you actually did.

    If your baby eats 27 ounces out of the Medela bottles, you will need to pump 30 ounces by the Spectra measurements.

    In my opinion, the worst part about the Spectra bottles was that the measurements were very difficult to read. All of the other bottles were much more clear to determine the measurements.

    Choose The Right Cycle And Detergent

    The next step is to choose the right dishwashing cycle. For baby bottles, its recommended to use the sanitize cycle if your dishwasher has one. If not, the hot water cycle will do.

    As for detergent, its best to use a free and clear detergent that will less likely leave a residue on your baby bottles. I noticed that my baby bottles came out much cleaner once I started using Seventh Generation detergent over my regular dishwasher tablets.

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    Can Philips Avent Bottles Go In The Dishwasher

    Yes, Avent bottles may be put in the dishwasher without any problems. Dishwasher detergent can, however, over time, result in buildup on the bottles and may have an impact on how well the function of the nipple.

    To get rid of any buildup, it is advised that you periodically wash the nipples and bottles with hot water and dish soap.

    What About Hand Cleaning Avent Bottles : Philips AVENT BPA Free Formula Dispenser/Snack Cup : Baby ...

    A bottle brush is included with the Avent bottle for manual cleaning. Other cleaning supplies are also OK as long as you dont use them on any other kitchenware. To avoid cross-contamination, if you choose to wash the bottles by hand, choose a container specifically for that purpose. Make sure the bottles are never in contact with the sink as well.

    These are the five steps for hand-washing Avent bottles:

  • Wash your hands as soon as possible to get rid of any germs you might have picked up from previous activities. Use running water and soap.
  • For simple cleaning of each component, disassemble the bottles. To prevent contact with the sink that can lead to cross-contamination, divide the bottle into smaller pieces, rinse with cold water, and place them in the designated container.
  • Fill the container with hot water and soap, then thoroughly wash each bottle component with the brush. Clear out any obstructions from the holes at the points of the nipples and within.
  • Rinse the bottles by pouring hot water through their nipples and outside of the bottles until there is no more soap left. Make use of flowing water if you can.
  • Place the bottles on a clean dishtowel and let them air dry to finish drying them.
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    Can You Freeze Glass Baby Bottles

    A few bottle brands make glass bottles that can be put in the freezer but most dont.

    Milk will expand when it freezes. Even if you leave enough of an air gap in your bottle for the milk to expand into, you still risk it breaking the glass. If youd like to freeze your milk, specially designed milk storage bags that can be frozen are ideal.

    Dishwasher Bottle Wash Jets

    The bottle jets are a feature that some dishwashers come with like the GE Profile. They are ideal for thoroughly cleaning baby bottles and any items with narrow openings. The dishwasher Bottle wash jets are located on the top rack and they shoot water at a 45-degree angle to blast away any residue inside the bottle. You can also use them to clean coffee pots, tea kettles, and much more.

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