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My Lg Dishwasher Won’t Turn On

Lg Dishwasher Not Turning On

LG dishwasher won’t turn on

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Having an LG dishwasher that will turn on is one of the most frustrating problems. Fortunately, it can sometimes be tracked down and fixed easily.

Generally speaking, an issue with your LG dishwasher not turning on can be traced to the thermal fuse. It is designed to shut off the dishwasher when it overheats but if it is short-circuiting, it doesnt allow the power to get to the dishwasher.

You may find that there are some specific issues that are associated with your LG dishwasher that can affect its ability to operate. Some of these may be associated with getting to the dishwasher and at other times, it could be a setting that stops the dishwasher from running.

We will take a look at some of the most common reasons why an LG dishwasher will not turn on. You can then look down through the list or perhaps try some of the more specific options that are listed below.

Lg Dishwasher Not Starting

Typically, a problem with an LG dishwasher not starting can be traced to a problem with the power. Perhaps the circuit has tripped or the receptacle needs replaced. You might also have loose wires that are causing the dishwasher to not operate.

There may be other issues leading to this problem, and you can check the following:

Control Panel If you have power but no lights and the dishwasher is not operating, it may be a problem with the control board. Remove the control board and look at it carefully with a magnifying glass.

If you see any burned areas on the control board or if there are cracks in the power ribbon, the control board should be replaced.

Thermal Fuse If the thermal fuse is shorting or if it detects high temperatures in the dishwasher, it will not allow power to get to the unit. You can check the thermal fuse with a multimeter and replace it if necessary.

Touchpad Assembly If there is a problem with the touchpad assembly then pressing a button will not send a signal to tell the dishwasher to start. You can remove the touchpad assembly and clean it.

A pencil eraser is used to clean the touchpad assembly and you can also use rubbing alcohol to clean the connectors. Be very careful not to damage the assembly while cleaning it. If any issues are seen, the assembly can be replaced.

What Triggers The Ae Error Code

The AE error code is triggered by the float sensor in the dishwasher detecting too much water in the bottom of the dishwasher. Depending on the model, the float sensor usually sits in a pan at the bottom of the dishwasher that collects water if the dishwasher has a leak. If there is too much water in the pan, the float sensor tells the control board to stop working until the pan is emptied.

Emptying or wiping up the water in the pan can resolve the AE error code however, there may still be a leak that will need to be fixed to stop the AE error code from occurring again.

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Need To Change Dishwasher Settings

Is your LG dishwasher not starting on command? Certain control panel settings or codes may tell you why.

Check the control panel for the following:

  • A cycle is selected: The dishwasher wont begin washing unless a cycle is selected.
  • The cycle includes an immediate start: Some cycles, like Delay Start, push back that start of a wash cycle to a later time. Other settings, like Child Lock, lock the control panel to prevent an accidental start. Refer to your user manual to disable these functions, as the method varies from model to model.
  • Error codes: Error codes are a combination of numbers and/or letters that alert you to a potential problem. Refer to your user manual to determine the meaning of the code and how to resolve it.
  • Control panel failure: Excessive moisture or electronic failure can damage the control panel so it wont relay commands. If one or more buttons are unresponsive, the control panel may require replacement.

Control Child Lock Is Active

Dishwasher Archives

The control lock is the function designed to prevent interruptions while the dishwasher is still on a cycle.

If you activate the child lock feature, every key on your touchpad freezes.

You can take advantage of this program to prevent your young children from operating the machine.

But you must remember to turn off the control lock functions before you set a new cycle to run. Otherwise, the touchpad will not respond to commands.

To deactivate the control lock feature, press and hold the child lock button for about 3 seconds.

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Why Is There Standing Water In The Bottom Of My Dishwasher

Are you wondering where the standing water in LG dishwasher came from? There are several reasons why there may be standing water in the bottom of your LG dishwasher. One reason is that there may be clogs in the filter. Another reason is that the garbage disposal may be clogged.

Yet another reason is that the drain pump may be failing. And finally, the air gap or drain hose may be blocked with food debris.

If your LG dishwasher has clogged filters, you must clean them out. To do this, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. You must clear the blockage if your LG dishwasher has a clogged garbage disposal.

You can use a plunger or a plumbers snake to do this. If your LG dishwasher has a failing drain pump, you must replace it.

Accessing The Float Sensor And Drain Pan

Accessing the float sensor and drain pan will depend on the model of LG dishwasher that you have. If you have a kick or toe panel, removing the panel may be enough to give you access to the float sensor and drain pan. On other models, the dishwasher door or an access panel on the side of the dishwasher may need to be removed.

Make sure to disconnect the power to the dishwasher before removing any access panels or touching any electrical wiring. For safety, the water to the dishwasher should also be turned off. If you need to run a dishwasher cycle to find the leak, be mindful of electrocution and take safety precautions.

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Test The Motor Start Relay

The motor start relay signals the dishwasher motor to start. Locate it near the pump, behind the lower access panel of the dishwasher. Remove the relay and refer to the wiring diagram. With the multimeter set on Rx1, test the coil for continuity. It should produce a reading of zero.

Then, manually activate the relay by turning it upside down, and allowing the plunger to drop. Touch the probes to the relay terminals. Expect a reading of zero. If your readings differ, replace the motor start relay.

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Theres Dirt Around The Touchpad


Another possible reason why the touchpad on your LG dishwasher is not working as supposed or completely not working is that dirt has built up.

Thankfully, dirt build-up does not pose a much greater threat to your dishwasher.

You can fix the issue by cleaning the touchpad using a soft bristle brush and a few drops of electronic cleaner, which can remove grease and dirt.

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It Could Be A Heater Element Issue

Your dishwasher is a finely tuned machine. Each cycle is activated by the cycle before it, so if the water isn’t heating to the proper temperature, it will be stuck in the heating stage and never switch to the washing stage. If this happens or you notice undissolved detergent, you may have a problem with your heater element.

  • As above, disconnect the power source.
  • The thick metal rod located at the bottom of your dishwasher is the heating element. Though they it look different depending on who manufactures your dishwasher, the heating element will look something like this:
  • To access the wires connecting the part to the machine, remove the lower front panel of the dishwasher.
  • Remove the wire connectors and label where they came from with tape.
  • With your multimeter on X1, check the terminals. A properly functioning heater element will read between 0 and infinity.
  • If not, remove the lock nut holding it in place Lift the element up and out. Replace with a new heater element, reconnect the wires and power.

Replace The Main Control Board

Your final option if you still havent found the cause of your LG dishwasher not working is to replace the main control board. The main control board is difficult to test and repair, so the best option is to just replace it completely. However, given the cost of buying a new control board and the uncertainty that replacing it will make your dishwasher work again, you might decide the better option is to purchase a new dishwasher.

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Dishwasher Not Getting Power

If the LG Dishwasher wont start, you can check to see if there is an electrical connection by unplugging and then plugging in the dishwasher. If it does not start up after doing this, try flipping over a nearby circuit breaker or resetting your homes main fuse.

Make sure your dishwasher is plugged in: Check the power cord that goes from your dishwasher to the outlet.

If there is a break in it, you will need to replace it or repair it. If you have an extension cord plugged into another plug and then on top of that has another wire going from this extension cord to your dishwasher, make sure nothing else was using electricity at the time when it stopped working.

This could mean unplugging everything before checking for other problems with your LG Dishwashers! Do not forget about outside sources such as lightning or even electrical surges protecting against storms! You do want to consider all possibilities if they are possible causes of LG dishwasher issues.

Dishwasher breaker tripped: If the breaker trips, you will need to reset it. This is usually a quick fix that can only take up to 15 minutes to complete. There are two ways of fixing it when this happens- by turning off and then back on or simply flipping the switch for the appropriate breaker in your electrical panel.

Circulation Pump And Drain Pump Motor

LG Dishwasher Wont Start But Has Power? Lets Fix It!

This pump uses an impeller and motor to propel the water through the wash arms. If you notice a humming noise after the dishwasher has filled or if you don’t hear any sound at all, it could mean that the motor is burned out. Debris in the pump housing can also prevent the impeller from turning. If there is no power to the motor, this could also be the cause of the problem. Such faults are best diagnosed by .

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Need To Adjust Lg Dishwasher Settings

Is your LG dishwasher not working even if it has power and the door is closed properly? Check your control panel to make sure you selected a wash setting. A wash cycle wont start unless you select a setting before pressing the Start button. If you find your dishwasher not drying dishes sufficiently also select an extra or heated dry option, if available.

Your control panel will also let you know if the wrong setting or an error code is preventing an immediate start.

The following LG dishwasher settings and alerts prohibit it from starting immediately:

  • Control Lock: Prevents changes from being made during a wash cycle by locking all control panel functions, including the Start button.
  • Delayed Start: Delays the start of a wash cycle to a preset later time
  • Error codes: Uses a series of numbers and/or letters to signify a problem, potentially preventing an immediate start.

Consult your LG user manual to determine how to disable specific functions on your model dishwasher and decipher an error codes meaning. Lastly, your control panel may not respond properly if its exposed to excessive moisture. If one or more buttons on your control panel is unresponsive, it must be professionally replaced.

Still Having Trouble Contact A Puls Professional

If your dishwasher still won’t stop running after you’ve tried all these suggestions, it’s time to call in a Puls appliance expert. Our technicians are certified to work on all major brand dishwashers and can be at your door the same day, if needed.

You can trust you’ll receive professional troubleshooting, diagnosis and affordable estimate for the repair. If you authorize the repair through Puls, we’ll even waive the $79 diagnostic fee.

All parts and services include our 90-day guarantee so you’ll feel confident all work will be done right.

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The Time Of Control Is Malfunctioning

The timer control connects directly to the dishwasher control panel. It controls when the heat cycle begins and ends. At some point, the timer control can malfunction, particularly if the dishwasher is of a certain age.

This can cause the unit to fail to initiate a new cycle or to become stuck in a certain phase of the current wash cycle. When this happens, you will need to replace the timer.

How Do I Fix My Lg Dishwasher Not Starting

LG washer won’t turn on, no power. Repair solution!

The best thing to do if your LG dishwasher isn’t starting is to take a look at the error code on the display. From that, you’ll need to refer to your user manual to determine what the issue may be.

Oftentimes it may be something as simple as the door being open, latch issues, or the child lock. However, it could be an electrical or water supply issue.

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Has A Delay Wash Option Been Selected

A delay wash option runs the dishwasher at a later time or during off-peak electrical hours. If the delay wash has been selected, the dishwasher will not run until the delay time is reached.

To Turn Off the Delay Wash Feature:

  • Press CANCEL/DRAIN to cancel the delay.
  • Press START/RESUME to start the cycle.
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    The Touchpad Is Faulty

    LG washers come with a touchpad for easy operation. However, once the dishwasher reaches 7 or 10 years of age, the touchpad can begin to malfunction. Oftentimes it’s the result of blown fuses or burned-out wires.

    You may be able to replace the touchpad itself, while you will need to replace the entire control pad in other cases. However, when this becomes an issue, it may mean the dishwasher itself is on its last leg.

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    My Lg Dishwasher Touchpad Not Working

    Theres nothing more frustrating than an LG dishwasher touchpad not working. Its like having a kitchen appliance that will never be go any good use. But whats exactly the problem and how do you fix it?

    Generally, an LG dishwasher touchpad fails because the main control board is faulty, the control lock is active, one or more buttons are not working, or the control panel is faulty. It is also possible that the touchpad is dirty, or you may have touched it with wet hands.

    In this guide, Ill list each problem and how you exactly how to fix it. Ill focuses mostly on do-it-yourself fixes, so you can get the appliance repaired from home without spending a dollar in repair service.

    Check The Timer Motor First

    Your dishwasher’s cycles are controlled by a timer. It regulates everything from start to finish and switches the machine at proper intervals for filling, heating, washing, rinsing, and drying. If your appliance won’t turn off, it may mean you’ve got a faulty timer motor.

    To figure out if the timer motor is the culprit, heres what you should do.

    • Safety firstunplug your dishwasher or flip the circuit breaker off while working on the machine.
    • Open the control panel face, remove all screws from the control panel, and screws from the latch. Open the door and remove the door panel screws to locate the timer motor. The timer motor will look like this:
    • Use an Ohmmeter to check the motor function. With the setting at X1000, you should get a reading between 2,000 and 3,000 ohms. If not, replace the timer motor.

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    When To Call A Technician

    Once you’ve established that none of these easily resolved problems are causing your dishwasher not to start it’s time to call a service engineer. You may need a new float switch, a thermal fuse, a new control panel, or something else. A technician will get to the root of the problem much more easily than you can and in a fraction of the time.

    Arranging dishwasher repairs in London is easy enough to do. You’ll be able to get a quote over the phone or online once you’ve described the problem and most repair services have some weekend availability too.

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    Why Lg Dishwasher Wont Start Troubleshoot And Diagnosis

    It can be frustrating when your LG dishwasher is not starting, and you are left with dirty dishes. Not to worry, there are a number of reasons that this can happen, and below we will list the most common LG dishwasher problems.

    Below you will find possible solutions for LG dishwashers that dont work. Take your time as they require patience and persistence if you want them to be successful. If these tips do not work, it might be time to call a professional.

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