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My Ge Dishwasher Won’t Start

Reasons A Leak Sensor May Be Activated

GE Dishwasher Won’t Start Fix
  • Leak sensors activate an alert when they sense a leak. The dishwasher will catch the water in a drip pan, but it can only hold so much. It will tilt forward and dump the water out onto the floor so youll be aware of the problem right away.
  • Too much detergent can activate a leak sensor. If youve overfilled your dishwasher with detergent, you may see the leak alert.
  • A recently installed or moved dishwasher can cause the leak sensor to activate. Its easy for moisture to get on the sensor during the installation or move, which the sensor will detect as a leak. Let it dry and try the dishwasher again later.
  • Finally, if youve recently connected a garbage disposal to your dishwasher, make sure the garbage disposal cap is removed. If its not, it will cause the leak sensor to alert you.

Never ignore a leak alert from your dishwasher. There may be a hidden leak that is impossible to see without moving the dishwasher out.

If you see this indicator, dont assume its not a leak just because you dont see water. You should call an appliance repair technician right away to prevent water damage and electrical risks.

Why Is My Ge Dishwasher Beeping 3 Times And Not Starting

If you hear a beeping noise every 30 seconds, this means the GE dishwasher door was opened during the cycle. … Blinking lights and beeping sounds can be caused from a power surge. Press the START/RESET button to reset the dishwasher. Wait for 3 minutes and the dishwasher should resume normal operation.

The Control Panel Is Locked

If your GE dishwashers control panel is locked, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue. First, make sure that the dishwasher is properly plugged in and that the circuit breaker is not tripped.

If everything looks fine there, press and hold the Start/Reset button for about three seconds. This should unlock the control panel. If that doesnt work, you may need to reset the dishwasher by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in.

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Make Sure The Door Switch Is Working

The second step is to make sure the door switch is working correctly. The purpose of the door switch is to prevent the door from opening during a wash cycle. Sometimes they can become faulty, and this causes the control panel to believe the door isnt shut properly, which results in the control panel not letting the dishwasher start.

Checking the door switch requires testing it with a multimeter to do that:

  • Switch the power to the dishwasher off at the wall or circuit breaker.
  • Locate the door switch .
  • Depending on your specific make of GE dishwasher, you may need to remove the door switch fully or unplug it before testing it .
  • Use your multimeter to test the door switch for continuity.
  • If the test shows continuity, move on to step 4, as its working correctly. If it doesnt have continuity, it will need to be replaced with a new switch.
  • Once the replacement has been carried out, turn the power back on, and attempt to start your dishwasher. If it still doesnt start, move on to step 4.
  • Check The Start Switch

    Dishwasher photo and guides: Dishwasher Doesnt Have A Start Button

    The start switch is the most commonly used button on any dishwasher. If you have checked your door latch and the power supply, the start switch itself could be the issue. You may be able to test the switch yourself using a multimeter, depending on the dishwasher brand and model. If not, you will need to have an appliance repair technician to perform a diagnostic test. If the switch is faulty, it will need to be replaced. Start switches can range anywhere from $25 to $70, depending on the dishwasher brand.

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    Ge Dishwasher Will Not Start After Power Outage

    Power outages are noticeable when it comes to the function of your utilities and big appliances such as the refrigerator, but many people forget how they affect smaller appliances such as dishwashers. If you have a GE dishwasher and it will not start after a power outage, you might be thinking that the outage fried your appliance, but fear not. If this is what you are experiencing, take a look below to see how you can restore the function of your dishwasher.

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    If your GE dishwasher wont start after a power outage, try resetting the appliance. To do this, press and hold down the Start/Reset button on the dishwasher for two minutes. Once this time has passed, you should be able to start the dishwasher and have full function once again.

    To reset your GE Dishwasher you can follow the instructions on how to reset your GE dishwasher

    If your GE dishwasher isnt starting, ensure that the Delay Start button has not been turned on, check that the door is latching if you are experiencing issues with the door sensor, use a multimeter to see if the start switch is working, and disable the lock mode function if enabled.

    Check The Main Board Service Light

    A service LED is typically added to GE dishwashers main board to aid diagnostics.

    Thus, a good way of checking if the board is receiving voltage is by accessing the main board and checking the status of the service LED.

    Now, if the LED is OFF , it means the unit is probably not powered so you should try the following steps:

  • Check if there is power in your household .
  • If there is power , check control voltages.
  • The main control board should be replaced if improper voltage was found.

    Reminder:The seller will be reaching out to ask for the model # before sending it so be sure to double-check your dishwasher model number .

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    Inspect The Electric Timer Control

    The timer control of a dishwasher is responsible for regulating the amount of time the dishwasher spins and each phase of its cleaning cycle. When the switch malfunctions, the dishwasher will not start. This timer is also connected to the control panel, and if the connection is broken, it will need to be re-established. If the timer is faulty or the control becomes faulty, it will need to be replaced.

    These timers are fairly expensive and typically run about $60 to $300 more. This being stated, you may want to get a few quotes for the timer control repair/replacement to determine if it’s worth it or if it’s better just to replace the entire dishwasher.

    Ge Dishwasher Wont Start Just Beeps

    GE Dishwasher Won’t Start? Replace Door Latch #WD21X10490

    There are a few things that can cause this issue. Here are some tips on how to fix it.

    The first thing you should check is the door latch. Make sure that it is properly closed and engaged. If not, simply close it and try starting your dishwasher again.

    If the door latch is not the problem, then the next thing you should check is the water supply. Make sure that the water shut off valve is turned on and that there is enough water pressure. If not, turn on the water and try starting your dishwasher again.

    If the water supply is not the problem, then the next thing you should check is the electrical supply. Make sure that the dishwasher is plugged in and that the circuit breaker is not tripped. If not, plug in the dishwasher and try starting it again.

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    Check The Control Panel

    Sometimes the computer control panels on dishwashers may malfunction due to everyday usage and old age. If you notice other issues with your dishwasher, such as it jumping from setting to setting on its own or lights randomly coming on, then it could be that the control panel needs to be replaced. It’s best to have an appliance repair technician take a look at the dishwasher if you suspect that the control panel has become faulty.

    Replace The Touchpad And Control Panel

    If you still havent found the cause of the problem, the next step is to test and possibly replace the touchpad and control panel. To do that:

  • Try to press various buttons on the touchpad to see if they respond.
  • If some or all of the buttons dont respond, this means its faulty and will need to be replaced. If the touchpad is working fine, move on to step 6.
  • If you need to replace the touchpad, you might also have to replace the control panel at the same time, depending on your specific GE dishwasher model .
  • Once replaced, check to see if the dishwasher now starts. If not, move on to step 6.
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    Does A Ge Dishwasher Have A Fuse

    A dishwasher thermal fuse allows the control board to receive power. When a thermal fuse blows, the dishwasher won’t start at all. If you suspect that your thermal fuse is blown, you can unplug it to test its continuity. To access the thermal fuse on your dishwasher, you will need to remove the front panel of the dishwasher and pull out the control panel.

    The thermal fuse for GE dishwashers are typically located at the top of the circuit board . Next, take a multimeter and place the needle on the fuse’s contact. If you receive a reading of zero, then the fuse is fine. If not, then the fuse is the issue and will need to be replaced.

    Check The Dishwasher Door

    Kitchenaid Dishwasher Blinking Lights Wont Start

    The first step when troubleshooting your door is ensuring that it is properly closed and nothing is blocking it.

    Often, a dish that hasnt been positioned correctly in the rack is blocking the door, so you should ensure that nothing is sticking out from inside the dishwasher when youre trying to close it.

    Yet another possibility is that you have a faulty door latch on your hands. It could be broken, damaged, or clogged.

    Either way, it is necessary to have the door latch repaired or replaced, as your dishwasher door wont close and lock unless the door is latching.

    The door switch is yet another potential issue you can troubleshoot it using the multimeter. If the switch shows no signs of continuity, it should be replaced.

    You should also ensure that the Child Safety lock isnt causing the dishwasher to remain stuck in the initial phase and not move on to the wash cycle.

    While this feature is handy, it may be why the machine isnt starting, so you may want to disable it and try to run a wash cycle without it.

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    S To Run A Ge Dishwasher

    If everything is all set, here’s how to operate your GE dishwasher:

  • Load the dishes into the racks. Don’t overcrowd them, and take note of the direction of the water sprays to optimize the cleaning process.
  • With the Cycle Indicator Dial off, fill the detergent and rinse aid dispensers with the recommended cleansers.
  • Choose your drying option. Select Heated Dry for fast drying or Energy Saver if you don’t want to use the dishwasher’s heater feature. You can always have your dishes air-dried to save up on energy costs.
  • If you have your GE dishwasher connected to your food waste disposer, empty its contents.
  • Select your preferred cycle. Press either Pot Scrubber or Normal Wash on the control panel buttons, depending on how thorough you want the cleansing to be. Then choose On, Light Wash, or Rinse & Hold on the Cycle Indicator Dial according to your washing needs.
  • Close the dishwasher door to begin the cycle. Make sure you latch it securely.
  • That’s it! You can now finally relax and wait until the cycle finishes. Typically, a pot scrubber takes 74 minutes, 53 minutes for Normal Wash, and only 14 minutes if you choose the Rinse & Hold cycle.

    What Can I Do To Prevent Problems In The Future

    Remember that some parts always degrade no matter how well you maintain your machine.

    In terms of daily maintenance, do not slam the door shut or load dishes without care. Clean the inside, including drains, filters, and unclogging nozzles. Open the door, let the machine air out, and wipe down the seal and outside.

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    Resetting A Ge Dishwasher To Clear Codes

    Its an easy task to reset the control panel to clear all codes in a GE dishwasher. Press the start button for five seconds. It will flash. Now, press both the start and the select cycle button down at the same time for five seconds.

    The control panel should be cleared. It should light up with everything operating normally.

    Old Ge Dishwasher Not Starting

    GE dishwasher fix for blinking light and won’t start

    Here are some possible causes and how to fix them.

    One possible reason why your old GE dishwasher isnt starting could be because the door latch is not engaging properly. To fix this, make sure that the door is firmly closed and check the door latch for any damage. If the door latch appears to be damaged, you will need to replace it.

    Another possible reason why your dishwasher isnt starting could be because the start switch is not working properly. To test this, you will need to access the control panel and press the start switch. If the switch does not click or feels loose, you will need to replace it.

    If your dishwasher still does not start, there could be an issue with the electrical supply. First, check to make sure that the dishwasher is plugged into a working outlet. If the dishwasher is plugged in and still not working, you will need to call a qualified electrician to check the wiring.

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    Ge Dishwashers Door Latch Isnt Working

    The door latch is an important component that ensures the dishwasher door cant open during a washing cycle. When you close the door, the latch should click in place to indicate that the unit is ready to get down to work.

    However, if you dont hear the clicking, its a strong indication that the door latch is faulty or broken. As such, the unit wont start because the control panel thinks you havent closed the door properly.

    Close the dishwashers door and make sure the latch connects to the dishwasher unit. If you notice that that the door doesnt shut properly, have the latch switch replaced.

    For a replacement, I recommend the Earthtec door latch lock because its compatible with GE dishwashers.

    If Ge Dishwasher Wont Run Or Turn On The Leak Protection May Be The Problem

    The leak protection feature on GE dishwashers with LCD displays may be preventing the dishwasher from running even though there is power. However, to fix not turning on GE dishwasher fix the leakage issue first.

    If this is the case, you will see the LEAK DETECTED alert appear on display.

    Try running it again after fixing the leak.

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    Ge Dishwashers Drive Motor May Be Faulty

    The dishwashers drive motor is one of the most critical parts of its operation because it drives the dishwashers spray arms.

    When the drive motor fails, the dishwashers water will stop running and the unit may even fail to start depending on the model you buy.

    Also, if the dishwasher made any weird noises in the last few days or weeks, its an indication that the drive motor is most certainly deteriorating and certainly needs a replacement.

    A drive motor for the GE dishwasher such as GE WD26X10013 OEM Pump and Motor can make a good replacement.

    Again, such a replacement part is a better option to consider as opposed to buying a new set of dishwasher.

    Ge Dishwasher Not Turning On After Power Outage

    My ge profile dishwasher will fill with water but won

    If you have confirmed that power has been restored, the best way to resolve the issue is by resetting the appliance.

    Follow the reset steps stipulated earlier.

    When servicing, it is important to check all wiring too .


    Because loose pins/wiring is often the cause for erratic functioning or complete failure of the unit to turn on.

    One final thing: if your unit is still under warranty, it is best to schedule a service appointment with GE here.


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    What To Do If Your Dishwasher Wont Start

    Before you start troubleshooting your dishwasher and whenever you check for continuity within your dishwasher, always make sure you unplug the dishwasher and that the power to the appliance is turned off to prevent electrical shock.

  • Make sure your dishwasher is plugged inOccasionally, your dishwasher wont start because its not plugged in or theres an issue within the circuit breaker. Make sure your dishwasher is securely plugged in and that the circuit breaker switches havent been tripped.
  • Make sure the child lock isnt onSome dishwasher models will have a child lock feature to prevent the dishwasher from starting. Check your owners manual and make sure the child lock settings are turned off.
  • Reset the dishwasherIf your dishwasher wont start but the lights are on, the start button may have been pressed more than once. While pressing the start button once starts the cycle, pressing it again resets the dishwasher and runs a drain cycle for 90 seconds. Wait until the drain cycle is complete and try starting your dishwasher.
  • Check the motor start relayIf your dishwasher wont turn on and youve verified that its receiving power, the motor start relay may be defective. Locate the part next to the motor and use a multimeter to check for continuity. The coil portion of the relay should show continuity at all times while the switch contact portion should only show continuity when activated.
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