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My Dishwasher Won T Start

Examine Junction Box Wiring

Dishwasher Wont Start Dishwasher Troubleshooting

If your dishwashers power cord doesnt plug into an electrical outlet under the sink, then the power supply is hardwired into the junction box. Check the power cord connections in the junction box. The above video shows how to follow these steps to check junction box wiring.

Note: If youre not completely confident that you can safely complete this troubleshooting procedure, then its time to schedule a service technician to diagnose and repair your dishwasher.

  • Shut off the house circuit breaker for the dishwasher to disconnect electrical poweryou dont want electricity flowing to the junction box.
  • Remove the dishwashers bottom front access panel and toe panel. On most dishwashers, youll need to take out the mounting screws from each side and then pull off the panels.
  • Remove the screw from the junction box cover and pull off the cover.
  • Check the black wire connection and the white wire connection.

Reconnect any loose or disconnected wires. Reinstall the junction box cover and then reinstall the bottom front access panel and toe panel. Restore electrical power to the dishwasher and see if the dishwasher works.

Make Sure The Thermal Fuse Is Working

If youve ruled out the door latch and door switch as the cause of your GE dishwasher not starting, the next step is to check the thermal fuse. The point of the thermal fuse is to shut your dishwasher off when it overheats. Sometimes the fuse blows, and this will stop your dishwasher from starting.

Checking the thermal fuse requires doing a multi-meter test to do that:

  • Ensure the power is turned off to your dishwasher.
  • Locate the thermal fuse .
  • Use your multimeter to test the thermal fuse for continuity.
  • If the test shows continuity, move on to step 5, as its working correctly. If it doesnt have continuity, it will need to be replaced with a new fuse.
  • Once the replacement has been carried out, turn the power back on, and attempt to start your dishwasher. If it still doesnt start, move on to step 5.
  • Insufficient Dishwasher Water Supply

    In addition to consistent power, your dishwasher also needs an adequate water supply to start a wash cycle. If you dont hear the dishwasher filling with water after a cycle is initiated, there may be a water supply issue.

    Use these tips to check the water supply when your LG dishwasher wont start:

    • Check the water valve: Make sure its in the on position so water can flow from your home supply.
    • Inspect the water line: Look for kinks or twists and gently straighten it to restore water flow.
    • Assess the water inlet valve: This valve is located on the water line, opening and closing to allow water to flow through the line from your home supply. If its damaged or stuck closed, water may not flow sufficiently or at all. A broken water inlet valve must be replaced by a professional service.

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    Dishwasher Wont Start But Has Power

    A dishwasher may be one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen. However, when it isnt working, it can put a halt to a functioning kitchen. Whether a renter or homeowner, the disdain for plumbing issues is typically the same.

    If your dishwasher wont start but has power, you will have to troubleshoot it to determine the malfunction. There are several things that can cause this issue. The most common reasons are the door latch and door latch switches.

    What To Do If The Error Persists

    Dishwasher photo and guides: Bosch Dishwasher Wont Start Without Rinse Aid

    The above-discussed solution doesnât necessarily fix the issue with your dishwasher.

    Therefore, if the error is still not resolved, I recommend you call technicians to fix the issue with your Dishwasher.

    Besides this, if the warranty period is still not over, you can call the Bosch service center.

    You can repair your Dishwasher free of cost if you have a warranty card with a valid date.

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    Close The Door Correctly

    The Whirlpool dishwasher has an awesome safety feature that involves the door. This feature prevents the appliance from starting whenever the door is open or loosely latched. This means that if the start button is not switching the machine on, the door could be open or latched incorrectly. Here, you need to close the dishwasher door the right way and press the start button.

    Turn Off The Power Before Disassembling The Dishwasher

    Sometimes internal components malfunction and need to be replaced. If you are an experienced DIYer, you may be able to repair the broken dishwasher yourself, but before opening the machine to work on it, be sure to disconnect it from the power source. Use a multimeter to test internal components. Obtain a wiring diagram for your dishwasher model to ensure that you are testing the correct terminals.

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    How Do I Reset The Control Panel On My Whirlpool Dishwasher

    A problem such as the control panel not working requires a simple yet quick resetting of the whole board. To reset the control panel, disconnect it from power for a few minutes and reconnect it. The dishwasher manual also contains clear control panel instructions. These instructions can guide you further when resetting the appliance.

    Defective Maytag Dishwasher Parts

    GE Dishwasher Won’t Start Fix

    If your Maytag dishwasher wont start after trying these tips, its possible a defective part is responsible.

    These part malfunctions can result in starting problems and require replacement via a dishwasher repair service:

    • Blown thermal fuse: A thermal fuse will blow if its defective or if the dishwasher is close to overheating. In either case the dishwasher wont start until the fuse is replaced.
    • Faulty control board: This computerized component powers most dishwasher functions. If its faulty, there wont be any voltage to transmit commands or signals.
    • Defective timer: The timer governs each dishwasher cycle by regulating how long each receives power. While rare, a defective timer wont provide the necessary power for each function.

    The team at Appliance King of America can answer any appliance question from dishwasher maintenance tips to repair concerns. Schedule your consultation with us today!

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    Check The Contacts And Wires For Continuity

    Set the multimeter to Rx1000 and touch the contacts determined in step 2 with the probes. If the timer is properly functioning, it will fall in the range of 2000-3500 ohms of resistance.

    The resistance can vary between models, so refer to your owners manual to determine what your reading should be. If your test results differ from the manufacturers recommendations, you will need a replacement timer.

    How Do I Reset The Door On My Bosch Dishwasher

    The most standard way to reset a Bosch dishwasher is simply to press down on the Start button for 3 seconds. The Start button is often labelled with Reset as well, or even Reset 3 Seconds. For most issues, like a frozen display, this will clear the settings and allow you to begin using the dishwasher again.

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    Get Help When Your Dishwasher Wont Start


    Unless its a simple issue like child lock or delay start settings, when a dishwasher wont start, you need an appliance repair company to inspect it.

    It could be a simple fix that takes just a few minutes, or it could be a complex problem that requires expertise and potentially dangerous electrical components.

    Dishwashers are important appliances in modern homes. A dishwasher that wont start needs to be inspected and repaired.

    Theyre expensive to replace, so its always more affordable to have one repaired. If you dont have a go-to appliance repair company, use our form above to find one in your area and get a free quote.

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    How To Start Whirlpool Dishwasher Without Start Button

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    Its easy to start the Whirlpool dishwasher by pressing the start button. But, even with the Whirlpool dishwasher start button not working, you can still turn the appliance on. To turn the dishwasher on without a start button, follow these steps:

    • Close the dishwasher door properly.
    • Ensure that power is reaching the start button as well as the control panel
    • Reset the dishwasher
    • Activate the water inlet valve to allow water to flow into the washing compartment.
    • Start the appliance by pressing the main wall switch

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    Can I Replace A Faulty Start Button

    A faulty start button will likely fail to activate the wash cycle in the dishwasher. You will know youre dealing with a faulty start button if all the other parts function well. In such a case, youre free to replace this button. The start button can also get stuck inside the control panel casing. If this happens, call a technician to come and help.

    Test The Thermal Fuse

    The thermal fuse prevents damage to electrical components due to overheating. If it blows, it shuts down the dishwasher. Find the thermal fuse on the control board, behind the inner door. Disconnect the two connecting wires and remove the fuse from the control panel to test it. Set the multimeter to Rx1 and touch the probes to the contacts on the fuse. This should produce a reading of zero. Replace the thermal fuse if you get any other reading.

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    Why My Bosch Dishwasher Wont Start

    The Dishwasher not starting problem can be a nightmare for anyone who relies on the Dishwasher to do dishes.

    There are different issues responsible for this problem, including Electrical, Water supply, and any other technical problem.

    The first thing that you can do is ensure that the Dishwasher is receiving enough power to run the Dishwasher.

    Here we have brought a list of issues and solutions that can stop Bosch dishwashers from working.

    Dishwasher Does Not Work

    Why Won’t My Dishwasher Start? |

    Dishwasher troubles are frequently caused by power issues. The dishwasher cannot start or carry out any following tasks if there is insufficient power.

    You can check for power problems as follows:

    • Check the power cord: Check if the cord is in good condition and is plugged in correctly to a working outlet. Extension cables can generate surges that interrupt electricity, so avoid using them.
    • Check your homes circuit breaker box for tripped breakers and reset any that you find.
    • The dishwasher might need to be reset in order to begin a wash cycle when the power has been restored. Hold down the power or start button for three seconds.

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    What Is The Best Dishwasher Brand For Reliability

    We ask thousands of Which? members each year about their dishwashers to see which brand makes the most reliable models, and which brands disappoint.

    The difference between the most and least reliable is staggering 86% of dishwashers from the best brand were fault-free after 10 years, compared to just 71% from the worst brand.

    To find out which do the best, and won’t have you running back to this page, read our guide to the most reliable dishwasher brands.

    Problem With Dishwasher Water Supply

    If the dishwasher has electricity but does not start, it may be due to a water supply problem. The wash cycle will not start if your homes water supply is not enough. These problems can make it difficult to get water to the dishwasher:

    • Water shutoff valve: Make sure the valve for your water connection at home is turned on by checking it.
    • Check the water intake hose for kinks that can prevent water from flowing and for appropriate positioning.
    • The water supply to the dishwasher is regulated by this valve, which is defective. Water will not flow into the dishwashing tub if it does not open fully or is jammed. A broken water valve should be replaced by a professional.

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    Selector Switches Might Be The Problem

    Selector switches are switches used to choose wash cycles. If these switches malfunction, you will need to replace them for any wash cycle to start.

    • Disconnect the dishwasher from power.
    • Open the dishwasher in particular the inner door panel to access the selector switch.
    • Carefully remove the selector switch from the unit once it is in sight.
    • Set the multi-meter to RX1 settings and test each selector switch for continuity using a multimeter.
    • Replace any selector switch that doesnt have continuity.

    Or Buy A New Best Buy For Less Than 250

    Dishwasher Archives

    If your dishwasher really is on its last legs, or if you think hiring a tradesman to repair the appliance will be more expensive than just buying a new one, then it could be time for you to replace your dishwasher.

    There are Best Buys available for under £250. And you can be sure that it will not only be excellent at cleaning even the most hard-to-shift dirt, but it will last too.

    See our top picks of the best dishwashers with expert buying advice.

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    Why Wont My Dishwasher Start

    There are a few reasons your dishwasher might not be starting. Check to see if these are the issue before calling a repairer.

    1. Check if the Dishwasher is Plugged in

    The first thing you should do if your dishwasher wont start is to check if it is plugged in. It may seem an obvious solution, but sometimes people forget to plug in their appliances. If your dishwasher is not plugged in, plug it into the outlet and hit the power button.

    2. Check the Circuit Breaker

    If your dishwasher is plugged in and wont start, you should check the circuit breaker next. If the circuit breaker tripped, it must reset before your dishwasher works again. To do this, find your circuit breaker box and flip the switch for your dishwasher.

    3. Check the Water Supply

    If your dishwasher is plugged in and the circuit breaker is not tripped, you should check the water supply next. If there is no water coming into the dishwasher, it will not be able to start. To check the water supply, turn on the water at the sink nearest to the dishwasher. If the water does not come on, there may be a problem with your homes water supply.

    4. Check the Door Switch

    5. Check the Float Switch

    If you have checked all these things and your dishwasher still wont start, it is time to call a repairer. Your dishwasher may have a more severe problem that a simple troubleshooting guide cannot fix.

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    Replace The Dishwasher Door Latch Assembly

    The dishwasher won’t start if the door isn’t completely shut and latched. If the door doesn’t latch shut, replace the latch mechanism. Even if the door latches fully, a problem with micro-switch in the door latch/switch assembly could keep the dishwasher from starting in that case, replace the micro-switch.

    Dishwasher door latch assembly

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    Stuck Let Puls Take Care Of It

    If youve tried these troubleshooting techniques and are still having problems with your dishwasher failing to start, Puls is here to help you sort it out. Book an appointment online and our savvy technicians can be there fasteven as soon as the same dayto get your dishwasher up and running once again.

    Well come perform a full 25-step diagnostic on your door for just $79, and this fee is waived if you move forward with the repair. Best of all, our work has a 90-day guarantee on all of the parts and labor, which means that you never have to worry once the technician drives away.

    Tired of washing your dishes by hand? We dont blame you. Schedule an appointment with Puls today and get that dishwasher back in working order in no time – youll be glad you did.

    Check To See If The Child Lock Is On


    To prevent little ones from accidentally starting the appliance, your dishwasher has a child lock function that, when activated, will essentially ignore any other buttons that are pressed. If your dishwasher isnt starting, start by checking to see if the child lock function is currently in use.

    Every dishwasher is different, so be sure to refer to your manual if youre uncertain what this may look like. Typically, youll see a symbol of a lock on the control board. If the child lock function is activated, it will be illuminated.

    If you see that the child lock is lit, press the button down for about five seconds until the light goes off . You should be able to start a new cycle right away once the child lock function is off.

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    Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Wont Start And The Solution

    There are several reasons why your dishwasher refuses to start, but the most likely offenders include the door latch assembly, electric control timer, selector switch, and thermal fuse. When any of these components fail, it could prevent your dishwasher from starting.

    Try These Steps before You Begin the Troubleshooting Process:

    • Check If Your Dishwasher Is Plugged In. This might sound obvious, but sometimes the simplest thing is the easiest to forget. That is, sometimes the dishwasher wont start simply because it has not been plugged in.
    • Inspect Your Circuit Breaker. If your dishwasher is already plugged in but it still wont work, there may be an issue with the circuit breaker. Head to your household breaker box and check if the switch is flipped to the wrong position. Alternatively, you may also notice some signs of overheating. If it is the latter, it is best to let an expert deal with the problem.
    • Ensure That the Child Lock Setting Is Not Activated. Some dishwasher models come with a child lock button on the control panel. It is essentially a safety feature that prevents children from accidentally changing your appliances setting, especially during the wash cycle. It could also prevent your dishwasher from starting.

    If none of these steps work, read on to figure out the culprit for your malfunctioning dishwasher, as well as the appropriate solution. Dont forget to disconnect the appliance from the power source before getting started.


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