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Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands 2021

Best Smart Dishwasher: Miele G7360 Integrated Scvi Dishwasher

The Most Reliable Dishwashers for 2021

Top features

Cycle options: 10

Where this dishwasher stands out is in its energy efficiency rating and smart capabilities. This is a modern piece of kit for your kitchen and that is reflected in the price.

This model can be monitored and controlled through the WiFiConnect app on your phone, or voice controlled through pairing with an Amazon Alexa. You would be able to order new detergent rings through the same portal.

There are 10 washing programmes to choose from including a 45C-65C automatic wash that will adjust the wash according to how dirty the contents is. Four additional programmes will allow you to have even greater control over how your dishes are cleaned.

For example, enabling the IntenseZone feature will make the wash more intense for cleaning extra dirty pots and pans in the lowest basket, while ExtraDry boosts the drying stage of the cycle.

Available from:

The Best Dishwashers You Can Buy Today

The Bosch 300 Series SHSM63W55N is our pick for the best dishwasher overall. Without setting you back a bundle, it gives you top-notch cleaning performance, a durable and spacious stainless-steel tub, and a third rack for cutlery. Among its cycles thereâs one that washes and dries in just one hour and another that sanitizes. The Bosch 300 is so quiet that it projects a beam of light on the floor to let you know itâs running.

As the controls are out of sight on the top of the door, this model has a sleek upscale look. The only negative we can point out is that because the tines that separate plates are close together, you may have trouble fitting in chunky plates or bowls. Otherwise, the dishwasher’s adjustable racks are great for accommodating a wide range of large and small dishes.

The Whirlpool WDF520PADM has an unbeatable price but will still get your dishes sparkling clean and hey, thatâs why youâre buying a dishwasher. Itâs a nice-looking unit, especially if you opt for the stainless-steel finish, but itâs definitely not fancy. The controls are on the front so itâs not as sleek looking as pricier models and the tub is plastic which means it may not hold up as well as a stainless steel one. Inside thereâs no third rack for cutlery. The utensil holder can be positioned on the door if you need extra space on the lower rack but if may not get flatware as clean in that position.

The Most Reliable Dishwashers On The Market

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A reliable dishwasher will save on elbow grease, energy costs and repair bills. These are picks for the most reliable dishwasher to fit your price range.

A new dishwasher can save you both elbow grease and money, since todays models use less energy and water than either older appliances or washing dishes by hand.

You dont want to waste savings on repair bills, so seeking out the most reliable dishwasher is a great place to start your search for a new appliance. Here are our picks for the most reliable dishwashers, based on brand reputation and stellar reviews.

Miele has a reputation for reliability. The company designs its appliances to last 20 years, and experts say they last at least 12 to 15. The Miele Crystal EcoFlex G 6625 SCU earns spots on a few lists for top luxury dishwashers, although it should be noted several Miele models end up on different lists, and customer reviews are hard to find since Miele isnt sold at many national retailers. This model features a third rack with fold-down tines, adjustable upper rack, water softener, three alternating spray arms and multiple cycles. Plus, the door opens slightly when the cycle ends to speed drying time.

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What Dishwasher Repair Professionals Say

Appliance service professionals know the reliability of dishwasher brands better than anyone. So, I reached out to 15 companies in the industry to get their expert opinions.

When I contacted each company, I asked two questions:

  • Which dishwasher brands are the most reliable?
  • Which dishwasher brands are the least reliable?

As youll see in the responses, service professionals highly recommend Bosch dishwashers, while Samsung was mentioned several times as a brand to avoid.

The expert at Synergy Appliances in Wyoming, Michigan, said, Bosch makes really solid units. Bosch is known for its outstanding dishwasher engineering. However, it is much harder to find Bosch options in stock due to the high demand. KitchenAid and LG dishwashers are also well built.

The team at in Shelburne, Vermont, said, We have been a GE Authorized Sales and Service Center for 70 years. We stay with GE because, overall, they are more reliable than many other brands. They are serviceable, and most parts are readily available. We do not recommend LG and Samsung because parts are difficult to get, few companies service them, and the units are challenging to work on. Neither brand stands behind its product particularly well, but they are readily available at the box stores, and most do not have service departments.

The service team at Nawara Brothers Home Store, an appliance sales and service company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, said, Bosch dishwashers are the most reliable. After Bosch, I recommend GE.

Is Beko A Good Brand Dishwasher

Longest Lasting Dishwasher

Beko is an established appliance brand and when it comes to dishwashers, you can count on it for its efficiency. This brand is most notable for its cost efficient, full size free-standing dishwashers. As far as anecdotal evidence is concerned, it is considered economical and with a powerful dishwashing performance.

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Are Insulated Mugs Dishwashers Safe

No. The reason behind this is that they are coated with a vacuum seal and the high temperature from the dishwasher would melt this seal. Like Thermos brands and other insulated wares, without their insulating material, they would not last long, causing leaks at some point until they are no longer safe to use.

Best Dishwasher For Baby And Sports Bottles Ge Gdt665ssnss Dishwasher

Is it a match for you?

Pros – Reasons to Buy:

  • I love the four dedicated bottle jets. They work great on baby and sports bottles.
  • At 46 dB, it’ll be noticeably quieter than your dishwasher from 10 years ago.
  • Skip pre-rinsing… this dishwasher has a built-in hard food disposer.
  • It has a 3rd rack cutlery tray – something we think is a must-have with new dishwashers.
  • GE is a reliable brand and one of the only to employ factory-trained service technicians.
  • Remotely control with your smart phone via the optional Wi-Fi adapter.

Cons – Reasons to Avoid:

  • 46 dB is still a bit too loud for my tastes . If you’re easily annoyed by ambient noises, target something 44 dB or quieter.
  • Hard-food disposers are prone to breaking and clogs. We still prefer a passive filter system like those utilized by Miele and Bosch.
  • The optional Wi-Fi feature is misleading to some. You’ll have to buy a special adapter that’s hard to find in stock, and the lack of documentation leads to a cumbersome setup process.
  • It’s stainless-steel exterior is not fingerprint-resistant like some of our other top picks.

Why I Chose the GE GDT665SSNSS as our best dishwasher for baby & sports bottles?

When you put bottles in the dishwasher, you have to wonder whether the sprayâs actually getting inside and cleaning it. I usually end up washing bottles by hand with a special brush to be sure.

It meets expectations in pretty much every other way, tooâexcept for noise.

Our Ratings

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What Is The Most Recommended Dishwasher Appliance

The Lifestory Research America’s Most Trusted® Study investigates brand perceptions among people searching for a new product, including home appliances. The study measures customer experiences in the shopping journey and how brand encounters impact word of mouth, quality evaluations, brand trust, and several other brand performance measures. The Trust Quotient Score generated from shoppers allows brands to be ranked and compared across several product categories.

The national ranking of brands includes a star rating system. Brands that generate a 5-star rating are those found to be most trusted by shoppers. Bosch received the highest Net Trust Quotient score and earned the #1 ranking of most trusted dishwasher appliance brands. Bosch has achieved the top-ranked brand in the Lifestory Research America’s Most Trusted study three consecutive years from 2019-2021 among people shopping for a new dishwasher appliance.

The most recognized among dishwasher appliance brands in the study included Bosch, Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, LG, KitchenAid, GE, Kenmore, Frigidaire, and Amana. Bosch received the highest Net Trust Quotient score and earned the #1 ranking of most trusted dishwasher appliance brands.

Please contact us to learn more about Lifestory Research services and detailed reporting of America’s Most Trusted Study.

Lifestory Research | Newport Beach, CA | 949.234.6940

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Which Dishwasher Should I Buy

5 Best Dishwashers 2021 The Most reliable Dishwashers for 2021

When it comes to choosing a dishwasher, Lauren Clark, Trading Director of says to carefully consider what features are important to your household, such as:

  • What energy efficiency you’d prefer
  • How many table settings you’ll need it to wash
  • How flexible you need the shelving to be

‘Some dishwashers are more adaptable for switching between stacking pots and pans, and lots of glassware.

âWe’re looking at all the same features as the buyer at home when choosing which dishwashers to stock at’ The following are also factors to consider:

  • The quality of the appliance
  • How much energy it uses
  • How easy it is to use
  • How good it looks in the kitchen

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Why Do People Love Bosch Dishwashers

Bosch dishwashers are often praised for their quiet operation and superior performance. They are a bit more expensive than some of the other brands on the market, but many people feel that they are worth the investment. If youre looking for a high-quality dishwasher that will deliver excellent results, Bosch is a good option to consider.

Every Dishwasher Is Efficient

Dishwashers are all very efficient. More than 90% of all current dishwashers are Energy Star certified, which means that based on a standardized test, they use significantly less water and energy than the minimum standards allowed by the Department of Energy .

In the real world, its common for dishwashers to use more water and energy than indicated in those government estimates. Most dishwashers have soil sensors, which adjust the cycles length and water use while its running. If the sensor detects a lot of gunk floating around, the dishwasher adds extra water and extends the wash time.

The standardized test isnt perfectly representative of real-world conditions either. The standard load of dishes is moderately soiled, but any days worth of dishes and cookware could easily be dirtier. Sood, the former Bosch product manager, said that the most obvious thing thats unrealistic is that the test load does not include any plastic dishes. That was a little silly back in 2003 when the test was adopted, and it seems like a huge oversight today now that plasticware is ubiquitous. The way things stick to plastic is different, Sood said, so soils might not rinse off as easily, which in turn might affect the soil sensors behavior.

You could also opt for a super-duper efficient dishwasher, if resource conservation is your goal. Models that use even less water and energy than Energy Star requires get a special shout-out on the Energy Star site as the Most Efficient models.

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Bottom Line: Which Dishwasher Brand Is The Best

Now that youve learned about the most and least reliable dishwasher brands, which is right for you?

The service professional I interviewed recommended Bosch over every other brand, saying its the most reliable. Although the price tag is a bit higher, Bosch dishwashers have a solid build, excellent performance, and features to back up their cost.

Whirlpool is a budget-friendly choice with a straightforward design and a long track record of dependability.

And if you want an easy-to-use dishwasher that offers innovative options and exceptional cleaning performance, KitchenAid is a solid choice .

Bottom line although all dishwashers are prone to issues, Bosch, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid are the most reliable brands with the best reputation. And when there is an issue, its easier to find parts and companies to service them.

No matter what brand you choose, ensure that you have access to service professionals that repair the model you want to purchase. Even the best dishwasher on the market will eventually need service.

Learn more about each brand at

Frigidaire Gallery 24 Stainless Steel Built

The best dishwashers in the Saudi Arabia market

This Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher gives you a large capacity tall tub to fill up to 14 place settings into each wash. DishSense Technology provides you with sensor-sensitive detectors that choose the best water temp and duration for each load of dishes. This choice also struts the ENERGY STAR certified emblem while giving you an Energy Saver option that dries your dishes withoutheat. That means your monthly energy bills will only go down as time goes on.

Why We Love It:

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The Most Reliable Appliances For 2022

The most reliable appliances are grills and microwaves. Ventilation hoods, washers, dryers, and dishwashers are generally reliable, as well.

If you are looking to buy warranties , those categories are probably not worth purchasing a warranty. A front load washer may be an exception because of the high repair expense.

Why Is Reliability So Important Especially Now

I am convinced the worst job in any appliance company is the purchaser of parts. You have to deal with tons of back-ordered parts on an ongoing basis.

Let’s take your service agent who quotes you for 30 days. If he doesn’t have the part or has the wrong part to fix your dishwasher, you are now looking at another 30-60 days before your new dishwasher is fixed.

Of course, the best way to avoid service is buying a reliable dishwasher, so let’s look at trends and then brands.

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How Long Should A Dishwasher Last

How often the machine is used and how well itâs cared for can both affect the lifespan of a dishwasher. A smart investment can often last 10 years.

âDishwashers are relatively reliable,â says Trigg. âCompared to something like a washing machine they have very few parts. They don’t do as much physical work either. Usually only on once a day, and essentially they are just heating up water and swishing it around, which isn’t particularly hard work. So dishwashers can last a very long time.â

Results From Yale Appliances Annual Dishwasher Reliability Report

The Most Reliable Dishwashers for 2022 – Ratings / Reviews / Prices

Yale Appliance is a Boston-based, family-owned company that sells and services appliances. Theyve been in business since 1923.

Yale issues annual reports on appliance reliability, covering dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. The report data comes from the companys firsthand experience servicing these appliances.

The key metric in the report is service rate, which is calculated by dividing the number of service calls by the number of units sold. For example, if Yale sold 10,000 Bosch dishwashers in a given year and received 1,000 service calls for those Bosch dishwashers sold that year, the service rate would be 10%.

Before I show you Yales data for dishwashers, its important to understand these caveats:

  • Low sales for a particular brand: In a given year, a brand may experience low sales for many reasons. When fewer units are sold, the service rate is more volatile .
  • Yales inventory: Yale does not sell or service every appliance brand. Over time, theyve settled on offering and maintaining select brands.
  • Availability: Low stock due to supply chain issues can impact service rates.
  • Lack of Use: Developers often buy Whirlpool dishwashers for large apartment buildings and multi-unit condominiums. Many units sit unused for months or even years, lowering service rates for that brand.
  • Service Rate Varies by Model: Yales data looks at each brand as a whole. However, specific models are more reliable than others.

Swipe to view the entire chart on mobile.

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How We Calculate Appliance Reliability

We calculate appliance reliability by dividing the products we serviced by the products we sold. For this article, we looked at the number of appliances sold and serviced from December 1, 2020, to October 31, 2021.

Whenever a service technician is sent to your house, it counts as a service call. One of the benefits of having a huge service department is data collection. We will be in approximately 130-150 homes today, fixing appliances, with a good portion being less than a year old and under warranty.

The total number of service calls for 2017 was 30,467. That escalated to 34,687 in 2018. In 2020, our total number of service calls for one year was 37,061, up from 35,256 service calls in 2019.

This year that number was over 40,000 total calls.

We had a full calendar year of service versus losing a couple of months to COVID-19 in 2020. Home improvement as a category and appliances specifically increased by the same rate. That’s over 120,000 service calls in 3 years in the Boston area.

Best Feature Set And Design

Editor’s Note: The KitchenAid KDPM604KPS was available for immediate purchase at the time of publishing. However, if it is currently out of stock, we also recommend the Lowe’s-exclusive KitchenAid KDTE104KPS dishwasher. It’s more affordable because it lacks the third rack and the ProDry feature, but it still delivers decent cleaning performance.

KitchenAid KitchenAid KDPM604KPS Dishwasher
  • Equipped with a deep third rack
  • Lacks interior light that’s commonly found in more expensive KitchenAid dishwashers

This KitchenAid dishwasher is an easy-to-load, effective cleaner that does a great job at removing debris and stains from dishes without being too noisy.

The dishwasher which has room for 16 place settings is packed with a stainless steel tub, nice extras like a deep, angled third rack with rotating jets to clean your glasses, mugs, and bowls, and a convenient ProWash cycle for the messiest of dishes. However, its third rack cant be reconfigured in as many positions as the Bosch 300 Series, our current top pick.

However, what makes the KitchenAid really shine is its ProDry feature that delivers an impeccable drying performance. Most dishwashers rely on rinse aid, but this one uses a recessed heating element and a fan to draw moisture out of its stainless steel tub. That way, when its time to unload your dishwasher, your plates wont come out sopping wet.

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