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Kitchenaid Dishwasher Door Won’t Close

Why Is My Dishwasher Not Locking

KitchenAid Dishwasher Door Strike Replacement WPW10544004

If you notice any of these signs, it could mean that your dishwasher needs repair. These signs include: Dishwasher wont drain properly. Dishwasher doesnt turn on. Dishwasher leaks water. Dishwasher wont clean dishes. Dishwasher wont spin. Dishwasher wont dry dishes. Dishwasher wont wash dishes. Dishwasher won t empty. Dishwasher wont stop running. Dishwasher wont drain. Dishwasher wont fill. Dishwasher wont rinse. Dishwasher wont shut off. Dishwasher wont start. Dishwasher wont run. Dishwasher wont turn on. Dishwashers are fairly easy to fix, but if you notice any of these problems, its important to call a professional right away.

Review Your Dishwasher Fill Strategy

It is also possible that the dishwasher racks or the dishes therein are blocking the door. Items dropped into the hinge or sticking out to impact the door might be preventing the door from closing and the latch from locking. Consider the location of panhandles, tall spoons, and tall dishes. Make sure youre also not blocking the soap dispenser lid.

Tighten Or Replace The Door Springs

The door springs are attached to the door hinge at either side. Their purpose is to counterbalance the weight of the door. If theyre too loose, the door cant stay closed because its weight is pulling it downward and theres nothing there to keep it in place. In that case you should tighten it. But if its too tight the door could be closing on its own when you want it to stay open. So its important to find the right balance.

The only necessary tool is a screwdriver. If the door spring is broken at either side the door will drop quickly. In that case the only option is to replace it with a new door spring. Heres a video tutorial:

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Kitchenaid Dishwasher Door Not Opening/closing

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Ive been using my KitchenAid dishwasher and so far Ive been really happy with it. But, recently the door wont close all the way.

Im quite good with fixing appliances and did a bunch of research about how to fix it. So, in this article Ill explain how to fix a KitchenAid dishwasher door that wont open or close.

As a general rule, the door spring tension can have changed and needs to be adjusted, or the dishwasher isnt level. Also a utensil, plate or similar can be blocking the door and not allowing it to close, or the door latch itself is broken.

Its difficult to know exactly whats causing the issue, so its a matter of applying the troubleshooting steps below one by one until its fixed. So, in this article, I will explain step by step how to resolve each of these issues.

Clean The Soap Dispenser

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Not Washing After Filling

The soap dispenser controls are closely linked to the door latch, and sometimes are wired so wone cannot function without the other. When troubleshooting your dishwasher door latch, take some time to clean and inspect the soap dispenser tray. Make sure that soap isnt blocking its latch or hinges, and that everything is working correctly.

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Dishwasher Top Or Bottom Racks Doesnt Set Properly

What it is: One of the most important things to understand is that your dishwasher is, in its own way, a well-engineered precision machine.

For example, the inside of the machine is designed to fit as many plates and utensils as possible in a very small space. Still, it does so while ensuring that every piece can receive a thorough wash each time.

Part of what makes a dishwasher so effective is how the top and bottom racks fit inside the appliance. If anything was to make those racks fit incorrectly, that could cause problems with using the machine.

Why it fails: With that much precision, its quite possible that the dishwasher door will not close properly if one or both of those racks arent set properly.

Even if either of those racks was to stick out by just an inch, that would be enough to prevent the machines door from closing fully.

As the machine senses that the door isnt closed, itll prevent any washing operations from starting to prevent any risk of damage or injury.

How to fix: To be safe, always disconnect the machine from its power and water supply before you start working on it. That will reduce any risk of injury or electrocution and allow you to work safely.

Lets suppose your dishwasher racks dont set properly. If thats the case, then the best thing you can do is start over from scratch.

Keep your user manual and any technical sheets readily available so that you can refer to them as needed.

Help My Kitchenaid Dishwasher Wont Start

If youre asking, Why wont my KitchenAid dishwasher start? the answer can be one of several common problems. While you could have a faulty part on your hands, it could be due to something as simple as not being properly plugged in. Take a few minutes to review these DIY tips prior to seeking repair.

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Connect With An Appliance Repair Tech

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How to fix: Suppose the washing machine is new, but youve installed it incorrectly. If thats the case, the first thing youll want to do is remove it from its location in your kitchen.

To do this, youll need to disconnect it from its power and water supplies first to prevent any risk of injury or electrocution.

Then, you can clear the floor underneath it and ensure that the surface isnt tilted for whatever reason.

To be absolutely sure, use something like a level to check that the floor is perfectly flat. Then, you can place the dishwasher back in its spot.

However, if the problem is that the door has shifted, then all youll need to do is adjust the door back to its original position.

That might require some simple tools like a screwdriver or wrench to ensure that the dishwasher door hinge is tightened and returned to its original position.

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Door Wont Open All The Way

How to fix a Dishwasher door that will not stay closed

An issue can come up with your KitchenAid dishwasher where the door wont open all the way. This is particularly troublesome because it can cause the rack to not slide out easily and then you cant remove the dishes. Heres what causes it and how to fix it.

Overall, this is caused by the door springs, and hinges. They can be inspected and the springs and hinges can be replaced. However, to do that you need to pull the dishwasher completely out, as they are located along the side of your dishwasher.

It can be done yourself if youre reasonably strong, or have help from a friend. You also need a bit of handyman type experience as youll need to remove some screws. For full step by step instructions refer to this page on the official KitchenAid website, as well as, the owners manual for your KitchenAid dishwasher.

If you know it will be too difficult or you dont have the time to do it yourself, then its best to get a dishwasher repair technician to repair it for you.

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Inspect The Handle And Latch

Start with an inspection of the mechanism that you can see. Look at the plastic part of the handle to determine if it might have broken. Then look at the metal latch to see if its out-of-place or possibly blocked by something. If you see an obstruction, remove it. If try the latch again. If this isnt apparently your problem, continue troubleshooting.

Broken Kitchenaid Dishwasher Parts

If your KitchenAid dishwasher wont start after checking off the aforementioned tips, you might be faced with a defective part. Any of the following part malfunctions can contribute to your dishwasher dilemma:

  • Thermal Fuse: If the fuse is defective or if the dishwasher is at risk of overheating, the thermal fuse can blow. Perform a quick multimeter test to see if continuity is shown. If the multimeter test fails, youre probably working with a blown fuse that needs to be replaced.
  • Main Control Board: The heart of your dishwasher, the main control board, sends voltage to the appropriate functions once it receives a signal from the control panel, which is the brain in this case. If the control board is defective it wont supply the power required to start the dishwasher.
  • Timer: The timer, as with the control board, delegates the voltage to specific functions at specific times. If you have a malfunctioning timer, your unit may not receive adequate power to start.

Whether youre in search of dishwasher loading tips, DIY repair advice, or dishwasher repair service, our repair gurus are ready to serve. Contact Moore Appliance Service today for your appliance repair needs!

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How To Read Error Codes For Whirlpool Or Kitchenaid

Besides sharing similar components and reset sequences, Whirlpool and KitchenAid dishwashers also share the same ways of displaying error codes for you to read.

Depending on the model, youll either see error codes being displayed clearly with alphabets and numbers, or youll see the Clean light flash in patterns that indicate specific problems.

For example, some models will display an error code that reads F1E1. That exact same error might appear on other models as the Clean light flashing one time, then pausing for two seconds, then flashing once more.

The first set of flashes points to the Function code, while the second indicates the Problem code.

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How To Fix Kitchenaid Dishwasher Door Not Closing

Even though a KitchenAid dishwasher is a popular choice for many people, certain users have been complaining about experiencing issues with their dishwashers. According to these users, they are having a hard time closing the door of the dishwasher. Furthermore, running the dishwasher without closing the door is making water leak out of the dishwasher.

Today, we will be discussing in detail everything that you need to know about the KitchenAid dishwasher door not closing at all. So, without wasting any time further, lets get right into it!

  • Not Installed Correctly
  • One of the very first reasons why your KitchenAid dishwasher is not able to close the door could be due to the fact that it isnt properly installed in the first place. This can further if you recently installed a new dishwasher and are facing this problem from the very start.

    To fix this, you will have to uninstall the dishwasher from its place. Start by unplugging it from any power and disconnecting all the pipes. Clear the surface underneath the dishwasher. Also, make sure that you properly fit the dishwasher at its place the next time you install it.

  • Door Latch Issue
  • Just like any other latch that you will find inside your house, the job of a door latch in a kitchen dishwasher is to make sure the door remains shut after you close it. However, there can be a number of reasons why your door latch could be experiencing issues.

  • Door Striker Not in Place
  • The Bottom Line:

    How To Replace The Detergent Compartment On A Kitchenaid Dishwasher

    The step involved in replacing the detergent compartment are:

  • Disconnect the power to your dishwasher
  • Remove the from door panel
  • Remove the door latch, and disconnect it from the power
  • Disconnect the power connector from the detergent compartment
  • Remove the detergent compartment
  • Plug the wire connector back into the new detergent compartment
  • Replace the door panel and screw it back in
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    Tableware Blocking Door From Closing

    The most common issue is a utensil like a spatula, or fish slice is not positioned in such a way that the door can close. It can be sticking out to the side, which blocks the rails that the rack is on. And the racks wont be all the way in.

    Do a thorough check of where all of the plates, cups, utensils, and other things you have in the dishwasher are to ensure they arent stopping the racks from closing all the way. Or, sticking out in such a way as to block the door from closing.

    To know for sure, you can remove everything from the dishwasher and place it on the counter to check that the racks are going all the way in as they should.

    The Water Valve Is Faulty


    Water issues can also cause the dishwasher to fail to initiate the start. This often happens when there is a clog in the water valve, supply hose, or the water is shut off for some reason.

    If this is the case, youll usually see an error code on the dishwasher control panel indicating that there is an issue with the water supply.

    Refer to your user guide to troubleshoot the issue. For example, in some cases, there may be a bend or a kink in the water hose. And in other cases, there can be a defective inlet valve.

    The water inlet valve is responsible for closing and opening, which allows the dishwasher to get the water that it needs to start a new cycle.

    If there is no water entering the machine after the start button is pressed, the selected cycle wont start. In some cases, you may need to reach out to a plumber or the contractor who installed the dishwasher to fix the issue.

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    Issue #: Heating Element

    When your dishwasher is unable to achieve the proper temperature, the cycle can be disrupted. It can get stuck in the heating stage and fail to switch over to the washing stage. You may notice this or even undissolved detergent, which both point to a failure with the heating element.

  • Find the heating element. As always, start by turning off the power to the dishwasher. Never do repair work on a dishwasher that is still plugged in. There is a thick metal rod near the bottom of the dishwasher. That is the heating element. It can look slightly different depending on the model, but it should look like a thick metal rod.
  • Wiring. Take off the front lower panel of your dishwasher to get to the wiring that connects this part of your dishwasher. Take out said wires, labeling them so that you can put them back in later with no issue.
  • Check the terminals. Set your multimeter to X1 and check out the terminals for the heating element. When a heating element is working properly, you should have a reading between 0 and infinity. Anything else indicates an issue with the heating element.
  • Replace. If it doesnt give you a reading in that range, then you will have to take out the lock nut and remove the old heating element. Put the new element in, reconnecting the wires and power when you are done. Check your work and see if that solves the issue.
  • Fix A Misaligned Strike Plate

    The strike plate can also become loose or misaligned. This is either a small metal or plastic plate attached by screws. Loosening the screws and then readjusting the plate to its proper position will fix the problem.

    Its uncommon for a metal strike plate to get damaged, but plastic plates are not as sturdy. In both cases check for damages that could warrant a replacement.

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    What To Check If Your Kitchenaid Refrigerator Door Is Not Closing Properly

    If you are experiencing problems with your KitchenAid refrigerator door shutting, run through the following checklist in order to ensure it is able to close properly.

    • Are there food packages blocking or preventing the door from closing
    • Are the shelves or bins out of position
    • Is the refrigerator level
    • Are the door gaskets dirty, sticky or damaged
    • Is the ice bin out of position

    Kitchenaid Dishwasher Cant Open Door

    My KitchenAid Dishwasher Door Opens During Cycles

    A frustrating issue you can run into with a dishwasher is the door can get stuck shut and you cant open it at all. Heres what causes it to happen on a KitchenAid dishwasher and how to get it open.

    Using a thin screwdriver you can gently shimmy the latch to get it open. In some dishwashers the part of the latch that keeps the door closed can be located on the top of the dishwasher. You need to pull the dishwasher out a bit and use a screwdriver to push it across to open it.

    Both of these solutions are temporary fixes that can get it open while you fix the broken door latch. The tab that you pull to open the fridge is square in shape, and around all of the edges is a thin opening.

    You need to use a small screwdriver with a very thin shaft and end on it. A screw drive that is about 3 inches long generally has a thin shaft but it does vary and you can get short screwdrivers with a thick shaft.

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    Its important to turn off the power to your dishwasher before you do it, as there is a very serious risk of electrocution. That can be done by turning it off at the fusebox, which is also called a switchboard.

    When you do that the lights on your dishwasher will go off. If youre unsure what fuse controls the dishwasher you can use trial and error, by turning off the fuses and seeing which one turns off your dishwasher.

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