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Kitchen Island With Sink And Dishwasher For Sale

No Folly With A Kitchen Trolley

How to install an Island | Small kitchen Island Sink and Dishwasher

If youre operating your way around a smaller kitchen, you might need some extra workspace or storage. Why not create a mini island using a utility cart? Itll serve as a practical, space efficient feature in your kitchen, especially since you can move it around as you please.

Get a cart with just the shelves if storage is your primary focus. Its a great place to keep everything from spices to steak knives. On the other hand, if youre looking to add some workspace, you should get one with a tabletop as well. What about treating yourself to a cart with a butchers block countertop to bring some pro-chef quality to your kitchen? Bonus tip: kitchen carts with curved ends will create a better flow around your unit. That way, you can move around more freely without risking bumping into sharp edges.

Cost To Replace A Kitchen Island

If your current kitchen island is no longer working for your needs, you may want to consider replacing it. Replacement involves removing the old island before installing the new one. This adds a cost of $300 to $500 to the project. You can add another $100 to this cost if your countertop is particularly large or heavy, such as a slab of granite.

This makes the total average replacement cost range between $4,300 and $8,600.

Your Very Own Island Paradise

In a small space or an open-plan design, the perfect kitchen island will do wonders for any home chef. It offers a vast area of use and will act as your new multifunctional best friend. Prepping, cutting, cooking, storing, and even dining has never been easier.

We have a variety of options to make sure you can find whatever suits your needs. Maybe youre looking to add some extra workspace or storage? Or you want a nice unit for family and friends to gather around? No problem, theres something here for everyone.

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Kitchen Island Vs Peninsula

Depending on your kitchens shape and layout, you may want to consider installing an island or peninsula. are extensions of the bottom row of cabinets in your perimeter. They can create an L-shaped or U-shaped design. Like islands, they do not have upper cabinets and are not placed on a wall. They can divide a space, such as a kitchen and dining room. While the island is centered in the kitchen, the peninsula is on one side. You can walk around three sides of a peninsula.

Islands can have a different color, look, or style than the perimeter cabinets. They can also have a different countertop material than the perimeter cabinets. Peninsulas are extensions of your perimeter cabinets and countertop. They should use the same material.

Overall, the two areas tend to be about the same size and use the same materials. Therefore, there is no major difference in costs unless you want to upgrade your island from your perimeter cabinets, increasing costs. Using the same materials makes costs identical.

$4,000 – $8,000

Quartzite Kitchen Island Cost

Kitchen Island With Sink And Dishwasher For Sale / 8,467 marble kitchen ...

The cost of a semi-custom kitchen island with a quartzite countertop is $4,920 to $8,040. The cost of a custom one is $8,920 to $12,040. Quartzite countertops cost $80 to $210 a sq.ft. Quartzite is a natural stone material like marble and granite. It is made of mostly metamorphosed quartz, making it much stronger and more durable. Quartzite resists staining, scratching, and etching better than other stones. It can also mimic marble with veining and bright, bold colors.

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How Much Does A Kitchen Island Cost Quickly Answered

How much does a kitchen island cost? Without taking into account many factors, they have an average price of $4,500. However, extreme cases can be found in both ends and can cost between $100 and $10,000.

The price difference between kitchen islands is due to their complexity. Among the qualities that can alter prices are the size, materials and utensils, and additional features that are included.

A stove in an island that is equipped with its ventilation and other appliances can easily exceed $6,000. However, lets see in more detail everything you need to know about these reform projects for your kitchen.

Should I Put A Sink On My Island

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some people prefer to have a sink on their island so that they can easily wash their hands and dishes. While others may not find this necessary or prefer to live without one. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is best for you.

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To Expand Your Storage Space

Image source: Kitchen Distributors

A simpler option in possibilities is if we opt for an island that only has shelves, drawers, and countertops. These will look spectacular if other storage items, such as wine display cabinets, accompany them.

Due to their limited use, the price of these kitchen islands will be between $300 and $800, all depending on whether we want to install cabinets with special hinges or drawers that open in unconventional directions. At least the labor will be limited exclusively to a carpenter and a designer.

Sink & Dishwasher Costs

Farmhouse Kitchen Island with Sink and Dishwasher How To

Kitchen island costs are a compilation of the supplies you choose to purchase during your kitchen remodel. One of the most imperative ones is the kitchen island with a sink and dishwasher.

The price of both components turns out to be around $3,000 to $5,000. Some people might also consider prefabricated units, but the catch with them is that they do not come with a sink, dishwasher, or other amenities.

If we understand the cost of components separately, the average cost to install a sink is $400. The price of installing a sink is also variable since it depends on the type of material it is made of.

Moreover, the price to install an appliance can significantly disturb your budget. The average cost to install an appliance comes to an average of $150 to $300. Whats more, this price can go even higher depending on the material it is made from, the brand that it belongs to, and lastly, the quality it holds.

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New Kitchen Island Cost By Fabrication Method

There are three basic types of kitchen islands – stock or readymade, semi-custom, and custom. Stock options are readily available. You can find them online or at any big box store. Many stock cabinets come with a counter and are designed for easy DIY installation. Some are designed not to install but are a moveable surface within the kitchen. These are usually on wheels, and you can position them exactly where needed. Some have table-style legs, and you can set it where it works for you, requiring no installation.

Semi-custom options are ordered from the cabinet company directly. This allows you to change the color and some of the door and drawer styles, but the main box of the cabinets and island remain the same. These require professional installation. While some come with a stock countertop, you choose the color, and the island arrives with it. You may need to order the countertop separately, however.

Custom cabinets and islands are built for you. You can customize them to the inch and include many details and accessories. They also cost the most, take the longest to deliver, and require you to get a separate countertop measured and installed to fit after the island is installed.

Fabrication Method
$3,000 – $25,000

The Difference Between The Stock And Custom Model

Image source: Allen Companies

How much does a kitchen island cost? The first big difference depends on whether it is prefabricated or if we are building it to our liking. Prefab kitchen islands are mass-produced, so their production costs are greatly reduced.

The smaller prefabricated kitchens islands are priced at approximately $100. As we add implements, such as a dishwasher or stoves, the price increases. If additionally it is built with luxury materials, they can easily reach $2,000. However, they are still cheaper than custom islands.

If we want something adapted to our style, then we must be willing to pay at least $3,000 for a simple countertop. If we get more creative with the details and materials, we could reach a budget of $10,000.

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Prefab Kitchen Island Cost

The cost of a prefab or stock kitchen island is $150 to $2,000. These are readymade options that can be found in several locations. These may arrive preassembled and ready for use. Some require assembly by the homeowner or a professional. Most are made to be in the kitchen on wheels or table legs and are not permanently installed. This can make them a good choice for smaller spaces because you can move them when needed.

Is A Kitchen Island A Good Idea

18 best Kitchen Island with Sink and Dishwasher images on Pinterest ...

At a minimum, an island adds counter and storage space just where you need them: at the pivot point between your kitchen’s cooking, cleaning, and food-prep zones. And outfitted with fixtures and appliances, such as a sink and cooktop, or bar stools for dining, an island itself can become the hub of activity. Such utility is the reason builders and designers say that adding an island offers more bang for your buck than just about any other kitchen upgrade.

The first kitchen islands in America date to the colonial era. These simple worktables, situated near the hearth of the home, were where families prepped meals and then sat down to break bread. Even after the advent of built-in cabinetry, and well into the first half of the 20th century, the island remained a freestanding piece of furniture, often with a look and style all its own. The tradition continues today, as islands often integrate materials, colors, and design flourishes that are different from those of the surrounding wall cabinets, making them the focal point of the space.

In the following piece, you’ll find all the information and DIY kitchen island ideas to create a kitchen island that’s right for youfrom the critical clearances for good traffic and workflow to the many ways you can customize it to suit your particular space and the way you cook and entertain.

A handcrafted island made of reclaimed chestnut stands apart from the painted wall cabinets.

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You Need A Sink To Prepare Food

Image source: Built Custom Homes, LLC

The most basic feature of these islands, in addition to serving us to store things, is usually to allow us to prepare food. That is why almost all models include a sink.

Kitchen islands with sink and dishwasher require plumbing work. Some kitchens have additional pipes, while others will need complex installations.

It is not the same to simply connect existing pipes to have to break the floor to install extensions. This can greatly affect the cost of your kitchen island.

The inclusion of a sink also opens the possibilities for the installation of other details, such as a cut-resistant or non-stick surface.

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This project requires at least one plumber. If we opt for a custom kitchen island, then a designer and a carpenter will have to be hired. Between furniture and labor, you can end up paying $200 to $3,000.

The Average Cost To Build A Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands cost an average of $3,000 to $5,000, excluding other kitchen remodel factors. If you are strained for a budget, you can also consider Prefab Islands, which are generally cheaper.

The only downside to Prefab Islands is that they require some assembly depending on where theyre purchased. Only homeowners experienced in remodeling should consider this a DIY project.

Custom-built islands with high-end countertops, electricity, plumbing, and appliances will cost you about $6,000 to $10,000 or more. Additional cost considerations include hiring a kitchen designer, a plumber, and an electrician.

Other factors that raise the total price include the addition of an oven and range hood, cabinetry, waterfall countertops, a breakfast bar, and flooring.

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Continuing The Style Of Our Kitchen

Image source: Fitch & Company

How much does a kitchen island cost? If we want to make a single construction project and include it in the kitchen blueprints, this extension could cost more than $1,750.

The construction of kitchen countertops is not cheap. Using the same materials, adding the same details, and on some occasions, placing a sink that frees up space in the rest of the counters to work, can be more expensive than if we carried out a separate installation.

The advantage is that it is easier to adapt pipes since in most cases these islands are planned.

Labor Costs To Install A Kitchen Island

How to Install a Kitchen Island (with Dishwasher, Sink, and Electrical) and a Garbage Pull

Installing your island can be an easy project if it is a simple furniture-style or storage island. On the other hand, it can be an incredibly complex project if it involves running a gas line, a stove installation, or pipe running.

Depending on the company that you hire, you may have the installation costs broken down in two ways. Some include labor with the cost of the cabinets. This means you pay one price to one company for everything. Sometimes, you can purchase the island from one company and have a contractor install it. In this case, your kitchen contractor will likely charge a flat fee for the installation. This is a base rate of roughly $100 per cabinet that makes up your island. So, a 24 sq.ft. island may have 6 cabinets and cost around $600 to install. The cost of your countertop installation is usually included in the cost of the material. If this is a basic, storage, or seating-style one, this is all that is necessary.

However, when installing a sink, you need to add in the cost of aplumber at $75 to $130, with the average cost to install a sink being around $200 to $1,000. When installing a dishwasher, add another $700 to $1,970. Installing a cooktop adds $500 to $1,000 to your costs, and if you need a gas line run to the island, this costs about $220 to $350 for a gas line extension. If you are installing an electric cooktop, you need to hire an electrician at a rate of $40 to $120 an hour.

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Custom Kitchen Island Cost

The cost of a custom kitchen island averages $3,000 to $25,000. They are completely customized to fit your kitchen. You can change everything about it, including the size, shape, configuration, color, doors, and drawers. This option is best if you need a unique size or have a specific idea. They cost between $500 and $1,200 a linear square foot. The more intricate details and custom colors or glazes you add, the more costly the project.

Solid Surface Kitchen Island Cost

The cost of a semi-custom kitchen island with a solid surface countertop ranges from $4,680 to $6,120. The cost of a custom one is $8,680 to $10,120. The cost of a solid surface countertop is $70 to $130 a sq.ft. Solid surface countertops are made of resin poured into a form. The most common brand name for this material is Corian. It comes in any shape or size, with many edges. It can also be found in numerous colors, patterns, and finishes.

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Electronic Outlets And Costs

Setting up your electric outlets and the layout for your kitchen remodel can be tricky. Professionals especially discourage you from doing this if you do not know how your houses electricals work.

We recommend choosing a remodeling contractor to help you understand your kitchen island electrical outlets. On average, your electrician will charge you about $50 to $100 per hour.

On the other hand, if you are installing or replacing your entire replacing GFCI outlet runs, you can easily mark up your budget by $200. Generally, subcontractors usually specialize in a particular area of construction.

If you are thinking of adding additional plumbing or reworking your electricals, you need a person who is also specialized in installing these appliances.

Besides, it is important to work on all your electrical outlets. Besides, electrical outlets highlight the convenience factor in your kitchen island while making it aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, strategically position them and match them to the cabinetry to make the outlets inconspicuous.

Bang Away At A Butchers Block Countertop

Kitchen Island With Sink And Dishwasher For Sale

Butcher blocks have been used by butchers for centuries. Its a robust piece of wood, made for heavy-duty chopping. Theyre also made to last, so theyll endure most hardships that a home chef might put them through. Make sure to keep the block well-oiled, and it will serve as a loyal friend in your kitchen.

Now that you know how it works, its just a matter of choosing between a butchers block cart or a traditional kitchen island. They both have all the advantages weve already mentioned above, plus the durable surface. So, if youre looking to impress with your prepping and chopping skills, youre all set.

Once you have your workspace in order, make sure to also get all the kitchen utensils you need.

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Kitchen Island Prices By Type

Design professionals often describe islands using terms associated with their function. There are prep and wash islands, seating, cooking, and more. There are models with open shelving on one side and seating on the other. Some have cabinetry, bookshelves, and wine storage.

Your options are more limited with prefab models. Prefab models cannot usually accommodate a sink, cooking, or seating. They do have counter space for prepping, and some may have shelves for storage.

If you want a more specialized island, you must order one made for you. These can be semi-custom or custom. Both have a much wider range of options for accessories, layout, and design. Ideally, you should know what you want to use it for before planning the project. This way, the designer can include the components to make it work for you.

Below are the costs for the various types grouped by their uses. This is the cost of the island built and installed, including all the pieces that make it functional for that purpose. This includes shelving or cabinets, sinks, countertops, cooktops, and the island. Costs are based on an average size of 10 to 24 linear square feet.

$9,000 – $35,000


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