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How To Sanitize Bosch Dishwasher

How To Clean Your Bosch Dishwasher

How to Clean your Bosch Dishwasher Filter

The good news is that cleaning your Bosch dishwasher is relatively straightforward and easy to do. Some applications may take a little more time than others, but no aspect is difficult. Even if you were to do a total cleaning, the time required of you would likely be no more than 15 minutes.

Furthermore, there are a few different components that could stand cleaning. Here are the steps needed to clean all of those components, leaving your dishwasher running effectively for a long time to come.

Half Load And Sanitize Options In Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers

I am reading the documentation for Bosch 800 series dishwashers. Among other features that I am interested in, there are “Sanitize”, “Half Load” and “Cutlery Tray”. None of the 2 models offered in the 800 series have both “Half Load” and “Sanitize” options, so I am trying to find out if I can do both using a different way. Here are my questions about them:1) At what temperature and for how long are the dishes sanitized using the “Sanitize” program?2) Can you still sanitize the dishes even though you donÂt have this program, by setting the temperature manually?3) If you have the “Sanitize” program, can you use it in combination with any Wash Cycle? Are there any limitations?4) Does the “Half Load” option have specific characteristics in terms of the quantity of water used, time and temperature that make it worth it? If you donÂt have this option, can you accomplish the same results with another cycle ?5) Is there a separate cutlery tray in addition to the silverware basket? Where is it located?

How Long Are The Cycles On A Bosch Dishwasher

It is possible for a cycle to last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more. The temperature of the water, the number of dishes being washed, the level of soiling, and the number of additional functions being used all influence the amount of time the machine takes to operate. Changing the status of the rinse aid system will also affect the amount of time the machine will operate.

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Loading Too Many Items

Overloading the dishwasher leaves little space for water and detergent to reach every item. It also increases the chance that an item will protrude from a rack and block the spray arms rotation.

Try these loading tips when your Bosch dishwasher leaves dishes dirty:

  • Leave adequate space between each item: This means placing one dish per slot and alternating forks and spoons next to each other to avoid nesting. Make sure bowls dont overlap each other to improve water and detergent access.
  • Dont block the spray arms: Make sure loaded items dont hang below the rack, where they can block the spray arms. Load taller items along the perimeter of the bottom rack so they dont impede the spray arms rotation.
  • Place large utensils in the top rack: This will ensure that they dont block spray arms or overcrowd the silverware basket.

If Your Dishwasher Still Sucks Try A Better Detergent

How To Clean Bosch Dishwasher Spray Arms

When it comes to cleaning, good detergent is more important than a good dishwasher. Every dishwasher basically works the same way, but detergents can behave very differently. A cheap gel like Palmolive Eco Lemon Splash has far fewer ingredients than a top-of-the-line detergent tab like Finish Quantum.

If leftover food is your main problem, make sure youre using a detergent with enzymes. Most gels do not contain any enzymes , whereas nearly all powders, tabs, and packs do.

The enzymes in dish detergent are typically produced from bacteria . Enzymes are also environmentally friendly because they biodegrade quickly in water. The most common kinds of enzyme used in dishwasher detergents are amylases, which break down starch, and proteases, which work on proteins. Its very similar to what happens in your stomach, said Jill Franke, an engineer and product research group leader at Procter & Gamble, the maker of Cascade. A few of our sources also said that enzymes might actually work better if you skip the pre-rinse, because you leave extra gunk for the enzymes to cling tothey might do a better job dissolving thin, filmy residue this way.

A couple of other possibilities to consider, if better cleaning products dont do the job on their own:

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Things To Do Every Time You Run The Dishwasher

The key to maintaining a dishwasher along with cleaning it regularly is to make sure you are using it correctly and are keeping up with the condition of all its important parts to make sure that they are performing well. Here are 3 things that you should always do while running a dishwasher:


How Do You Use The Sanitize Cycle On A Dishwasher

According to the National Sanitation Foundation, they must heat water to a minimum of 150°F, however some dishwashers may boil water to temperatures higher than that. An rise in heat during the primary wash and a subsequent increase in heat during the final rinse are common features of a sanitizing cycle. It is possible to extend up to 1.5 hours to your cycle by using the sanitize setting.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Sanitizing Cycle

To get a sanitize cycle, especially one thats certified, you have to pay a premium for a dishwasherbetween $500 and $1,200 is not uncommon. While the initial cost may be hard to swallow, there are multiple long-term benefits.

First and foremost, a proper sanitize cycle will help prevent illness. It can kill bacteria on utensils and plates, but also Legos and plastic toys as well. Its easier than hand-washing, and more effective because the water can get hotter than your hands can stand.

A Sanitize cycle and sippy cups go together like peanut butter and jelly.

And while, generally, you shouldnt put cutting boards into the dishwasher, dishwasher-safe cutting boards that have been used to cook meat and poultry can benefit from the increased temperature.

A proper sanitize cycle is also indicative of great stain removal performance. Our lab testing shows that stains, like burnt on cheese and spinach, can be loosened and removed by high temperatures.

Cheap Whirlpools: Mmmmm Probably Dont Do It

How to Clean a Bosch Dishwasher Filter and Impeller

As solid as Whirlpools midrange dishwashers are, its cheaper models cut some corners that we think ought not to be cut. We tested the Whirlpool WDF520PADM, which has been one of the best-selling dishwashers in the country for at least a half decadeand thats too bad, because it sucks. It performed okay in our cleaning tests, but it has by far the highest rate of complaints from real-life owners about poor cleaning ability and long cycle times of any dishwasher we looked at. It wasnt good at drying, either. Its racks felt especially wobbly, and theyre even coated in cheap vinyl, rather than sturdier nylon.

We cant help but wonder if this one popular yet thoroughly mediocre dishwasher created the backlash that led to the make dishwashers great again movement. This model is one of the oldest appliances that Whirlpool Corporation still sells, and its hard to understand why the company keeps cranking these things out when it has shown that it can make really solid machines that dont cost much more than this one does.

Whirlpool also sells a few lower-end models, also with cheap racks and just-okay ratings. We didnt test any of them, but they are built on a newer platform than the old 520PAD, so they may at least clean and dry better.

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Access The Dishwasher Drain

1. Remove the bottom rack to access the drain.

The drainage area is where you will notice the greatest build-up of gunk and grease, so you will want to wear your rubber gloves to clean it out.

Continued use of your dishwasher with a partially blocked drain could eventually damage the appliance.

Blocked drains are also the most likely source of disgusting smells.

How To Remove Hard Water And Limescale Deposits

For example, consider how to remove hard water and limescale deposits. To clean it, you need:

  • Run the longest, hottest wash cycle in an empty dishwasher, without first adding detergent.
  • After 30 minutes, pause the washing process. Open the machine and place one pack of descaler in the bottom of the dishwasher.
  • Next, continue the washing cycle. When the first cycle is at the end, start another wash cycle.
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    Why Does My Dishwasher Smell Like A Sewer

    If you get a sewer smell when you are using the dishwasher on a kitchen sink, it often means that the dishwasher filters needs to be cleaned or there is a blockage in the vent or the drain of the pipes inside the wall. Bad odors within dishwashers is a common occurrence and can develop overtime through regular use.

    How To Clean The Dishwasher Spray Arms

    How To Clean Bosch Dishwasher Spray Arms

    The next step in how to clean your Bosch dishwasher is to clean the dishwasher spray arms. Over time, the spray arms can become clogged with minerals and debris, restricting water flow and dish-cleaning power.

    To Clean Dishwasher Spray Arms:

  • Remove the lower dishwasher rack.
  • Remove both spray arms: The bottom spray arm is located in the dishwashers tub, and the upper spray arm is located under the upper rack. Simply twist the knob to release each spray arm.
  • Using a small tool or device, such as a paper clip, gently clean each spray hole of the spray arms.
  • Rince each spray arm under running water until all spray holes distribute water evenly.
  • Reattach the spray arms inside the dishwasher, turning the knobs to secure each.
  • Double-check that each of the spray arms spins easily, then reinstall the lower dishrack.
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    Clean The Dishwasher Filter

    A dishwasher filter works by screening out food particles that could otherwise clog the dishwasher drain. Over time, these food particles collect in the filter and create an offensive odor as they decay.

    Heres how to clean a Bosch dishwasher filter to remove smelly food particles and eliminate odor:

  • Remove the dishwashers lower rack and spray arm.
  • Twist the filter cap and pull up to remove the filter and mesh screen.
  • Rinse the filter and screen in warm water.
  • Place the filter back in the dishwasher. Twist the filter cap in the opposite direction to lock in place.
  • Replace the spray arm and lower rack.
  • Why Does My Dishwasher Leave Water Marks On My Dishes

    If your dishwasher leaves watermarks on your dishes and glassware, there are a few reasons why your it may be leaving water spots behind. One reason could be that the filters are dirty and need to be cleaned. Another reason could be that the spray arms are not evenly spraying water onto the dishes. If you notice that your dishwasher is leaving water spots on your dishes, make sure to check the filters and spray arms.

    If you have hard water, using a rinse aid can help to prevent hard water spots on your dishes. Hard water contains minerals that can cause spots and streaks on dishes. Rinse aid is a product that you add to your dishwashers detergent tray that helps to suspend these minerals, so they dont stick to your dishes. This will help keep your dishes looking their best!

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    What Is Sanitize Option On Bosch Dishwasher

    Most Bosch stainless-steel dishwashers come equipped with an NSF/ANSI Standard 184-certified sanitize option that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria. High-pressure jets and advanced spray sequence fully cover your dishwashers contents and multiple nozzles blast away stains with added water pressure.

    Detergent Dispenser Not Working

    How to clean Bosch Dishwasher for Maximum Efficiency – Bosch Dishwasher Maintenance

    Detergent issues could also be responsible for a Bosch dishwasher not cleaning dishes sufficiently. Always use a quality dishwasher detergent that utilizes a blend of enzymes, soap, and rinse aid to dissolve food particles and lessen hard water stains.

    However, even a high-quality detergent wont help if the dispenser doesnt open during a wash cycle. Check the dispenser and remove any accumulated residue that can clog it or prevent it from opening. If dishes remain dirty and the dispenser is still closed after a wash cycle, it may have malfunctioned and requires replacement.

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    Check Your Dishwasher’s Temperature Settings

    We’ve got one more tip for making sure your dishwasher is working its best: Set the temperature to 120°150°F. If the water is not at least 120°, its not hot enough to clean dishes effectively. To test your temperature, use the sink nearest the dishwasher and fill a cup of water with the hottest tap water possible. Place a thermometer inside and read the temperature. If its lower than 120° or higher than 150°, youll need to adjust your water heater.

    Tips To Prevent Dishwasher Odors

    Our Bosch dishwasher cleaning tips can also be part of regular maintenance to prevent odors from recurring. The following suggestions use these tips proactively to avoid odor:

    • Clean the dishwasher filter on a monthly basis.
    • Perform dishwasher tub cleanings every month and wipe down the tub with a clean cloth after each use.
    • Use the right detergent: Bosch recommends using FINISH brand detergent for the best odor-reducing results. Dont use too much detergent, as excessive soap residue can also breed smelly bacteria. Follow the recommendations on your detergent package and use the least possible amount.

    If a Bosch dishwasher cleaning still leaves you with persistent odor, then it may be time to consult a dishwasher repair service. Aviv Service today can help with any dishwasher repair.

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    Inspect The Drain Line

    Sometimes food particles may become stuck in the dishwasher’s drain line, causing it to give off bad odors. To clear the drain line, you need a pair of pliers . Start by disconnecting the drain, using the pliers to get a firm grip on it. Next, take the hose to the bathroom and run it under the bathtub faucet to clear it.

    If you have a wire hanger, you can straighten it and insert it into the hose to clear any stubborn clogs . If you don’t want the debris from the clog going into your tub drain, place a bucket on the side of the tub and place the other end of the hose in it for drainage. After cleaning the hose, attach it back to the drain.

    How Do You Disinfect A Bosch Dishwasher

    How To Clean Bosch Dishwasher Spray Arms

    When using a Bosch Dishwasher, how do you cancel a wash cycle?

  • Open the door to the dishwasher. Do not open the door all the way
  • only enough to reveal the control panel should be accomplished. Press and hold the Start/Reset button for several seconds. Close the door to the dishwasher.
  • When the dishwasher is finished emptying, it will emit a beeping sound.
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    What About A Budget Pick

    If you want to spend less on a dishwasher, we recommend a cheaper variant of the Bosch or Whirlpool Corporation models weve written about. Keep an eye out for the Bosch 100 Series or the Whirlpool WDT730PAH in particular. They clean just about as well as their pricier siblings and should be just as reliable. On the downside, the cheaper models are noisier and worse at drying, and the racks arent as adjustable or capacious.

    You can find even cheaper options out there from various brands . Most of these models that weve tested have been good at cleaning dishes, and theres no indication that theyre less reliable than pricier models . But they tend to be loud, the racks are rickety, and their food filtration is not always great. We think its worth spending a little extra for a nicer machine if you can swing it. But if you want or need to spend as little as possible, a super-cheap model can be okayyou wont be throwing your money away, in other words.

    Sanitize Your Dishes With A Bosch Dishwasher

    One of the most important features in a dishwasher is the ability to sanitize dishes. Unlike most dishwasher brands, virtually all Bosch dishwashers feature a sanitizing wash option. But in true Bosch fashion, they take it a step further with PureDry technology, which ensures outside contaminants do not enter the dishwasher after the sanitizing process. See it in action in the video below.

    Add in superior cleaning power and some of the best sound ratings in the industry and its easy to see why Bosch dishwashers are some of our top selling in all price classes.

    Here is our list of the top-five most popular Bosch dishwasher models right now.

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    How To Use Your Dishwasherthe Modern Way

    Heres how to make the most of your dishwasher in 2021.

    Dont bother pre-rinsing: Seriously. Most people still pre-rinse, but modern dishwashers and detergents are designed to clean dishes that are actually dirty. All dishwashers have mesh filters that catch food, so you dont have to worry about your machine getting clogged, or gross stuff redepositing on your plates. Every dishwasher and detergent brand and every independent expert weve talked to says that pre-rinsing is unnecessary, and so does the Environmental Protection Agency. Some of our sources said you might even get better results without a pre-rinse because of the way modern enzymatic detergents work. At the very least, you save a bunch of water and energy, keep a little extra cash in your wallet, and get back hours of time.

    Use a detergent with enzymes, plus a rinse aid, and prepare to experiment: Enzymes help break up tough soils that cheap detergents cant. Theyre also better for the environment than phosphate detergents . Powders, tablets, and pods almost always include enzymes, but many gels do not . Rinse aid is a liquid that goes into the hatch next to the main detergent tray. The dishwasher dispenses a few milliliters of this stuff into the final rinse, and it helps dishes, especially plastic ones, dry more thoroughly and reduces or prevents chalky water spots or hazy films.


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