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How To Reset Lg Dishwasher

Loading The Lower Rack

Fixing an LG Dishwasher “AE” Error is easy – once you find the source

The lower basket is best loaded with dinner plates, soup bowls, dishes, pots, pans, lids, and even the grill tray.

Plates should be positioned upright and facing the center of the rack. Pots, pans and large dishes must be turned upside down.

Take care not to obstruct the rotation of the spray arms, and that larger items do not prevent the detergent dispenser lid from opening.

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Lg Dishwasher Reset Ae Error Code

With the water evaporated or soaked up, you are now ready to reset the AE error code.

To reset the error code:

  • First turn the circuit breaker to the dishwasher OFF.
  • Go ahead and turn the circuit breaker to the dishwasher back ON.

That resets the error code and your dishwasher may function smoothly after this.

Quick Tip: To test if everything is now fine, try running an empty cycle. While you are doing this to clean out the machine, the error should reoccur if the initial problem was not solved making it a good test.

Problem With Dishwasher Water Supply

Water supply issues can also be responsible for an LG dishwasher not working properly. If you notice that the dishwasher has power but doesnt fill and begin a wash cycle, there may be a water supply problem.

Use these tips to assess the dishwashers water supply:

  • Check water supply connection: Make sure the dishwasher is properly connected to your home water supply and that the supply valve is on.
  • Examine dishwasher hose: Check the dishwashers water supply hose for kinks that could obstruct water flow. Gently straighten the kink, if possible.
  • Assess water inlet valve: If the water inlet valve on the hose has malfunctioned, it wont open and allow water to supply the dishwasher. If the valve has visible damage or multimeter testing shows no continuity, it must be professionally replaced.

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How Do I Run The Maintenance Cycle On My Lg Dishwasher

According to LG, to run a maintenance cycle, start by measuring one cup of white vinegar. Place the cup of vinegar in the bottom rack of your empty dishwasher and close the door.

Select the normal cycle with an extra rinse. Please note: do not use dish detergent when you are running a maintenance load, and do not open the dishwasher’s door anytime during this cycle.

LG advised performing a maintenance cycle as needed based on your household’s usage. For example, if you run your dishwasher daily, running a maintenance load every couple of months would be wise.

In the event you notice unpleasant odors wafting from your dishwasher, LG suggests running the dishwasher empty on the quick wash setting with dish detergent to remove unwanted odors.

Clogged Hose Or Sewer

My lg direct drive dishwasher has the error code AE, and I have tried ...

A clogged drain hose or drain pump filter is the most typical cause of this error code in LG dishwashers. In order to address this:

  • Open the door and press the Cancel button to make sure your dishwasher isnt in the middle of a cycle.
  • Next, clear the drain hose off any debris. This is either on the right or left side of the bottom of your dishwasher . A black rubber cap will be on the hose, which you can remove to check for clogs.
  • Finally, run a cleaning cycle to clear any debris from your dishwashers drain pump filter. Note that if you do this after 20 minutes of starting a wash cycle, your current cycle will be immediately canceled, and a cleaning cycle will be started instead.
  • Restart your dishwasher and run another load to see whether the issue has been fixed.

If these instructions dont work, try changing the washing cycle on your dishwasher or turning it off and waiting an hour before restarting it.

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How Do I Turn Off The Cl Code On My Lg Dishwasher

Here you are not resetting anything- you just want to deactivate the Child Lock/Control Lock feature.


Press then HOLD âDUAL ZONEâ for 3 or so seconds to deactivate or activate the CL- you will notice the CONTROL LOCK indicator illuminate once the lock is activated.

That said, the procedure to deactivate the CL option varies from one LG dishwasher model to another so you should check your modelâs owners manual if this doesnât deactivate the lock.

Which Component Is Leaking

The components listed below are the most typical causes:

Examine the dishwasher spray arms for any issues that might cause water to spray straight at the door gasket or another component that directs the water to the drain pan.

The door of the dishwasher seal keeps water inside the dishwasher while its running. In case of a loose gasket or a tear, water could leak out, resulting in thee the most common issue AE error code.

Hoses and sockets are one of the most prevalent ways for water to leak. Ensure that the hoses are in excellent shape and that any damaged components are replaced.

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What To Do If Your Lg Dishwasher Is Leaking

If you find that your LG dishwasher is leaking, you will need to first check that the appliance has been accurately leveled. There is a good chance that a water leak could occur if the door is not closed properly because the dishwasher is uneven or tilted. This can be fixed by adjusting the feet, and door to ensure that everything is even and working smoothly. Past that, check the hose, as well as the inlet and outlet for possible leaks. If this still doesnt solve the problem, you might need to call a repair service.

Why Is The Lg Dishwasher Showing An Ae Error Code

TOP SECRET LG Dishwasher Service Test Mode

LG dishwasher AE error code indicates leakage on the dishwasher. LG dishwasher is made up of using various electronics parts and pipes.

If any of these parts are cracked or broken, your dishwasher will indicate an AE error code. There is the various reason that can cause leakage in the dishwasher.

The number one reason for the leakage is a faulty door lock and clogged drain filter. If the dishwasher has any of these issues, it can create leakage in the dishwasher.

Similarly, there are also other reasons that can cause the leakage, but in most cases, faulty door locks and clogged drain filters are the reasons behind the issues.

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How To Do An Lg Dishwasher Factory Reset

Similar to resetting an LG dishwasher is completing a factory reset. Very broadly, performing a factory reset is a way to revert an appliance or other device back to its factory state, which means the item would be wiped clean and free of any data or other types of downloads that were put within its system during use. If you have an LG dishwasher and are looking for a way to complete a factory reset, read below to see what this looks like.

To complete a factory reset on an LG dishwasher, you will actually complete a manual reset to accomplish the same goal. A factory reset is not possible with this type of appliance from LG, therefore, disconnect the device from power for 10 seconds to quickly reset the dishwasher.

Especially for those who have just purchased a used LG dishwasher and are looking to revert it back to its original state before using it as their own, a factory reset may sound like the perfect option to accomplish such a task. Although great in theory, a manual reset of the appliance is just as effective and will reset any minor issues within the dishwasher that you may not know of before beginning use or after noticing them once a couple of cycles have been completed.

How To Force The Drain

Forcing the drain is one of the simplest ways to fix the OE error code on your LG dishwasher.

To do so, turn the drain lid counterclockwise using a screwdriver or a coin.

Then, clear out any material that may be clogging the drain and inspect it for cleanliness.

Many modern LG dishwashers also have an option to force drain. You can use the Cancel and Drain option to force drain the water.

To activate this feature in your LG dishwasher, you need to press some combination of buttons.

For instance, it is mostly DELICATE + DUAL Control and Spray + Half Load, all of them together.

However, if this option does not exist in your dishwasher, then you need to start a dishwashing cycle and let it run for about 1 minute.

After that, turn the dishwasher off and then run it again for about 1 minute. In the first cycle, the water may get drained. But if it doesnt, then you need a professional.

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Broken Lg Dishwasher Parts

If the above steps dont fix the problem, an LG dishwasher not starting may have a broken part. A faulty door switch may not register when the door is closed and fail to prompt the start of a wash cycle. If the control board has failed, it wont process starting commands or send voltage to the appropriate function. Lastly, a defective thermal fuse can blow and prevent the dishwasher from starting until its replaced. We recommend that a professional service assess these components and replace them if necessary.

Is your dishwasher still not starting on command? Contact Codys Appliance Repair for the best dishwasher repair in Boise!

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How To Reset Lg Dishwasher Power Is On But Wont Start

How To Reset Lg Washer Dryer

If you see that your LG dishwasher has power, as indicated by the lights displaying on your control panel, it would be natural to think that you would be able to move forward with any type of command on the device. However, some LG dishwasher owners have found that, although the power is on within their dishwasher, they are not able to start a cycle. If this is the issue you are facing, read below to see how you can reset a dishwasher with power that wont start.

To reset an LG dishwasher that has power but will not start, either unplug the dishwasher directly from power or discontinue power to the unit from the fuse box or breaker. Allow the appliance to sit without power for 10 seconds, restore power, then see if you are able to run an empty cycle.

It is important to note that if you do not have the door closed and latched completely on an LG dishwasher, it will not be able to relay the code inputted into the control panel, which will result in the appliance not starting. Always be sure that the door is closed and latched tightly to confirm that this is not the problem before resetting.

To reset an LG dishwasher, there is not a designated reset button on these appliances, but you manually reset the device by discontinuing power to the unit for 10 seconds. Once this time has passed, restore power to the dishwasher and run an empty cycle to complete the reset.

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Your Fan Assembly Or Thermostat Is Faulty

If your dishwasher stops mid-cycle or does not complete or skips the drying cycle, it might be with your fan. Alternatively, if your dishwasher cuts off in the drying cycle, it may be a faulty thermostat to blame.

If your thermostat is malfunctioning, it may switch off during the drying cycle or not work at all. You will notice that your dishes may not be washed properly, and the machine is cold inside after a wash cycle.

Is Your Detergent Causing The Error

Before accessing the drain pan and the components that may be leaking, first check that the error code is not caused by using too much or the wrong detergent. If your dishwasher requires an HE detergent, make sure you are using one.

Generally, if you are using a detergent pod or tablet, it should contain the right amount of detergent. The only time you would want to use more or less of a pod or tablet is if the water supply to your home is overly hard or overly soft.

If you use a powdered detergent, the detergent dispenser should be marked to show you the right amount to use, with space to add more if your water supply is overly hard or reduce the amount if the water supply is overly soft. Liquid detergent should not be used, as it will cause excess suds.

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How Do I Clear The Ie Code On My Lg Dishwasher

If the IE code appears on your LG dishwasher’s control panel, it means the water level in the dishwasher is not high enough after ten minutes of filling to wash a load of dishes.

When this occurs, you need to check some of your dishwasher components before resetting your appliance. First, ensure the water pressure in your home is 20-120 PSI. If it’s below these numbers, contact your plumber to remedy this issue. Secondly, check your drain hose. If the hose is installed lower than the base of your dishwasher, it will cause the water to drain out.

Thirdly, suppose this issue occurs during the winter months. The bitterly cold temperatures could freeze the pipes to the appliance or its interior components and result in a malfunction.

Fourthly, if your dishwasher is not leveled correctly, it can affect your hoses and prohibit water flow. Lastly, inspect your waterline for any bends and kinks that could have stopped the water from entering the dishwasher.

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What Is A Smart Dishwasher And How Does It Work

LG Dishwasher – Diagnostic & Repair: AE error FIXED

Smart dishwashers are Wi-Fi-connected home appliances that offer a variety of time-saving features. The main thing that smart dishwashers offer compared to regular models is remote-control features. Youll still need to load the dishwasher yourself, but you can start the appliance via a smartphone app or using voice controls. This could be useful if you want to schedule your dishwashers operation around times of day when electricity is cheaper, or when youll be out of the house.

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Door Latch Is Not Engaged

To start a wash cycle, the door must be completely closed and its latch engaged. Why wont my LG dishwasher turn on until the latch engages? The latch prompts the door switch to initiate a wash cycle and prevents messy dishwasher leaks. When closing the door, make sure you give it a firm push to engage the latch. If your LG dishwasher wont start even if the door is closed properly, the latch may be damaged and requires professional replacement.

How To Check Your Power Switch Components For Malfunctions

Suppose your float assembly is working perfectly. The next most logical place to check is the float switchthis switch triggers the water inlet to close when the dishwasher has reached the correct amount of water. The float switch is installed at the dishwasher’s lower access panel.

If the wires are damaged or the switch lacks continuity, it requires a replacement. This task is best performed by a trained appliance professional due to the electrical wiring and location of the repair.

Lastly, the door switch could be the issue because when the door is closed, a small latch taps the door switch to send an electrical signal to start the wash cycle. Suppose the door switch is defective, the signal to start the wash cycles won’t occur.

To check the functionality of the door switch, you will need to check its continuity with a multimeter. In the case where the multimeter confirms that is no continuity. You must replace this component. Contact a professional appliance technician to complete this repair.

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How To Fix Lg Dishwasher Le Error Code

LG is one of the renowned home appliances manufacturers in the market. They manufacture various devices, including refrigerators, AC, Washing machines, dishwashers, and other different types of devices. LG dishwashers are one of the most advanced and powerful dishwashers.

LG dishwasher comes with this advanced error detection features that automatically identify issues and problems in the dishwasher.

When it identifies an issue with the dishwasher, it will display an error code on the dishwasher. This error code is the combination of letters and numbers.

In an LG dishwasher, you will encounter various issues over time. As a result, you will have a unique error code for every issue on your dishwasher.

You can find the meaning of these codes in the dishwasher user manual.

  • How do I reset my LG dishwasher?
  • Why Is My Lg Dishwasher Reset Not Working

    How Do I Reset My Lg Dishwasher?

    While the aforementioned methods have proven to be mostly effective, there is still a chance that your LG dishwasher will not function normally even after you reset it. With that being said, at this point you will need to take a closer look at exactly what the error type is with your appliance, and attempt to troubleshoot the problem by addressing the most common error codes.

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    Check Which Component Is Leaking

    This can be a difficult error to fix because there are multiple components that could be leaking. There are three components, however, that are the most common causes. The spray arms may be damaged and shooting water directly at the door gasket or draining into the drain pan.

    If the door seals are damaged, they may not be able to keep the water inside the dishwasher while its running. You should visually inspect them for rips, tears, or worn patches.

    The final common cause of the AE error is leaking from the hoses or their sockets. If one of the hoses is damaged and leaking, it is best to replace the hose instead of trying to patch it.


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