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Ge Dishwasher Wont Turn On

Test The Selector Switch

GE Dishwasher Won’t Start Fix

Selector switches determine the wash cycle settings for each load. They are normally located on the control panel. Test each button individually. Remove the switch from the panel. With the multimeter set on Rx1, touch the probes to the switch terminals. It should produce a reading of infinity. Then, with the probes still touching the terminals, press the button. This should produce a reading of zero. Replace the selector switch if you get any other readings.

Start Light Flashing Vs Other Lights Flashing

There are several situations where the lights will be flashing/blinking in the GE dishwasher. Most of the time, all the lights in the dishwasher controls will start blinking when theres an error.

There is also another situation where the start light will be the only one blinking. When this happens, it indicates two issues: the door is not closed correctly, or the GE dishwasher is performing a reset.

Another situation is when any one of the other lights is blinking. When this happens, its because of an error in that particular command/feature.

Check If The Dishwasher Is Getting Power:

First, make sure that the power cord that goes into the electrical outlet is not damaged or loose.

The power cable can become stretched over time, causing it to lose continuity, resulting in no power to the dishwasher.

If you use a surge protector, make sure that it is working properly. If it isnt, then the dishwasher could get shorted out.

Also, check the electrical junction box for any broken or cracked wires. This could also be the reason why your GE dishwasher wont start.

If all these things are okay, and the dishwasher is still not turning on, there could be a problem with the wiring harness connecting the control panel with the motor.

Check this wiring harness carefully and see if there is a damaged wire or a corroded terminal.

If you find a problem with the wiring harness, then you will have to replace it.

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Dishwasher Does Not Drain Properly

Novice DIYer need help troubleshooting GE dishwasher that won

Make sure you are using the right type and amount of detergent, as the wrong type or amount can cause suds, which can block your machine from draining. Check for clogs or any blockages. Check if the sump area of the rear tub is blocked. Check the drain hose also for blockages. Make sure the drain of your kitchen sink is not clogged. In case you have a disposer installed, run it before turning your dishwasher on to clean the drain system.

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Check The Door Switch Operation

The door switch is commonly a culprit when a dishwasher wont start or run.

Here you may need to enter the error code mode .

To switch to the diagnostics error code mode:

When the appliance is in Stand-by Mode , proceed to press and hold down these two buttons combined for 5 seconds..

Cycle Select + Start .

The machine will perform a Door Status Check for 10 seconds on entering diagnostic error codes mode.

Note that if all the LEDs illuminate solidly, the door will have been detected as latched firmly.

On the other hand, you should try to shut the door correctly if all the LEDs are flashing at the end of the check.

Quick Tip: Be sure to press the Start pad within 5 to 10 seconds of shutting the door.

Side note: These machines also usually fail to start if the door latch is not functioning properly so it is important to check and repair/replace the latch, if needed.

Remember to troubleshoot door problems further if they persist .

Reasons A Leak Sensor May Be Activated

  • Leak sensors activate an alert when they sense a leak. The dishwasher will catch the water in a drip pan, but it can only hold so much. It will tilt forward and dump the water out onto the floor so youll be aware of the problem right away.
  • Too much detergent can activate a leak sensor. If youve overfilled your dishwasher with detergent, you may see the leak alert.
  • A recently installed or moved dishwasher can cause the leak sensor to activate. Its easy for moisture to get on the sensor during the installation or move, which the sensor will detect as a leak. Let it dry and try the dishwasher again later.
  • Finally, if youve recently connected a garbage disposal to your dishwasher, make sure the garbage disposal cap is removed. If its not, it will cause the leak sensor to alert you.

Never ignore a leak alert from your dishwasher. There may be a hidden leak that is impossible to see without moving the dishwasher out.

If you see this indicator, dont assume its not a leak just because you dont see water. You should call an appliance repair technician right away to prevent water damage and electrical risks.

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Resetting A Ge Dishwasher To Clear Codes

Its an easy task to reset the control panel to clear all codes in a GE dishwasher. Press the start button for five seconds. It will flash. Now, press both the start and the select cycle button down at the same time for five seconds.

The control panel should be cleared. It should light up with everything operating normally.

Check Dishwasher Cycle Settings

Dishwasher Wont Start Dishwasher Troubleshooting

If the GE dishwasher wont start, the problem might be with your cycle settings. You can check this by pressing and holding down the reset button on your appliance for a few seconds to reset all of its functions. If that doesnt work, try these steps:

  • Choose Normal Cycle instead of Quick Wash or Turbo Dishwasher cycles if youre running low on time.
  • Change water temperature from warm to hot depending on what type of dishes you have.
  • Adjust drying level accordingly so its not too high or too low when you wash delicate items like plates or glasses. Try setting the timer as well at about ten minutes before starting an automatic dry cycle, allowing most food particles to be cleared out.
  • Check to make sure you have enough rinse aid and dishwasher detergent. You can fill the cups with liquid, powder or gel soap if need be just follow the instructions on your GE dishwashers manual for specifics.

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How To Replace Control Board On Ge Dishwasher

  • Turn the breaker off.
  • Remove the bottom cover .
  • Remove the two screws on the metal cover.
  • Now get the metal cover out to expose the main control board.
  • Next, unplug the wire connectors .
  • Remove the control board.
  • Snap the replacement main control board in place.
  • Reattach the wiring.
  • Test if the dishwasher will now turn on .
  • Quick Tip:This YouTube video demonstrates the replacement procedure step by step .

    Inspect The Selector Switches

    Selector switches allow the dishwasher to operate on various wash, rinse, and drying settings. Each setting has its own switch, and when the control panel malfunctions, these switches will not work properly. Also, if the switches have become damaged or somehow lose their connection to the panel, the dishwasher will not power on. If this is the case, the dishwasher will need to be disassembled to replace these switches. They can typically be purchased for around $30 or more.

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    Check The Door Latch Assembly:

    Check this part for damage and make sure that it is not sticking or binding. This will prevent the door from being fully closed, preventing the correct operation of your dishwasher and ultimately causing it not to start.

    If this is the case, you will have to remove the latch assembly to gain access to the door and do the necessary maintenance.

    To disassemble the latch assembly:

    • Unplug the dishwasher.
    • Remove the two Phillips screws holding the units top in place.
    • Then, remove the five screws holding the units bottom in place.
    • Also, remove the plastic backing plate as well as the metal plate on top of it.
    • Pull the doors latch assembly out. Make sure the two parts of the latch are separated from each other and put them aside.
    • Now pull the door away from the unit and remove the two retaining clips that hold the door in place.

    You can also check to see if the door release button is stuck. You can do this by removing the three tiny head screws that hold the button in place.

    Then, gently pull the button up and down to see if it will move freely. If it doesnt, the retaining clips that hold the button in place are most likely the source of the problem.

    Ge Dishwasher Is Not Getting Any Power

    GE Dishwasher Won

    If the GE dishwasher seems to be having a power issue, like if you notice GE Dishwasher Not Starting, No Lights On The Panel, or it doesnt seem to be getting any power, then one possible cause may be that the wiring in your home is faulty.

    Fixing this could result in an operational dishwasher that will cut down on repair costs and time if you enlist professional help with installing new wiring.

    Please try to remember what you did before the dishwasher stopped working and dont do anything new or unusual. If it is an electrical problem, it is always best to consult an electrician first.

    Is the dishwasher breaker tripped or not? If you notice that the breaker is tripped, turn the power off by flipping it to OFF and then back on.

    To check the power issue, look for the, which can be found on the right side of the dishwasher. Check and make sure that power cables are installed correctly. If wires disconnect or get burnt, then you may experience a power issue after some time.

    Please turn off the breaker and remove any burnt wire connections. Then reconnect the cables again to the back of the unit in order for it to work properly.

    If the wiring appears intact, inspect the thermal fuse. If this is blown or out, replace it with a new one found in your kit.

    When a dishwashers thermal fuse is broken, the control board may overheat.

    This can be solved by replacing the broken thermal fuse.

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    Ge Dishwasher Not Starting Orange Light Blinking

    If you see an orange or amber-colored light in your GE dishwasher, then most of the time, its because of opening the door during a cycle.

    So try closing the door properly and make sure that you hear the latch engaging itself. If not, the latch might be broken.

    Sometimes, the door latch might be working fine, and instead, it could be an error in the sensor. Also, check if the dishwasher is fixed too tightly against the countertop, this can deform the latch.

    If this all seems complicated, its always best to call a professional.

    Pressing The Start/reset Button Twice To Reset The Dishwasher

    If you notice that most of the buttons are lit up and the dishwasher is not running, you probably pressed the Start/Reset button more than once. Depending on your model, the Start/Reset button, when pressed once, will start the dishwasher cycle. However, if pressed twice, the dishwasher will reset. Pressing the Start/Reset button will restart the cycle.

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    Replace The Touchpad And Control Panel

    If you still havent found the cause of the problem, the next step is to test and possibly replace the touchpad and control panel. To do that:

  • Try to press various buttons on the touchpad to see if they respond.
  • If some or all of the buttons dont respond, this means its faulty and will need to be replaced. If the touchpad is working fine, move on to step 6.
  • If you need to replace the touchpad, you might also have to replace the control panel at the same time, depending on your specific GE dishwasher model .
  • Once replaced, check to see if the dishwasher now starts. If not, move on to step 6.
  • Dishwasher Beeping Or Lights Blinking

    Dishwasher Has No Power

    Your dishwasher needs attention. Check the Owners Manual for more information on blinking lights and sounds. A beeping sound every 30 seconds indicated that the door of the dishwasher was unlatched during the cycle, to resume the cycle close the door. If the Start/Reset light is blinking, it indicates that the dishwasher has been reset. In case other lights are blinking, it might be due to an error. Try resetting your dishwasher by pressing the Start/Reset button and wait 2 minutes. If the problem persists, try disconnect and reconnect your device .

    Replace The Main Control Board

    If youve gone through all the other steps in this guide and still havent found the cause of your GE dishwasher not starting, your final option is to replace the main control board. The main control board is essentially the brain of the dishwasher, and if it becomes defective, your dishwasher wont start. The board is hard to test, so your best option is to just replace it and see if that fixes the problem however, you might decide its better to just buy a new dishwasher.

    Inspect The Electric Timer Control

    The timer control of a dishwasher is responsible for regulating the amount of time the dishwasher spins and each phase of its cleaning cycle. When the switch malfunctions, the dishwasher will not start. This timer is also connected to the control panel, and if the connection is broken, it will need to be re-established. If the timer is faulty or the control becomes faulty, it will need to be replaced.

    These timers are fairly expensive and typically run about $60 to $300 more. This being stated, you may want to get a few quotes for the timer control repair/replacement to determine if it’s worth it or if it’s better just to replace the entire dishwasher.

    Check The Door Switch

    If the latch is latching correctly, the door switch may have an electrical fault. The door switch allows power to the dishwasher only if the door is properly closed. Sometimes the door switch will come loose, or water can get in and damage it.

  • Disconnect the dishwasher from its power source.
  • On most models, the dishwasher switch can be accessed by unscrewing the control panel. On other models, the dishwasher front panel will need to be removed to access it.
  • If the door switch was not connected, plugging it in should solve the power issue.
  • To check if the door switch is faulty, disconnect it from the dishwasher and use a multimeter to check for continuity. If there is more than one wire connecting it, take note of where each wire goes.
  • If it fails the multimeter test, replace the door switch.
  • Check The Float Switch Assembly

    GE Dishwasher Wonât Start, Stop, Drain, etc.

    In order for the dishwasher to fill and drain, the float switch assembly has to work properly. If it is not, the dishwasher will continue to run.

    Step 1. Unplug the dishwasher.

    Step 2. In the front corner of the dishwasher, locate the float switch assembly under the float bulb.

    Step 3. Using a multimeter, test the float switch assemblys operation by setting your multimeter to x1. If you dont get a reading of zero or infinity, it should be replaced.

    Arms Floats And Motors

    To remedy a washer that doesn’t fill with water during the wash cycle, remove the unit’s lower rack and tap the cylindrical flood float cover — typically located in the front corner of the compartment — with a wooden spoon or similar utensil to depress it slightly. Sometimes, not running your dishwasher for a week or more can cause temporary failure to start, as the motor’s seals dry out and stick. In this case, remove everything from the washer’s interior compartment and dissolve about 3 or 4 ounces of citric acid — available from GE’s online parts store — in a quart of hot water. Pour the solution into the sump and let it stand for 15 to 30 minutes, then start the washer.

    Check The Drain Hose For Clogs

    If the drain hose is clogged, then water wont be able to drain.

    Step 1. Unplug the dishwasher

    Step 2. Place towels underneath the unit

    Step 3. Remove the lower front panel and locate the area where the hose connects to the drain pump.

    Step 4. Blow through the hose to check for any clogging air should pass through if there isnt any.

    Step 5. If the clog is near the front, you can remove it with a straightened wire coat hanger, but if it is near the end, you may have to replace it if you arent able to easily get to it.

    If the above did not help you solve your GE dishwasher draining problems consider this detailed article on how to solve GE dishwasher not draining.

    Door Is Not Properly Closed Open

    Most often, the start light will be blinking on its own when the door is opened halfway through. So make sure to close it and close it right.

    When you close the door of the dishwasher depending on the model you can hear the latch mechanism.

    So if you hear a snapping sound whenever you open and close the dishwasher, thats the latch mechanism engaging/disengaging the door.

    Depending on the model, you might be able to figure out if you closed the door properly by listening to this snapping sound. However, even after listening to the snapping noise, if the start light wont stop blinking, then youve probably got a defective door latch.

    Check The Ge Dishwasher Main Board Service Light

    GE Dishwasher Dead Display Diagnosis (GE Dishwasher Has No Lights)

    An LED is typically added to the main board of GE dishwashers to facilitate diagnostics.

    An excellent way to check if the board is receiving voltage is to access the mainboard and check the status of the service LED.

    If the LED is off , the unit is most likely not powered, so you should try these steps:

    Check if there is power in your house .

    Check the control voltages if there is power .

    Indeed, not turning the issue of GE dishwasher can also be a reason for low voltage or no power.

    If improper voltage was found, the main control board should be replaced. .

    Reminder: You will be contacted by the seller to ask for the model # before ordering, so be sure to double-check your GE dishwasher model number .


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