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Ge Dishwasher Won T Power On

Ge Dishwasher Door Spring Problems


If you are experiencing problems with your dishwasher door not opening or closing correctly, there is a good chance that the door spring is malfunctioning. Follow these easy steps to troubleshoot and fix the issue:

1. Check if the door is closed correctly by putting your hand inside the dishwasher and feeling for obstructions. If the door is not closing correctly, it may be because of an obstruction in the hinge or spring mechanism.

2. If the door does not close properly due to an obstruction, remove any items that may be blocking the door from closing completely. This includes cups or plates stacked on each other and large utensils stored inside the dishwasher.

3. If the obstruction still exists, replace the door spring with a new one. To do this, turn off the power to your dishwasher, remove the screws that hold the dishwasher cabinet, and then remove the dishwashers panel.

4. Next, take out the old spring and replace it with a new one. Make sure to match up the correct size and type of spring according to your model number. Finally, replace the screws and panel before reattaching them to the dishwasher cabinet.

5. Test the door to see if it opens and closes properly now. If not, continue to step 6 to fix any other problems causing the issue.

Dishwasher Door Lock Problems

GE designed the dishwasher so that if the door is open, the wash cycle will not start. This is just a safety measure to prevent water overflow that may occur in case the wash cycle starts with the door open. So, your dishwasher not filling with water could show that the door is open.

Remember, the control system can still detect a loose lock as an open door. Thus, ensure your locks are tight and in good condition.

Ge Dishwasher Not Starting Door Sensor

To start any cycle with a GE dishwasher, the door must completely shut and latch before the process begins. When the dishwasher recognizes that the door is closed, this is caused by the door sensor confirming that a successful latch has been made. Some owners have found though that when their dishwasher doesnt start, the problem is suspected to come from the door sensor itself, therefore, how can this be confirmed and resolved.

If your GE dishwasher is not starting and you suspect the door sensor to be the issue, hold down the Cycle Select and Start buttons for 5 seconds. If the lights on the display are solid, the door is latched. If the lights are blinking, the door is not latched, which is causing the sensor to go off.

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Do Ge Dishwashers Have A Lot Of Problems

GE dishwashers dont have a lot of problems and their problems arent any more frequent or severe than other brands. GE is a reliable company.

The most common problems GE dishwashers have are water filling issues, water leaks, draining problems, and the appliance suddenly stopping during a wash cycle.

There are also cleaning issues which means the drain can get clogged. However, you are supposed to clean your dishwasher twice a year to prevent that.

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Ge Dishwashers Selector Switches Could Be Having Problems

ge dishwasher not starting lights on

The selector switches play an important role of turning the unit to various wash, rinse, and drying settings using selector switches. Each setting has its own switch, and these switches will not operate correctly if the control panel fails.

The GE dishwasher will also not turn on if the switches get broken or lose their connection to the control panel. If this is the case, you will have to dismantle the dishwasher and replace the selector switches.

Selector switches are readily available. They dont cost more than $30. And you can replace them without the help of a professional.

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Ge Dishwasher Wont Start But Has Power

GE dishwashers are the cream of the crop in their category. But even with their ratings being as high as Bosch, Whirlpool, and Samsung, theyre still subject to mechanical and operational problems

And if your GE dishwasher wont start but has power, then you know what I mean when I say no appliance is 100% perfect. But why would a dishwasher that worked perfectly yesterday morning stop working all of a sudden?

The GE dishwasher wont start even if it has power because the child lock is active, the door latch or switch is faulty, you havent closed the units door, or theres an issue with the cycle setting. The drive motor might be faulty, the timer may be incorrect, or there may be a water supply issue.

My goal with this guide is simple.

I want to help you understand why your GE dishwasher wont start despite getting the right power supply from an outlet.

Then, I will recommend an easy and quick DIY fix for each problem, so you can get your unit back in normal operating condition once again.

Lets get started:

Ge Dishwasher Water Leaks

If you have a GE dishwasher, then you should check for leaks. A leaky faucet or pipe usually causes it.

It can cause staining on dishes, floors, walls, etc. So, you must find where the leak is coming from and fix it.

You can use the following methods to locate the source of the leak:

1. Disconnect the unit from the outlet.

2. Take the access panel off the unit.

3. Remove the three Phillips screws securing the access panel.

4. Pull away the access panel.

5. Make sure that all seams and joints are free of water stains or discoloration. See if you can get water if you poke an awl or a screwdriver into the seam or joint. Then, blot up the water using a paper towel or a rag.

6. Make sure the unit or its components have no dry spots. If there are any, add more liquid soap or baking soda to the rinse aid dispenser.

7. The drain pump and motor need to be checked if you still have water spots after performing the above steps. These are the two most likely places where a leak can occur.

8. Check for pinhole leaks where the drain line enters the unit.

9. Also, ensure the drain hose is not leaking anywhere between where it leaves the dishwasher and where it enters your plumbing system.

10. If you notice a leak, use a piece of rag or paper towel to blot up the water. Use caution not to over-tighten, or you may cause the leaky part to come off.

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Cancel Child Control Lock

Child locks prevent children from accidentally turning on the dishwasher. So if child locks are activated, this mechanism can prevent your dishwasher from starting.

Check your owners manual for instructions on how to disable child controls. If you do not have a copy, the GE website provides downloadable manuals specific to model numbers.

Usually, for the newer models, you lock and unlock child controls by pressing the Dry Boost pad at the same time as the Steam-Sani, Pre-soak-Sani or Sanitize pads for three seconds.

There are other methods for disabling child locks on newer models. Press and hold the Cycle pad for three seconds. Otherwise, press and hold the Dry or Dry Boost pad and the Steam pad simultaneously for three seconds.

If your model has a lock control light, it should turn off if the child lock is deactivated. The child lock is activated if the light is on.

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Ge Dishwasher Not Starting Wash Cycle

GE Dishwasher Won’t Start Fix

Here are some possible causes and how to fix them.

If your GE dishwasher doesnt seem to be starting the wash cycle, there could be a few different reasons why. First, check to make sure that the dishwasher is properly plugged in and that the power source is working. If thats not the problem, then it could be an issue with the dishwashers door latch. Try opening and closing the dishwasher door to make sure that its properly latched.

If neither of those solutions seem to be working, then there could be a problem with the dishwashers control panel. If the control panel isnt working properly, you may need to replace it.

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Check These Elements And Parts If Ge Dishwasher No Power

If it turns out that these nine reasons are also not what happened to your unit, hold on a little longer because we will try to give suggestions to examine some of the elements and interiors of this unit.

Before we begin, we hope you first turn off all electricity to the unit. The goal is that when inspecting elements and parts, there is no additional risk. If so, proceed with checking in some parts of this dishwasher:

Dishwasher Not Draining At The End Of The Cycle

When the dishwasher drains improperly, the drain line is blocked by debris. Therefore, you must remove the access panel and clear the drain line to clean it.

There are a few other reasons GE dishwashers are not draining correctly:

  • Faulty pump, etc.

You also need to check every part of your dishwasher for possible damage and repair or replace it if necessary.

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Check The Water Supply

Sometimes, your GE dishwasher may not run when there is no water inside it.

Check the water connection and ensure water flows from the sink outlet to your dishwasher.

Also, check that the water valve is opened to ensure the proper flow of water to the dishwasher, and that its drain function is properly working.

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Blockage In The Water Supply Line

My Ge Dishwasher Beeps And Won

Regardless of how clean water comes from the source, it can always get contaminated along the way. For instance, corrosion in the plumbing pipes can cause the water to come out discolored. Similarly, water from the source can accumulate debris in it.

This debris may cause the water supply line to block, hence, preventing the smooth flow of water into the dishwasher. You may want to call a service technician to come and take a look at your plumbing system as well as the dishwasher.

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Your Ge Dishwasher Has A Control Board Problem

If youve tried everything else in this guide and you still cant get your GE dishwasher to start despite having power, there could be a problem with the main control board.

And your only best option is to have a new control board installed in the place of the existing one.

The GE WD21X24799 Genuine OEM Dishwasher Control Board is one of the top-rated options that goes for under $100 at the time of this writing.

The main control board is essentially the dishwashers brain, and if it fails, your dishwasher will not start. Because the board is difficult to test, your best choice is to just replace it and see if it solves the problem.

To be clear, replacing the main control board is a much better option and easier than buying a new dishwasher. If you cant replace the board yourself, have professional help you do it at a small fee.

Ii Malfunctioning Electric Control Or Timer

If the door latch assembly is not the guilty party, you might want to check the electric timer control. This component is linked to the control panel and decides the duration of the wash cycle. If the electric control has gone kaput, the timer wont receive the power needed to start the cycle, which can prevent your appliance from turning on. The same goes if there is an improper connection between the timer and the control panel.

How to test the electric control:

  • Unplug your dishwasher.
  • Locate and remove the timer from your appliance. As previously mentioned, it is usually found in the control panel.
  • If your timer has several contacts, make sure to refer to your models wiring diagram. This will give you an idea of which wires or contacts you have to test.
  • Ready your multimeter by setting it to the Rx1000 setting. Connect to probes with the relevant contacts. Dishwasher timers typically measure anywhere from 2000 and 3500 ohms of resistance, although it may still vary from one make to another. Again, consult your owners manual to be sure.
  • If the reading that you get falls outside of the recommended range, you will have to get a replacement electric control timer.
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    Ge Dishwasher Wont Startbut Has Power

    If the dishwasher is not starting up, there are several reasons why this could happen.

    The first thing to check is whether the power supply is working correctly. If everything seems fine, try unplugging the kitchen appliances, including the GE dishwasher, lights, fans, and other electrical devices. Then plug back in one appliance at a time until you identify the problem.

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    Also, check the electrical connections at the panel board. Make sure they are tight and not loose. Also, make sure that all of the wires are connected correctly.

    Ensure the circuit breaker panel is installed correctly and not overloaded. Check if the fuses are blown and replace them if necessary. Any circuit should not exceed 40% of its total amp-hour capacity.

    If all the above checks come back fine, checking the wiring of the GE dishwasher may help you determine what is wrong with the unit, including proper connection to the terminal or broken insulation. If any damaged wire is found, repair it immediately.

    If none works, there might be a problem with the water valve controlling water flow.

    Check The Touchpad Or Buttons

    Dishwasher Diagnostic No Power & Not Starting – GE,General Electric,RCA,Hotpoint GLD4100M00CC

    A fault with your dishwasher controls is most commonly found when some buttons work but others dont. Make sure the dishwasher is disconnected from the power before proceeding.

    • The touch pad is usually part of the control panel. Check the connection between the touchpad and the control board.
    • Look for any signs of corrosion and clean with a soft pencil eraser.
    • Dishwashers with mechanical selector switches can be tested for continuity with a multimeter. Referring to the wiring diagram will help with this test.

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    Water Supply Is Turned Off

    If there is no water coming into your dishwasher, then it obviously wont be able to start washing your dishes! To check if this is the case, open up the dishwasher door and look for a small knob or switch labeled Water Supply.

    If this switch is turned to the OFF position, then simply turn it to the ON position and wait a few minutes for the water to start flowing into the dishwasher. Once the water supply is turned on, try starting your dishwasher again and see if it works.

    Check The Ge Dishwasher Main Board Service Light

    An LED is typically added to the main board of GE dishwashers to facilitate diagnostics.

    An excellent way to check if the board is receiving voltage is to access the mainboard and check the status of the service LED.

    If the LED is off , the unit is most likely not powered, so you should try these steps:

    Check if there is power in your house .

    Check the control voltages if there is power .

    Indeed, not turning the issue of GE dishwasher can also be a reason for low voltage or no power.

    If improper voltage was found, the main control board should be replaced. .

    Reminder: You will be contacted by the seller to ask for the model # before ordering, so be sure to double-check your GE dishwasher model number .

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    Child/control Lock Is Activated

    The dishwashers control panel is not working because the child lock feature has been activated. You will need to disable the control lock before you can use the control panel.

    GEs dishwashers come with a child lock that lets parents keep kids out of the appliance. Since children cant reach in, it also helps keeps hands and feet out of the bottom racks and prevents broken fingers.

    To deactivate the Control Lock feature on GE dishwashers:

    Press and hold the LOCK pad for three seconds. Enter your four-digit passcode . The lock icon will blink twice to indicate that the Control Lock feature has been turned off.

    You will have to use your product manual for this task, but you can also try locating it online. Its usually under Programming or Settings.

    Check The Dishwasher Filter

    GE Dishwasher Wonât Start But Has Power! (8 Reasons &  Fixes)

    Certain models of GE dishwashers have a removable filter. If your model has such a filter, check that it hasnt become clogged with debris.

    To check the dishwasher filter, disconnect your dishwasher from its power source and then remove the filter. If you have a filter, it will be near the bottom of the appliance. Once you have the filter out, give it a good wash with soapy water, removing anything stuck on the filter.

    While you look around the bottom of the dishwasher, also check the entire sump, or bottom area, to make sure theres no remaining debris or food particles that could make it harder for the appliance to drain.

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    Ge Dishwashers Drive Motor May Be Faulty

    The dishwashers drive motor is one of the most critical parts of its operation because it drives the dishwashers spray arms.

    When the drive motor fails, the dishwashers water will stop running and the unit may even fail to start depending on the model you buy.

    Also, if the dishwasher made any weird noises in the last few days or weeks, its an indication that the drive motor is most certainly deteriorating and certainly needs a replacement.

    A drive motor for the GE dishwasher such as GE WD26X10013 OEM Pump and Motor can make a good replacement.

    Again, such a replacement part is a better option to consider as opposed to buying a new set of dishwasher.


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