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Ge Dishwasher Gdf510 640 Series

Faulty Drain Pump Impeller

GE dishwasher not starting – How to fix

This is one of the most common repairs for a GE dishwasher that doesnt drain.

The drain impeller pushes water through the drain hose and into the drain line or garbage disposal.

When this part goes bad, the whole drain pump need to be replaced. Heres how to replace it:

  • Turn off and disconnect the water supply, as well as the power supply.
  • Unattach the mounting brackets so you can pull the dishwasher out from under the counter to access the bottom.
  • Lay the unit on its back
  • Remove the wiring harnesses from the drain solenoid and the other from the motor
  • Loosen the clamp that goes to the sump, and also the outlet for the pump to the center spray nozzle
  • Remove the clamp on the drain return line. Be sure to keep a container or towel near, as there will probably be water in this hose.
  • Remove the support clamp for the motor
  • Tilt the motor towards you and disengage it from the bottom of the tub to pull it out
  • Move the pump and motor assembly to a suitable work area
  • Remove the cutter blade and discard hold the motor shaft while doing so
  • Remove the grater and discard
  • Remove the wear ring retainer and wear ring, discard
  • Remove the impeller. Hold the motor shaft while doing so
  • Remove the pump from the motor. Slide the pump off the motor shaft, set aside
  • Remove the seal from the pump, discard the old seal
  • Clean out any debris and begin reassembling the parts
  • User Manual Gdf530pgmcc Ge Dishwasher With Front Controls

    GE Series: GDF510-640 Series, GDT535-635 Series, GDP615 Series


    Features and appearance will vary throughout this manual

    1. Load Dishwasher

    For best dishwashing results, follow the loading guidelines found in the Loading section. No pre-rinsing of normal food soil is required. Scrape off hard soils, including bones, toothpicks, skins, and seeds. Remove leafy vegetables, meat trimmings, and excessive amounts of grease or oil.

    2. Add Detergent

    Add needed amount of detergent to the detergent dispenser. Use detergent such as Finish® Quantum® Automatic Dishwashing Detergent. See Dispensers section.

    3. Add Rinse Agent

    Add rinse agent such as Finish® Jet-Dry® Rinse Aid to the rinse agent dispenser. See Dispensers section. NOTE: The use of rinse aid can further enhance the dishwashers drying performance.

    4. Select Cycle

    Press the Select Cycle pad for the desired wash cycle. The light next to the Select Cycle pad will be lit to indicate which wash cycle has been selected.

    NOTE: Cycle times vary based on soil level, water temperature, and options selected. The cycle may be selected with the door in the open position.

    The cycle will not start until the Start pad is pushed and the door is closed within 4 seconds.

    AutoSense This cycle automatically senses the soil level and adjusts the wash cycle accordingly. *Time range: 1 hour 50 minutes – 2 hours 5 minutes.

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    Ge Dishwashers Sanitize Light Blinking

    We mentioned before that individual lights assigned to their respective commands/features blink when theyve got specific errors.

    One of these specific errors is when the light assigned to the Sanitize command will be blinking.

    The sanitize light will start to blink when the dishwasher senses that the temperature inside the dishwasher is not hot enough for sanitizing.

    Most of the time, this is due to a broken heating coil. However, there can also be an issue with the temperature sensor, i.e., the thermistor.

    After a thorough diagnosis, these components will need replacing.

    How To Reset A Ge Dishwasher

    User manual GE GDF630PSMSS (English

    Discovering your GE dishwasher seems to have no power or is flashing and beeping for no apparent reason can be an unwelcome surprise or frustration that might have you thinking you need to call a dishwasher repair technician. However, theres no need to fret, as chances are the issue can be resolved by performing a dishwasher reset.

    How you reset your specific GE dishwasher will depend on its model number and whether it has the control panel on the front or on the top of the door. What caused the dishwasher to not work as normal may also dictate the reset instructions that will work best for you. We will do our best to cover all the different models and types of reset that will work for your specific problem.

    To summarize, you should be able to reset your GE dishwasher by one of the following:

    • Pressing the Start/Reset button


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    Ge 24 Top Control Built


    Product Description


    Width: 23.86″ Height: 33.7″ Depth: 27″

    Shipping Dimensions

    Width: 26″ Height: 35″ Depth: 27.4″


    Unique Features

    No Soaking Needed:Before a wash cycle starts, the Steam Prewash helps loosen soils, virtually eliminating the need for soaking or pre-rinsing dishes.

    Piranha Hard Food Disposer:A stainless steel blade rotates at 3,600 RPM to pulverize food residue and prevent large particles from clogging the wash arms.

    CleanSensor Wash System:Use only as much water as needed with this state of the art laser technology. If it finds the water is still soiled, the sensor will call for more water or extra cycles as required.

    Half Load:Conserve time and energy by washing a half load whenever you need to, instead of waiting on a full load.

    Sanitize Cycle:A clean home is a healthy home count on the NSF-certified sanitize cycle to eliminate household bacteria from dishware.

    ENERGY STAR® Certified:This model meets strict government standards for efficiency, so you can rest easy knowing youre keeping your bills low and staying green.

    General Details

    Page : Getting Started

  • Page 6 Getting started Select Options The light by the selected pad will be lit to indicate which Option has been selected. Wash This option increases the temperature to help clean heavily soiled dishes and will increase the Temp cycle time by 20 to 50 minutes. Option may be turned On or Off during the wash cycle. This Boost option will also improve dry performance on the Normal cycle.
  • Page 7 Getting started Start Dishwasher Start Door can be open to select the desired options. Press the Start pad and close the door within 10 seconds to start the cycle or begin the Delay Hours countdown. The wash cycle will begin shortly after closing the door.
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    Drain Pipe And Garbage Disposal

    Before checking the dishwasher components that could be responsible for the drainage problem, check that the pipe the dishwasher drains into is not clogged. If the dishwasher is connected to a garbage disposal, make sure the disposal is clear of debris. Note that the garbage disposals drain tube that connects to the dishwasher drain hose can become clogged. Detaching the drain hose and clearing the disposals drain tube may fix the drainage issue. If the dishwasher has been recently installed, make sure the garbage disposal knockout plug in the garbage disposals drain tube has been removed.

    Door Is Not Properly Closed Open

    GE Dishwasher not Drying Dishes ⦠Easy Fix

    Most often, the start light will be blinking on its own when the door is opened halfway through. So make sure to close it and close it right.

    When you close the door of the dishwasher depending on the model you can hear the latch mechanism.

    So if you hear a snapping sound whenever you open and close the dishwasher, thats the latch mechanism engaging/disengaging the door.

    Depending on the model, you might be able to figure out if you closed the door properly by listening to this snapping sound. However, even after listening to the snapping noise, if the start light wont stop blinking, then youve probably got a defective door latch.

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    Ge Dishwasher Not Starting Orange Light Blinking

    If you see an orange or amber-colored light in your GE dishwasher, then most of the time, its because of opening the door during a cycle.

    So try closing the door properly and make sure that you hear the latch engaging itself. If not, the latch might be broken.

    Sometimes, the door latch might be working fine, and instead, it could be an error in the sensor. Also, check if the dishwasher is fixed too tightly against the countertop, this can deform the latch.

    If this all seems complicated, its always best to call a professional.

    Press The Start/reset Button

    If the lights are blinking and the dishwasher is beeping, it can be as simple as pressing the Start/Reset button to return the dishwasher to normal. The issue could also be caused by the door being open, where closing the door properly resolves the issue. If the issue remains, disconnecting the power will likely solve the problem.

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    Check The Door Switch Operation

    The door switch is commonly a culprit when a dishwasher wont start or run.

    Here you may need to enter the error code mode .

    To switch to the diagnostics error code mode:

    When the appliance is in Stand-by Mode , proceed to press and hold down these two buttons combined for 5 seconds..

    Cycle Select + Start .

    The machine will perform a Door Status Check for 10 seconds on entering diagnostic error codes mode.

    Note that if all the LEDs illuminate solidly, the door will have been detected as latched firmly.

    On the other hand, you should try to shut the door correctly if all the LEDs are flashing at the end of the check.

    Quick Tip: Be sure to press the Start pad within 5 to 10 seconds of shutting the door.

    Side note: These machines also usually fail to start if the door latch is not functioning properly so it is important to check and repair/replace the latch, if needed.

    Remember to troubleshoot door problems further if they persist .

    Ge Dishwashers Lock Light Is Blinking

    User manual GE GDF510PSMSS (English

    Depending on the model, some controls start blinking their Lock light when the child lock is enabled. When this happens, the controls on the dishwasher are unresponsive, and several buttons will also start blinking when you press on them.

    So before you start to panic and do a hard reboot. We suggest that you check if the child lock is enabled.

    In some models, the light above the Lock button will be blinking or just switched on. If there is no Lock button on your control panel, then look for the Heated Dry button, which also shares the Lock function.

    You can disengage the lock by pressing the Lock button twice or holding the Heated Dry button for 3 seconds.

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    Air Gap And High Loop

    If your dishwasher drain hose does not connect to a garbage disposal, it may connect to an air gap. If you do not have an air gap, the drain hose may be positioned in a high loop underneath the sink. Both the air gap and high loop are designed to stop wastewater from flowing back into the dishwasher during the draining cycle. If the air gap is clogged or the drain hose is not in a high loop position, then water backing up and not draining may be causing the drainage issue.

    The air gap is usually a fitting mounted to the sink or kitchen cabinet. The air gap works by sending air into the hose, which eliminates the negative pressure that can cause the discharged wastewater to return to the dishwasher. The air gap can be inspected and cleaned of debris by removing the cover and cap.

    The high loop method works by looping the drain hose up so that it is secured just under the sink. Check the dishwashers manual for the correct specifications for your dishwashers drain hose.

    Resetting During A Cycle

  • 1Press the Start/Reset button to cancel the cycle. If your machine is malfunctioning mid-cycle or you forgot to add a dish, youll need to reset the cycle. For front-control washers, press the Start/Reset button. If you have a top-control washer, carefully open up the top of the dishwasher door and press Start/Reset, then close the door.
  • Dishes can be added at any point up until the main wash.XResearch source
  • 2Wait 2 minutes while the water pumps out. Make sure to wait before opening the machine and adding dishes. During this time, you may see a blinking light, which means that the machine is resetting. Make sure the light has stopped blinking before starting up the machine again.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • 3Unlatch the door carefully and load any additional dishes. Be careful of any hot steam or water. Place any extra dishes in the dishwasher and start a new cycle by pressing the Start button again and push the door closed until it latches.XResearch source
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    Beeping Sound Every 30 Seconds To A Minute

    Whenever theres a beeping sound every 30 seconds to a minute, its most often the dishwasher door not getting latched correctly, especially during a cycle.

    So whenever you are starting a cycle, or opening the dishwasher halfway through a cycle to add another dish the dishwasher will give out this beeping noise to remind you to close the door properly.

    What Causes The Dishwasher To Need Resetting

    GE Dishwasher Mod# GDF510PGJ2BB

    There are several reasons why your dishwasher may need a reset. The more common reasons are a power surge, pressing the start button too many times, a failing component, or an aging control board.

    If the dishwasher has been working without any issues or error codes showing, it is unlikely a more serious issue, like a failing component or defective control board, is responsible.

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    Why Does My Dishwasher Smell

    A smelly dishwasher is a common occurrence. A fishy or rotten-egg-like odor coming from your dishwasher often stems from food particles that have accumulated in the filter or crevices of your appliance over time. Fortunately, getting rid of the smell is often an easy fix. Follow our step-by-step guide to getting rid of dishwasher odors, and learn how to prevent them from coming back.

    Incorrect Dishwasher Cycle Settings

    When starting your dishwasher first make sure a cycle is selected. The dishwasher will not start until a cycle is specified. Meanwhile, certain features like the GE dishwasher child lock setting or Delay Start feature can prevent an immediate start. Check your control panel display codes to see if these settings are enabled. Holding down the Start button for 3 seconds should disable any selected cycle.

    In some cases, moisture or damage to the control panel could result in the GE dishwasher display not working properly, preventing cycle selection. We recommend that a professional service assess and replace the display if necessary.

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    Dishwashers Controls Are Locked

    One situation where the controls become unresponsive is when the child lock is engaged. With this mode enabled, any button you press will not respond.

    Depending on the model, you may have a dedicated button for the lock, or it might share the Heated Dry button.

    To unlock the GE dishwasher, double-tap the Lock button, then the light above it will go off. In other models, press and keep holding the Heated Dry button for 3 seconds until you hear a beep, followed by the light going off.

    If you are sure that the controls have frozen due to an error, then you will have to perform a quick reset.

    Why Wont My Diswasher Drain

    User Manual GDF530PGMCC GE® Dishwasher with Front Controls

    If your dishwasher isnt draining properly, leaving standing water at the bottom of the tub after a cycle, you most likely have a clog. Lets troubleshoot the most common culprits of a clog:

    • Check the drain filter: Leftover food particles can often clog your dishwashers drain filter, preventing it from draining properly. To clean the filter, remove it from the dishwasher and soak it in hot, soapy water. Clean off particles with a sponge or scrub brush. Before reinserting the filter, check that the dishwasher drain is free of particles and remove any debris.
    • Check the garbage disposal: Some dishwashers link up to the garbage disposal, so if that drain is blocked, your dishwasher might not be able to drain how its supposed to. Keeping all drains clean and free of food will help everything run smoothly.
    • Make sure the air gap is intact: The air gap is important because it helps the dishwasher drain properly without creating a vacuum and preventing water from flowing out. If it becomes blocked by food or other debris, it could lead to water overflowing where it shouldnt. Use a plumbers snake to regularly clean out pipes and hoses and make sure theres no buildup.

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    How To Replace Control Board On Ge Dishwasher

  • Turn the breaker off.
  • Remove the bottom cover .
  • Remove the two screws on the metal cover.
  • Now get the metal cover out to expose the main control board.
  • Next, unplug the wire connectors .
  • Remove the control board.
  • Snap the replacement main control board in place.
  • Reattach the wiring.
  • Test if the dishwasher will now turn on .
  • Quick Tip:This YouTube video demonstrates the replacement procedure step by step .


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