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Diy Clean Dirty Dishwasher Sign

Free Dishwasher Clean Dirty Sign Printable

DIY Dollar Tree Dishwasher Sign!

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Want a cute clean dirty dishwasher sign printable that even your kids can understand and use? Then youre in luck with this free printable dishwasher sign! Keep scrolling to learn how to download, print, cut, and assemble these free printable clean dirty dishwasher signs yourselves.

At our home weve been trying to get our girls to start doing some chore-like things around the house. One of those is to simply clear the table and load the dishwasher with their dirty plates and utensils when we are done eating.

However, we have run into a slight problem with dirty dishes ending up with clean ones in the dishwasher a few times. The girls want to be helpful and do as we ask, but they dont always know if it is currently full of clean or dirty dishes.

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To solve that problem, Josh and I decided to put a dishwasher Clean Dirty sign on our dishwasher door.

I was hoping to find a printable, but didnt really. So, I decided to make my own sign for our dishwasher, complete with pictures and instructions. I used Microsoft Word and some clip art, and voila!

Free Printable Clean And Dirty Dishwasher Indicator

Both my husband and I set the dishwasher to run almost on a daily basis. And since life is so busy, we often forget to tell the other that we did so. As a result, the one who didnt set it to run is unaware of whether or not this has occurred and will often add dirty dishes amid the clean ones or re-run it by mistake.

Im sure this scenario is familiar. Add more family members who will set the dishwasher to run and it can become all the more confusing!

So I decided to design and make this lovely chevron clean and dirty dishwasher indicator. Its super easy to construct and it does great to communicate to others whether the dishes have been cleaned or not.

Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

Take the confusion out of doing the dishes with a Clean + Dirty Dishwasher Magnet. Now youll never wonder if the dishes inside the dishwasher are clean or dirty!

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Clean & Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who gets asked: Mom, are the dishes clean or dirty? In fact, I hear this question several times a week. So in an effort to help answer this question before it gets yelled in my direction from across the house , I decided I needed a magnet that I can stick to my dishwasher.

I was looking for something simple, small, reversible, and something that wasnt an eye sore. I also wanted the sign to get my kids to do the dishes without any whining, but 3 out of 4 aint bad.

If you happen to have the same needs that I do, take a look at the magnet I made, and be sure to grab your own printable so you can make one too!

Heres how-

My Little Dishwasher Magnet Secret

DIY Dishwasher Sign

How a dishwasher magnet and a little motivation gets this mom out of doing dishes every day.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to live with a small annoyance because you never think about it until you need it? Or maybe you think itll be difficult or expensive to replace or fix. Or maybe, like me, youre hoping someone else will take care of it before you have to?

This was me with our dishwasher routine.

If your family spends as much time arguing over whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher as mine does, then do yourself a favor and make up one of these cute magnets.

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Assemble The Dishwasher Sign

Use colored pencils to color in the words, or the cups if you prefer. When you’re finished coloring, carefully cut out both circles.

Use the acrylic craft paint to paint the mason jar lids. I used two different colors to help differentiate between the Clean side and the Dirty side, but I still wanted to use complementary colors that matched my kitchen decor. I like the multi-surface craft paint. It adheres to the metal lids wonderfully. It took two coats.

When the lids are dry, use Mod Podge to glue the paper circles to the lids. A layer of Mod Podge under the paper, and a thin coat of the Mod Podge over the paper and the painted lid. Let it dry completely.

My dishwasher does not have a great surface for using magnets, but if yours does then simply glue a magnet between each lid and you’re done! Because my dishwasher won’t hold a magnet well, I glued a loop of ribbon between the lids with E6000 Glue and hung the dishwasher sign with a command hook.

Now that we have this cute dishwasher sign my kids have stopped asking whether the dishes are clean or dirty anymore. They really like to change the sign themselves when we start or empty it too. Do you have a special system for getting your dishes done? Thanks for letting me share mine with you!

Would this solution help you with your dishwasher? Share and leave a comment below!

and you can see all the DIY projects I’m pinning!

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How To Make An Easy Clean Or Dirty Dishwasher Sign

August 12, 2016 by Katie Adams

Use Mason jar lids and this free printable to make a cute easy clean or dirty dishwasher sign. Never guess whether the dishes are clean or not again!

Hey! This is Kelli, stopping by today from Ks Craft shack. I’m so excited to be joining you here today to share these fun, easy Dishwasher signs.

I’m a former Culinary student who loves to cook so that means the number of dirty dishes we produce can be pretty impressive! We’ve been working with the kids to get them to load their own dishes into the dishwasher as they use them. They’re doing great, but I kept hearing the same question over and over again every day. “Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty?”

I’ve seen dishwasher clean/dirty signs before, but why buy one when it’s so easy to make it yourself?

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How To Make Your Dishwasher Magnet

  • First, download our clean or dirty dishwasher magnet printable
  • Cut out both the clean and dirty circles.
  • Wash + dry your magnet to make sure there is no dirt or residue.
  • Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the magnet, place one of the circles on it, then repeat on the other side.
  • Once semi-dry, use scissors or an Exacto knife to clean up the edges around the magnet that might be hanging over.
  • Paint a layer of Mod Podge on the top, bottom, and sides as a sealer.
  • Once completely dry, place it on your dishwasher and hear those angels sing!
  • With a few supplies, youll have a life-saving dishwasher magnet in no time!

    Gluing Middle And Back Layers

    DIY | Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

    The middle and back layers can be glued together.

    Hint: If you want to paint the inner side of a back layer it’s a good time to do it. If you do it after the gluing, it will be difficult to not block the slot by paint. In my case I didn’t paint the back layer because I think it will be covered by a “Clean – Dirty” sign. It’s up to you.

    Hint: I used a laminated paper as a background of my slider . But if you want, you can paint the background or draw whatever you like as your indicators.

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    Dishwasher Clean Or Dirty Sign

    OK ladies who wants a little help in the kitchen? I am beyond grateful that my husband cooks and that leaves me to do the dishes, which I dont mind a single bit. BUTwhen my kiddos take full advantage of playing dumb and not knowing if the dished are clean or dirty I loose my cool, calm, collected mom state. I mean reallyhow hard is it, right? Maybe you have a loved one in your home that just cant seem to tell if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty and conveniently leave you a sink full of mess. I have a solution for you and it is pretty and simple to make!

    This post contains affiliate links, this means if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission, your price stays the same.

    Ive told you guys how much I love the products from A Makers Studio, Ive even started selling them. The mesh stencils are so cool and easy enough for even the unskilled crafter to use. The best trick is to look a the stencils and see how else you can use them, besides the obvious purpose.

    Take this beautiful plate with flatware stencil. I have a ton of ideas for it, but I just love the silverware part of it! I decided a cute sign would be perfect with just the silverware elements in use.

    This project started with some leftover drop cloth material. The cool thing about using fabric scraps is you can cut them to fit whatever project you are working on. I cut mine to fit the silverware portion of my stencil with enough room for words to go underneath.

    A Brief History Of Family Chores

    Several years ago I embarked on a mission to teach my kids how to become contributing members of society. AKA I gave them chores.

    Some chores were paid, some were unpaid. Some were assigned daily, weekly or monthly. One of their chores is to do the dishes for an entire week.

    The way we do it in our house is, when the dishwasher is empty or has a few dirty dishes in it waiting to be washed, the rest of the family is responsible for putting their plate, cup and silverware in after eating.

    If the dishwasher is full or clean, the rest of the family doesnt have to put their dishes in, but can set them in the sink or on the counter. Then the designated dish-doer for the week needs to empty the dishwasher as well as fill it with all the dishes that have accumulated while it was waiting to be emptied.

    Over time, our family has started describing this as the dishwasher is accepting dishes.

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    What You Do

  • Print the free printable dishwasher indicator onto a sheet of white cardstock. Use your printers highest quality setting so it looks nicer.
  • Using sharp scissors, cut out each of the three pieces.
  • Optional: laminate the three pieces then cut them out again, leaving a tiny bit of an edge so the laminating stays on.
  • Using a thumbtack or some other small, sharp, pointy object, poke the black dot centers on pieces B and C .
  • Place piece C on top of piece B and insert the brad, spreading the back part.
  • Carefully put glue around the inner edge of piece C as indicated in orange below.
  • Stick the united B and C pieces to the front of piece A.
  • Put something heavy on top of the indicator and allow to dry completely.
  • Test the center circle . It should be able to move pretty easily. If it doesnt, then the glue was too close to it.
  • Apply some sticky magnet strips or hook and loop strips to the back and put to use.

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