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Dishwasher With Bottle Jets And Third Rack

Wine And Stemware Holders

Bottle Jets

Theres no quicker way to end a soiree than opening a dishwasher full of shattered wine glasses and goblets. Luckily, manufacturers have started to include special stemware tines that cradle delicate glassware in for a full wash.

With the largest wine glass capacity , Thermador dishwashers are a must for vino aficionados, but this luxury feature can also be found readily on entry- and mid-end dishwashers. Wine clips, bottle jets , and removable wine stem racks ensure you always have room to wash your party essentials.

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About Stainless Steel Dishwashers

Stainless steel remains an unshakable appliance finish to this day. Despite manufacturers releasing fresh appliance colors in matte finishes or custom panels like Samsungs BESPOKE appliances, homeowners enjoy the versatility and affordability stainless steel offers.

When it comes to dishwashers, a stainless steel finish adds a touch of luxury to an appliance that is otherwise just another beast of burden in the kitchen. Additionally, a stainless steel dishwasher door can help muffle noise although the best solution is a stainless steel dishwasher tub. And even though stainless steel appliances faced their own critics when they first hit the market, todays steel finish appliances are more resistant to scratches, easier to clean, and more affordable than before.

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Shop Stainless Steel Dishwashers At Albert Lee

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Stainless Steel Dishwasher Pros


While upgrading to a stainless steel dishwasher will cost more, the investment comes with great benefits:


Modern stainless steel dishwashers are less prone to scratching and denting, and resist stains such as rust and water spots with minimal maintenance.


A white dishwasher isnt so easy to match a modern kitchen with, and a black dishwasher can make a space feel small. But stainless steel dishwashers are known for being compatible with virtually any kitchen design.

Antimicrobial Properties

Stainless steel naturally repels germs and bacteria and that counts when it comes to keeping your dinnerware sanitary.

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Service Is Convenient And Easy

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A comprehensive 4 Year plan that covers repairs to your appliance. Coverage begins upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Dishwashers With A 3rd Rack: Whats All The Hype

Did you know that the first mechanical dishwashing machine was invented in 1850 by Joel Houghton? It was made of wood and used a hand crank to spray water on dishes. Its safe to say dishwashing technology and design have come a very long way since then, evolving with innovations in designs, features, mechanisms, capabilities, and capacity, to add more convenience to our home life, whether you have a portable, built-in, or drawer model. And now, one of the latest advancements in dish care is a dishwasher with a 3rd rack! These dishwashing machines offer more flexibility, space, and improved performance when you wash a load of your dishes, cookware, and flatware.

Have we piqued your interest in 3 rack dishwashers? Read our skillfully created guide below for more details about everything you need to know about dishwashers with a third rack including their benefits, our top picks, or frequently asked questions youve been dying to have answered.

At a Glance:

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Why Trust Albert Lee

Since 1939, Albert Lee Appliance, a three-generation, family-owned business, continues to grow and serve the greater Seattle area with quality you can count on and service you can trust. We are proud to have served this community for so long and wouldnt be here without our loyal customers. There is a reason why we are Washingtons largest independent appliance dealer, and its not a secret. Simply put: We have the experience. We are the original appliance experts for over eight decades .

Best Overall: Ge 24 Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

GE Appliance Dishwashers With Bottle Wash Jets

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Model Number: GDP665SYNFS | Controls: Touch | Capacity: 16 Place Settings

Our best overall pick is this GE dishwasher with a third rack that offers all the space you could need to prep-wash for guest dinners and post-wash for the cleanup. With 16 place settings and a third rack to handle your flatware along with your smaller cooking utensils and dishware, you can easily knock out a tower of plates, bowls, pots, and pans with the one-hour wash, steam + sani, or one of the three other cycles. Best of all, the wash and dry systems use dedicated bottle jets to blast the hard-to-reach areas of tall items for the ultimate clean before equipping the Dry Boost with Fan-Assist to dry even the hard-to-dry glasses, plates, or bowls up to three times drier than a standard heated dry cycle.


  • 5 Programs and 11 options
  • Noise Level: 45 dB

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Dba Dishwasher With Bottle Wash Option And Printshield Finish

  • Everyday Price : $949.00
  • Height: 34.50Depth: 24.50

Bottle Wash Option

  • Provides spray nozzles in the upper rack that can be placed deep inside tall or odd-shaped items like bottles, glasses and vases to thoroughly clean them. Each nozzle is adjustable so it can be positioned to accommodate a wide variety of dishes.

Extended Heat Dry Option

  • Increases the cycle time for excellent drying performance.

Sani-Rinse Option

  • Heats the final rinse water to 155°F, eliminating 99.999% of food soil bacteria.

Concealed Controls

  • Offers tucked away controls on top of the dishwasher door, providing clean, uninterrupted front panel lines that help you match other appliances.

Premium Adjusters in Upper Rack

  • Raise and lower the upper rack with ease to accommodate tall items.

Filter-Based Wash System

  • Provides exceptional cleaning and drying, with wash arms designed to send just the right water pressure to key areas of the dishwasher.

PrintShield Finish

  • Resists smudges and fingerprints. The specialized coating for stainless steel is easy to clean with just water and a soft cloth, so you can spend more time cooking and less time cleaning up the kitchen.

ProWash Cycle

  • Determines the ideal cycle for washing dishes based on soil level and then makes real-time adjustments to achieve the best cleaning performance

Durable Stainless Steel Interior Heat Dry Option

  • Engages a recessed heating element during the dry cycle to ensure dry dishes.

SatinGlide® Max Rails 2 Rows Fold-Down Tines in Upper Rack

Best Dishwasher Features Of 2022

Modern dishwashers sometimes pack cool tricks inside seemingly ordinary exteriors. These subtle features are worth an upgrade.

Andrew Gebhart

Senior Producer

Andrew loves writing about cool, futuristic technology. He’s reviewed everything from vacuum cleaners to beer brewing robots in pursuit of the perfect smart home. He wants the smart home to make him feel powerful, and it’s getting there.

Plenty of dishwashers hide useful abilities and enhancements beneath mild-mannered exteriors. Many modern dishwashers look similar at a glance — they tend to have a 24-inch wide stainless steel front adorned with a simple company logo. Even the interiors usually hold two similar dish racks, each with a different set of foldable tines and spinning water jets beneath them. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll notice those interiors can vary wildly in the details.

The website of every major dishwasher brand boasts a plethora of available features for its models, all of which promise to make the chore of cleaning up the kitchen and getting dirty dishes spotless easier than ever. Some of those features are actually capable of handling the job. When shopping for a new dishwasher, make sure you buy a model that is up to the task and houses the best dishwasher features available. Here are the best options right now.

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Benefits Of A Third Rack Dishwasher

Dishwashers with a 3rd rack have plenty to offer their users in harnessing space, increased washing performance, and more convenience. Below, we have listed a few benefits that are integral to appliance shoppers like you.

  • Maximizes space: A third rack has 30 percent more loading area, providing more room for hard-to-place items like long kitchen utensils and silverware. It also eliminates the need for a cutlery basket, making more room for plates and cookware on the bottom rack.
  • Improves performance: Flatware always gets a proper clean on the third rack thanks to the tines that prevent them from nesting like silverware would in the basket.
  • Convenience: Since this rack is located at the very top of the dishwasher, meaning less bending down to reach lower racks and the basket, which your back will thank you for.

Gdp630pgrww Ge 24 Top Control Dishwasher

GE PDT855SMJES 24 Inch Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 3rd Rack, Wifi ...
GDP630PGRWW GE 24″ Top Control Dishwasher – WhiteItem#: gdp630pgrww$83.90Why don’t we show the price on the product page?Some manufacturers restrict how prices may be advertised. We are showing you our lowest sale price here in our pop-up cart.You may simply remove the item from the cart if you do not wish to purchase it. Remove From Cart

A comprehensive 2 Year plan that covers repairs to your appliance. Coverage begins upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Dishwasher Features You Wont Want To Miss

Youve done enough dishwashing to know that washing a load of dishes in a bad dishwasher is never as simple as loading up, pressing start, and continuing on with your day. The truth is, bad dishwashers create a sort of ritual: don the rubber gloves, grab your favor scrubber, maybe put on some music , follow with some spot-cleaning, load, and then you can relax.

However, anyone whos opened a finished load of dishes only to pull out a plate and say, I just washed these! knows not every dishwasher is the same.

If youre ready to put up the wash gloves and get back to enjoying your downtime, it might be time to upgrade to a new dishwasher. But before you start shopping, do it right by considering our list of the best dishwasher features.

Best Splurge: Electrolux 24 Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

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Model Number: EDSH4944AS | Controls: IQ Touch | Capacity: 14 Place settings

Invest in your dishwashing future with our Electrolux dishwasher that is more than worth it. Youll love the third-level rack that offers seamless organization for your culinary tools and silverware for a spotless clean. Plus, loading and unloading each cycle will be a breeze, and your back will thank you. Quietly running at 45 dB, your water bottles, pots, casserole dish, stemware, and pans will get a sparkling clean with the help of the LuxCare wash arm and its targeted wash zones. These wash systems ensure your dishes get the best and most efficient clean for all unique shapes and sizes, as well as the dishware that needs some extra elbow grease. But the feature thatll make you smile the most is the 30-minute clean cycle option, which is perfect for those days you realize last minute youre out of clean plates and cutlery an hour before your guests arrive.


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Kdfe204kbl Kitchenaid 24 39 Dba Front Control Built In Dishwasher With Third Level Utensil Rack

In DishwasherwithThird Level Utensil Rack – Black The quietest KitchenAid Dishwasher provides quiet cleaning without compromising performance, so theres no need to wait to run a wash cycle. A third level utensil rack holds silverware, serving utensils and spatulas, and an adjustable middle rack


Why Trust East Coast Appliance

GE Bottle Jets

Locally owned and operated since 1988, East Coast Appliance is the largest independent appliance dealer in Virginia. We sell it ALL from new name-brand appliances to scratch-and-dent appliances to our very own refurbished appliances. Aside from our huge selection of every major brand and everyday low prices, what sets us apart from our competitors is that we service what we sell and that we are locally owned and operated with factory-trained associates. And if youre a local, great news: East Coast Appliance is committed to providing the absolute lowest prices on the same available brand and model simply bring in the ad of the local retail competitor while the lower price is in effect, and youll receive your price match.

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Dishwasher Bottle Wash Jets

The Bottle Wash option is ideal for cleaning items with narrow openings. Four specially designed tines in the upper rack direct water and detergent inside containers like baby and sports bottles, wine flutes, and travel mugs to effectively clean those hard-to-reach areas.

The Bottle Jets clips hold bottles with small openings in place so water jets are directed inside the bottles to clean hard to reach areas. Clips can be installed or removed by simply slipping the clip opening over the top of the nozzle.

Features of Bottle Wash:

  • Each of the 4 Bottle Wash tines has 4 separate jets of water.
  • Removable clips on the tines hold items in place during the wash.
  • On/Off pad – Water sprays through tines even when “Off”. “On” adds additional wash time to ensure better cleaning.

General Information

View how the Bottle Wash Jets work:

Note: We do not recommend removing the Bottle Jets from the rack. However, the Bottle Jet clips can be removed. Without the clips, the Bottle Jets are not much more intrusive than a rack tine.

A Range Of Wash Capabilities

The modern dishwasher is capable of so much more than just washing your dishes. Whether its Signatures PowerSteam technology that delivers small water particles for a more effective clean, or GE dishwashers with WashZones that let you wash a true half-load, having more ways to wash your dishes adds value and convenience to a dishwasher.

Our must-have dishwasher cycles include:

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Best Stainless Steel Dishwashers On The Market

Stainless steel dishwashers are part of the new generation of home appliances that say goodbye to white and black finishes and hello to color options that look modern. A stainless steel dishwasher is an ideal choice for modern appliance shoppers who want a high-end look but arent ready to make the leap into custom panel-ready dishwashers. Stainless steel dishwashers might not cause the frenzy they used when first hitting the scene, but manufacturers are still making models that are beautiful, functional, and affordable.

Lets recap what makes these appliances so popular, which brands we consider exploring, and which products you should check out in this spotlight on stainless steel dishwashers.

Top 5 Stainless Steel Dishwashers


Were counting down five top-performing stainless steel dishwashers from five brands that lead the market in their class.

  • Bosch 800 Series 24″ Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher
  • Before you let the price of this Bosch stainless steel dishwasher change your mind, consider its scoring. With a 95 percent buyer recommendation, users agree that this best-selling dishwasher is worth every penny. Its beautiful exterior is matched by powerful dishwasher features like PrecisionWash with intelligent water and soil sensor and the CrystalDry mode that gets dishes 60 percent drier. Plus, you get maximum dish loading capacity with 16 place settings along with minimal noise with 42 decibels of sound while running.

    Best dishwasher features:

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  • Frigidaire® 24″ Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher
  • If youre looking for a low-budget stainless steel dishwasher, this model from Frigidaire might be the answer. Also a best-selling dishwashing machine, this pick features a clean stainless steel cover with smart sensors and an ergonomic spray arm on the inside. Despite being ENERGY STAR rated, youll still enjoy heated drying, a feature thats found on dishwashers higher up in price. Overall, this Frigidaire stainless steel dishwasher under $650 is a strong choice if you want the look with a few performance upgrades at a price that wont empty your wallet.

    Best dishwasher features:

    • ENGERY STAR certified

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    Best Value: Frigidaire 24 Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

    Shop Now

    Model Number: FDSH4501AS | Controls: Touch | Capacity: 14 Place Settings

    This Frigidaire dishwasher will keep a couple more dollars in your wallet while stepping up your dishwasher game. For the most optimal clean, this NSF certified dishwasher is equipped with a BladeSpray arm for a thorough wash, an EvenDry system that circulates airflow for a spot-less dry, and a third level rack that can fit more dishes without cluttering. Best of all, you can even do a much-needed cycle during nap time since your dishwashing machine wont make a peep operating at a quiet 49 dB.



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