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Dishwasher Safe Wood Cutting Board

A Thinner Option That Wont Get Smelly Over Time

Are Wooden Cutting Boards Dishwasher Safe?


Material: Richlite paper composite material |Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 0.25 inches |Care: Dishwasher safe

The Epicurean Kitchen Series is an awesome cutting board made of a paper composite material , says Hollingsworth. I love using this board to cut onions, garlic or anything that would perfume your board because unlike a wood board the scent washes right off. Available in four different sizes, Epicurean boards are dishwasher-safe and temperature resistant to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so theyre super handy and can be used as trivets as well.

The Best Wood Cutting Board: Teakhaus Edge Grain Rectangle Carving Board With Hand Grip

For a wood option, we highly recommend the striking and sophisticated Teakhaus Edge Grain Professional Carving Board with Juice Canal. Made from sustainably harvested teak, it feels better under a knife than most other boards we tested. It stays in place with minimal help, and at 15 inches by 20 inches, its generously sized but not so heavy that you cant easily move it. The Teakhaus also requires less maintenance than most wood boards, but its still far more vulnerable to moisture damage and staining than plastic. For those with the counter space and the patience for every-other-month oilings, we think this board will be a valued asset to your kitchen.

In every test, the Teakhaus allowed for smooth motion with a sharp knife, both parallel to and against the grain. The teak was hard enough to allow for clean cuts, but still soft enough to maintain a knifes sharp edge. The bamboo boards we tested were too hard on knife edges, while others, like the hinoki boards we tried, were too soft. Sushi chef Ken Legnon agreed: Its durable, but it still helps maintain your edge, long-term.

Teak wood fights off moisture more effectively than the most common wood-cutting-board materials, so it requires less oiling.

Freshware Store: Dishwasher Safe Wood Cutting Board

This wooden cutting board is an excellent choice for food lovers who want to own unique kitchen items. The board is inspired by the visual design of palm trees with wavy edges, which is perfect for dishes that require decorative attention.

I just got one of these in. It is enjoyable and easy to use, And the price is excellent too.

It is a dishwasher-safe cutting board and is the only one I have found perfect for working with knives of all sizes. All the previous boards I have tried either had lines on them or were too slippery or didnt clean well enough.

  • It is easier to clean than other kitchen accessories.
  • They are easier to store.
  • Come with less expensive.
  • They are available in different sizes and shapes.
  • It is also large enough to handle the job.


  • It is not suitable for the big stuff.

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Gorilla Grip Store: Gorilla

For many, using cutting boards with the rubber grips around the edge is an essential kitchen tool. The rubber of the chopping surface of this eco-friendly cutting board is perfect for gardening and meat prep and is safe for the dishwasher and microwave.

This Gorilla-grip Dishwasher Safe Cutting Board is a great way to bring a creative touch to any kitchen. It gives creative cooks the chance to express their unique creative side. It is dishwasher safe which means no more dirty dishes!

The purpose of a high quality cutting board is to protect the counter from cutting board oils, store your food, and look stylish. The gorilla grip cutting board features a rubber border that makes it easy to clean and protects the counter from cutting board oils. It also features a deep juice groove that stores foods.

Lastly, This cutting board is pure dishwasher safe with its non-porous material that prevents bending, cracking, and deformation.

  • The Gorilla-grip cutting board is stain and heat-resistant.
  • They are comfortable to use.
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use.
  • It can use on most surfaces.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • They are not recommended for microwave use.

What Should You Consider For Buying Dishwasher Safe Cutting Board

Cutting Board for Kitchen Dishwasher Safe, Wood Fiber Cutting Board ...

Theres a lot of choices when it comes to cutting boards. And while most of them are friendly and do the job, there is a lot you should think about. Lets go over the basics of what you should consider for choosing a dishwasher-safe board.

For Good Maintenance:

Well, maintenance is a term that is often used to describe a dishwashers hot water temperature. However, some feel that using a dishwasher-safe cutting board is a waste of time and energy because they believe dishwasher soap can not remove the food and bacteria from the wood.

They are wrong. Because the dishwasher is designed to be used at a particular temperature to ensure that the dishes or cutting boards are clean and not damaged by the drastic temperature changes, that is because dishwasher-safe boards last longer.

More Hygiene:

Bacteria from raw cuts of meat and unprocessed vegetables can lead to severe food-borne illnesses. Almost all dishwashers generate sufficient heat for a sufficient amount of time to kill any lingering bacteria. Alternatively, hand washing a wooden board can get it optically clean but not necessarily hygienically clean.

Knife Friendly:

Dishwasher-safe cutting boards are frequently promoted as the one thing you absolutely, positively must have to have a kitchen full of clean dishes but just because a product is dishwasher safe doesnt mean its the right choice for your knife blade.

Easily Affordable:

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A Handsome Pick From A Respected Brand


Material: Walnut | Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 1.5 inches | Care: Hand wash and dry

Both Hollingsworth and Faison are fans of John Boos wood cutting boards. I have been using this brand for many years and just love its durability, look and feel, says Hollingworth. Faison says theyre great for everyday use, but she also loves the look of the boards. Hard woods, like maple and walnut, are better at resisting bacteria. John Boos makes an 18-inch reversible round walnut board that is a workhorse in the kitchen and a stunner on the table at dinner parties.

What About Large Cutting Boards

Some large and heavy cutting boards such as those made of granite, marble, or tempered glass are not suitable for putting in the dishwasher due to their size or heaviness. Smaller tempered glass cutting boards that are not meant to be built into the countertop are dishwasher safe. However, keep in mind that glass, granite, and marble cutting boards are not good for your knives.

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Stainless Steel Cutting Boards

These cutting boards are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel and are corrosion-resistant, non-porous, and indestructible. They look attractive and you can use them as a dinner platter.

However, stainless steel is not gentle on your kitchen knives.

Stainless steel cutting boards are hygienic and dont tend to collect bacteria, stains, or odors. They are easy to clean and are dishwasher-safe. They are thin and will take little space in your dishwasher or kitchen cabinet.

What Other Customers Are Saying:

we put a CUTTING BOARD in the DISHWASHER and this happened…

Industrial Designer, Future Artificat

We love working with Hot Pop! We’ve gone to them repeatedly for big and small Laser Cutting projects, always with great results. We often involve them throughout the design process to help us tackle tough problems and come up with unconventional solutions.


Fashion Designer, VAWK

Amazing customer service and their attention to detail is beyond expectation. I’m excited to work on more projects with Hot Pop for our VAWK collections in the future.

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Which Type Of Cutting Board Is The Most Hygienic

According to the FDA, both plastic and wooden cutting boards are hygienic as long as they are cleaned often and replaced in a timely manner. Both wood and plastic have their perks when it comes 21 hygiene. Plastic can easily be placed into the dishwasher to be cleaned, however, wood is naturally anti-microbial so theres potentially less opportunity to miss those nooks and crannies where bacteria may be collecting.

The Best Plastic Cutting Board: Oxo Good Grips Carving And Cutting Board

Our pick

The OXO Good Grips Carving and Cutting Board is the best plastic cutting board for most tasks. Its 14.34-by-21.11-inch size is large enough to comfortably chop several vegetables for mirepoix or carve a 12-pound turkey. In our tests, the juice groove on the OXO board was able to hold a surprising amount of liquidan added benefit when chopping tomatoes or slicing a roast. And the grippy feet on the sides of the board keep in place better than other plastic boards that lack this helpful feature.

OXO made some minor adjustments to the Carving and Cutting Board in January 2020. The redesigned board is 0.2 millimeters thinner and features a slightly wider juice canal with pour spouts. The grippy sides are also a slightly different shape, but none of these changes affected the boards performance. We havent tried the beet and garlic tests on the new board, but a representative from OXO confirmed that the materials of the redesigned board are the same as on the older version, which we originally tested in 2017. In our previous tests, the OXO did an excellent job of resisting stains and odors. Weve also chopped on both versions of the board side by side and couldnt detect any significant difference.

All of OXOs products are covered by a satisfaction guarantee which states that you can return any product for any reason if youre not satisfied.

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Dishwasher Safe Wood Cutting Boards

Best Soaps For Cleaning Cutting Boards

Dishwasher Safe Wood Cutting Board To Save Your Time  GreenProduct.org

Unless your cutting board has come into contact with raw meat or fish , you can usually clean your board with soap and water. Never soak or put a wood board in the dishwasher, says Wasserman. A quick wash with a mild soap is best. Chef Frank Proto, an instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, explains that wood swells when it absorbs water, and then shrinks as it dries, causing splits and cracks which is why its important to never soak wooden boards. The dishwasher dries with high heat so youre going from a very wet environment to a very dry environment very quickly, making it swell and contract too quickly, he says. For handwashing, Proto likes Palmolive and Chef Hervé Malivert, director of culinary arts and technology at the International Culinary Center, uses Dawn dish soap, but adds that any antibacterial house dish soap with a clean, fresh smell will do the job in a pinch.

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Plastic Pick: Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Negative reviews address two main concerns: flexing of the center of the board while chopping, and knife scarring. Placing a towel under the board remedies the flexing issue. Our own testing saw an OXO board scar under hundreds of knife marks, but the same can be said for any board. In fact, we found the surface scarring actually gave the board better knife traction.

Your knife wont gouge the plastic on most chops and slices, but if the knife blade comes down particularly hard on the board, it can lock in place as if its cutting on a rail. Its a small issue that only happens once in awhile, but its something our testers experienced. The OXO board is also louder to cut on than our wood picks, especially if you dont have a thick towel or rag placed underneath it.

Best Teak: Teakhaus Edge Grain Carving Board

Where bamboo cutting boards were once seen as the cheaper wood-like cutting board alternative to traditional hardwoods, teak has been gaining momentum as a durable, sustainable, and reliable cutting board material. That’s because teak is a bit more water-resistant and requires less upkeep than wooden boards and even bamboo boards. Teak does require more diligent cleaning than a plastic board, but it’s as good for your knives’ edges as other woods.

The edge-grain board is a bit harder on knives than end-grain boards, which are made by gluing the sides of boards together. But the edge-grain style can often avoid moisture build-up and the ensuing cracking and warping better than end-grain boards.

At 24 inches by 18 inches, this cutting board may be too big for storage in most kitchens, but with its substantial size and beautiful color, it’s nice enough to leave displayed on the counter or tucked up against the backsplash. At over 14 pounds, this cutting board is unlike to slip and slide while in use, too.

Buy it: $100

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Epicurean Store: Epicurean Cutting Board Dishwasher Safe

I was skeptical about how much product such a small cutting board could hold but was amazed at how the board held the food without crumbling or warping. I was also able to use it as a serving bowl for a wide variety of foods.

After researching dozens of reviews of various cutting boards, I bought this one because of its reviews and price. I love the look of the wood fiber material. It is stylish, sturdy, and easy to clean with soap and water.

This Epicurean Cutting Board Dishwasher Safe cutting board is an excellent choice for those who love cooking and love the way they taste the flavors of their food. It is made from high-quality wood and has excellent stain and weather resistance properties.

  • Epicurean Cutting Board is a versatile product that can be used in the kitchen.
  • It can use for different purposes.
  • Also good value for your money.
  • Its resistant to water.
  • This board helps to keep knives sharp and in good condition.


  • Some users get issues getting earlier scratches.

A Maple Board With Grooves To Catch Juices

5 Ways to Clean and Maintain a Wood Cutting Board | Spotless | Real Simple


Material: Maple |Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 0.25 inches |Care: Hand wash and dry

John Boos makes a reversible maple cutting board that has grooves on one side which is useful when cutting meat or fish because it catches all the juices so you avoid a big mess when moving around your board, says Hollingsworth. Made from sustainably sourced American hardwood, it wont blunt your knives and its extra thick for added stability. The other side features a flat surface so it can double as a cheese or charcuterie board.

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Whats The More Sustainable Option: Wood Or Plastic

We recommend getting a wood cutting board if youre seeking a more-sustainable option. Once a wood board becomes deeply gouged after years of use, you can sand it down to restore its smooth surface, which extends its lifespan. Wood boards will last for decades if treated properly.

Teakhauss wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. This means that Teakhaus sources its wood from forests sustainably managed according to FSCs principles.

Plastic boards need to be replaced about every two years, according to the pros we spoke to . So they wont last as long as wood boards, which makes them less cost effective. We plan to do more research on the environmental impact of using plastic boards versus wood boards, but in the meantime wed recommend choosing one made from the latter material if you want to replace it less often.

Best Wooden: John Boos Reversible Maple Wood Cutting Board

The John Boos Maple Cutting Board is the priciest board in our roundup, but it’s also the most stunning. Made from sustainably-sourced, high-quality maple, the Boos Block is strong, durable, and is much easier on your knives than plastic cutting boards. The 24-inch by 18-inch by 1.5-inch pick is large , but it offers plenty of room for prepping multiple ingredients. One side of this reversible board features juice grooves , while the other side is flat. Space permitting, this board is made to be stored and displayed on your countertop.

While the Boos Block is pre-seasoned, it needs to be oiled before the first use , as well as on a regular basis. This board also needs to be hand-washed, so cleaning and sanitizing are a bit more involved. Regardless, this is truly a gorgeous cutting board that would make the perfect focal point of any kitchen.

Buy it: $147

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Plastic Boards Versus Wood Boards

Youll find boards made from a range of materials, but according to our experts, plastic and wood are the best for most kitchens. All of our testers agreed that wood boards feel better than plastic under a knife. When asked what board theyd most want to cut on, the chefs we spoke with tended to pick wood blocks. But when asked what theyd buy for a 22-year-old nephew or niece moving into their first apartment on their own, they each replied with some variation of a plastic board theyll probably treat terribly and replace in two years, similar to the boards they received from restaurant supply stores.

Some of our testers hated the look of plastic boards and didnt like the way the knife made contact with the board. Sam Sifton told us during testing, I dont like the noise and I dont like how plastic degrades. You can always sand a wood board, but you cant do that with plastic. That said, some people may simply not have room for a big slab of wood, or might want, as chef Michael Dimmer put it, a board they can leave in a sink overnight, or when have people over, and no harm done.

Plastic is a better surface for prepping raw meat, as its less likely to stain and can be washed in a dishwasher. However, as Sam Sifton noted during testing, Youre not bound by the rules of the health department in your own home. You can still use wood boards for preparing raw meats they just require more diligence when cleaning.




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