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Dishwasher Safe Travel Coffee Mugs

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How to Make Mugs with Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge

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Why Buy A Travel Mug

Besides the fact that a reusable cup is so much better for the environment, can you imagine how much money youd save, carrying your own coffee instead of buying it at a café day after day? Unlike a regular coffee mug, a travel mug is also meant for, well, travel, whether youre driving cross country, camping in the woods, or merely cramming yourself in a rickety train each morning, on the way to work. Many will work whether you prefer hot or iced coffee.

Other Travel Coffee Mugs We Tested

We reviewed more than 20 best travel coffee mugs in various shapes and sizes that were under $50. We wanted a stylish mug too. After all, these are accessories as much they are tools.

People love and swear by Oxo travel mugs, and we can see why. The mug is easy to hold and comfortable to sip from. It keeps beverages nice and warm, thanks to that trusty double wall of stainless steel vacuum insulation. However, the Oxo leaks a little when tipped upside down. We wouldn’t trust it when tossed in a bag and jostled around during a train commute, though it would sit nicely in a car’s cup holder.

Tied with the Oxo mug is the Chantal mug, which also has quality insulation. We like the button on the top, which releases a seal and allows you to sip from any side of the cup. It’s easy to use and easy to drink from. The mug is small, compact, and has a cute shape, but like the Oxo, it barely passes the leak test: a few pesky drops of water drip from the top when you shake it upside down.

Though the short Hydro Flask coffee mug wouldn’t pass the throw-it-in-your-bag test, we liked that it felt like a traditional mug. This mug has solid construction and excellent heat-retaining power. The press-in lid doesn’t seal off completelythe sipping spot stays openbut it does have some splash-resistance power that helps in transport. It’d be best for a driving or walking commuter. Plus, it’s great if you have a Keurig or other single-serving coffee maker that only works with a short mug.

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The Best Coffee Travel Mugs As Reviewed By Our Experts

The 12oz/360ml Tefal Travel Mug is more of a flask than a cup but is pretty easy and comfortable to sip from nonetheless. It claims to be completely leak-proof and it certainly kept its contents to itself when we took it for a walk stashed carelessly away in a bag.

While it was our second heaviest cup , it holds a lot, meaning you get more coffee bang for your buck. As with other Thermos flasks, the keep-warm facility is helped by rinsing it with warm wateror cold if you want to keep your drink coolbefore its filled. We found it kept coffee or tea drinkable for just under four hours but it can keep water or soft drinks cold for up to eight hours.

The top unscrews to reveal a wide mouth which means its easy to fill, then simply screw the lid back on and off you go. When you want to drink, you just push down the central button. It comes in stylish black or bold red and has a silicone outer that provided a secure grip. Its also dishwasher safe, which means cleaning is a doddle and theres a 17oz/500ml Grande version for those who like to go even larger.

For tea lovers, it also features a clever tea-bag hook in the lid, so you never have to dig it out with your fingers. While it is the heaviest of the mugs we tried, coming in at 18.7oz/531g unfilled, we felt it was worth the extra weight for how long it kept our drink hot. Grab one of these and then snap up one of our best coffee machine deals and you’re set for all your future coffee mornings.

How Do Ceramic Travel Coffee Mugs Work

Travel Coffee Mug With Handle Dishwasher Safe

If youre a coffee lover , chances are youve got a cabinet filled with at least a few ceramic mugs. Ceramic mugs tend to be the most popular choice when youre enjoying that cup of joe at home. They lack the metallic taste that comes with stainless steel cups, but a standard ceramic cup isnt very convenient to take on the road with you.

This is where owning a ceramic coffee travel mug can come in handy. Many ceramic mugs feature double-wall insulation, so there are two layers to keep your drink hot. They also keep your hands from burning off when youre trying to drink.

Some ceramic mugs may even feature an extra heat band to make the cup easier to grip if theres no handle. Talk about convenience!

Whether theres a heat band or not, one feature youll find on most ceramic travel mugs is a sliding lid. Sliding lids allow you to open and close the lid whenever you want. That way, theres less worry about accidental spills.

Youll also find that the best ceramic travel coffee mugs use lead-free materials. Nobody wants their morning coffee to land them at the doctors office for lead poisoning.

I know it sounds crazy in this day and age, but some ceramic mugs still include lead or cadmium in the glaze. For this reason, we recommend sticking with travel mugs that explicitly state theyre lead and cadmium-free.

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Otterbox Elevation Wine Tumbler

Technically this is a wine tumbler, but more often, I use it for iced coffee. It keeps my caffeine cold, fits the extra-large ice cube I put into the bottom, and doesnt leave rings on tables when I set it down. Plus, like all things OtterBox, its sturdyI dont have to worry about dinging or denting it when I inevitably drop or knock it over. Its smaller size means its also carry-on and backpack friendly. Madison Flager, senior commerce editor

Yeah But Whats The Deal With It

Carter Everywhere is a thermal mug that is resistant to the aromas of previous drinks. The ceramic coating inside the mug is odor-resistant and is designed to give you a full aroma sensation of your coffee. This is important because, in fact, its a big problem with insulated cups. While they undeniably retain heat, regrettably they also keep smells, fingerprints on the metal body and discoloration from coffee inside. Carter Everywhere Mug came to me for testing in a matte white version with a capacity of 355ml the perfect everyday capacity for me as a good coffee alternative at work . Well lets check it out!

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Custom Mugs For Your Business

The cost per impression on a mug is extremely low: custom branded mugs can last for an average of 3 years. Consider the exposure gained by having a mug on your desk in the workplace, in the kitchen, and even at home with guests visiting.

Patented Duraglaze Finish

This dishwasher-safe patented technology coats the mug pre-decoration to accept the finish. This works best with a photo print mug with no white border, a full top to bottom wrap. Duroglaze gives 4 years of life to a PhotoMug with no fade!

Our Duraglaze PhotoMugs have been independently tested to BS EN 12875-4 to over 2000 washes and confirmed 100% dishwasher proof. They simply will not fade. Furthermore, the Duraglaze PhotoMugs come in various body styles which are printed in full colour by dye sublimation, some of them right from top to bottom, for photo quality print unobtainable by any other means.

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Which Contigo Travel Mugs Are Best

DIY Mugs: Which Lasts Longest? Which are Dishwasher Safe?

Contigo is a familiar name in travel mugs and tumblers that has been providing spill-proof mugs to coffee drinkers for years now. Contigo travel mugs are great for people who are on the go. The brands name means with you in Spanish, and these travel mugs are meant to do just that accompany you wherever you go.

Their sleek and spill-proof designs are great for commuters who need to get their coffee fix on the road. Our top pick, the Contigo Luxe Autoseal Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug, is a travel mug with a particularly stylish stainless steel design. Thanks to its autoseal technology, youll never have to worry about spills.

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Stojo 16 Oz Cup Review

The Stojo 16 oz cup is reusable and collapsible for increased packability while traveling, but it gives drinks an unpleasant silicone taste.

Save time. Get access to brief summaries of our reviews so you can browse and make decisions more efficiently.

  • Collapses down for easy transport
  • Ounce markers inside cup for easy refills at coffee shops
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gives drinks a silicone taste
  • Doesnt keep drinks hot or cold for long
  • White powdery film can develop in between washes
  • 5.5 in x 4 in

    height is 2.0 in when collapsed

  • Notable Materials

How Do You Know If A Travel Mug Is Dishwasher Safe

Usually, travel mugs and items have symbols on the bottom that tell you about their properties. The glass and fork symbol tells you that an item is food safe. That doesnt make it dishwasher safe, though. This is important because many people confuse food safe for dishwasher safe.

The icon you are looking for is the dishwasher-safe icon that looks like a set of dishes with some straight lines above it. This icon tells you the item is safe for the dishwasher. But only on the top rack!

Unfortunately, there is no universal symbol for fully dishwasher safe items. Some manufacturers design their own, but the only way to know for sure is to refer to the package or the user manual if the item comes with one.

So, to find out whether your travel mug is dishwasher safe, look at the bottom first. In most cases, you wont find any information there. You could refer to the manual or package it came in if you still have that, but let me tell you:

99% of travel mugs are not dishwasher safe. Most modern travel mugs have dishwasher safe lids, but the vacuum-sealed body is not dishwasher safe.

Fortunately, there is a manufacturer that makes dishwasher safe insulated mugs. We will dive into that at the end of this article. First, lets find out WHY many travel mugs are not safe for the dishwasher.

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What Materials Make Up Insulated Coffee Mugs

Insulated coffee cups are stainless steel, ceramic, plastic or a combination of those materials. For example, several of the mugs mentioned in this article have a stainless steel body construction with plastic, BPA free lids.

Some mugs use magnets to open and close the lid for drinking. YETI mugs are a good example of this design choice.

Sometimes you can also find a brand made with other materials, such as glass or copper, like the Zojirushi mug below.

It has an aluminum or copper lining inside its walls to reflect heat and keep your drinks hot and sip worthy throughout the day.

Are Coffee Travel Mugs Dishwasher Safe Swig Life 24oz Triple Insulated Mega Travel Mug with Handle ...

The best coffee travel mugs and reusable coffee cups are dishwasher friendly on the top shelf, including ones made from bamboo, plastic and glass. However, ones that feature Thermos linings are not recommended for use in a dishwasher, as the extreme heat from the dishwasher can damage the vacuum seals and insulation.

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Which Ones Your Favorite

You cant beat the taste of fresh coffee in a ceramic mug. And, while you may not be able to take all your ceramic mugs on the road, a travel coffee mug is certainly up for the task.

With durable construction, stylish designs and double-walled insulation that keeps your drink warm in cup holders, there are plenty of reasons to make the switch to a ceramic travel coffee mug.

Ready to cut back on single-use plastic cups and avoid wasting time at the coffee shop? Check out the best ceramic travel coffee mugs weve got above, and pick up your favorite! Which one will you buy?

Do you own one of the insulated coffee mugs on this list? Please share any tips you have about how to care for them below.

Quality Printing Helps Make Your Memories Last A Lifetime

If you have custom printed glassware or mugs for that special event, dont you want your image to be one that is guaranteed to last a lifetime? Imagine putting those cherished mugs that you had printed for your baby shower into the dishwasher, and finding that the ink has peeled off from the heat. This will never happen with mugs printed at BargainMugs. Our inks are dishwasher safe. Your event is special enough to order custom printed, so make sure that you and your friends and family get the superior quality long lasting printed glassware that you deserve!

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Miir Insulated Travel Tumbler With Locking Flip Travel Lid

How to Make Photo Mugs that are Dishwasher Safe

The Stojo mug is collapsible, which comes in handy when you’ve finished your coffee and are tired of lugging around the mug . In overall feel, this mug is less luxe and stylish than other options. And its hard to say how the silicone will hold up to years of use compared to a solid stainless steel option. Still, it’s a great choice if you want to a model that takes up as little space pre-and post-coffee as possible. Simply push down the cup and it becomes the size of a lid. Bonus: It’s also super easy to clean.

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How To Choose The Best Coffee Travel Mug For You

To choose the best coffee travel mug you’ll want something that meets your needs when it comes to portability, insulation, taste, and maintenance.

If youre traveling long distances and want to keep your coffee hot all day, a metal insulated mug might be best for you. However, for those who are more sensitive to a metallic taste, a stainless steel travel mug may affect your enjoyment of the coffee.

Going for ceramic or glass travel mugs will help maintain the flavor of your coffee or tea. They’re also easier to clean since you can pop them right in the dishwasher. However, they won’t hold the heat of your drink as well as other materials. In other words, if you just want something to keep at your desk, a ceramic or glass coffee travel mug will suit just fine.

No matter the material, just make sure the insulated mug you choose is approved for use with hot drinks and not just cold ones.

Why Are Many Travel Mug Not Dishwasher Safe

As we discussed, most travel mugs are not dishwasher safe because of the vacuum seal. The vacuum seal is what allows the travel mug to keep your coffee hot for hours.

To keep the liquid in a travel mug hot , we have to prevent the heat from escaping. Heat escapes through conductivity. When you pour coffee in a regular mug, the hot coffee transfers its warmth onto the wall of the mug and up into the air. If you put a lid on it, the heat cant escape up. But it still transfers to the wall of the mug and from the mug to the air outside the mug.

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What Are The Best Dishwasher Safe Travel Mugs

Well, I told you that 99% of travel mugs are not dishwasher safe. So finding any dishwasher safe travel mugs would be a challenge itself. Some manufacturers claim their travel mugs are dishwasher safe.

Sometimes these are just claims. Usually, reviews on Amazon or after some Googling will tell you that these claims are false. Sometimes you read in the fine print that indeed the travel mug is partly dishwasher safe. Lids of most big brand high-quality travel mugs like Contigo or Thermos are dishwasher safe nowadays. And thats a good thing!

The lid of a travel mug with all its nooks and crannies is very difficult to clean properly by hand. Sure, you can rinse it with hot water or soak it in some soapy water for a bit. This will clean the lid superficially, but over time you will see the coffee stains remain after a rinse or a soak. A dishwasher will clean your lid properly.

And to be fair, the body of a travel mug is pretty straightforward to clean. You put in some water and a mild detergent, break out the dish brush, give the thing a scrub and a rinse, and let it dry. No biggie.

But if you really want a fully dishwasher safe travel mug, there is only one way to go.


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