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Clean Garbage Disposal With Dishwasher Pod

What Not To Do

Clean Your Washing Machine, Dishwasher, and Garbage Disposal/ Best Cleaner Ever

Schultz advises homeowners to avoid using commercial garbage disposal cleaners. Many don’t do much to clean residue, while some contain corrosive chemicals that can damage the disposals metal components, he says.

For the same reason, never put lye or chemical drain cleaners into a garbage disposal.

One major safety note: Although garbage disposals dont have sharp blades , manufacturers caution against reaching your hands inside the disposal to clean it. Youre not going to slice off an appendage, but you could still nick yourself.

Verify: Can A Detergent Pod Get Stuck In Your Kitchen Sink Drain


Can a detergent pod get stuck in your kitchen sink drain cementing it shut?


Kabir Shafik, All Plumbing, Inc. Owner

Tide- P& G Company Communications


All- The Sun Products Corporation website


To some, they’re a household staple, making laundry a breeze.To others the tiny object spells out DANGER to kids. I’m talking about detergent pods. The candy-colored stain-fighters under fire for child safety.

Now, one viewer turned to Verify to find out if there’s another reason to be wary of pods.

Suzanne Anderson wanted us to fact-check whether a viral Facebook photo with over 103,000 shares was legit.

The woman who posted the photo claimed her kitchen sink was backed up for days and discovered a detergent pod from her washing machine made its way through the pipes and exploded, cementing in her kitchen sink drain.

Our Verify team spoke with detergent brand giants to see whether this could happen. All contend it’s impossible.

“Given that PODS 100% dissolve in hot or cold water I’m not sure how they could clog a drain,” wrote a Tide representative.

All’s Mighty Pacs website explains in detail that the pods are so dissolvable that you should avoid touching them with wet hands.

Verify wanted an outside opinion to weigh-in.

Kabir Shafik, 20-year owner of All Plumbing, Inc. in Arlington, Virignia, says none of his plumbers have ever been called for a pod-lodged-in-drain emergency.

How To Clean The Garbage Disposal

Keep your garbage disposal free of debris and running efficiently with these easy tips on how to clean the garbage disposal. Includes an easy recipe for DIY garbage disposal pods!

The garbage disposal is often one of the hardest working appliances in the kitchen, but can easily be forgotten about in terms of maintenance and cleaning. So I thought that today we could show our garbage disposals a little love with a couple of easy DIY green disposal cleaning recipes and some general maintenance tips.

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Grab Green Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Best Pod Garbage Disposal Cleaner

The Grab Green pods are very convenient for cleaning your garbage disposal. They remove odors, loosen grime and prevent future clogging.

Theyre naturally scented with a thyme and fig leaf aroma, which will smell great in the kitchen! In fact, the ingredients are natural so you can leave behind toxic chemicals.

Of course, you can choose two of the other scents tangerine and lemongrass, or red pear and magnolia if you prefer. You can also choose a fragrance-free option.

These convenient pre-measured pods are highly effective and save hassle for you. Simply run some warm water and put the pod in the garbage disposal. Then let it run for a few minutes before turning on the garbage disposal.

Overall, customers adore how clean their kitchens smell after using these! So, if your garbage disposal is causing bad smells throughout your home this is the way to go.


  • The scent doesnt last long.
  • Doesnt foam up, so wont hit hard-to-reach places.

Product Specs

Fights odors, four scent options
Number of Uses

Do You Need Garbage Disposal For Dishwasher

CLR Fresh &  Clean Garbage Disposal Cleaner Foaming Pods, 5ct, Fresh ...

A good dishwasher makes the task of cleaning dirty dishes in your kitchen hassle-free. However, its important to make sure that all food waste and debris are disposed of properly in order to avoid any clogging or drainage issues.

Garbage disposal is an optional device thats often attached to a sink or a dishwasher to collect and shred food waste while cleaning and help with drainage of the dishwasher. But do you need garbage disposal for the dishwasher?

In this article, were going to explain all you need to know about garbage disposals for your dishwasher and how to ensure your dishwasher drains properly

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What Shouldnt You Put Down A Garbage Disposal

Here are some things you should never put down a garbage disposal:

  • Grease and oil: It can harden and clog your drains.
  • Coffee grounds: They can get trapped in your unit.
  • Pits and seeds: Be careful when disposing of fruit waste.
  • Stringy fruit and vegetables: The stringy bits, like that from celery, can wrap around the blades.
  • Rice, oatmeal and pasta: They expand in water so can easily clog the unit.
  • Egg shells and onion layers: The membrane part can wrap around the blades.
  • Animal bones: Although most units can handle bones, its best to avoid.
  • Potato peels: They can turn into a starchy paste.
  • Non-food: Dont toss paper or wrappers or other junk down the garbage disposal.
  • Nuts: When nuts get ground and chopped up, they turn into butter.

Biowonder Septic Tank Treatment

Best Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Many garbage disposal cleaners use natural ingredients to an extent. However, the BioWonder Septic Tank Treatment uses 100% natural ingredients.

This amazing product also has multiple uses so you can use it for all kinds of jobs. Of course, it works wonders in garbage disposals. It attacks bad odors and even eliminates drain flies. However, you can also use it in septic tanks, sinks, toilets, showers, floor drains, porta-potties and much more.

BioWonder contains three billion CFU and six unique strains of bacteria to give you the deepest clean of your septic system. This is about three times more powerful than other septic treatments.

Customers absolutely love how well this works to fix clogs and reduce odors. With BioWonder, your garbage disposal will look brand new again!


  • Three times more powerful than other septic treatments.
  • You must wait six hours before using drains again.

Product Specs

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Ice Cubes And Cold Water

One of the best methods to clean a garbage disposal is using ice cubesall you need is a freezer and a little H2O.

Put a few handfuls of ice into the unit, turn it on, and run some cold water down the drain while the cubes grind. When you clean your garbage disposal with ice, trapped debris and food loosen up. The cold water helps flush them down the drain.

Is Dawn Good For Garbage Disposal

How To Clean A Garbage Disposal With A Detergent POD And Ice

Yes, Dawn dishwashing liquid is a great product for garbage disposal cleaning. Dawn is safe and effective at breaking down fats, greases, and oils found in the kitchen sink, and it can help remove bad food odors.

It can be used to clean the outside of the garbage disposal, as well as the blades, trap, and drain. Moreover, Dawn is a great choice when needing to deodorize the garbage disposal, as the pleasant scent it provides helps to mask any unpleasant odors.

To clean and deodorize your garbage disposal with Dawn, simply add 1/4 cup of Dawn to a sink full of hot water. Turn on the garbage disposal and allow the water to run for a few minutes before pouring the water away.

For tougher messes, you can combine Dawn with baking soda or vinegar to give your garbage disposal an extra boost.

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Learn How To Clean A Garbage Disposal Quickly And Easilyno Rubber Gloves Required Here Are Our Favorite Products To Do The Job

After cleaning a mess of dishes, it can be a relief just to flip a switch and have all those scraps go down the drain. Well, its a perk until your garbage disposal doesnt smell so fresh anymore. Its happened to all of us!

Sometimes a wedge of lemon or a bit of baking soda can do the trick when it comes to cleaning up your disposal. Other timeslike when your disposal is extra dirtyyou need a specialty cleaner to do the job.

But, like any product, not all cleaners are created equal. Our team of editors grabbed all the garbage disposal cleaners we could find and put them to the test on grimy, dirty disposals. Check out our favorites for your cleanest, freshest disposal ever.

Tips On How To Clean A Garbage Disposal

The good news is that you dont have to buy special or expensive products to do the job. You can clean it with common household items that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Cleaning and regular garbage disposal maintenancecan go a long way toward extending the longevity of your appliance. Here are the best tips for how to clean a garbage disposal.

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Clean Your Disposal Regularly

The garbage disposal should be cleaned regularly to avoid a build up of food particles and smelly bacteria. The good news is that it only takes a few minutes and can easily be done with items that you already have on hand. Try to do the method below once per month and use the DIY garbage disposal bombs or vinegar citrus cubes to keep it smelling fresh in between deep cleanings.

Why A Garbage Disposal For Dishwasher Is Not Necessary

What To Do When Garbage Disposal Is Backed Up

Some newer models of dishwashers come with built-in garbage disposals but many dont. Even if they dont, you can do without a garbage disposal due to the following reasons:

1- You Can Pre-rinse Dishes to Remove Food Waste

A garbage disposal can be a good attachment to help break down any large food pieces and debris, but it is not necessary as you can pre-rinse the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher to remove that waste manually.

This will ensure you remove all large food particles that could clog the drainage in the absence of garbage disposal.

2- There Are Other Ways to Discharge Water from the Dishwasher Drain

One of the major functions garbage disposal performs when attached to the dishwasher is to help discharge water, as the drain pipe from the dishwasher is connected to the side of the garbage disposal.

However, there are other means of bypassing this with particular pipping attachments and so garbage disposal is not necessary for your dishwasher to work.

3- One of the functions of the garbage disposal is to push the water out. An air gap can ensure that the dirty water from the drain doesnt flow back into the dishwasher, even if you dont have a garbage disposal attached.

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How To Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Deodorize and de-grime with these common household ingredients

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Your garbage disposal has a seemingly magical way of making your leftovers disappear down the drain. But with each use, food debris builds up and eventually makes your sink stink. The good news? Theres an easy remedy using simple ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen.

Heres how to clean your garbage disposal when odors develop, plus general best practices for everyday use that will help keep the smells at bay.

Most odors that come out of the garbage disposal are coming from food buildup on the splash guard, says Alyssa Wiegand, product manager at Moen. That’s the removable black rubber panel that sits atop your sink’s drain hole. You can scrub it with warm water and baking soda or simply toss it in the top rack of a dishwasher.

Food residue can also gum up the walls of the garbage disposal. A few common household ingredients can take care of that.

Ice cubes help break up any food stuck to the disposal, while baking soda and bleach kill germs, and lemon provides a bit of freshness, says Eric Schultz, director of product management at InSinkErator.

If you use your disposal daily, it’s a good idea to follow these steps once a week to clean it:

Hot Water And Dish Soap

Another method for cleaning a garbage disposal requires only hot water and dish soap. Here are the steps:

  • Plug the disposal drain with a sink stopper and add a generous squirt of dish detergent to the sink.

  • Run hot water into the sink until its halfway full.

  • As you release the sink stopper, turn on the disposal and let the entire sinks contents drain into the unit while it runs.

This cleaning method helps fill the disposal with soapy water to reach the upper portions of the unit, which often dont get cleaned by other methods. It also helps clean the disposal drain line, which can harbor food residue and odors.

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Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

  • Do not put anything into the garbage disposal that is not biodegradable food waste. Its not a trash can!
  • Run your garbage disposal frequently to prevent rust and corrosion and to ensure that there are no obstructions and always remember to run your garbage disposal prior to running your dishwasher to ensure that the drains are cleared.
  • Remember that all garbage disposals are not created equal. More expensive, higher horse power disposals will be able to handle items that the smaller, apartment sized models cant.
  • If you have any obstructions in your garbage disposal, be sure to unplug the disposal or shut off the fuse first before trying to fish the object out. If possible, avoid putting your hands into the disposal and use pliers or kitchen tongs to get the object out.
  • Use cold water when grinding food waste. If you have any grease or fat, the cold water will cause it to solidify so it can be ground up and disposed of safely. If you use hot water, it will liquify it and wash it down into the drain where it will then solidify again and possibly block your drain. The cold water can also help the motor from overheating.
  • Always have the water running when the motor is on. When grinding is complete, turn off the garbage disposal and let the water run for at least another 15 seconds to flush out any remaining particles.

Sani Sticks 360 Garbage Disposal Cleaner Kit

The Simple Way to Clean Your Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal

Best Garbage Disposal Cleaning Kit

Save your pennies by buying a garbage disposal cleaning kit. We recommend the Sai Sticks 360 kit for the ultimate deep clean.

Whats included? First, an amazing enzyme-based foam cleaner. The enzymes remove odor and organic build-up in the garbage disposal unit. This includes the sidewalls, blades, splash guard and drains.

The thick foam expands and deeply cleans hard-to-reach areas. You can either choose a lemon, lavender or unscented option. The lavender and lemon options use essential oils to help deodorize the unit and leave behind a fresh scent.

It comes with a handy brush, too. Simply insert it down the garbage disposal to scrape and scrub off build-up, providing an overall deeper clean. Once youve used the foam and the brush, simply turn on the tap to rinse away the solution.


  • You save money buying a kit.
  • Thick foam expands to clean hard to reach areas.
  • The brush doesnt fit all disposal units.
  • The brush is poor quality and the handle breaks easily.

Product Specs

Mix of synthetic and natural ingredients
It does not fight odors 5
Fights odors x removing food buildup 1
Fights odors, four scent options 12

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Why Did My Garbage Disposal And Dishwasher Stop Working

If your garbage disposal and dishwasher stopped working, there are two main reasons why this could be happening

1- An electrical Outlet Issue

In most homes, the dishwasher and the garbage disposal .

So, while running both of these devices, the circuit breaker could trip and cause the outlet to stop working which will lead your garbage disposal and dishwasher to stop working at the same time.

The outlet you often plug these appliances into is also usually under the sink area and if you store many things under your sink, the plugs of your garbage disposal and dishwasher could easily get knocked off or pushed out of the outlet which causes both the dishwasher and the garburator not to access the power needed to start.

2- Your Garbage Disposal Is Faulty

A leaking or clogged garbage disposal could stop it from working and since your dishwasher is hooked up to the garbage disposal, food accumulation from improper drainage could affect your dishwasher and cause it to also stop working.

What Can You Use Other Than Garbage Disposal For The Dishwasher

While a garbage disposal is certainly helpful in removing leftover food pieces and making sure your dishwasher doesnt get clogged, It isnt the only option available for getting rid of your food waste while using the dishwasher.

Here are some other alternatives to garbage disposal:

1- Composting

If you dont have access to garbage disposal, this is a great way to ensure no food waste gets into your dishwasher.

Scrape off all excess foods from your dishes and make a compost heap in your backyard. This will help turn all the food scraps into rich and fertile compost for your garden.

2- Dishwasher Filter

This is a type of food catcher that will help to trap and collect any food debris that may be left on your dishes while you run the dishwasher cycle.

While most dishwasher comes with a filter attached at the bottom, if yours doesnt it is best to get one.

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