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Can You Put Yeti In The Dishwasher

Recommended Yeti Cups And Tumblers

MUST DO THIS!! Cleaning Yeti Magslider cup lid. Keep your Yeti lids and gaskets clean!

We can recommend a few great YETI products:

  • The YETI Rambler Tumbler has a classic tumbler shape. Its designed to fit all standard cup holders and comes in a variety of colors
  • The YETI Rambler Mug is the ideal solution if you need to have your morning coffee on the go
  • The YETI Rambler Lowball is the perfect size for a cold drink or a coffee, and it can be thrown into the dishwasher, even the lid!

If youre still shopping around, you can check out our Fifty Fifty vs Hydro Flask comparison too.

Are Yetis Dishwasher Safe We Tried It

Rugged, or ragged?

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The market for insulated travel mugs is booming as consumers are looking for environmentally friendly ways to get their coffee in the morning. One brand stands out among the pack for its variety of insulated tumblers in every shape and size: Yeti.

The Yeti brand positions itself as a rugged alternative to mass-market products that aren’t truly built to handle the rough and tumble nature of the great outdoors. Yeti has a claim on its site asserting that, Yeti represents the yardstick by which all other outdoor products are measured.

And yet. Thousands of people query Google every month wondering the same thing: are Yetis dishwasher safe? So much so that Yeti actually has a page to address that issue.

It would stand to reason that cups meant to survive the wilds of this planet would also be able to survive a dishwasher, right?

So, we ran four different Yeti cups through the dishwasher a bunch of times to see what would happen. We tested our second favorite water bottle the 26 oz. bottle with chug cap, the 12 oz. kid’s bottle with straw cap, the 10 oz. wine tumbler, and the 20 oz. tumbler with MagSlider lid.

Here’s what we found.

How Do You Clean A Yeti Mug

To the Yeti cup, add one-half cup of vinegar and one teaspoon of dish soap. Shake well. Let this mixture sit in the cup for several minutes before dumping it out and rinsing the cup with clean water. Repeat this process if necessary. You can also clean your YETI mug by putting it in the dishwasher. Just make sure that you place it on the top rack and use a mild detergent when washing it.

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Why Cant You Put A Yeti In The Dishwasher

The intense heat inside a dishwasher was thought to be enough to damage the vacuum seal. This is why Yeti strongly advised against putting tumblers in dishwashers.

Yeti users, on the other hand, used to throw their tumblers in the dishwasher for a long time. Why arent Yeti cups dishwasher safe? A near-perfect vacuum exists between the inside metal layer of the cup and the outside metal layer.

This prevents heat from escaping. Putting your Yeti Ramblers in the dishwasher was originally thought to damage the vacuum seal, rendering the cup useless for retaining or keeping heat out. Is it also possible that putting a Yeti in the dishwasher will ruin it?

The mugs should not be put in the dishwasher. The heat-sealed compartments will be ruined as a result of this. Is it also possible to put Yeti cups in the dishwasher?

Inside your dishwasher, legendary YETI durability lasts your YETI cup is safe and sound thanks to the rugged 18/8 stainless steel construction. Your YETI tumblers and bottles, on the other hand, are designed to handle almost anything, regardless of your plans. Why cant stainless steel cups be put in the dishwasher? Stainless Steel: Most experts agree that using stainless steel in the dishwasher is acceptable, but there are a few caveats.

The general public is concerned that detergent and excessive humidity will corrode the metals polish, and acidic food soils will tarnish it. Okay, not really, but they become dull in the dishwasher over time.

How Do I Clean A Yeti Tumbler

Has this happened to you? I put this dishwasher safe mug in the ...

YETI tumblers can be easily washed in a dishwasher, just remember to disassemble the pieces apart before starting the cleaning process.

Yeti cups and tumblers are all dishwasher safe. They dont even need to be taken apart before putting them in.

Whether it was a gift or you bought it yourself, you might be wondering how do I clean a YETI tumbler? YETI tumblers are made with stainless steel so they can be put in the hot dishwasher without a problem.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Washing Yeti Mugs In A Dishwasher

Until you are watching your yeti mug body in the dishwasher there are no side effects but if you put the lid into it for washing there are multiple side effects. As the dishwasher heat can damage the gas kit which is directly linked with its insulation properties. Moreover, the lid washing is a bit intricate and if you are washing the lid regularly in a dishwasher it will not get clean properly and can develop some germs which can cause you health issues.

Why Were Yeti Rambler Mugs Originally Thought Not To Be Dishwasher Safe

Yeti Rambler mugs work so well at keeping beverages hot or cold because they use a vacuum seal. Between the inside metal layer of the cup and the outside metal layer is a near-perfect vacuum. This stops heat from escaping.

It was originally thought that putting your Yeti Ramblers in the dishwasher could destroy the vacuum seal, thus rendering the cup useless at retaining or keeping out heat.

But given that these cups can handle boiling water for things like Tea and Coffee it doesn’t make sense that the heat from the dishwasher would destroy the seal.

I guess ultimately Yeti did their own testing and determined that their cups could handle the dishwasher and still keep their vacuum seal.

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How To Make Your Yeti Cups Dishwasher Safe

Yeti cups are dishwasher safe. They do not have any harmful detergent additives in them. However, because theyre pretty wide, the are not really easy to wash in a dishwasher. To rinse your yeti cups, you need to run them under cold water for a few seconds.

Then use a spray bottle with soap and get ready to scrub. Once the cups are rinsed, they should come out sparkling clean and ready to be stored again. Why are yeti cups dishwasher safe? We do not know why Yeti cups are not dishwasher safe.

However, if youre looking for a long-lasting cup, its best to opt for a dishwasher-safe version. But, its important to note that a lot of yeti cups are not dishwasher safe and you should therefore be careful about what youre putting them in.

Use Yeti Cleaning Tablets Or Bottle Bright Tablets


Cleaning tablets provide an easy and instant method to clean your Yeti cup and remove any unpleasant smell. Fill your cup or bottle halfway with water and set it aside after putting one or two tablets in it. The tablets will fizz and bubble, and the chemicals will clean your cup and remove any residual odors.

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You Can Also Wash By Hand With Hot Soapy Water

While dishwashing yeti ramblers is totally fine and the easiest way to save effort and time, you can still hand wash them nevertheless, and some parts, for example the straw and inner caps typically need through soaking and brushing to rid them off grime and gunk.

To wash ramblers by hand, dissemble and immerser all components in warm soapy water for upto 2 hours. Scrub gently using a soft sponge and run under tap water for a thorough rinse. Let dry COMPLETELY before reassembly.

Copper Mugs & Cookware

Copper is a classic yet stylish pick for your cookware, and copper mugs are perfect for serving Moscow Mules year-round. After a big holiday party, throwing a copper mug into the dishwasher is tempting, but this drinkware will not sustain many cycles through the dishwasher. Make sure to hand-wash any copper items or other precious metals to keep shine and luster intact and avoid discoloration or tarnishing.

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Is It Still Possible To Use The Microwave

The Yeti Rambler is a stainless steel vacuum sealed insulated tumbler with a plastic lid. Any metal that is placed in the microwave should be avoided.

Aluminum foil is known to be dangerous, but this also applies to stainless steel. Some travel mugs can be used in the microwave, but none are made of metal.

Similarities Between Yeti And Hydro Flask

Are YETI Mugs Dishwasher Safe ? Cleaning YETI Mugs

Both models use top-of-the-line materials and technology. But, both are a bit on the pricier side as well. However, considering that both models are leaders in the insulated water bottle market, they have the potential to last for many years, and because of that, I think the prices are fair.

I even have one Hydro Flask with a big dent in the side. It fell 8 feet from my backpack onto rocks while scrambling. I still use it more than a year later. See the image below, and yes, it was a rainy day up the mountains.

Each model is virtually indestructible. No matter what you go for, rust or punctures wont be a problem. You may dent or scratch them a bit, but both will survive almost anything you put them through, as you can see from the Hydro Flask above.

Aside from lending strength and durability to the water bottle, stainless steel is highly resistant to bacteria and odors. And it does not affect the taste of your drinks.

Each model features double-wall vacuum insulation. This technology prevents the exterior temperature from affecting the temperature of the liquid inside. If you pour cold water inside, it will stay cold for an extended period. If you pour hot coffee inside, it will stay hot for up to 6 hours on average.

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Can You Wash Your Ozark Trail Tumbler In The Dishwasher

The primary retailer of the Ozark Trail Tumbler, Wal-Mart, lists a great deal of product information about these less expensive alternatives to Yeti on their website. However, they don’t make any mention as to how safe it is in a dishwasher. A general rule to follow is not to put anything in your dishwasher that doesn’t expressly state somewhere that it’s dishwasher safe.

While several sources suggested that any stainless steel or heavy plastic cup can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher, most sources we’ve researched recommended against it. Consumer testimonials online have claimed that multiple runs through the dishwasher led to the vacuum seals being damaged, as well as the lids.

To be on the safe side, we recommend that you wash your Ozark Trail tumbler by hand with dish soap and hot water, and let it air dry.

How Do You Microwave A Yeti

To put it succinctly, microwave preparation of Yeti is not a safe method of food preparation. Stainless steel 18/8 is used to create Yeti drinkware, which is available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Yeti drinkware is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Steel, like aluminum and any other conductive metal, has a poor reaction to the microwave radiation emitted by the device and should be avoided.

This Amazon listing for the Yeti 20-ounce Tumbler, which can be found by scrolling down to the Questions and Answers section and searching for microwave, provides additional evidence.

When it comes to Yeti drinkware, youll find that there is universal agreement that it should not be used in the microwave.

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Does The Dishwasher Ruin Yeti Cups

With that said, there have been many reports of yeti cups shattering in the dishwasher. And if this is the case for you, we would recommend discarding them immediately. Of course, its hard to put the blame on the dishwasher entirely.

The reason for the yeti cup shattering is not totally clear. However, the most likely culprit is the capping point, which holds the cup together in the cup. In the dishwasher, the capping point loosens and the cup separates. The amount of time it takes for the capping point to break down is also unclear. But it seems like the risk is rather large.

Why Yeti Mug Lid Not Dishwasher Safe


The insulation of a mug can work well until its secured with a complete airtight lid, and the yeti mugs are equipped with a perfect glass lid accompanied with gasket. That gas kit is actually made up of plastic and the dishwasher heat can definitely be injurious for it. Once the lid mechanism is disturbed the mug cant manage the insulation any more.

Moreover, washing Yeti mug is quite simple. You can easily wash them in one go, but when it comes to the lid its washing is quite intricate. if not washed properly can develop mold hubs and can ultimately cause health hazards.

So beside mug safety washing your glass lid with the hand is important for your health and cleanliness as well. Otherwise, the grime gathered under the lid will never get cleared in dishwasher superficial washing.

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Why Can’t You Put Insulated Cups In The Dishwasher

Travel mugs are generally not dishwasher safe because of the vacuum seal that gives your travel mug its insulating properties. The high heat in a dishwasher can damage these vacuum seals. A damaged vacuum seal causes the travel mug to lose its insulating properties, and it might cause the travel mug to leak.

Are Yeti Dishwasher Safe Best Choice In 2022

No one knows for sure whether or not are yeti dishwasher safe. The companys website itself states that the product is safe for dishwashers but does not provide testing results to back up this statement.

The yeti cup of the dishwasher world may be safe and secure for your dishes and glasses, but unfortunately, they are not safe for the environment. Unlike steel and porcelain, polypropylene resin is not recyclable and can emit toxic fumes when burned.

Famed cryptozoologist and professor of English at Eastern Michigan University, Dr. Bigfoot, uses his downtime from hunting for the legendary yeti durabilitycreature to warn people of the dangers these creatures pose.

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Why Use A Reusable Water Bottle

Vacuum insulated water bottles are much better for the environment than disposable plastic bottles. There are countless reasons, but it takes more water to produce a disposable plastic bottle than the bottle itself can hold should be enough to end the debate.

Most disposable plastic bottles gradually release bisphenol-A into the water. You dont need to be a chemist to know that a chemical with a weird name cannot be good for your health.

Stainless steel, which is used in vacuum insulated water bottles, on the other hand, is entirely safe to use for as long as you want. A reusable water bottle is a one-time purchase. Youll save tons of money down the line. Read all the water bottle reviews here.

How Do I Get Mold Out Of My Yeti Cup

You can bring along your favorite drink without worrying about spills ...

To get mold out of your Yeti cup, you need to do a deep clean. Here is a step-by-step guide of the cleaning process:

  • Rinse: First of all, rinse your cup to get rid of any loose mold and drinks. You can even fill it with a little water, close it with its lid, and shake it before pouring the water out.
  • Use vinegar: Once youve rinsed the Yeti cup, its time to add some vinegar to the equation. First of all, youll need to pour some vinegar into your cup, close it, and shake it until the vinegar covers its whole interior. Afterward, let the cup soak in the vinegar for around 30 minutes.
  • Use a baking soda paste to scrub: As your Yeti cup soaks, you can create a baking soda paste for the next step of the deep clean. Just pour some baking soda into a bowl, add a little water to it, and mix to create a thick paste. Afterward, apply the paste to your dishcloth or toothbrush and use it to scrub your Yeti cup. Ensure you scrub all the surfaces of the cup take your time. Dont worry if you notice any fizzing this is just how the baking soda reacts with the vinegar. Once youre satisfied with all the scrubbing youve done, let everything sit for around 15 minutes.
  • Rinse: Now that everything is cleaned out, rinse your cup thoroughly, keeping an eye out for any remaining mold, vinegar, or baking powder. Remember to rinse your dishcloth/toothbrush as well.
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    What Happens To A Yeti When Its Microwaved

    It has already been stated that microwaving a Yeti will result in an excessive buildup of heat, which will eventually manifest itself as sparks, smoke, and even flames inside your microwave.

    Yetis should not be microwaved if you want to avoid this problem.

    Non-only is this potentially dangerous, but it is also unlikely that the process will result in any significant heating of the liquid within the Yeti.

    The stainless steel structure of a Yeti will protect whatever is contained within it from being exposed to the same microwave waves because it will block and absorb the energy emitted by microwaves.

    It will be impossible for the waves to reach the liquid contained within the Yeti and begin the process of heating it if they are unable to do so.

    As a result, the end result is a significant amount of effort with only a lukewarm beverage to show for it.

    The best course of action is to avoid putting your Yeti in the microwave because you have no way of knowing how long it will take for sparks to fly .

    In order to be on the safe side, keep metal and microwaves at least 3 feet apart.


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