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Bosch Dlx Series Dishwasher Manual

Page 4: Nettoyage Et Entretien

BOSCH 500 DLX Series Dishwasher SHP65TL5UC
  • Page 47 MISE EN GARDE Pour éviter toute blessure, ne pas glisser les doigts dans la crépine pour gros objets. La crépine pour gros objets peut contenir des objets tranchants. Pour extraire l’assemblage Crépine pour gros objets/Filtre cylindrique : Retirez le panier inférieur Saisissez l’assemblage et faites-le pivoter en sens inverse des aiguilles d’une montre.
  • Legendary Quiet The Sound Of Bosch’s Dishwashers

    Compare decibel levels and experience the difference between a Bosch Quiet dishwasher decibel levels and these familiar sounds. Discover how Bosch leverages noise reduction technologies to make dishwashers that are quiet enough to keep peace in your kitchen.

    Multiple Insulation Layers: Three layers of sound-absorbing insulation include coated stainless steel, baked-on bitumen and cotton fiber. Together, they all work to help dampen noise.

    Detergent Tray: Optimized for tablets, this tray holds detergent in place for a dedicated spray jet to directly dissolve tablet and minimize spraying the door. Note: dishwasher also works with powder and gel tablets.

    Precision spray arms: Innovative spraying arms which reduce noise by aiming directly at dishes and not the insides of the appliance.

    Grindless food filtration: This triple-filtration system actively filters out food particles, eliminating the need for a noisy disposal.

    EcoSilence motor system: Near-silent motor technology offers quiet dishwashing during the wash and the draining.

    Sound-absorbing base: A solid molded base absorbs sound while minimizing vibrations.

    InfoLight/TimeLight: How quiet are Bosch dishwashers? Theyre so quiet that weve added InfoLight as visual assurance to let you know that your dishwasher is running!

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    Bosch Dishwasher Dlx Series Troubleshooting

    In this guide, we are going to cover all the problems one can face while using the Bosch DLX series dishwasher, along with their solutions.

    The Bosch dishwashers from the DLX line are quieter and spacious. Even the loudest dishwasher from the DLX series produces less operational sound and offers more space as compared to a conventional dishwasher in its price range.

    Bosch Dishwasher Doesnt Work Try A Reset

    Page 44 of Bosch Appliances Washer Nexxt DLX User Guide

    Get to know this often-overlooked Bosch Dishwasher Feature to Avoid this Costly Professional Quick Fix.

    For over the five years Ive repaired appliances professionally, there have been occasionsthrough no fault of my own!where Ive had to charge my customer a full diagnostic fee, just to perform a simple Reset for a Bosch dishwasher. Avoid this costly Customer Instruction service call by getting familiar with these dishwashers Reset Feature.

    Most modern dishwashers pause the selected wash cycle when the dishwasher door is opened, say to add a dish to the wash load before the dishwasher releases the soap. For many brands and models, the paused wash cycle will automatically start back up where it left off once the door is latched closed. Sometimes machines get old and must be replaced with new ones, other times you move into a new home supplied with Bosch appliances. Some new Bosch owners discover, rather costly so, that many Bosch dishwashers models do not automatically start back up or un-pause when the door is shut.

    The common complaint concerning this Bosch dishwasher problem is: the power button is red, but the dishwasher doesnt do anything. I turned the machine off and on, but that didnt fix it. I think the pump is broken. Before going for a replacement pump or motor, find out if a wash cycle was simply interrupted or paused.

    The key dance is usually indicated by symbols on the machine control panel as in this example here:

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    Power Is Not Turned On

    Knowing how to start a Bosch dishwasher wont do much good if it isnt receiving power. Before troubleshooting dishwasher malfunctions, check the following power sources to make sure theyre functioning properly:

    • Make sure the dishwasher is properly plugged in without the use of an extension cord. Extension cords are not meant to transfer the amount of power that dishwashers use.
    • Confirm that power switches are on, checking under the sink if necessary.
    • Check your homes circuit breaker box for tripped breakers, resetting any if needed.

    Page 2: Warranty Information

  • Page 28 Bosch vous adresse tous ses remerciements et félicitations ! Tous nos remerciements pour avoir choisi un lave-vaisselle Bosch. Vous avez rejoint les nombreux consommateurs qui exigent un lave-vaisselle silencieux offrant un rendement supérieur. Ce guide a été rédigé avec votre sécurité en tête ainsi que la facilité d’utilisation du produit. Les informations qu’il contient sont très importantes.
  • Page 29 Table des matières Importantes consignes de sécurité Composants du lave-vaisselle Caractéristiques du lave-vaisselle Chargement de la vaisselle Accessoires des paniers …35-37 Chargement du panier à couverts Ajout de détergent et de produit de rinçage Fonctionnement du lave-vaisselle Caractéristiques et options du lave-vaisselle Informations concernant les programmes de lavage Nettoyage et entretien …46-47…
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    Page : Accesorios Para Las Rejillas

  • Page 61 NOTA: Mantenga despejada la abertura de ventilación que se encuentra en el lado derecho de la tina colocando los artículos altos, como tablas de picar de plástico y placas para hornear altas en el lado izquierdo o en el centro de la rejilla inferior. Para retirar el accesorio de rociado y hacer que la lavadora de platos vuelva a su condición normal: …
  • Page 62 Soporte para botellas Permite sostener botellas o jarrones de manera segura. La pieza es desmontable para máxima flexibilidad. Siempre asegúrese de que el brazo rociador superior no entre en contacto con ningún artículo alto colocado en la rejilla inferior. Para retirar el soporte para botellas: …
  • Just Some Of The Ways We Approach Noise Reduction:

    Bosch 500 DLX Series Dishwasher SHPM65W55N / SHP865WD5N with Pocket Handle
    • Precision spray arms: Extensive engineering hours resulted in spray arm technology that projects water directly towards the dishes, minimizing the sporadic spraying of inner sides and door helping with noise reduction.
    • InfoLight/TimeLight: Bosch dishwashers are so quiet we added InfoLight so you know a cycle is running, and TimeLight to provide additional information like the amount of time remaining in the cycle.
    • EcoSilence motor system: Two small brushless motors offer quieter operations than a single large motor they are held in place by rubber suspenders to minimize vibrations. The system also shuts off when drained to reduce the snorkeling sound.

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    Page : Cuidado Y Mantenimiento

  • Page 72 PRECAUCIÓN Para evitar lesiones, no introduzca los dedos en la trampa para objetos grandes. La trampa para objetos grandes podría contener objetos filosos. Para retirar el conjunto de la trampa para objetos grandes/filtro cilíndrico: Retire la rejilla inferior. Tome el conjunto y gírelo hacia la izquierda – ¼…
  • Problem With Dishwasher Cycle Settings

    Sometimes an incorrect cycle selection can result in a dishwasher not starting. Check your Bosch dishwasher manual to determine if your model dishwasher has a child lock setting, or features that delay the start. An error code or symbol on the control panel can alert you if the Bosch dishwasher child lock or another setting is enabled.

    When confirming your dishwasher settings, check the control pad to make sure its functioning properly. If some of the control pads buttons dont respond to your touch, the control pad may need to be replaced.

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    Quietest Dishwasher Brand In The Us*

    A range of technologies makes Bosch the quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S.* with impressively low decibel levels. For you, that means never having to wait until going to bed to run the dishwasher. Our dishwashers are so quiet, we’ve added an InfoLight that shines on the floor so you know when the dishwasher is running.

    *Based on an average of sound ratings of 24″ Full Size Stainless Steel Tub dishwashers contained in major brands websites. Major brands defined as TraQline Top 5 Market Share December 2021.

    Page : Importantes Consignes De Scurit

    Page 7 of Bosch Appliances Washer Nexxt DLX User Guide
  • Page 31 AVERTISSEMENT Pour réduire le risque d’incendie, de décharge électrique ou de blessure grave, observez les consignes suivantes : Ce lave-vaisselle est fourni avec la notice d’installation et le présent guide d’utilisation et d’entretien. Lire et comprendre toutes les instructions avant d’installer ou d’utiliser le lave-vaisselle.
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    Bosch Dishwasher Dlx Series Manual

    Bosch 800 42-decibel front control 24-in built-in dishwasher energy star in the built-in. Dishwasher dishwashers integrated ajmadison. Dryer bosch series vision gas cu ft feet washer dlx cubic ecosmart sensors option dryers washing machine clothes consumer loader

    Bosch Unveils All-New Dishwasher Lineup – Reviewed Dishwashers. 17 Images about Bosch Unveils All-New Dishwasher Lineup – Reviewed Dishwashers : Bosch classixx slimline dishwasher manual, Bosch Dishwashers and also Bosch 800 42-Decibel Front Control 24-in Built-In Dishwasher ENERGY STAR in the Built-In.

    Page 3: Accessoires Des Paniers

  • Page 36 Pour retirer le gicleur et remettre le lave-vaisselle à l’état initial : Faites pivoter le gicleur dans le sens inverse des aiguilles d’une montre et retirez-le. Récupérez le panier supérieur Inclinez le panier vers le haut et positionnez les roulettes du panier supérieur sur les guides à…
  • Page 37 Support de bouteille Vous permet de maintenir les bouteilles ou les vases de grande taille bien en place. Cette pièce est amovible pour un maximum de souplesse. Vérifiez toujours que le bras d’aspersion supérieur n’est pas en contact avec la vaisselle placée dans le panier in- férieur.
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    Bosch Dlx Series Dishwasher Manual

    Dlx integ builtin dishwasher. 44dba dishwashers autoair mizuntitled beeping dba silence. Classixx slimline

    Reyhan Blog: Bosch Series 8 Dishwasher. 18 Pics about Reyhan Blog: Bosch Series 8 Dishwasher : Bosch Dishwashers, Bosch Dishwashers and also Bosch Dishwasher Labels – Let S Make Sure We Do Not Waste A Single.

    Page : Cmo Agregar Detergente Y Agente De Enjuague

    Bosch Dishwasher Drying Technologies & Tips for Drier Dishes
  • Page 66 Cómo agregar detergente Para obtener los mejores resultados, utilice deter- gente en polvo recién comprado. 1 cucharada limpia prácticamente todos los tipos de cargas. No utilice más de 3 cucharadas. No llene el recipiente en exceso. Al utilizar pastillas de detergente, colóquelas de manera horizontal para evitar que entren en con- tacto con la cubierta.
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    Page : Informations Concernant La Garantie

  • Page 53¡Bosch lo felicita y le da las gracias! Le agradecemos por elegir una lavadora de platos Bosch. Usted se ha sumado a la gran cantidad de consumidores que exigen a su lavadora de platos un rendimiento silencioso y superior. Este manual fue redactado pensando en su seguridad y comodidad, y la información que contiene es muy importante. Le recomendamos enfáticamente que lea este manual antes de usar su lavadora de platos por primera vez.
  • Page 54Índice Instrucciones de seguridad importantes Componentes de la lavadora de platos Funciones de la lavadora de platos Cómo cargar la vajilla Accesorios para las rejillas Cómo cargar la canasta para cubiertos Cómo agregar detergente y agente de enjuague Cómo operar la lavadora de platos Funciones y opciones de la lavadora de platos Información sobre los ciclos de lavado Cuidado y mantenimiento…
  • Page 5: Instrucciones De Seguridad Importantes

  • Page 56 ADVERTENCIA: Para reducir el riesgo de incendio, descarga eléctrica o lesiones graves, siga estas indicaciones: Esta lavadora de platos se entrega con Instrucciones de instalación y con este Manual de uso y cuidado. Lea y comprenda todas las instrucciones antes de instalar o usar la lavadora de platos.
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    Page : Caractristiques Et Options Du Lave

  • Page 44 Caractéristiques supplémentaires Les options figurant ci-dessous varient d’un modèle à l’autre. Chaleur très intense Cette option vous permet d’augmenter la température de l’eau de rinçage et de prolonger la durée de séchage pour un meil- leur rendement de séchage . REMARQUE : l’appareil doit être mis à…
  • Page : Rack Accessories

    Bosch SHP65TL5UC 24 Inch Fully Integrated Built
  • Page 10 To remove the sprinkler and return the dishwasher to its normal condition: Turn the sprinkler counterclockwise and remove it. Retrieve the top rack Tilt the rack upwards and position the top rack rollers onto the roller guides. …
  • Page 11 Bottle Holder Allows you to securely hold tall bottles or vases. The part is removable for maximum flexibility. Always check to make sure the upper spray arm does not contact any tall item placed in the lower rack. To remove the bottle holder: …
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    Dishwasher Door Isnt Latched

    To prevent leaks, your Bosch dishwasher wont start if the door isnt securely closed and latched. Once it is, the switch inside the door latch can receive the control panels signal to start the dishwasher. When starting the dishwasher, make sure the door is completely closed to engage the latch and switch.

    Signs of a broken dishwasher latch or switch include the dishwasher not starting even if the door is properly closed. A broken switch will also exhibit a lack of continuity with multimeter testing. Either one of these components cannot be repaired and requires replacement.

    Page : Important Safety Instructions

  • Page 5 WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or serious injury, observe the following: This dishwasher is provided with Installation Instructions and this Use and Care Manual. Read and understand all instructions before installing or using the dishwasher. This appliance must be grounded to a metal, permanent wiring system, or an equipment grounding conductor must be run with the circuit conductors and connected to the equipment…
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    Page 6: Funciones Y Opciones De La Lavadora De Platos

  • Page 69 Funciones adicionales Las opciones que se describen a continuación varían según el modelo. Calor para secado adicional Con esta opción, usted puede elevar la temperatura del agua de enjuague y aumentar el tiempo de secado para lograr un mejor secado. Cancel Drain Reset NOTA: La unidad debe estar apagada antes de activarla.
  • Broken Bosch Dishwasher Parts

    What’s the Difference? Bosch Dishwasher Series

    If you tried all of these, but still your Bosch dishwasher wont start, then a component may have malfunctioned. Our dishwasher repair service can help identify which of these common parts has failed:

    • Faulty thermal fuse: when this fuse blows it shuts off power to the dishwasher, preventing it from overheating. However, the fuse can also blow if its faulty. If the thermal fuse is blown it needs to be replaced.
    • Defective timer: A dishwashers timer controls the distribution of power to multiple dishwasher functions. If its not working properly, it may not deliver power when you start your dishwasher. A defective timer requires replacement.
    • Malfunctioning control board: the dishwashers main control board is a computerized piece inside the dishwasher that helps provide power to other components. If the control board has malfunctioned, there may be insufficient power to start the dishwasher and it needs to be replaced.

    The team at Lake Appliance Repair is factory-certified to address any Bosch dishwasher malfunction. Call us to schedule a repair!

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