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Bosch Dishwasher Won’t Start

Your Bosch Dishwasher Wont Heat Properly


Another reason why your Bosch dishwasher wont stop running or takes too long to finish a cycle is that it cant heat water properly. A heating issue with your dishwasher can result in your dishes not getting cleaned thoroughly or the drying process taking significantly longer. The dishwasher will wait for the heater to heat things up properly before it shuts down, but because somethings wrong with the heater, it just keeps on waiting and waiting while still running.

Note that some people might connect their dishwasher directly to their hot water supply. Some manufacturers do not recommend this. If youre connecting directly to hot water, then check your dishwasher to make sure this is allowed with your particular model.

If this is the case, the thermostat and heating elements are probably the problems. The thermostat will help in regulating the water temperature, telling the heating element to heat up cold water. Check the thermostat with a multimeter to see if its faulty.

If the thermostat is working fine, then you might need to check the heating elements. The heating element regulates the water temperature as well as dries the dishes. Check the resistance level with a multimeter.

Or all it might take is soldering the heater relay on the circuit board to get things heating up again, as shown in this video.

Bosch Dishwasher Hums But Wont Start

Are you hearing a humming noise from your Bosch dishwasher and it wont start? We have a solution for you below.

The pump motor in your dishwasher is likely seized if you are hearing a humming noise. This may require that the pump be replaced or it could be too much debris in the dishwasher that is blocking the drain pump.

In many cases, a bad drain motor will make noise before it actually goes bad. This could be a humming, a high pitch squealing, or another unusual sound.

If you think that your dishwasher is making an unusual sound and suddenly, it is humming or not working, it is likely a problem with the motor. This may not be as bad as it sounds.

In some cases, the motor may start operating again but it might just be a problem with the seals drying and sticking. Dishwashers were made to run on a regular basis and if you havent run your dishwasher in a week or longer, the pump seals may need to be primed.

In order to prime the pump seals, manually drain the dishwasher and then add a quart of hot water with a cup of vinegar. Pour it directly into the sump area and allow it to sit for half an hour. You can then run an empty load.

One other part of the dishwasher that could make a humming noise is the water valve. If there is a problem with the water valve, the dishwasher may not operate.

Check For Loose Wire/connection Somewhere Inside The Unit

Checking for a potential loose wire/connection inside the dishwasher also makes sense if your bosch dishwasher has power but wont turn on.


  • Disconnect power and get the dishwasher out.
  • Take the appliance apart and check the wiring and all the connections everywhere.
  • Everything should be securely connected and there should be no scorched/broken wire.

    Repair/replace, if needed.

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    Get Help From A Dishwashing Machine Technician

    If after doing all the above you dishwasher still fails to start, then you need to consult with a professional. A Bosch dishwashing machine repair expert will troubleshoot and determine the real problem. Then they will get it sorted. If you need to speak to a reputable technician, get in touch with Repair Aid dishwasher repair experts, we are here to help.

    Bosch Dishwashers Timer May Be Faulty

    Dishwasher photo and guides: Bosch Dishwasher Lights On But Wont Start

    An electronic control and a timer powers your Bosch dishwasher by determining the amount of electricity used by each component. Additionally, they regulate the heating circuit, the water inflow valve and the drain pump.

    If the electronic control and timer has problems, the unit will still power up, but it wont perform as expected. The unit may run a wash cycle, but its unlikely that the control panel will light up.

    To troubleshoot this issue:

    Use the Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter to test the resistance. If the resistance doesnt fall between 2,000 and 3,500 ohms, the electronic control and timer arent working properly.

    In this case, youll need to replace the current electronic control and/or the timer with new ones.

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    Repair/replace The Door Hinges

    The next possibility is that of the hinges being broken or not working as they should.

    Check their alignment try to fix them if not aligned correctly as they will cause the door to be misaligned- and inspect them for any signs of damage/wearing.

    Here is the thing: The best solution for broken/worn hinges is installing a replacement.

    Bosch Classixx Dishwasher Not Starting

    If your Bosch dishwasher wont start, the most likely causes are listed below. Check these before calling a service technician.

    -Door switch: The door switch activates the dishwasher when you close the door and prevents it from running while the door is open. If the switch is defective, the dishwasher may not start.

    -Water inlet valve: The water inlet valve opens to allow water to enter the dishwasher. If the valve is defective, the dishwasher wont fill and may not start.

    -Thermostat: The thermostat monitors the dishwasher temperature and controls the heating element. If the thermostat is defective, the dishwasher may not heat the water and may not start.

    -Control board: The control board controls the dishwasher cycle, timing, and functions. If the control board is defective, the dishwasher wont start or may run through a cycle without stopping.

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    Is There A Reset Button On A Bosch Dishwasher

    All electrical appliances sometimes just need resetting to get back in good running condition. We’ve seen it before when our laptops, smartphones, routers, or TVs would seem to act up only to work again after a good reset.

    It could be that the appliance’s control board has been overwhelmed with all the electric signals that it has been receiving and became confused about what direction to follow.

    Bosch Dishwasher Doesnt Work Try A Reset

    ⨠Bosch Dishwasher – Won’t Start – FIXED â¨

    Get to know this often-overlooked Bosch Dishwasher Feature to Avoid this Costly Professional Quick Fix.

    For over the five years Ive repaired appliances professionally, there have been occasionsthrough no fault of my own!where Ive had to charge my customer a full diagnostic fee, just to perform a simple Reset for a Bosch dishwasher. Avoid this costly Customer Instruction service call by getting familiar with these dishwashers Reset Feature.

    Most modern dishwashers pause the selected wash cycle when the dishwasher door is opened, say to add a dish to the wash load before the dishwasher releases the soap. For many brands and models, the paused wash cycle will automatically start back up where it left off once the door is latched closed. Sometimes machines get old and must be replaced with new ones, other times you move into a new home supplied with Bosch appliances. Some new Bosch owners discover, rather costly so, that many Bosch dishwashers models do not automatically start back up or un-pause when the door is shut.

    The common complaint concerning this Bosch dishwasher problem is: the power button is red, but the dishwasher doesnt do anything. I turned the machine off and on, but that didnt fix it. I think the pump is broken. Before going for a replacement pump or motor, find out if a wash cycle was simply interrupted or paused.

    The key dance is usually indicated by symbols on the machine control panel as in this example here:

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    Bosch Dishwasher Start Button Not Working

    The start button is the most commonly used button on your Bosch dishwasher. To have it stop operating is a real inconvenience.

    If the touchpad and control panel are not operating properly, it may cause some of the buttons to be unresponsive. You might have to replace the control panel, which is likely attached to the touchpad. Cleaning the touchpad may sometimes work as well.

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    If the control panel does not solve the problem, it may be an issue with the main control board in the dishwasher. The control board is like the computer that runs the dishwasher and if it is failing, problems are likely to occur.

    If your Bosch dishwasher is not working, starting, or turning on, push the door closed completely and hold it shut. Press the start button for five seconds to reset the dishwasher. Try running an empty load to see if it works.

    Check And Test The Timer

    Sometimes the timer of the dishwasher that controls the dishwashing cycle stops. Depending on the dishwasher brand and model, this timer is located. In some dishwashers, it is present on the control panel, while in others, it is present behind the bottom kick plate of the dishwasher.

    Check the wiring diagram on the manual to locate the wire associated with the timer. Take a multimeter set on Rx1000. Check the timer wires resistance by touching the contacts with the probe. The resistance of the dishwasher should be between 2000 to 3500 ohms. If the multimeter is showing different reading than the optimum range, its better to change the timer.

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    Bosch Dishwasher Is Not Getting Power

    The Bosch dishwasher wont turn on because the power is off.

    Make sure It is Plug-In: If your dishwasher is plugged in and the power cord leading to it isnt damaged, then there is an easy way to check if youve got power going through.

    Test a lamp near the plug socket. If youre certain that the problem lies with your Bosch dishwasher or its plugin point, try swapping out plugs . Remember to pull on both ends of an old plug, as sometimes they can wiggle loose without much pressure. Be sure not to touch live wires when changing sockets!

    Dishwasher breaker tripped: If the power is on and plugged into a working socket, try flipping your Bosch dishwashers breaker. You may have tripped it by accident or you might have blown a fuse. Test other outlets in your home to be sure that this was an isolated incident before calling for repairs. If there are no electrical problems with any of the other sockets in your house, dont hesitate to call up an electrician!

    Check the Thermal Fuse: Bosch dishwashers usually have a thermal fuse located on the bottom of your Bosch dishwasher. A thermal fuse will shut power off if the dishwasher overheats. If the fuse blows, itll prevent the machine from starting. To determine if its defective, use a multimeter to check for continuity when measuring the fuse and replace it with one that has continuity.

    What To Do If The Error Persists

    Why My Bosch Dishwasher Won

    The above-discussed solution doesnât necessarily fix the issue with your dishwasher.

    Therefore, if the error is still not resolved, I recommend you call technicians to fix the issue with your Dishwasher.

    Besides this, if the warranty period is still not over, you can call the Bosch service center.

    You can repair your Dishwasher free of cost if you have a warranty card with a valid date.

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    Test The Door Latch Switch

    Remove the inner door panel to access the door latch assembly at the top of the door. Make sure the catch engages the door latch switch when it is inserted into the latch assembly. If all appears to work properly, use a multimeter to test the switches for continuity. With the multimeter set on Rx1, touch the probes to the switch terminals. The reading should be at or near zero. If your reading is different, replace the door latch assembly.

    How To Fix The Bosch Dishwasher Not Starting Problem

    There are different problems that stop your Dishwasher from working we canât specify certain issues for this problem.

    Every Dishwasher is different from each other, and therefore, the issue is also different.

    So, to fix this problem, first, you need to identify the exact issue that is causing your Dishwasher from starting after this fix the issue depending upon the problem.

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    Door Latches Can Fail Or Break

    This can happen on any model of dishwasher of course. It’s one of the things that’s been identified as a common problem when people have contacted help forums stating that their LG dishwasher won’t start but has power. The latch will need to be replaced. This isn’t a difficult job and providing you can order the part you might well be able to do it yourself.

    Reasons Why Bosch Dishwasher Wont Start Wash Cycle


    If your Bosch dishwasher wont start wash cycle and you need a quick DIY fix that works, youve come to the right place.

    Sometimes the issue is so simple that you can fix in under 10 seconds. Other times, you may need to run a full Bosch dishwasher troubleshooting to determine what the problem might be.

    Generally, your Bosch dishwasher wont start wash cycle if the door is not closed. Also, an active control lock keeps the unit from normal operation, as it prevents one from starting a new wash cycle. Lack of enough water supply and water pool can also keep a wash cycle from starting.

    Sometimes the unit fails to start a new wash cycle because of damaged parts, so its important to know where the problem is coming from.

    In this guide, I include all the possible reasons why your Bosch dishwasher wont start a wash cycle. Also, I give you some recommended fixes that work well.

    Lets get to it.

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    Unresponsive Controls/child Lock Is On

    If the control panel is not working or being responsive, it is likely that you have activated the child lock. This is nothing to worry about and you can deactivate it very quickly.

    Using the control panel:1. Locate the child lock button on the control panel. The location varies between models, however there is usually either a padlock or key icon near the button.2. Hold down the lock button for three to five seconds. You should hear an audible beep and/or see the symbol disappear. The child lock is now deactivated.

    Manually:1. Press the catch of the lock to the right. The catch is located centrally above the door.2. Press the catch of the child lock backwards.The child lock is now deactivated.

    If you are having difficulties activating and/or deactivating the child lock please refer to your appliances instruction manual for more information.

    Bosch Dishwasher Not Working/starting/turning On

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    We depend upon our dishwashers on a daily basis. Most of us probably cant remember the last time we washed a load by hand. If your Bosch dishwasher is not working, getting it fixed is a priority.

    Performing a soft reset is the fastest way to get your Bosch dishwasher working again. Close the door tightly and press the start button for 5 seconds. If you hear a sound like a dishwasher pump running, it was probably stuck in the middle of a cycle.

    If you must do any work on your dishwasher, you should always keep safety foremost in mind. Working on electrical appliances, even if it is only 110 V can produce a shock that could kill you.

    If you are not comfortable working with electrical parts, it is best to call a repairman. Make sure that you choose a repairman that is certified to work on Bosch equipment.

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    Check The Control Panel

    The control panel could be dead or faulty so there will be no response at all when you try to make it turn on .

    Here you should first try to disconnect the control panel connectors and clean off any corrosion/grime.

    You then connect them back and check if the machine powers on.

    If it doesnât, replace the whole control panel and see.

    I Defective Door Latch Assembly

    Mizuntitled: Bosch Dishwasher Flashing Red Light Won T Start

    A common reason why your dishwasher wont turn on is that there is something wrong with the door latch assembly, including the door latch switches. The door latch assembly is essentially in charge of keeping the dishwasher door closed while the cycle is ongoing, preventing the water from seeping out. It also contains the door latch switches, which are responsible for supplying power to your dishwashers controls.

    If your appliances door wont close properly or if the latch switches are broken, the dishwasher controls may not receive the power needed for your unit to start and function properly. In this case, the door latch assembly will have to be replaced.

    How to test the door latch assembly:

  • Make sure to unplug your appliance before getting started.
  • Locate the door latch assembly. It is typically found on top of your dishwashers door. You will probably have to remove the inner door panel in order to access the assembly. If you are confused, refer to the owners manual on where to find the latch assembly.
  • After locating the door latch assembly, confirm if it is properly activating the switches. You can do this by inserting the door catch into the assembly. If not, it is probably broken and needs to be replaced.
  • If your dishwashers door latch switches are being operated mechanically, carefully remove them from the assembly.
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    Check The Door Switch

    The door switch can detect whether the door is open or close. If the door is open, this switch will stop your dishwasher from running. But when its broken, it may prevent your dishwasher from starting.

    Check the door switch with a multimeter and see if theres continuity. If not, you will need to replace the switch.

    While youre at it, you should also check the door latch. It might not be working properly and the dishwasher door might not be securely closed, which, in turn, triggers the door switch to prevent your dishwasher from running.

    Heres how you replace the door latch on your Bosch dishwasher:


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