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Bosch Dishwasher Replace Drain Pump

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How to replace drain pump in Bosch dishwasher

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Still, if you start to notice that your dishwasher is spending too much time in the drain stage of the wash cycle, thats a sign that the drain pump isnt working as efficiently as it should. You can preemptively have someone diagnose the pump for you instead of waiting for it to fail.

Replacing Drain Pump On Bosch Dishwasher

Thinking of replacing drain pump on Bosch dishwasher because your dishwasher is not draining water? And you have checked for blockages and non were found. In this case, most likely cause would be a failed drain pump. Replacing drain pump on Bosch dishwasher is very easy.

We have made a step by step guide How to replace drain pump on a Bosch dishwasher.

Bosch dishwasher E23 fault and Bosch dishwasher E25 fault are associated with a faulty or jammed drain pump.

Error Codes For Bosch Sms/sh Series And Exxcel/logixx Dishwashers:

Possible fault codes are E25, E24, these are drain error codesFault Code E20Symptom: Electrical short or break.Cause: Short or break causing incorrect resistance in winding of the circulation pump or the motor.Fault Code E21Cause: A blockage between the motor or the pump resulting in insufficient water flow.Fault Code E23Cause: As error code E20, but this time the electrical problem is with the drain pump.Action: Replace drain pump if necessary.Fault Code E24Symptom: Dishwasher not draining properly.Cause: Drain filters blocked.Go to: Why is My Bosch Dishwasher Not Draining?Fault Code E25Symptom: Dishwasher not draining properly.Cause: Possibly blocked filters, as above. Otherwise this fault code could indicate a blocked drain pump.Fault Code E26Action: Check water switch and replace if required.Fault Code E28Cause: Fault detected with turbidity sensor.Symptom: Dishes not getting clean. Dirty water in the tub.To remove the Dishwasher pump see video and follow these steps

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Standing Water After Wash Program Has Ended

You should find no leftover water inside the dishwasher compartment at the end of your chosen wash program. Thats because the final stage of any wash cycle is to remove all remaining water and push it out through the drain hose.

However, a dishwasher with a problematic drain pump will leave standing water inside the appliance even when it shouldnt. So, if you see that theres a puddle in your dishwasher, you should inspect the drain pump and its electrical connectors.

If there are no clogs and the drain pump is connected as it should be, then youll likely have to replace it with a new one.

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How To Clear A Bosch Dishwasher Drain Pump

BOSCH Dishwasher SGS5022GB/13 SGS5022GB/20 SGS5302GB/07 Drain Pump

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If your Bosch dishwasher takes a long time to drain or stops draining altogether, it’s likely that the pump filter and/or impeller is clogged with debris. If this happens, you can save the cost of a service call by cleaning the filter and clearing the drain pump impeller yourself.

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Remove The Old Drain Pump

  • Turn the power to the dishwasher off. You can simply unplug it at the wall.
  • If the dishwasher is full of water, empty it by using a small container and a sponge until its completely empty. If you dont empty the water, it will leak out the bottom when you remove the drain pump.
  • Pull the dishwasher out from the wall so you can work on it. You may have to disconnect the water if the hose isnt long enough for you to be able to move the dishwasher out.
  • You can now start taking the dishwasher apart so you can access the drain pump. Start by removing the top panel there are usually two screws at the rear, which you need to remove. Once removed, set the panel aside out of the way. Its a good idea to place the screws next to each component so you know which ones go back into each component.
  • Remove the side panels of the dishwasher by unscrewing the screws there should be two in the front, and some models have two in the back to remove as well. Once removed, set the panels aside out of the way.
  • Remove the front part of the door by unscrewing it be careful not to let the door panel fall onto the floor while you are unscrewing it. Once removed, set it aside out of the way.
  • Remove the kick strip on the bottom of the dishwasher . On some models, it is attached with two screws, and on others, it clips into place. This will give you access to the cover plate. Once youve removed the kick strip, place it with the other parts.
  • Check The Air Gap For Clogs

    The most common problem that prevents a Bosch dishwasher from draining is small bits of food caught in the air gap. Luckily, this is very easy to fix.

  • Locate your air gap. It’s usually a little hood or cylinder at the back of your sink.
  • Remove the cover. Most just unscrew or pop off by hand, but some have a small screw that holds it in place.
  • The top of the air gap has a small piece that can be removed by depressing the small hooks. Remove the top and clean out anything clogged inside.
  • How it’s supposed to work:

    Water is pumped from the dishwasher up through the air gap and then usually down through a larger hose to the garbage disposal. The problem is that when the water hits the top of the air gap, small bits of food can get stuck between the plastic lid and the built-in tube. This prevents the hose from working efficiently so the dishwasher doesn’t completely drain. It’s amazing what a huge problem a tiny bit of food can cause.

    If you remove a bunch of debris, the problem is likely solved. Run the dishwasher on the rinse cycle and see if all the water is pumped out. If not, proceed to the next step.

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    Remove The Base Plate

    To remove the base plate, unscrew the four screws that can be found on each corner of the bottom of the dishwasher. For your particular dishwasher, you may also need to unscrew the legs in order to remove the base plate. If you’re unsure, you should refer to your user manual. If you can’t find or have misplaced your manual, don’t worry. We can help you find it with our online user manual finder.

    Once you’ve removed the screws, and possibly the legs, you should be able to lift the base plate away from the dishwasher. The base plate can have sharp edges, so be careful with your hands whilst you do this.

    My Bosch Dishwasher Isn’t Draining

    Bosch Dishwasher â Drain Pump â Replacement

    After our built-in Bosch ran a cycle, the bottom of the dishwasher was still full of dirty, free-standing water.

    Here’s how it’s supposed to work:

    There is a drain pump in the dishwasher that pushes the water out through a hose which typically runs from the dishwasher to either the sink’s garbage disposal or the air gap.

    If your dishwasher is not draining, something along this pathway is blocked or broken. Here are the troubleshooting steps to take.

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    This Video Will Help You Remove The Old Dishwasher Pump And Replace With A New One Or To Clean It

    You will need to access the pump from the front of the machine on this model as the base does not come off, this video will show you how to replace the pump on all these make but can differ from model to model. Bosch, Siemens, Airlux, ATAG, Balay, Constructa, Gorenje, Imperial, Koenic, Kuppersbusch, Neff, Pelgrim, Pitsos, Thermador, Tecnik, Viva, V-Zug,

    Check For Clogs In The Drain Hose

    To detach a drain hose from the air gap , you’ll need:

    • Bucket
    • Pair of pliers


  • Using a screwdriver and the pliers, disconnect the drain hose that is attached to the air gap , drain the water, and check if the hose is blocked. You’ll only be able to see the section of the drain that’s exposed under the sink.
  • To see if the drain hose is blocked, run the dishwasher on the rinse cycle and hold the hose over the bucket. If the dishwasher doesn’t drain, then the drain hose is blocked. You might try to use a plumbing snake or a hanger to push out the clog.
  • If you can’t find the clog in the section of drain under the sink, it’s likely in the portion you can’t see, directly behind the dishwasher. Most drain hoses run through a hole in the cabinet and the dishwasher may need to be pulled fully out for closer inspection. Before you pull it out, you’ll need to unscrew the two L brackets that connect the top of the dishwasher to the underside of the counter. You may also need to adjust the height of the dishwasher by screwing its feet down lower to give you clearance at the top. If this is too difficult, it might be time to call a plumber.
  • This is an air gap that has been disconnected from the drain hose and the garbage disposal.

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    Check That Your Replacement Pump Comes With A New Seal

    With the base plate removed, you will be able to see the drain pump.

    Before going any further with the replacement, check your replacement drain pump and make sure it has come with a new seal too. This is a loose, thin rubber ring on the end of the part. If the replacement drain pump doesn’t have a seal, you’ll need to take the seal off the old pump and transfer it to the new one.

    Install The New Drain Pump

    Bosch Dishwasher Drain Pump Suitable for
  • Place the new drain pump into the housing and turn it slowly counterclockwise until it clips into place.
  • Reattach the wires back into the new drain pump. Make sure that they are locked into place correctly.
  • Turn your dishwasher back on at the wall, and run it through a short rinse cycle. This allows you to check that the new drain is working and that no leaks are coming out of it.
  • If the dishwasher drain pump is working correctly and no error messages appear on the control screen, you can start to put the dishwasher back together again.
  • Start by reattaching the cover plate by threading in the two screws back in to secure it. The bottom part should clip back into place.
  • Reattach the kick strip back onto the bottom of the dishwasher.
  • Reattach the front door panel and secure it in place with the screws.
  • Reattach the side panels and secure them in place with the screws.
  • Reattach the top panel and secure it in place with the screws. The dishwasher should now be fully back together again.
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    Takes Too Long To Drain

    The whole point of a drain pump is to help drive water out of the dishwasher quickly instead of relying on gravity to do all the work. So, a drain pump thats in good working order should only take a few minutes to remove all water from your appliance.

    Of course, the precise timing will be different depending on your dishwasher model, brand, and size. Larger dishwashers have more water for the pump to remove, and some models use stronger pumps than others.

    If youve had the appliance for a long time now, youd have a strong sense of how fast the dishwasher should drain. Plus, you can refer to the user manual, which details how long the process should take.

    How To Replace A Dishwasher Drain Pump

    There are a few possible causes for your dishwasher not to be draining water properly, including the filter needing to be unblocked or replaced. However, if you’ve ruled out all other potential issues, the problem will lie with your dishwasher drain pump. When this part breaks or stops doing its job, you’ll need to replace it to get your appliance working and draining properly again. Read on to learn how to replace a dishwasher drain pump for yourself.

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    Drain Line Is Clogged

    Oh, NO! There is still water in my Bosch dishwasher! Unnerving as this is, check the drain line that connects from the dishwasher to the sink or garbage disposal. This is a very common place for clogs to form. Remove the drain hose and clear it out. Clean out the fittings near the garbage disposal while the hose is disconnected to ensure there is no blockage.

    How To Replace A Bosch Dishwasher Drain Pump

    Dishwasher Not Draining? Drain Pump Replacement #00642239

    Do you need to replace the drain pump in your Bosch dishwasher? Then youre in the right place. Drain pumps are a common component of dishwashers that need to be replaced, as they can wear out over time. Thankfully, its a pretty easy repair to do. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions below.

    This guide covers most Bosch dishwasher models, including:


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  • We had had the worse type of problem with our Bosch Dishwasher, sometimes it works, sometimes not. The pump was replaced 11 months ago when a E24 error popped up intermittently. It continued to show after the new pump. We have cleaned filters, examined water supply, pretty much everything we could find. And by the way, your site is the very best weve seen by way of explanation. We now get an E25 code which suggests the pump but Im not convinced. The salt reservoir is still full requiring no replenishment for months! This is surely wrong, we are in a very hard water area. Have you any idea what might be causing this and how we should proceed?

  • Sasha

    I have tried to see if I can clean the pump to get rid of error 24, but it has actually triggered it to change to error 25 now. It did the whole cycle when I tested it, but on the last minute of it comes up with an error. I am trying to put the panel back on the dishwasher, but I have these two plastic parts,which fell out when taking the panel off and I dont know which position they should be in when panels goes back on. Could you please send a photo where they go? Its siemens 45m583au dishwasher

  • Simon

    HiIm getting an E15 fault on my Siemens dishwasher. I know this is water in the base. Where could that be coming from?

  • Check The Filter Inside The Dishwasher

    There is a screen in the bottom of the dishwasher that is supposed to block large debris from going into the drain hose, but sometimes pieces of food get through and clog the hose. The video below shows you how to check and clean the filter. If you find a big piece of food or glass, remove it and then run the rinse cycle to see if the dishwasher drains. If it still doesn’t, move to the next step.

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    What If I Don’t Have An Air Gap

    Some units skip the air gap and drain directly into the garbage disposal by using what is called a high drain loop, which is an extra-long drain pipe that’s fastened to the underside of the countertop. If you have a high drain loop, skip to step #3.

    Pull the cover off your air gap and check for debris and tiny bits of food.

    How Do I Know If Dishwasher Drain Pump Is Bad

    Bosch SMS40C02GB/07 Dishwasher Drain Pump BLP3 01/003 475.190

    Eugene SmithDISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission at no additional cost to you

    Dishwashers rely on a drain pump to remove used water from the appliance. When the pump goes bad, the dishwasher should display an error code to let you know. But is that the only way you can tell if your dishwasher drain pump is bad?

    There are several signs to look for that indicate your dishwasher drain pump is bad. For instance, a bad pump causes the appliance to drain too slowly or not drain at all. Besides that, youll find water leaking out onto the floor or left standing inside the compartment, even after a wash program ends. Lastly, low humming or squealing noises also point to a pump problem.

    This guide will walk you through the telltale signs that your dishwasher drain pump is bad. When youre able to identify these signs early, you can troubleshoot and repair the pump before it fails entirely, leaving you with dishes you cant wash.

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    Finding Your Model Number

    Before starting the repair, you will need to make sure you have the correct replacement drain pump for your dishwasher make and model. A dishwasher model number is usually found on a sticker or data plate behind the door or around the frame. If it isn’t here, it may be near the base of the dishwasher on a ‘kick strip’ under the door at the front, or on the back or sides of the appliance. The model number will be a combination of letters and numbers and could also include characters such as a dash or a slash . For further help, head over to our page on finding the model number for your dishwasher.

    Please note that the dishwasher we are using for this guide is a Gorenje GV62110. However, the drain pump replacement process should generally be the same for most types of dishwashers.

    How To Replace Dishwasher Pump Bosch Siemens Etc

    The drain pump on a dishwasher will always be located at the bottom of the machine, some can be accessed from the front as in this video, others you can removed from under the base of the dishwasher, But the first thing you need to do is drain the water from the inside using a bowl, I find that the top of a spray tin very useful to remove water from below the filter in the water well.

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