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Bosch 800 Dishwasher Crystal Dry

Best Overall: Bosch 800 Series 24 Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher with Crystal Dry overview and review!

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If silence is golden, then this Bosch 800 Series 24-inch dishwasher with a 40-decibel noise rating is worth its weight in gold. Run your largest loads with ease on 16 place settings, plus the versatility of an adjustable middle rack and a third rack for those odd-shaped dishes and kitchen tools. Overall, 9/10 buyers recommend this dishwasher, giving high scores to the PrecisionWash feature that gets dishes immaculate and CrystalDry that ensures dinnerware is ready to use from the moment the cycle ends.


Heres what shoppers are asking when it comes to the 800 Series of dishwashers.

What is the difference between Bosch Benchmark and 800 series dishwasher?

The 800 Series is Boschs second premier dishwasher line, second only to Benchmark dishwashers. Models from the Benchmark collection start at a higher price point , but upgrades like water softeners, internal LED lighting, and some of the quietest dishwashers on the market are all part of the upgrade.

Where are Bosch 800 Series made?

Although Bosch is a German brand, most of its dishwashers are manufactured here in the U.S.A. .

Top 5 Bosch Dishwasher Comparison Chart And Review 2022

Bosch dishwashers are highly popular appliances nowadays. When deciding which Bosch dishwasher to use, people often become confused regarding which dishwasher is the best.

As the market is filled with various types of advanced Bosch dishwashers, it is tough to choose the most preferable one.

However, each dishwasher has its own performance and usability. As a result, the comparison between the dishwashers is harder. Actually, the best option varies depending on your requirements.

We will share a well-researched comparison and authentic information on the five best Bosch Dishwashers to help you choose the right one.

We will compare between:

Boschs Crystaldry Dishwasher Technology

Bosch is a popular manufacturer when it comes to many different household appliances. However, when it comes to dishwashers Bosch has been able to corner a strong section of the market.

But before we examine this latest innovation lets take a brief look at Bosch themselves. Bosch was founded by Robert Bosch in 1886. While it is likely most well-known for its consumer goods and home appliance Bosch is actually a prevalent engineering and technology company.

They highlight their business as having four main areas of focus. These are mobility hardware and software, consumer goods, industrial technology and finally energy and building technology. So, Bosch is certainly a company with a lot more expertise and experience than many people would likely first think.

The consumer goods section of Bosch is actually not its primary source of revenue either. However, it is still one of the main cores of its business and is the second-largest category out of the four previously mentioned areas. The Bosch brand also encompasses many smaller brand names as well.

These include popular manufacturers like Dremel, Siemens and the German kitchen manufacturer NEFF GmbH among many others. So, many households use Bosch appliance of one form or another although they might not always have the Bosch logo on them directly. Bosch is also quite the global presence as well as it operates in over 60 countries.

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Hunting For A New Dishwasher

A few years ago when Tom and I got new appliances for our kitchen we got some amazing appliances but made 1 big oops. The dishwasher we bought has a handle bar that sticks out making it impossible to open the drawer next to it if the dishwasher is closed.

We didnt realize that the handle of the dishwasher blocked the drawer until the dishwasher was installed and we were running our first load of dishes in it. At that point we both agreed we would be fine with the dishwasher and just make due until we found a dishwasher that checked off all the boxes a few years from then.

A few years have since passed and we are on the hunt for a dishwasher. I have been looking at lots of them, waiting for one to scream at me that it is perfect.

I recently came across the new Bosch 800 Series Crystal Dry Dishwasher and I am loving the features this dishwasher has to offer.

Why Do Bosch Dishwashers Not Dry

The all new Bosch 800 Series dishwasher Crystal Dry from Best Buy

Bosch dishwashers use a condensation drying process that doesn’t involve a heating element. Rather, they use a final hot rinse that works with the cool stainless steel interior to promote condensation. … A Bosch dishwasher not drying dishes sufficiently on the standard drying cycle may require stronger drying options.Jul 1, 2020


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Bosch Sge68x55uc 800 Series 24 Front Control Built

Simple setting navigation

Noise level: 44 dB

A solid entry in the 800 Series is the Bosch SGE68X55UC Dishwasher with an integrated water softening feature.

It has Boschs patented AquaLeak prevention system that shuts off water supply whenever it detects droplets.

Furthermore, the SGE68X55UC is more affordably priced compared to other dishwashers from the 800 Series.


The Bosch SGE68X55UC 800 Series Dishwashers most desirable feature is its integrated water softening system.

Apart from that, its got a lot of the basic 800 Series feature that weve come to expect and love. Definitely worth a buy if you want a more entry-level high-end dishwasher.

What Are The Differences Between Bosch 300 Vs 500 Vs 800 Dishwashers

If your old, time-and true appliance is janky, it might be heavy. Dont get butthurt, as a grip of reliable, quiet and efficient machines are on sale. They are modern, stylish by design and powerful. Which model shall you select? Lets compare Bosch 300 vs 500 vs 800 dishwasher series. Your choice depends on your need and budget, for sure. For example, entry-level kitchen appliances are more affordable. An advanced model is a bit more expensive. Are revolutionary technologies worth investment? Some features may be essential the others you can easily compromise. Size and colors, materials and flexibility also matter. So, let me specify basic differences and special aspects. Its lets you puzzle out the variety of models easier.

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What Is Bosch Autoair Dryingwhat Is Bosch Autoair Drying

AutoAir drying improves Boschs current condensation drying technology by causing the door to pop open at the end of the cycle allowing excess moisture to escape and fresh air circulating to dry the dishes. Luxury appliance brands like Miele have had similar technology to AutoAir drying for years.

Bosch Shxm78z55n 800 Series 24 Top Control Built

Bosch Dishwasher Crystal Dry Feature

The ultimate clean. The ultimate dry, even on plasticsSimple setting navigation

Noise level: 42 dB

An indisputable entry in the best quiet dishwasher category, the Bosch SHXM78Z55N features a plethora of the brands patented technologies.

It has a capacity of 16 place settings, more than enough to wash an entire weeks load in one sitting. Even so, it has a quick wash cycle that gets the job done in about an hour for only a little more water and energy.

One more thing that we like about the Bosch SHXM78Z55N Dishwasher is its foldable cup shelves that create space for cups, mugs, and even utensils. Its also equipped with a delay start option of up to 24 hours for people who have a tediously busy schedule.

Noise level: 42 dB

With barely any setbacks, the Bosch SHXM78W56N ranks both as the best of the 800 Series and as one of the best dishwashers overall.

It has just about any feature youd want in a Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher at a more reasonable price than the previous two on our list. At a rating of only 42 decibels, its so quiet that you can barely hear it at night.

But what really makes the Bosch SHXM78W56N Dishwasher desirable is its sound-absorbing base that prevents vibrations on the floor level. This makes it perfect if you have a kitchen one floor above the living room or a bedroom. Overall, you get excellent results at the minimum disturbance.


The Bosch SHXM78W56N 24-Inch Dishwasher is a top-notch appliance from the quietest dishwasher brand in the USA.

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Do All Dishwashers Have A Drying Cycle

Each dishwasher is equipped with its own set of cycles and features. Some have multiple drying settings that can be adjusted to accommodate the volume of dishes being washed. If your unit has a heated dry option, use this setting to improve drying performance, although it may use more energy.


About The Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Crystal Dry

  • 24 width Theres room for up to 16 place settings. Plus, choose from 6 wash cycles including five-level wash, 5 options like Extra Dry, and a concealed heating element.
  • Flexible 3rd rack Accommodate the odd one out. Adding the 3rd rack with its adjustable tines can create the right fit for deep, tall, or uniquely-shaped items.
  • EasyGlide rack Load and unload smoothly. Its easy to adjust and move the racks, even while theyre full of dishes.
  • RackMatic® Fit it all, every time. With 3 different height levels and up to 9 possible rack positions, you can customize each load for your needs. The flip tines make loading wide bowls easy and ball bearing wheels provide a smooth glide.
  • 24/7 Aquastop® Protect your floors. This 4-part leak prevention system uses sensors to detect and stop leaks, and can even turn on by itself.
  • 42-dBA noise level rating Wash dishes in peace. Bosch dishwashers are so quiet, you have to check the exterior Infolight® to know theyre on. It has 18 unique sound-reducing technologies such as multiple insulation layers, grindless food filtration, and a sound absorbing base.
  • Touch Control Program a cycle quickly. The integrated controls make it easy with simple touch technology.
*Based on aggregate average drying performance of Bosch Dishwashers with CrystalDry on combined household load including plastics, glass, steel, and porcelain as compared to Bosch Dishwashers with PureDry. Drying performance may vary by dish type.

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Is Bosch 800 Series Worth It

Advanced dishwasher series are ADA compliant. They are silent and innovative. These stellar machines come with:

  • Flexible top racks and silverware baskets.
  • LED displays.
  • Load size sensors.
  • Self-latching doors.
  • 500-series units come with AutoAir technology. By the end of the drying cycle, it opens the doors, releasing steam. DelayStart and AutoStop options are convenient: they benefit users, making dishwashing easier and safer. These models include powerful and durable EcoSilent motors. Most importantly, using strong AC magnets, the drive is friction-free. So, its long-lasting and high-performance.

    The motor itself comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Dishwashers interiors wont rust within 10 years for sure. Additionally, a limited lifetime warranty covers water damage issues. Signature AutoStop system shuts down the water supply in case of a leak.

    What is the difference between Bosch benchmark and 800 series? Both of them feature innovative CrystalDry technology. It does the job much better than PureDry features. It makes your dishes 60% drier and safer to use. Besides, EasyGlide racks make dishwashers interiors completely flexible. But above all, MyWay solutions enable hella huge loads. Luxuries stand out by water softener containers and interior lighting options. Full-color LCD screens might be also available.

    Bottom Line

    Do You Enjoy Doing The Dishes

    New Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Crystal Dry At Best Buy

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    Best Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers

    February 8, 2021// by Nicholas Morton

    Lets have a look at the very best of the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher lineup to determine each units pros and cons.

    We will go through each units functions and features, as well as its pricing and overall value compared to what it can do from an efficiency standpoint.


  • 2 Final Thoughts
  • Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers Pros And Cons

    From the good to the not-so-good, heres how Bosch 800 Series dishwashers tally up.


    Quietest dishwasher in the industry

    Powerful drying technology

    Learn More: Our Dishwasher Buying Guide

    Consider a Bosch 800 Dishwasher if

    That being said, be prepared to drop anywhere between $1,049$1,649 for a Bosch 800 dishwasher. The upside is that stainless-steel tubs, dishwasher sensors, and flexible dish loading are a standard part of the package.

    Overall, Bosch 800 Series dishwashing machines are a good fit if:

    Youre looking for one of the best dish drying technologies on the market.

    Youre interested in handle designs to match your existing kitchen appliances.

    Efficient dishwashing is a must.

    Quiet dishwasher performance is a plus.

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    What Is Bosch Crystaldry Technology

    • Patented new CrystalDry technology transforms moisture into heat up to 176F to get dishes 60% drier,* for the ultimate dry. *Based on aggregate average drying performance of Bosch Dishwashers with CrystalDry on combined household load including plastics, glass, steel, and porcelain as compared to Bosch Dishwashers with PureDry.

    Why Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Reviews Lead The Market

    Bosch Dishwashers CrystalDry Technology and Demonstration

    ENERGY STAR has recognized Bosch as a Partner of the Year, while calls the Bosch 800 Series dishwashers the best dishwasher theyve ever tested. Thats a lot of praise for an appliance that can easily be overlooked, which is why weve decided to break down how this line of premium dishwashers manages its success.

    Throughout this product spotlight, we look into how these dishwashers are made, the features that make them so special, the considerations you should keep in mind, and three Bosch 800 Series dishwasher reviews you should check out!

    At a Glance:

    Quick question: What is quality engineering and how is it measured? According to Bosch, its with 485 performance checks on every dishwasher model. Sound extreme? Maybe, but becoming the Quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S. and one of the best names in dishwashing machines takes a little more effort than the average dishwasher.

    With seven lines to choose from in total, Bosch dishwashers offer premium dish care for a variety of budgets and lifestyles. For many, the Bosch 800 Series is one of the best lineups on the scene, showcasing exactly why the brand is regularly recommended by appliance experts and highly rated by its users.

    How Do They Compare? | Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers

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    Bosch Has Been One Of Our Most Popular Dishwasher Brands For The Last Decade Here At Kelly’s And For Great Reason Too

    One of the most popular series of dishwashers that Bosch makes is the 800 series. Traditionally speaking, the 800 series dishwasher has been super quiet, washes well, and has great adjustments on the inside of the dishwasher to accommodate different dishes. But the question remains: how do you make a fantastic dishwasher even better? Bosch’s innovative engineers have introduced a new feature called Crystal Dry that enhances the drying process inside of their marquee dishwasher.

    Buy A Dishwasher Thats Meant For Drying

    If your dishes are still wet in the dishwasher, it may be time for an upgrade. Today, dishwashers can do pretty much everything short of loading and unloading themselves, but thats probably coming. So, its no surprise that a good dishwasher like the Bosch 800 Series is built to prevent opening the dishwasher to find dishes still wet.

    The new Bosch 800 Series dishwasher delivers a sparkling clean and dry with advanced PrecisionWash technology and patented CrystalDry technology. CrystalDry tech, which is available only in 800 Series), gives the ultimate clean and the ultimate dry, including plastics.

    In fact, Bosch says that the patented CrystalDry technology delivers 60% better drying results.*

    Patented CrystalDry technology transforms moisture into heat up to 176 Fahrenheit for the ultimate dry, even for plastics. This tech makes it one of the best dishwashers for drying dishes.

    While drying dishes well is important to me, having a quiet dishwasher is also crucial, and the Bosch 800 Series wins here. It runs at an extremely quiet 42 dBA, which is close to the dBA level of quiet library sounds. When you look under the hood, it has 18 unique sound-reducing technologies, including multiple insulation layers, grindless food filtration, and a sound absorbing base.

    That said, even with a good dishwasher, these dishwasher drying tips can help keep your dishes drier.

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    Is Bosch Really The Best Dishwasher

    When it comes to dishwashers, Bosch is known to be a high-quality and reliable brand. There are many things to love about this appliance brand, including their spacious designs and sleek, stainless steel finishes. Dishwashers by this brand, in particular, can be remarkably quiet and last for years.May 14, 2021


    Bosch Dishwashers Latest Innovations

    Finding the Perfect Dishwasher with the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher ...

    Given their background as a very experienced engineering and technology company it shouldnt surprise you to learn that Bosch places a lot of importance on innovation when it comes to their products. Their range of dishwashers has been able to benefit from this mindset in many ways.

    In 2018 Bosch introduced the Myway Rack this innovation was designed to save space at the lower chamber of the dishwasher so people could more easily stack pots and pans. The Easy Glide rack was also introduced during this time and can extend so when the dishwasher is fully loaded you can use it to create more space.

    In 2019 Bosch announced the AutoAir Dry features as well this as I am sure the name tells you is a feature designed to help aid with the drying time after the dishwasher as completed its washing process. One noticeable issue with many dishwashers is that they only do half a job they might wash things thoroughly but they dont actually dry them.

    The AutoAir Dry feature looks to combat this problem by opening the dishwasher door slightly after the washing cycle as finished. This might seem like a very small change but it could potentially have a very big impact and will certainly help speed up drying times.

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