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Bosch 300 Panel Ready Dishwasher

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Bosch 300 Series 24″ Built-In Dishwasher with Recessed Handle

When the manufacturer’s warranty on your product expires, service repair costs come out of your pocket. Save with Service Protection Plans.

Refrigerator – Not cooling, leaking water, running too often, icemaker not making iceRange/Oven – Oven not heating, oven not turning on, range burner not igniting, oven temperature not stable, control panel not workingDishwasher – Leaking, not turning on, water not draining, door not latchingWasher – Not spinning, water not draining, leaking water, will not turn onDryer – Clothes will not dry, will not turn on, overheating, drum not turningMicrowave – Will not turn on, control panel not working, not heating

Copper Pipe Directly To The Water Inlet Is Pretty Much A No

Technically, it’s possible . To do it, you’d need torun the pipe up from the floor almost *exactly* where the water inlet will be when the machine is installed. Inaddition, you probably wouldn’t be able to run the pipe itself up through the floor until the machine is pushedin , because otherwise the pipe protruding from the floor would stop the machine from slidingin/out.

PEX and/or braided dishwasher hose will work, as they can be run through the channel. Of course, the old system herehad a copper pipe coming from the floor, not in the correct location for this machine, and thus, I had a fun littleconversion to make to braided dishwasher hose.

Page 1: Positioning The Dishwasher

  • Page 18 Reposition the hoses such that they run through the strap on the other side. Be sure to snap the strap back in place to secure the hoses as shown. the dishwasher into the cabinet. Use hands on both sides of dishwasher to push evenly.
  • Page 19 Push the unit 2/3 of the way into the opening and stop. Reach into adjacent cabinet and pull hoses and excess power cord completely out so they do not get kinked.
  • Page 20 Adjust the legs Use a level to check that your dishwasher is level. Level side to side to lower front of the unit as shown. Level front to back clockwise to lower the back. Center the dishwasher in the opening before securing it to your cabinet or counter top as shown.
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    Pairing Your Dishwasher With Home Connect Is Simple And Easy

    The Home Connect app allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bosch dishwasher from your smartphone. From cycle status notifications to running diagnostics from the comfort of your home, the Home Connect app is designed to make your life easier. Experience a new level of control with Home Connect.

    Page 2: Attaching The Toe Panel

  • Page 27 If your dishwasher came with a non-slotted toe panel and toe panel brackets follow these instructions: Plug metal brackets into openings on both sides of the base as shown. Use screw to mount metal brackets to the base as shown. Tuck the pre-attached rubber brackets as shown.
  • Page 28 Slide metal toe panel into position ensuring the bottom of the toe panel is it matches up with on the metal brackets as shown. Note: The toe panel height can be adjusted by screwing into a different hole in the bracket. of apron by opening the door.
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    Service Is Convenient And Easy

    Simply call the number on the front of your service contract. You can receive service anywhere in the continental United States* and Hawaii.Existing customers may schedule repair or check on coverage by visiting

    A comprehensive 4 Year plan that covers repairs to your appliance. Coverage begins upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Page 2: Drain Connections

  • Page 24 screws provided You may use the piece you removed in Step 7 to attach to the inside of the cabinet and hang the drain hose from as shown in place of using a Nonmetallic Tie as pictured in the next illustrations. The dishwasher drain hose must be installed with a portion of it at least properly.
  • Page 25 NOTE: Place hose clamp around end of drain hose BEFORE connecting to the plumbing. The dishwasher drain hose may be connected to the drain plumbing using an air gap in one of two ways: Connect to the under sink dishwasher drain connection . Connect to a disposer dishwasher drain connection .
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    Page : Enclosure Requirements

  • Page 9 After locating the proper place for your dishwasher, create required openings in your cabinets in order to allow for water, drain and electrical area shown. If the opening is made through wood, sand it smooth. If the opening is made through metal, use the provided edge protector or other approved method to protect wiring from damage.
  • Page 10 Twist the end of the water supply line to detach from the dishwasher base as shown. Pull the drain hose out of the packaging base as shown. Set toe panel aside for later use.
  • Page 3: Matriel Fourni

    Bosch Dishwasher Installation 300 Series Dishwasher 24′ Stainless steel SHEM63W55N
  • Page 35 Matériel fourni Guide dâinstallation pour un panneau (selon le Vis pour le panneau de plinthe sans fente fonction de la couleur du panneau de plinthe…
  • Page 36 Exigences dâencastrement AVERTISSEMENT Ãvitez les brûlures ou les risques de secousse électrique ! Sâassurer que lâalimentation dâeau et lâalimentation électrique sont mises à lâarrêt avant toute installation ou réparation. Remarque : ce lave-vaisselle est conçu pour être encastré sous un comptoir, à …
  • Page 37 Après avoir choisi un endroit approprié Si lâouverture est percée dans du bois, poncer les rebords du trou. de tout dommage.
  • Page 38 Faire tourner le bout de la conduite Retirer le tuyau dâévacuation Mettre le panneau de plinthe…
  • Page 39 Retirer le collier de serrage Préparation de lâinstallation électrique AVERTISSEMENT Ãvitez les risques de décharge électrique et dâincendie. Ne pas tenter dâintervenir sur un circuit sous tension. Vous risquez autrement doivent effectuer des travaux sur lâinstallation électrique. Ne pas tenter dâintervenir sur le circuit électrique du lave-vaisselle à moins dâêtre certain que celui-ci est hors tension.
  • Page 41 strain relief Fixer le raccord de retenue sur le côté opposé de la boîte de jonction. dâalimentation in situ dans le conducteur de terre du bornier et visser solidement la vis du bornier. solidement la vis du bornier. Serrer le raccord de retenue.
  • Page 49 Securing the Dishwasher .
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    Shvm63w53n Bosch 300 Series 24 Panel Ready Dishwasher With Top Controls And Aquastop

    Note: This model requires customer supplied custom panel and handle SHVM63W53N Bosch 300 Series 24″ Panel Ready Dishwasher with Top Controls and AquaStop – Custom PanelItem#: 14307$0.01Why don’t we show the price on the product page?Some manufacturers restrict how prices may be advertised. We are showing you our lowest sale price here in our pop-up cart.You may simply remove the item from the cart if you do not wish to purchase it.

    A comprehensive 2 Year plan that covers repairs to your appliance. Coverage begins upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Hear The Difference With Bosch Dishwashers

    Bosch has created a series of dishwashers that have been ranked as the quietest in the United States. Long considered among the best dishwashers, these Bosch appliances are so quiet that a status light is included to let you know when it’s running.

    Thoughtful design and thorough engineering have combined to give you high performance cleaning along with peaceful sound levels. Each Bosch dishwasher is equipped with 18 technologies that reduce sound. This includes extra insulation, precise sprayers aimed at the dishes instead of the stainless steel tub, and special motors. The innovation continues after the wash cycle, where Bosch has developed technologies to dry dishes in an efficient manner. The intelligent design also extends to the outside of the unit, with options for hidden top controls, sleek front controls, and panel-ready models for the ultimate in integration with your kitchen cabinetry. Available in full size 24-inch as well as ADA compliant 18-inch models, Bosch offers a model, size, and finish for every situation.

    Bosch’s engineering and technology has qualified their dishwashers for ENERGY STAR certification. This ensures that you will save money over the life of the dishwasher in energy savings. ENERGY STAR appliances can save you even more with appliance rebates. For information on Bosch and other brands, check out our for the most up to date list of offers.

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    Page : Important Safety Instructions: Please Read And Save This Information

  • Page 3 WARNING Avoiding General Hazards Do not use the dishwasher until it is completely installed. When opening the door on an uninstalled dishwasher, carefully open the door while supporting the rear of the unit. Failure to follow this warning can cause the dishwasher to tip over and result in serious injury.
  • Page 4 This appliance must be connected to a grounded metal, permanent wiring the appliance. Do not use extension cords. Avoiding Plumbing/Scalding Hazards Do not perform any work on a charged hot water line. Serious injury could attempt any work on the dishwasher hot water supply plumbing until you are certain the hot water supply is shut off.
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    Bosch is a brand known for making high quality appliances and their series 300 dishwashers are no exemption. The best ones are easy to install, durable, and efficient. If you’re looking for a new dishwasher, here are some options. Browse the top-ranked list of Bosch 300 series dishwashers below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Top comment

    Love my new dishwasher asher. It’s very quiet and cleans very well….Bosch300Series 24″ dishwasherBosch300seriesdishwasher

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    This 24″ ADA-compliant dishwasher is uniquely designed for customers with special height requirements. It features sophisticated technologies for quiet operation, outstanding performance and remarkable flexibility. It also contains a built-in water softener to ensure optimally spot-free and shiny dishes.See all Built-In DishwashersTop comment

    Love my new dishwasher asher. It’s very quiet and cleans very well….Bosch300Series 24″ dishwasherBosch300seriesdishwasher

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    This 24″ ADA-compliant dishwasher is uniquely designed for customers with special height requirements. It features sophisticated technologies for quiet operation, outstanding performance and remarkable flexibility. It also contains a built-in water softener to ensure optimally spot-free and shiny dishes.

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    Turning Power/water Back On

    The final note . Not Bosch-specific, but important any time you wire in an appliancethat deals with electricity & water Once it’s installed and it’s time to turn the water/powerback on, do it gradually. It’s good to have a helper watch the dishwasher so they can yell if you turn somethingon and water starts pouring. Ideally, you’ll keep the lower front panel off for the first wash so that you canobserve the water inlet.

    What I typically do:

    Again, the manual walks you through just about everything.So long as your lines are set up / positioned properly, the process is relatively simple. If they aren’tlined up. plan to spend a lot of time re-working those aspects.

    Page : Consignes De Scurit Importantes: Veuillez Lire Et Conserver Ces Informations

  • Page 31 AVERTISSEMENT Prévention des dangers dâordre général et provoquer de graves blessures. rebords et angles tranchants. Effectuer ces manÅuvres avec prudence. Ãviter les chocs électriques / Feu Dangers Ne pas tenter dâintervenir sur un circuit sous tension. Vous risquez autrement tension.
  • Page 32 Ne pas utiliser de rallonge. Prévention des dangers dâébouillantage et liés aux travaux de plomberie des travaux sur la tuyauterie. Ne pas tenter dâintervenir sur la tuyauterie…
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    Quiet Dishwashers From Bosch

    A range of technologies make Bosch the quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S.1 With impressively low decibel levels, Bosch dishwashers are quiet enough to keep peace in your kitchen. Now, when hosting a dinner party you can start the dishes after dinner, instead of waiting until everyone leaves. Thanks to Bosch quiet dishwashers, life doesn’t have to stop for your dishes to be clean.

    Page : Materiales Suministrados

    How To: Bosch Dishwasher Panel Installation
  • Page 63 Materiales suministrados GuÃa de instalación para panel de puerta completamente integrado del modelo) modelo) Tornillos del panel de pie sin ranuras : de color negro o plata, según el color del panel de pie Soportes de montaje del panel de pie
  • Page 64 Requisitos del recinto ADVERTENCIA ¡Evite el peligro de escaldadura o de descarga eléctrica! Asegúrese de que el suministro de agua y el suministro eléctrico estén cerrados antes de realizar la instalación o el servicio técnico. Nota: Esta lavadora de platos ha sido diseñada para estar cercada, por la parte superior, la parte trasera y ambos lados, por el conjunto de gabinetes de una cocina residencial estándar.
  • Page 65 entre la puerta de la lavadora de platos y la pared. Si lavadora de platos se instalará en una esquina, asegúrese de que haya un espacio libre adecuado para abrir la puerta, como se muestra. Una vez que elija el lugar apropiado para su lavadora de platos, haga las aberturas necesarias en sus gabinetes para permitir el paso de las…
  • Page 66 Si la abertura se realiza atravesando madera, lÃjela hasta que quede lisa. Si la abertura se realiza atravesando metal, utilice el protector de bordes Gire el extremo de la lÃnea de suministro de agua para separarla de la base de la lavadora de platos, como se muestra.
  • Page 75 Vuelva a colocar las mangueras de modo que pasen por la correa del otro lado. Asegúrese de calzar la correa de vuelta en su lugar para asegurar las mangueras, como se muestra.
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    Running The Electrical Wire & The Conduit Conductor

    Check the manual when setting up you need quite a bit of excess wire, enough that quite a bitwill stick out when the dishwasher is pushed in. The reason is if you only have enough wire to reach theconnectors, you won’t be able to secure the strain relief. Thus, you need excess.

    Unfortunately, this excess wire has to be jammed into the channel once the strain relief is connected to the plate& you’re attaching the plate to the dishwasher. And there isn’t a lot of room to jam excess wire the channel is narrow and wire does not cram easily. That said, as tempting as it might be,don’t skimp on the wire length too much if you accidentally cut it too short , you’re screwed.

    A final note: if your strain relief screws have the threadspointing to the right-side , the threads mightcatch, and you might not be able to get the plate back in. If your plate isn’t going in, and you’re sureit’s not simply excess wire resisting, chances are the strain relief screws are catching pull it back out, rotate the relief a bit, and try again.

    Now The Tricky Points During The Install

    The Bosch assumes all your connections come in from the rear of the cabinet if yoursalready do, great! .

    Our old short-tub machines had lots of space below decades ago, theconnections came up through the floor whereever it happened to be convenient. The replacement short-tub we’dpreviously put in had enough space that we could just move the lines around. In the Bosch SHE23R52UC, that wasn’tthe case. There are 2 channels along the bottom where you can run lines that’s it. The holein the floor to run the drain flex-pipe to your drain system must be somewhere at the rear. Whilethe water/electrical connects to the front of the machine, ideally it starts at the rear and runs to the front throughthe 2 channels at the bottom of the machine. Technically, they could come up from the floor somewhereother-than-the-rear, though if they don’t come up exactly where the connections are, or within thechannels, you’ll hit issues.

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    Page 7: Asegurar El Lavavajillas

  • Page 80 Conexiones de agua de entrada ADVERTENCIA ¡Evite el peligro de escaldadura! No realice ningún trabajo en una tuberÃa de agua caliente que tenga carga. PodrÃa ocasionar lesiones graves. Ãnicamente los plomeros ningún tipo de trabajo en las tuberÃas de suministro de agua caliente de la lavadora de platos hasta que esté…
  • Page 81 Conecte la lÃnea de suministro de agua de la lavadora de platos a la Necesitará utilizar una lÃnea de suministro de agua de la lavadora de platos aprobada con los conectores correctos para realizar esta conexión. Use siempre el sello adecuado al realizar conexiones de plomerÃa.
  • Page 82 screws provided Puede usar la pieza que retiró en el Paso 7 para acoplarla a la parte inte rior del gabinete y colgar la manguera de drenaje desde donde se muestra como se indica en las siguientes ilustraciones. La altura de la manguera La manguera de drenaje de la lavadora de platos debe instalarse man no drene correctamente.
  • Page 83 NOTA: Coloque la abrazadera de la manguera alrededor del ex- tremo de la manguera de drenaje ANTES de conectarla a la tuberÃa. La manguera de drenaje de la lavadora de platos puede conectarse a la tuberÃa de drenaje utilizando un espacio de aire de dos maneras: Conectando a la conexión de drenaje para lavadora de platos debajo del fregadero .
  • Page 1: Installation Of Mounting Brackets

    Bosch 300 Series 24"  Custom Panel Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub ...
  • Page 16 Side Mount is used for counter tops made of marble, granite, or other very hard materials that cannot be easily drilled. Grasp mounting bracket with pliers at perforation and bend until rounded end breaks free. Discard end. side slots in frame as shown. Using pliers, Do not attach to cabinet yet.
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