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Bosch 100 Series Dishwasher Reviews

Who Is A Bosch Dishwasher Right For

Bosch 100 series dishwasher Model SHEM3AY – Product Review

Bosch dishwashers are considered the top choice for homeowners who require an ultra-quiet dishwasher that wont abrupt daily routines or that wont resonate throughout an open concept floor plan. A range of technologies makes Bosch the Quietest Dishwasher Brand in the U.S. with impressively low decibel levels, ranging from 40 to 50 dBA. With multiple insulation layers, grind-less food filtration, and a sound-absorbing base, you dont have to wait until bedtime to run your appliance.

In addition, Bosch dishwashers appeal to customers who want to invest in a reliable dishwasher that will last you for many years to come. Bosch is one of the few manufacturers that offers a wide assortment of dishwashers that are suitable for a broader spectrum of budgets. Speaking of flexibility, there are Bosch dishwasher models in panel-ready finishes that disappear into your gorgeous cabinetry and in 18-inch widths if youd like to install one near your at-home bar.

On the other hand, Bosch dishwashers may not be suited to households that are on a tight budget and want a dishwasher for under $599. And if you live in an area with hard water and need a dishwasher with a water softener, Bosch does not have a big selection with that built-in amenity. Lastly, if youd like to install a dishwasher drawer or use a portable dishwasher, Bosch does not yet accommodate these installation requirements.

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Pros: Reasons To Buy A Bosch Dishwasher

  • Ultra-quiet – Noise is a top concern for many dishwasher shoppers, and Bosch is the brand that started the race towards producing the quietest dishwashers over 20 years ago. At the top end of their dishwasher lineup Bosch is so quiet they need an indicator called InfoLight that shines on the floor to let you know when the cycle has finished.
  • Great wash performance – This is the one area where all Bosch dishwashers are the same. Bosch’s wash system is a carefully engineered combination of motors, pumps, sensors, filters, and spray arms, and it’s part of every dishwasher in Bosch’s lineup. While you’ll pick up fancier specialty cycles on the high-end models, even the entry-level Bosch will do a great job cleaning your everyday loads thoroughly and efficiently.
  • Reliability – They’re built to last. If properly maintained, a Bosch dishwasher can last for 10 years or more .
  • Budget-friendly – Bosch offers dishwashers for every budget, starting at around $500 for their entry level Ascenta/100 series to around $2,300 for their luxury top-of-the-line Benchmark models.
  • Seamless design options – From hidden pocket handles to specialty caseslike panel-ready dishwashers with doors to match your kitchen cabinets, or a small, 18-inch dishwasher for a home barthere’s a Bosch model to suit your taste.

Ge: Our Second Runner

We nearly recommended GE dishwashers as our runner-up instead of the Maytag 7959. Machines from the two brands are similar in a lot of ways, with heated drying, a food grinder, great cleaning performance , decent racks, and quiet-enough performance. We tested a couple of GE models, and the GE GDP665SYNFS was our favorite. It has a third rack, plus bottle-washing nozzles built into the tines on the middle rack, a feature that we think is pretty cool even as we recognize how gimmicky it is.

In making our picks, we ended up passing over GE because its aggregate reliability data is less favorable, and its prices tend to be higher than Whirlpool and Maytags on a per-feature basis. But if theres something you like about a GE or GE Profile dishwashermaybe youre getting a great GE stove in one of the finishes that only GE sells, and you want your dishwasher to matchit can be a fine choice.

Wed steer clear of the really low-end GE models because they have lousy owner ratings.

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Best Bosch Dishwasher Reviews Of 2022

Bosch is known for their incredible dishwashers. With some of the most popular and reliable dishwashers in the world, your dishes will be clean without any fuss. If youre in the market for a Bosch dishwasher, you have plenty of options before you.

Were here to narrow it down to the top seven best Bosch dishwashers, plus a review of each one.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Reviews

Bosch 100 series SHXM4AY55N Review

Price Range:

  • Crystal Dry in select models
  • HomeConnect WiFi

Our Top Pick: Bosch 800 Series DLX 24 Built In Dishwasher

If a leak occurs, this Bosch 800 models AquaStop® leak protection system contains it by shutting down operation and pumping out water, so you have the ultimate peace of mind whether you are away or at home. This luxury-tier dishwasher also boasts a flexible third rack with fold-down sides, a RackMatic® with three height levels plus nine possible rack positions, and Touch Control tech that enables quick cycle programming.

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How Do I Clean Dishes From The Bottom

We are all familiar with the dishwasher. However, if you don’t know how to clean dishes from the bottom, you may be wasting a lot of time and money on this task.

Its time to clean the dishes from the bottom. But how can we do this? We have to find out what tools are available for us and then use them effectively.

Features Of The Bosch 100 Series

The 100 Series was developed to improve upon the Ascenta line and while the two share a host of similarities, there are distinctive differences or upgrades that stand out.

Except for the following features, the 100 series is identical to the Ascenta model.

The 100 Series has an extra place setting making them 15 in total. It also comes with a third rack which creates more room for dishes at the bottom of the dishwasher and enhances the washing efficiency of the machine.

An adjustable upper rack, the RackMatic can be adjusted to fit taller glasses and the removable silverware basket can be placed anywhere in the tub. The stainless steel tub sits on a polypropylene bottom and not plastic which makes the entire machine more durable.

This model has 5 wash cycles heavy, auto normal, rinse & hold and speed60. It also has an extra scrub feature that takes care of crusted and dried refuse and is better for cooking pots and pans.

The 100 Series is much quieter than Ascenta and though a noise reduction of two decibels may not seem like a considerable difference, it is. At a noise level of just 48 dB, it is nearly impossible to tell that the dishwasher is on when in use.

Since it is rather difficult to tell that your dishwasher is running, it is as well archaic to open it just to find out. The 100 Series comes with and lighting feature that projects on the floor in front of the dishwasher to let you know that the dishwasher is on.


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Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers Pros And Cons

From the good to the not-so-good, heres how Bosch 800 Series dishwashers tally up.


Quietest dishwasher in the industry

Powerful drying technology

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Consider a Bosch 800 Dishwasher if

That being said, be prepared to drop anywhere between $1,049$1,649 for a Bosch 800 dishwasher. The upside is that stainless-steel tubs, dishwasher sensors, and flexible dish loading are a standard part of the package.

Overall, Bosch 800 Series dishwashing machines are a good fit if:

Youre looking for one of the best dish drying technologies on the market.

Youre interested in handle designs to match your existing kitchen appliances.

Efficient dishwashing is a must.

Quiet dishwasher performance is a plus.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing Bosch 100 Series Dishwasher Review

Bosch 100 series dishwasher review

Is there anything you should consider before buying bosch 100 series dishwasher review? If you’re wondering What To Consider When Buying bosch 100 series dishwasher review, you’ve come to the right place.

Buying bosch 100 series dishwasher review requires a lot of commitment. Before purchasing anything, it is important to consider a number of factors. Keep in mind some things that may not seem obvious to you.

This post summarizes the key factors to consider before buying bosch 100 series dishwasher review.

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Bosch 100 Series Dishwasher Review

100 Series Dishwashers are Boschs entry-level dishwashers. Unlike other Bosch Series dishwashers, they come in a plastic tub and noise levels range from 48 dBA to 50 dBa.

There are about 12 dishwasher models in 100 Series, they are affordable, range in price from $450 to $750. The expensive 100 Series dishwashers come with standard Third Rack, Extra dry and RackMatic feature for easy loading.

Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher Reviews

Bosch 300 Series dishwashers set themselves apart from lower-tier models with stainless-steel tubs, quiet operation, and premium loading racks. Remarkably, select Bosch 300 Series dishwashers offer panel-ready options that disappear into your gorgeous cabinetry.

Our Top Pick:Bosch 300 Series 24 Built In Dishwasher Featuring five wash cycles and five wash options, this 44 dBA Bosch 24-inch dishwasher boasts endless utility with advanced amenities, including an InfoLight indicator beam that illuminates the floor, a RackMatic upper rack that offers three height adjustments for up to nine possible positions, and AquaStop leak protection that works 24/7 to prevent water damage in your kitchen.

Check for best price: Bosch 300 Series 24 Built In Dishwasher

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The Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher

Upgrades Over the 100 Series:

  • All stainless steel interior.
  • Dramatically improved quietness at 44 db.
  • Standard 3rd rack along with a removable silverware basket.
  • Speed60 express wash provides effective clean as your default program.
  • Best in class leak detection system.
  • Better use of interior space.

Potential Trade-offs

What Does Dba Mean

Customer Reviews: Bosch 100 Series 24"  Top Control Built

When you see the dBA abbreviation, that is referring to “A-weighted decibels”, which is the unit that dishwasher manufacturers use to measure how loud a dishwasher is during its operation. You’ve probably heard of decibels as a measure of loudness before, but the “A-weighting” basically refers to the fact that certain frequencies are more easily perceived by the human ear than others for instance, a flute solo sounds louder than a bass solo played at the same volume because the human ear is naturally more attuned to mid- and high-range frequencies than it is to bass-range frequencies. As a result, when manufacturers report how loud a dishwasher actually sounds to someone in the same room as the dishwasher while it’s turned on, they report that number in terms of A-weighted decibels , rather than just decibels .

Bosch dishwashers are often amongst the lowest dBA dishwashers on the market.

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Bosch 500 Series Pocket Handle Dishwasher

Best Stylish Bosch Dishwasher

We cant help but suggest the 500 series pocket handle dishwasher if youre in the market for a stylish option.

This dishwasher is available in black or white. The sleek classy finish on the dishwasher makes it a showstopper in the kitchen. It definitely has a luxurious vibe.

The pocket handle, which is slightly recessed, means the overall design is unobtrusive and subtle.

What We Like


Youll love the loading options this dishwasher provides. Firstly, its been built with RackMatic design so you can fit every item in the dishwasher. It allows three different heights and up to nine different positions so you can customize the layout to suit your dishes.

This appliance also has a third rack to provide extra room. Lastly, the racks have EasyGlide technology to ensure they glide out smoothly, making loading and unloading a breeze!

24/7 Aquastop®

The four-part leak prevention system will stop leaks in their tracks. It uses sensors to find and prevent leaks, even if the dishwasher is turned off or in mid-cycle. This protects your floors, the dishwasher and your bank account!

Quiet Operation

At only 44 decibels, this dishwasher operates super quietly. You may not even know its on but thankfully, theres an indicator light which lets you know. It has a sound reduction capability as well to ensure that the dishwasher remains quiet during the most powerful segments of the wash.

What We Don’t Like

Cant Dry

Whats That Smell?

Why Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Reviews Lead The Market

ENERGY STAR has recognized Bosch as a Partner of the Year, while calls the Bosch 800 Series dishwashers the best dishwasher theyve ever tested. Thats a lot of praise for an appliance that can easily be overlooked, which is why weve decided to break down how this line of premium dishwashers manages its success.

Throughout this product spotlight, we look into how these dishwashers are made, the features that make them so special, the considerations you should keep in mind, and three Bosch 800 Series dishwasher reviews you should check out!

At a Glance:

Quick question: What is quality engineering and how is it measured? According to Bosch, its with 485 performance checks on every dishwasher model. Sound extreme? Maybe, but becoming the Quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S. and one of the best names in dishwashing machines takes a little more effort than the average dishwasher.

With seven lines to choose from in total, Bosch dishwashers offer premium dish care for a variety of budgets and lifestyles. For many, the Bosch 800 Series is one of the best lineups on the scene, showcasing exactly why the brand is regularly recommended by appliance experts and highly rated by its users.

How Do They Compare? | Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers

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Shop Bosch Dishwashers At Spencers

As always, dont forget to shop local! Be sure to scour our catalog for Bosch dishwasher reviews, and if you have other questions about any of our top-rated Bosch products, dont hesitate to your friends in the business at Spencers TV & Appliance. Proud to have served our customers since 1973, we have 10 locations in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale regions. Call or visit us today!

The Bosch Ascenta And 100 Series Dishwasher

Bosch Dishwasher: Ascenta, 100, 300, 500 and 800 Series [UPDATED]

You’ll like:

  • Ideal for those on a tight budget.
  • The renowned reliability that Bosch brings to the table.

You Might Not Like:

  • Color Options: Stainless steel
  • Door Style: Bar handle, recessed handle

Our Ratings for 100 Series:

  • Reliability Better

    One-year parts and labor warranty. The product is made to last. The company has an extensive service network.

  • Loading Good

    All models come with a removable silverware basket. Select dishwashers include a third rack for your silverware. Racks are not easily adjustable for odd size dishes.

  • Washing Best

    Soil sensors adjust the wash time to match how dirty your dishes are, so you dont waste time, water or energy. Boschs one-hour Speed60 cycle also actually gets a full load clean.

  • Drying Good

    Dries dishes in an effective and energy-efficient manner. Will not melt your plastics but you need to make sure to use rinse aid for proper drying.

  • Noise Good

    Its 48-50 dBnot the most silent. Compared to other brands like Whirlpool or Frigidaire , the Bosch 100 series is far more quiet.

  • Build Good

    It has stainless-steel walls. The plastic base helps Bosch keep the cost down and pass the savings to you.

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Check These Things Before Buying Bosch 100 Series Dishwasher Review

It is crucial to understand all the options available on the market before purchasing bosch 100 series dishwasher review. It is possible to find some products at a lower price than others. Before purchasing a product, it is important to consider several factors.

You should know what you need and don’t need before making a decision. Keeping up with your competitors is also necessary as a competitor.

Consider these factors when choosing the best bosch 100 series dishwasher review:

# Can you tell me how much bosch 100 series dishwasher review costs?

# What is the expected lifespan of bosch 100 series dishwasher review?

# Which is the simplest method for cleaning bosch 100 series dishwasher review?

# What is the expected lifespan of the bosch 100 series dishwasher review product?

# How long is the warranty on bosch 100 series dishwasher review?

# What is the warranty period for bosch 100 series dishwasher review?

Before purchasing a product, you should ask these questions. There may be other concerns and questions as well.

We discussed the following factors in brief. Online and in-store assistance is available for many of your questions.

E Options Are Numerous

The wide variety of products available online is another advantage of online shopping. In a physical store, you will always find what you are looking for. Due to the wide selection of products offered by online stores, you can find anything you need online.

There are different sizes available for some items, such as bosch 100 series dishwasher review. Shopping online makes it easy to keep track of your purchases.

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How Do You Reset A Bosch Dishwasher

A common issue with Bosch dishwashers is that it can get stuck in a mode where the power button turns red and the dishwasher doesn’t react to basically any command. This primarily happens when a cycle has been interrupted, but can also occur when there’s an actual issue.

If you’re flummoxed by why your Bosch dishwasher isn’t responding, the first step is to firmly press the Start button, release it after a second or so, and then wait a few seconds to see if the cycle resumes. If it doesn’t, you may need to actually reset the device. Most modern Bosch dishwashers can be reset by holding the Start button for three to five seconds. Older models will require a combination of buttons that is specific to the model, but should be indicated on the machine and spelled out clearly in the instruction manual.


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