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Best Eco Friendly Dishwasher Detergent

Best Dishwasher Detergent Our 1st Place Winner Puracy Dishwasher Detergent

Smol Review // Eco friendly dishwasher and laundry capsules

The all-star winner. Gentle to you, your family and the environment. Plus best bit this wont break the bank. What more could you ask for?

comes in neat pre-dosed detergent tabs.

Sparkling clean results are almost guaranteed by a combination of natural/plant-derived detergent technologies.

First up cleaning enzymes. Think of enzymes like Pac-men. They gobble stains. Some enzymes gobble up oily stains and other enzymes gobble up dirt based stains. Puracy Dishwasher Detergent uses 2 enzymes for even better results.

Note dishwasher detergents which contain more than 1 enzymes are most likely to have accelerated cleaning power.

Puracy Dishwasher Detergent contains

  • Protease as you might have guessed from the name breaks down proteins
  • Amylase breaks down starch
  • Then look at this, Puracy Dishwasher Detergent also contains

  • An environmentally friendly antiscalant called Carboxymethyl Inulin if you live in a hard water area and are plagued by water stains get Puracy Dishwasher Detergent its the one for you.
  • A non-streaking, high performance, bio-degradable detergent made from renewable sources called Alkyl Polyglucoside C8-C16 helps to clean away ALL types of stain from water-based to oil-based.
  • Can you see why Puracy Dishwasher Detergent takes the top spot in our best dishwasher detergent list?

    This bio-based dishwasher detergent cleans well, is fragrance-free, is biodegradable and uses remarkable gentle surfactants for this level of performance. Top marks.

    Best Packaging: Cleancult Liquid Dish Soap Refill

    Cleancult Natural Liquid Dish Soaps paper-based packaging reduces plastic waste by 90%. Youll get 32 ounces of dish soap, in a simple quart-sized milk carton. Each is equipped with a plastic pouring spout and cap of biodegradable polylactic acid derived from corn, soy, and sugarcane. PLA is recyclable in industrial compost facilities. Inside the carton is thin aluminum and polyethylene liner that make up 20% of the packaging.

    It is accepted by most recycling centers that take #2 plastic. If that’s not recyclable in your area, Cleancult offers a recycling program that allows you to send your cartons back to them so theyll recycle it for you.

    Its not just the packaging that we like. Cleancults dish soap organic ingredients are simple, plant-based, and scented with essential oils, earning them Leaping Bunny certification. Because it doesnt have typical surfactants, this dishwashing liquid doesnt create a lot of suds, but that doesnt affect its ability to clean. The coconut, olive oils, and aloe in this soap will keep your hands from drying out.

    Available in grapefruit basil, blue sage, and lemongrass, most people find the scents are pleasant without being overpowering.

    What Are The Advantages Of Natural Dishwasher Detergents

    There are a lot of benefits associated with using eco-friendly dishwasher detergents. Here are some of the popular reasons:


    Prevention is better than cure. Natural dishwasher detergents may look more expensive than ordinary ones. But this will save you money since they are safe and harmless.

    Hence, no extra cost associated with medical bills for treating harmful effects caused by regular detergents.


    The main ingredients of the detergent are all-natural, such as plant-based products. These contents are safe for the surroundings, and the dishwasher they are put in.

    Besides that, the packaging is biodegradable and tends to decompose without harming the environment.

    Also, it helps to get rid of the remnants of plastic materials in the surrounding. This makes the planet a safe and healthy place to dwell.

    Get Rid of Artificial Scents

    The artificial smell of several options tends to be quite unpleasant when doing the dishes. Besides that, the artificial fragrances are toxic, unlike those made from plant and other natural sources.

    The natural dishwasher detergents help to eliminate the use of artificial scents.

    Promote Well-being of the Family

    Regular dishwasher detergents contain sulfuric acid and chlorine bleach. These ingredients are harmful to human health and the environment.

    Using eco-friendly detergents will help to avoid health risks associated with artificial detergents.

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    Why Are Plastic Free Dishwasher Detergents So Hard To Find

    Plastic is broadly used in the manufacturing of not just dishwasher detergents but almost all other cleaning supplies. Because its very comfortable and efficient to use, and most people dont really mind it, manufacturers often disregard the problems that it presents to the environment and to our health.

    Eco-friendly packaging products like metal or glass are more heavy to ship and easy to break, while natural, bio-degradable packaging materials have a short life span and usually cant hold a chemical liquid for long without dissolving.

    Slowly, the world is looking towards reducing the use of plastic and switching to more eco-friendly materials and solutions. When it happens, this list will update accordingly.

    What Is The Best Eco

    Palmolive Eco Dishwasher Detergent Gel, Lemon Splash

    Personally, Im sold on Dropps detergent pods. As someone who almost never repeats a subscription, Ive repurchased my Dropps tablets several times.

    Theyre entirely zero waste, free of harmful ingredients, safe for septic tanks, and they have an unscented option. Unlike other pods weve used, theyve never broken apart in transit and they dont stick together in my jar!

    I think its the best dishwasher detergent for people who want simple, sustainable products that really work. I was able to stop using several other inferior natural products packaged in plastic by switching to just Dropps.

    If I had to choose a different product, Id probably go to the Seventh Generation powder due to its excellent rating from the EWG, eco-friendly packaging, super low cost, and that I can get it from Target!

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    Best Dishwasher Detergent Joint 3rd Place Winner Nellies Dishwasher Powder

    You cant get cuter than this packaging and the best bit its environmentally friendly. A show stopper on the shelf and a show stopper in your dishwasher. Nellies Dishwasher Powder makes 3rd and not 1st place on our list because of fewer cleaning/detergent actives however, the performance is still top quality. You will not notice a difference between Nellies Dishwasher Powder and a traditional, shop brought dishwasher detergent.

    Nellies Dishwasher Powder formula is heavy on builders i.e. citric acid to soften your water and help prevent hard water deposits. Theres sodium percarbonate a bleach active plus a lesser amount of detergent . Theres also a small amount of the enzyme protease added in for good measure.

    Exceptionally friendly for your family, the environment and your wallet.

    The best dishwasher powder we’ve ever reviewed, Nellies is yet another bio-based dishwasher detergent that uses a gentle bleach and surfactant to make this an outstanding choice.

    How Can I Make My Own Zero Waste Dishwasher Detergent

    Ive heard differing opinions about this, especially with modern high-efficiency automatic dishwashers.

    Theyre made to use small amounts of concentrated cleaners. Id recommend conducting your own research and trying DIY options cautiously.

    If you do want to make your own dishwasher detergent, here are a few recipes to try:

    • Greenify-Me recommends this mixture of baking soda, washing soda, citric acid, and salt.
    • Eco Boost has their own take and their recipe doesnt have any baking soda.
    • Drips n Drops even makes their own dishwasher tablets!

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    Why Switch To An Eco

    What goes on your dishes is likely to end up in your mouth, and were not just talking about food. Despite your dishwashers rinse cycle, its not impossible for traces of your detergent to end up on your freshly cleaned dishes. For that reason, you want to make sure the dish detergent you choose is not only effective but non-toxic. An eco dishwasher detergent is made with safe, natural ingredients, packed in sustainable containers, and produced under ethical manufacturing practices.

    Thankfully, there are many great eco-friendly dishwasher detergents out there to choose from, many of them made to be affordable and convenient to purchase and use. When deciding on the best eco-friendly dishwasher detergent for you and your household, just be sure to read ingredient lists, as well as customer reviews. Evaluate the formula, packaging, and how well users say it works. You may want to try a few different options before finding your Holy Grail of cleaners.

    At Public Goods, weve got you covered when you need an eco dishwasher detergent you can feel good about. We also have a range of other household products made to give you your best clean without all the harmful chemicals and additives. Look no further for sustainable, natural, attractive household go-tos youll use again and again.

    Should You Use A Rinse Aid When Washing Your Dishes

    Natural-Safe-NonToxic Dish Washing Liquid-Multipurpose Cleaner-4 Easy DIY Dish Soap-Eco Friendly

    Ive never used a rinse aid because I prefer to air dry my dishes, and you should too! Using your dishwashers heater is going to be the biggest source of energy use so save some money and skip it!

    You can ready more about that in my blog post on 10 ways to save money in on your electric bill in the kitchen.

    But, if youre really in a pinch and need to have dry dishes immediately maybe some guests are coming over? You should use a rinse aid because it enhances drying effectiveness. It also helps eliminate water spots and etching reduction, resulting in sparkling clean dishes.

    A rinse aid is basically a drying agent that helps your dishwasher improve its drying performance which could help you cut back on a little bit of energy. The rinse aid only needs to be refilled every several washes.

    However, just like dishwasher detergent, not all rinse aids are created equal. I recommend checking to see if any of the brands listed here also sell rinse aid I know Ecover and Seventh Generation do.

    And, white vinegar, everyones favorite all-natural cleaning product works amazing! I would recommend limiting it to once a month or a few times a year because of the high acidity of vinegar it can break down your dish washers seal over time.

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    Can I Use Dishwasher Detergent To Handwash Dishes

    This is a common question among first-timers who are just starting to support a household, and the answer is simple â no, you shouldnât use dishwasher detergent to handwash dishes. Although, if you did use it to handwash your dishes, they would come out clean. But, the main reason we donât recommend using it is because you may accidentally add too much detergent when washing by hand, since dishwasher detergent doesnât create as many suds as regular dish soap. When too much detergent is added, it makes it super hard to rinse your dishes enough, and you could leave tons of nasty soap film behind.

    Plus, the same goes for your dishwasher. If you want to wash dishes in the dishwasher, donât use dish soap in your machine. You should always use dishwasher detergent pods, powder, or tabs to get a mean clean. If you accidently use dish soap in your dishwasher, youâre in for a huge mess as the soap will overflow onto the floor once your machine is turned on. Save yourself the stress and check out our best dishwasher detergents for the planet and your home.

    Is Liquid Powder Or Pods Best For Your Dishwasher

    Whats best for your dishwasher can vary depending on what youre looking for. If your goal is to completely avoid packaging, tablets and powders may be your best bet.

    However, if you want to ensure less of a mess, pods may be a better choice. Gel and tab detergents are good options for those who want the most concentrated cleaning power.

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    Best Bar: No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block

    Courtesy of Amazon

    Although liquid dish soaps are the most popular, when it comes to the environment and energy savings, using a dish soap bar is an even better choice than liquids. Thats because most liquid soaps are packaged in plastic and contain a high percentage of water, and the increased weight and volume uses more fossil fuels to transport. One 5.9-ounce bar is about equivalent to about three standard 25-ounce plastic bottles.

    Although there are a number of quality dishwashing bars out there, No Tox Life Vegan Dish Washing Block earned a spot on our list because of its gentle ingredients that earn it an A from EWG. It’s made with seven ingredients and water. It does contain soapbark , which can be irritating to the eyes and may trigger asthma symptoms for some. This biodegradable, septic-safe soap is vegan and free from fragrance, dyes, sulfate, parabens, and palm oil.

    Its plastic-free packaging is made from recyclable paper. It also works well to safely clean walls and counters and removes laundry and carpet stains too. This soap works best in average water, making fluffy suds that cut grease well. Some users with soft water noted a residue on air-dried dishes, but towel drying solves that problem.

    This brand is made in the United States by a mother-daughter team in small batches. If this bar works for you, you can save more by buying in larger quantities and sizes.

    If You Care Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

    Best eco friendly dishwasher liquid

    If You Cares eco friendly tablets are a potent blend of mineral and plant-derived ingredients like coconut, rapeseed, and certain other enzymes meant for cleaning.

    The phosphate- and chlorine-free tablets are made in a concentrated and compact form to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

    Dont be fooled by their small size either. The strength and efficiency of these tiny pellets wash away tough, stuck-on grease, and gunk without the use of any harmful chemicals.

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    Seventh Generation Free & Clear

    These Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwasher Detergent Pods dont contain any fragrances, dyes, phosphates, or chlorine bleach. Instead, they just use an enzyme-rich formula that cuts through food residue and tough grease to leave your dishes sparkling clean.

    The USDA-certified bio-based pods come in sizes that range from a 45-count bag to a 90-count bag, so youll easily be able to find one that works best for you.

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    Why Switch To Natural Dishwasher Detergents

    About a year ago, my 2-year-old took a sip from her straw bottle and informed me her water was yucky. This was the first indication I needed to up my dishwasher detergent game.

    Honestly, I suspected this moment was coming.

    For a few weeks in a row, Id been pulling her water bottle out of the dishwasher each morning, only to discover it stank like fragrance and chemicals.

    Ive since switched her to a mix of stainless steel straw bottles and glass, which helps a lot. But even the stainless steel takes on some of the dishwasher detergent smell and taste when I use mainstream dishwasher soap brands.

    And chemical taste isnt exactly what I like to hear in connection with my daughters dishes, bottles, spoons, sippy cups, or even her laundry, if you know what I mean?

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    Why Should You Buy The Best Eco Dishwasher Cleaner At Amazon

    As one of the leading review providers for a number of brands, services, and products, Envirogadget ensures to provide quality and unbiased reviews to its precious users. We often receive a number of queries from our respected users who purchase Eco Dishwasher Cleaner from us, and those questions consist of:

    What are the Top 10 Eco Dishwasher Cleaner for 2020?

    What are the Top 10 Eco Dishwasher Cleaner to buy?

    What are the Top 10 Eco Dishwasher Cleaner to buy on the market?

    Or even What are the Top 10 affordable Eco Dishwasher Cleaner available? Etc.

    Such plenty of yet worthy questions must make you scratch your head and look for their answers badly. We also understand your irritation when you find yourself at the endpoint and unable to answer these because we have also gone through such phase once yet our unyielding will, which comes from the rock-solid trust of our users, enables us to lay consistent efforts to provide a solution eventually blesses us with the golden and the most accurate solutions to these questions.

    Eco Dishwasher Cleaner

    Lemi Shine Natural Dishwasher Pods

    DIY All Natural and Eco-Friendly Dishwashing Detergent

    The only non-toxic ingredient these dishwasher pods contain is sodium polyacrylate. These dishwasher pods have citric acid, which makes them a safer and more eco-friendly choice for cleaning dishes.

    Notably, people looking for the best dishwasher detergent for hard water gave this product positive reviews. Moreover, it doesnt leave any residue on the dishes or any build-up in the dishwasher.

    People who left negative reviews said their dishes didnt come out clean even with two dishwasher pods and that it smelled like burning plastic when running and left a white film on everything.


    • They only contain one non-toxic ingredient.
    • Citric acid makes them a safer and more eco-friendly choice.
    • They work well in hard water.


    • Some people said the dishes dont come clean even when using two dishwasher pods.
    • Some people also said it smelled like burning plastic while it was running and left a white film on everything.

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    Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Gel

    If powders arent for you, Seventh Generationalso makes an eco friendly dishwasher gel.

    The advanced cleaning plant-based formulation eliminates dirt and grime from your dishes without the use of phosphates, synthetic scents, chlorine, and colors.

    The essential oils and plant materials in this USDA-certified, 65% biobased dishwasher detergent gel give it a pleasant lemon scent that is comparable to that of commercial gels. The benefit of using a detergent gel is that you can adjust the amount you use for each load in your dishwasher.

    Keep in mind that the brand recommends washing stainless steel, aluminum, and silver plates in a separate load while using this detergent.


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