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Best 18 Inch Dishwasher Consumer Reports

Our Dishwasher Research Methodology

Dishwasher Buying Guide (Interactive Video) | Consumer Reports

I wasn’t able to physically test these dishwashers myself, so I leaned on my kitchen remodeling experience and background as a general contractor. I also consulted four experts for brand and model recommendations and criteria that I could use to compare and contrast models as I did my research.

I consulted a food safety expert, Kaylyn Brunskole, the technical manager of Food Equipment at NSF International. I also reached out to an appliance retailer, Albert Safaradi of Albee’s Appliances a home remodeling expert, Nick Yahoodain, CEO of Advanced Builders and Contractors and an appliance repair expert, Alexander Gurfinkel of Appliance Repair LA.

After consulting experts, I developed a set of criteria to use to compare potential options, including their appearance, construction, installation details, special features, energy use, noise levels, certifications, and repair and warranty details.

I then spent hours rigorously researching the most popular options from online retailers and read countless best-of lists and customer reviews, developing a list that I vetted with my experts and removing ones that didn’t meet their criteria. The result is four expertly-vetted dishwashers.

Things To Look For When Shopping For A Dishwasher

Before you zero in on the dishwasher that fits your households needs, its important to do your research. When youre informed about the average price range, most reliable brands, different types of dishwashers, and the industry standards for quietness, youll be less overwhelmed with the shopping process.

If Your Dishwasher Still Sucks Try A Better Detergent

When it comes to cleaning, good detergent is more important than a good dishwasher. Every dishwasher basically works the same way, but detergents can behave very differently. A cheap gel like Palmolive Eco Lemon Splash has far fewer ingredients than a top-of-the-line detergent tab like Finish Quantum.

If leftover food is your main problem, make sure youre using a detergent with enzymes. Most gels do not contain any enzymes , whereas nearly all powders, tabs, and packs do.

The enzymes in dish detergent are typically produced from bacteria . Enzymes are also environmentally friendly because they biodegrade quickly in water. The most common kinds of enzyme used in dishwasher detergents are amylases, which break down starch, and proteases, which work on proteins. Its very similar to what happens in your stomach, said Jill Franke, an engineer and product research group leader at Procter & Gamble, the maker of Cascade. A few of our sources also said that enzymes might actually work better if you skip the pre-rinse, because you leave extra gunk for the enzymes to cling tothey might do a better job dissolving thin, filmy residue this way.

A couple of other possibilities to consider, if better cleaning products dont do the job on their own:

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The Advantages Of An 18

In a small kitchen, you have two choices: an 18-inch dishwasher or a portable dishwasher. The slender design of 18-inch dishwashers allows them to fit into small spaces while still being able to wash a good number of dishes. Additionally, these dishwashers are a good option for homes with just one or two people since you don’t have to wait as long for the appliance to fill up before running a cycle. Lastly, these dishwashers use less water and energy than their larger counterparts.

Bosch 24 800 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Frigidaire 18 Portable Dishwasher
  • Flexible 3rd Rack With Fold Down Sides Adds More Loading Area.
  • InfoLight Beams On Floor To Indicate Dishwasher Is Running
  • FlexSpace Tines Fold Back To Fit Your Larger Pots & Pans
  • AquaStop Leak Protection Works 24/7

If youre wondering which brand of the dishwasher is the most reliable? The name you will find is Bosch. Despite this, the Bosch SHX878ZD5N 800 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher is one of the upgraded models from the brands that have come to take reliability and satisfaction to the next level.

This dishwasher is made of a stainless steel tub that offers a beautiful look along with impressive heat endurance and durability.

This kitchen appliance is rated as the best dishwasher consumer reports in every category, including wash cycle, place setting, quiet operation, and convenience.

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Adjustable Upper Rack

This built-in dishwasher has a middle rack that can be adjusted to 3 different heights along with 9 individual rack positions.

You will find this feature handy, especially for placing the taller appliances like stemware perfectly while still having enough room for 16 place settings.

Quietest dishwasher

Aside from the unbeatable reliability, Bosch has a reputation for producing the quietest dishwashers. Even this fully integrated dishwasher produces only 42 dB of noise, making it perfect for operating at night and while the kids are sleeping.

Extremely versatile

What We Liked

Impressive design

Quick connect

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Best Feature Set And Design

Editor’s Note: The KitchenAid KDPM604KPS was available for immediate purchase at Lowes at the time of publishing. If it is out of stock, we also recommend the Lowe’s-exclusive KitchenAid KDTE104KPS dishwasher. It’s more affordable because it lacks the third rack and the ProDry feature, but it still delivers decent cleaning performance.

KitchenAid KDPM604KPS Dishwasher
  • Equipped with a deep third rack
  • Lacks interior light that’s commonly found in more expensive KitchenAid dishwashers

This KitchenAid dishwasher is an easy-to-load, effective cleaner that does a great job at removing debris and stains from dishes without being too noisy.

The dishwasher which has room for 16 place settings is packed with a stainless steel tub, nice extras like a deep, angled third rack with rotating jets to clean your glasses, mugs, and bowls, and a convenient ProWash cycle for the messiest of dishes. However, its third rack cant be reconfigured in as many positions as the Bosch 300 Series, our current top pick.

However, what makes the KitchenAid really shine is its ProDry feature that delivers an impeccable drying performance. Most dishwashers rely on rinse aid, but this one uses a recessed heating element and a fan to draw moisture out of its stainless steel tub. That way, when its time to unload your dishwasher, your plates wont come out sopping wet.

Number Of Cycles And Speed

The number of cycles and speed can vary depending on the brands and models. However, most dishwashers come with at least three wash cycles, and they are normal, heavy, and rinse.

The wash cycle can go up to seven, including special cycles like baby care and glassware. Apart from these, consider your familys requirements and kitchen type, whether they require a faster wash or slower, to decide the speed you require with the dishwasher.

Remember, a longer wash cycle with a slower speed consumes more water and energy.

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Best Premium: Miele G 5892 Scvi Sl

The G 5892 SCVi SL is a great dishwasher and the best of Miele’s two models ranging from $1,,299 to this one at $1,999.

Miele also has a unique drying system. The dishwasher lets air into the exterior of the side wall. The steam on the inside becomes attracted to the side and dissipates as water.

If you exercise outside on a cold day, the steam emanating from your head is attracted to the cold similarly.

They incorporate important features you would not normally know. Their double insulated pump cuts the chances of leaking.

It could be an important feature if you’re buying this for the 34th floor of your condo in downtown Boston .

In washing, you have three larger arms to spray a bigger radius in the dishwasher.

Like Bosch, you have the third rack with better cycles like Crystal and a faster QuickIntense Wash of 58 minutes for normally soiled dishes.

Best Budget: Bosch She3ar75uc Ascenta Front Control Tall Tub Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher Review | Top 9 Dishwashers of 2022

Home Depot

  • Louder than other models

Bosch dishwashers can be quite pricey, but this Ascenta model is one of the brands most affordable options. Despite its reasonable price, this front-control dishwasher still offers a variety of in-demand features, including a full-width third rack, a sanitization setting, and a fingerprint-resistant finish. It can accommodate up to 14 place settings at a time, and it operates at 50 decibels. While this is loud by Bosch standards, this noise level is still much quieter than many other dishwashers.

In addition to normal, delicate, and express cycles for full loads, this dishwasher has a convenient half-load option that uses less water, as well as a sanitizing setting. You can adjust the middle rack to fit larger items on the bottom level, and the units spray arms are directed toward your dishes to minimize spray on the inner walls and get everything sparkling clean. Besides its slightly noisier operation, the only other downside to this budget-friendly dishwasher is that it doesnt come with a junction box. This component, which allows the unit to be hardwired into your kitchen, must be purchased separately.

Price at time of publish: $649

Type: Built-in | Dimensions: 33.88 x 22.56 x23.56 inches | 50 decibels | Capacity: 14 place settings | Cycles: 6 | Tub Material: Hybrid stainless steel | Control Location: Front | ADA Compliant: No

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What To Know Before Buying An 18

Whether you have a small kitchen or simply dont use that many dishes, a smaller dishwasher might be the right fit for you

When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.Learn more.

As the tiny-home trend grows and more Americans opt to downsize their living spaces, the demand for small appliances is on the rise, according to several appliance manufacturers CR spoke to.

In the case of dishwashers, some manufacturers are expanding their lines of compact 18-inch models.

Bosch, for instance, has tripled the number of 18-inch dishwasher models they sell in the U.S. to six from two in 2015.

If youre thinking about buying a smaller dishwasher, just what, if anything, would you be giving up?

Here are some important factors to consider, including cost, selection, usability, and how these dishwashers perform in our tests.

Consumer Reports members can get the details on the 18-inch models that CR recommends. For more information on dishwashers, see our dishwasher buying guide.

Easier To Clean And Use

Everyone loves a good product that will last longer without breaking or needing maintenance to keep it running smoothly! We all have busy lives, so its best to buy something that will save you time on daily tasks instead of wasting hours weekly.

This best 18 inch dishwasher consumer reports is easy to maintain because of its simple design, making it very easy to clean! You can wash your best item in about 10 seconds or less! And best of all, if you do run into any trouble with your product, you can take advantage of the products warranty and get it replaced for free.

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How Long Should A Dishwasher Last

As long as your dishwasher is properly cared for, it should last for about 10 years.

To learn more, check out our complete guide on how to choose a dishwasher. Browse our full selection of dishwashers today.

The information in this article is not a promise of service. While we present the most accurate information we can, customers must check each brand and model for the manufacturers’ information. Each model has its individual care and maintenance guidelines, normal expected use and lifespan with proper maintenance and care. Customers are responsible for checking information for their appliance, the user manual, manufacturer guidelines as well as using professional services.

Pairing Your Dishwasher With Home Connect Is Simple And Easy

Dishwasher photo and guides: Fisher And Paykel Dishwasher ...

The Home Connect app allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bosch dishwasher from your smartphone. From cycle status notifications to running diagnostics from the comfort of your home, the Home Connect app is designed to make your life easier. Experience a new level of control with Home Connect.

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Most Available: Beko Dis25842

In Stainless Steel: Beko DDS25842X – $929

Beko has been one of the most successful companies since the pandemic in 2020.

Availability has been one of the reasons. You can buy one and have it delivered the same week rather than wait six months to a year for Miele or Bosch.

Beko has a competitive dishwasher, especially if you’re placing a panel on the front at $879. It’s roughly $370 cheaper than any other dishwasher on this list.

The features like three spray arms heated dry, and an adjustable top rack are also worthwhile. You even have the third rack for silverware.

However, it is louder than 48 dB.

Also, Beko uses condensation dry or the heat from the wash, plus JetDry, and time. It works well on dishes but not as well on less-dense items like plastics.

Best Service Network: Monogram Zdt165sil11 And Profile Pdt145sslss

I included two GE lines in this article because the Monogram is available, and GE has its own service network.

You may be reading this outside Boston. Most dealers do not have their own service, so you will have problems with Beko, Miele, and Bosch in certain parts of the country.

The Monogram is a bit expensive for the features at $1,500. It is slightly over the quietness standard at 46 decibels, but they have a grinder at the bottom.

With a grinder, you don’t have to clean a filter at the bottom like the others.

Monogram also has many cycles and options, including a slightly better heated dry.

Profile is not as available with fewer cycles and options. It’s also 47 dB and uses condensation drying. However, it is almost 50% cheaper than the Monogram at $829.

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Farberware Professional Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Dimensions: 19.7 x 21.7 x 17.2 inches |dBA: 62 |Capacity: 6 place settings |Energy Star qualified: Yes

Outfit smaller kitchensin vacation cottages, RVs and/or boatswith this portable dishwasher that sits right on the countertop. Despite its compact size, it holds up to six place settings and includes a cutlery basket for silverware. The dishwashers six washing programs offer full-size cleaning quality, and an extra drying function leaves plates and glasses dry and ready for the cupboard. A convenient child lock setting lets you lock the buttons, so little ones cannot accidentally start the dishwasher.


  • Limited options for smaller dishes
  • Bowls can be difficult to arrange

How Long Will A Dishwasher Last

How to Load the Dishwasher Properly

“Assuming you have a built-in dishwasher, you’ll be living with your dishwasher for 10-15 years,” Klien explains. You can increase the life of your dishwasher by properly servicing it. This involves cleaning the interior once a month, ensuring that it is neither too full or too empty when running a cycle, and doing any necessary repairs. Buying a recognized brand dishwasher would also assist.

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Mistakes Everyone Makes When Buying Dishwashers

If you’ve done your homework, you know the best dishwashers are good at cleaning dishes. Reviewers never list poor cleaning performance as a con for the best-rated dishwashers, even budget ones. Avoiding purchasing mistakes is mostly a matter of juggling price and a long list of features and characteristics. The trick is to stay focused on what matters to you and your order of importance in terms of price, reliability, and ability to hide in plain sight.

One thing that can take you off-track is knee-jerk reactions to product features. For example, why let the need for a towel bar make you choose this feature over a cheaper model with a recessed handle? The latter is likely to blend in and not affect kitchen design overall. Why not consider features that make loading your dishwasher a breeze? According to Spencer’s TV & Appliance, you can always add a hook for dish towels. Another example is an automatic door. Opening this dishwasher might sound like an excessive luxury at first, but the feature goes a long way toward delivering dryer dishes to you . Keep reading for a look at the mistakes everyone makes when buying dishwashers.

Best Dishwashers In 2022

The best dishwashers for every family size and budget.

One of the best dishwashers can make cleaning up a breeze. You can tell a good dishwasher, first and foremost, by its cleaning performance â all plates should emerge spotless with no residue left behind. Most forget that, as well as clean, the load should emerge dry too. That means the crockery is ready to store right away, with nothing dripping on removal. The racks should also be laid out efficiently, so it makes the most use of the space, without any plates or bowls contacting one another.

Then thereâs the noise to consider a dishwasher is usually located in the kitchen, so you donât want it making a ruckus in use. Energy efficiency is important as well â itâs no good having a great dishwasher if it costs you an arm and a leg to run. Look out for Energy Star rated models to confirm this. Lastly, thereâs special features and design elements to consider perhaps you want a design with a third rack to accommodate more space, or maybe smart connectivity is necessary. In any case, itâs difficult to find a dishwasher that manages to deliver in every respect. Thatâs why weâve done the research to help you out. Weâve found the best dishwashers to suit every situation, whether youâre tight on space, or want a value for money design.

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The Dirty Truth About Filters And Food Grinders

All dishwashers have filters that trap loose food particles inside the tub. Some dishwashers also have a grinder behind the filter that can annihilate any chunks of food large enough to clog the drain in the extremely unlikely case that they slip through the filter. Either system works well, and we recommend both types. But a grinder is kind of a gimmick, and most people will be perfectly happy with a simpler, quieter, filter-only dishwasher.

One common concern weve heard is that filter-only models dont clean as well as dishwashers with grinders and need much more unpleasant hands-on maintenance.

Theres a kernel of truth here: You do need to remove and rinse most filters under running water from time to time to maintain the dishwashers performance . Starchy, greasy gunk builds up and eventually clogs the filter. If you put a lot of starchy soils into your machine and use non-enzymatic detergent and have hard water, you might have to rinse the filter as often as every few weeks.

But realistically, most people should be able to get away with rinsing their filters as little as twice a year, because filters tend to stay clean enough on their own. Enzymatic detergents weaken the structure of the toughest types of soils . All of those pre-softened foods that are caught in the filter eventually get shredded in its fine mesh as the wash water circulates through the machine. The remnants eventually get flushed down the drain.


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