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Amana Dishwasher Parts Door Latch

How To Troubleshoot Your Amana Dishwasher When It Isn’t Cleaning The Dishes

Dishwasher Repair- Replacing the Handle and Door Latch (Whirlpool Part# W10130695)

If your dishes are still dirty after running the dishwashing cycle, first make sure youre loading them correctly. Our How to Load a Dishwasher video gives tips on where to load dishes to get them clean.

Other non-mechanical reasons for dishes not getting clean include water temperature and water hardness. Water thats not hot enough wont get dishes clean. To test your water temperature, run the hot water in the sink for a minute before starting the dishwasher. Using a thermometer, test the temperature of the water by filling a glass from the sink faucetthe temperature should be between 110 and 120 degrees. Adjust the temperature on your water heater as needed. Also, use the right amount of detergent for your water’s level of hardness. Watch this video for tips on checking your homes water hardness. Youll need to use more detergent in your dishwasher if your home’s water supply provides hard water.

Poor cleaning could also be due to a mechanical problem with your dishwasher. A failed water inlet valve wont allow enough water into the dishwasher tub to clean the dishes. Dishes wont get clean if the detergent dispenser doesnt open. Watch our troubleshooting video for tips on how to fix a broken detergent dispenser if the detergent dispenser in your dishwasher isn’t opening.

How Do I Test My Dishwasher Door Latch

You can test the dishwasher latch using a multimeter. To do so, start by unplugging the dishwasher’s power cord. Next, remove the front door panel and locate the door latch assembly at the top.

Place the probes of the multimeter on the terminals of the latch’s wire switches. Next, look at the digital display of the multimeter, and if it has a reading of 0 or somewhere close to it, the assembly still has continuity. If it shows any other reading, you’ll need to replace the assembly.

Are There Items Between The Door Seal And The Tub Of The Dishwasher

Check that there are no items such as silverware stuck between the door seal on the dishwasher door and the tub of the dishwasher. This will cause the door to not shut or seal properly.

Check both racks for items that may be stuck and protruding. Remove any item that is protruding outside the rack.

Check for large food particles around the door seal. Large items could cause the door to not shut or seal properly.

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Inspect The Door Latch

Amana ADB2200AWS Dishwasher Door Latch Assembly

Take a good look at the latch to see if any foreign debris or food particles have become wedged within it. This will often cause the latching issue, as the food will make it hard to close the door completely or open it up after a cycle.

If the debris is visible, use a wire hanger or another long thin tool to remove it. After clearing the obstruction, test the latch again to see if this was the culprit.

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Cut The Power To The Dishwasher

Its important to note that checking on the door latch requires a bit of disassembly. So, before doing anything, cut the power to your dishwasher. Simply turn the dishwasher off and unplug the power cord.

If your dishwasher is hardwired, flip the circuit breaker that delivers power to your dishwasher. Press the buttons on the dishwasher control board to ensure that the machine is completely devoid of power.

The Dishwasher Tub Is Misaligned How Are Installed Incorrectly

If the dishwasher has not been installed correctly, it may not be level enough to close properly. For example, if it is tilted to the left, right, or back, the tub’s weight may cause the door to gradually shift and fail to close correctly.

Often, this will happen when the tub contracts and expands after being exposed to the hot water from a cycle. In this case, the best thing to do is to remove and then reinstall the dishwasher, ensuring that it is level.

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Check The Strike Plate

The strike plate is the component that the door latch connects to. It can be found near the front of the dishwasher. When it comes into contact with the latch, the latch should immediately hook around it and produce a slight snapping sound.

If it doesnt, look for a misaligned strike plate or other abnormalities in its shape. If it has been shifted in any way, the door latch might not loop around it, which can cause your dishwasher not to register a shut door. You might need to use your needle-nose pliers to encourage the strike plate to return to its original place.

The Latch Assembly Is Malfunctioning

Dishwasher Repair- Replacing the Handle & Door Latch Assembly (Whirlpool Part # W10130694)

If your dishwasher is old or has an electrical door latch, the door latch assembly could be malfunctioning. Electrical door latches can wear out over time, causing the latch function to fail to initiate when the door is shut.

In which case, the latch assembly will need to be replaced-though you’ll need to test it first.

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Turn Off The Dishwasher

The first thing that you want to do is test the dishwasher latch. To do this, turn off the dishwasher and unplug the power cord from the electrical socket. Find where the latch switch is located. In most cases, this will be behind the door and control panel.

You’ll need to open up the dishwasher to access it. Depress the latch switch using your finger or the end of a pencil or a pen. The safety switch is likely broken if you depress the switch in the dishwasher still doesn’t come on.

In this case, it’ll need to be replaced. You can replace this part yourself in a few minutes, and it only cost around $25 to $40, depending on the Amana model.

Is The Dishwasher Level

Make sure the dishwasher is level. The dishwasher must be supported by the leveling legs and rear wheels and must be flat on the floor.

NOTE: Some models will have four leveling legs.The dishwasher must also be square in the cabinet. If the tub opening is not square, the door will not seal properly. This is the responsibility of the customer or installer.

to watch a video on how to level your dishwasher.

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Why Do Dishwasher Door Latches Fail

There is a multitude of reasons why your dishwashers door latch might not be in a working state. Ill describe some of the most common causes down below, as well as what you can do to prevent them from occurring.

Shutting the door too hardHave you ever slammed your dishwashers door shut? If so, that might be the root problem for why the latch is malfunctioning. The latch can only take so much abuse before it begins to shift out of position or even fall apart.

Whenever you want to shut the dishwashers door, do it gently, and make sure you utilize the child safety lock to stop your kids from destroying the door and door latch.

Constant movingThis is mainly an issue for those with freestanding portable and countertop portable dishwashers.

Constantly moving the dishwasher around and lifting it can cause the strike plate to move out of position. So, find a spot in your kitchen for the dishwasher and leave it in place. If you have to winterize the dishwasher, move it as little as possible.

Excess moistureWhenever you open the dishwasher door after a cycle has completed, steam will immediately begin pouring out, and some of it might get stuck in the latch mechanism.

A little bit of moisture isnt an issue, but over time, the water vapor might cause the latch, microswitch, or strike plate to rust. So, after a wash cycle, leave the door slightly ajar to allow steam to vent upward and evaporate from inside the latch.

How To Fix An Amana Dishwasher Door Latch In 4 Steps

W10130699 Amana Dishwasher DishDoor Latch Assembly

The latch on a dishwasher door must function properly for the dishwasher to initiate a cycle. But what do you do if the latch on your Amana Dishwasher is broken? How do you fix it? How do you test it? We have looked into this issue, and in this post, we will answer these questions for you.

Here are the steps to take to fix your Amana dishwasher latch:

  • Turn off the dishwasher
  • Check the rotation of the latch
  • Inspect the strike plate
  • Dishwashers are designed to close completely to prevent water from leaking out during the wash cycle phases. So to say, if the dishwasher doesn’t latch, you won’t be able to use it until it’s fixed.

    Sometimes the latch can come loose, in which case you can retighten it. But in other cases, it may break completely, requiring further troubleshooting. Let’s look at how to solve this issue with Amana dishwashers.

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    Check The Rotation Of The Latch

    In specific models, the latch will operate on a pivot pin that allows it to rotate. Over time, debris and dirt can accumulate inside the pivot pin area, impeding its movement and causing the latch to lock.

    The best way to clean it is to spray it with a part cleaner such as bolt loosener or WD-40. It’s also helpful to add a bit of penetrating lubricant to the area to keep the parts moving freely. After spraying the area around the latch, open and close it a few times so that the lubricant can penetrate the entire pin area.

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    Check The Door Latchs Rotation

    There are certain Amana dishwasher models whose latch mechanism uses a pivot pin. This means that the latch rotates rather than moves vertically to grab onto the strike plate to keep the door shut. If your dishwasher uses a rotating latch, solid debris may be hidden within the rotating path.

    The simplest way to remove dirt and debris from a rotating latch is by spraying it with WD-40 or another lubricant for metal. Spray a generous amount of the lubricant inside the latch while also using a pencil to continuously rotate the latch in place.

    How Do You Open A Dishwasher Door That Has A Broken Latch

    Dishwasher Repair – Replacing the Door Latch (Whirlpool Part # W10275768)

    If your dishwasher latch is broken, it’s best to use an Allen key, screwdriver or need a pair of needle-nose pliers to pry it open. To do this, take the Allen key and stick it between the body of the dishwasher and the door, right next to the handle.

    Next, move the key to the left until it catches. Once it does, it should touch the latch, and when it does, turn the Allen key 90 degrees to the right while simultaneously pulling it towards you. This should release the door latch to open the door.

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    Can’t Unplug Dishwasher Door Latch Amana Abd1500aws

    Try first unlocking the door latch with a small screwdriver, unplug power cord before working on the door lock.If this does not work buy a replacement door lock, or get it replaced.Use the number listed on the owner manual if you want to call a technician.Enter model number on this website to find schematics and replacement parts.

    Posted on Nov 29, 2008

    HI,Please check whether the plastic pins are broken.I removed the inner door panel and found the handle broken. It has integrally molded plastic pins that provide a pivot for the handle to push against the release assembly. These were broken off. Also noticed that there were some small fingers molded on the back of the switch panel that were snapped off. I’m not sure what these are for and I can’t see how they are needed for the latch operation. My hunch is that they aid in positioning the handle during factory assembly. I’m NOT going to buy a new switch panel to replace these! I don’t know why the handle broke but it did so in stages. I think one pin broke, and then everything else broke because of added misalignment and stress. The good news: a new handle only costs about $10 and I’ll have it in a couple of days.Thanks

    Posted on Apr 24, 2009

    Official Amana Dishwasher Parts

    Amana dishwashers operate quietly and efficiently to clean even your dirtiest pots and pans. With soil sensor technology, your Amana appliance custom washes each load, adjusting the wash time and water use accordingly. Light loads don’t waste power and water, and large loads come out of your Amana dishwasher pristine.

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    There Are Too Many Dishes In The Dishwasher

    Sometimes the issue can be a simple one, such as the dishwasher being overfilled. If there are too many dishes in the washer, the racks may not roll entirely back into the tub. As a result, the door cannot close completely, and the latch cannot connect to the strike plate.

    Take a look at the racks and ensure that they make their way to the back of the dishwasher tub. If they don’t, try removing some of the larger items and then closing the door again.

    Do I Need To Replace The Door Latch

    Dishwasher Door Latch For Whirlpool Amana ADB3500AWW ADB1500AWW0 ...

    Sometimes, the damage to your dishwashers door latch might be beyond reparable in which case, you will have to swap it out for a brand-new latch.

    For the most part, there are only two telltale signs that you need to replace the latch: broken parts and rust.

    Other symptoms of a faulty latch, including a misaligned strike plate or a stuck latch, can be fixed by following the steps provided above.

    Luckily, replacement latches for Amana dishwashers arent too expensive. You can pick up a brand-new replacement for between $25 and $50. Just make sure that you get a latch that is compatible with your exact Amana dishwasher model.

    When in doubt, consult the owners manual to see what model you have before reaching out to the manufacturer to see whether or not they have replacement latches on hand. You might also want to consult a professional repairman to see whether or not your existing latch is salvageable.

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    Inspect The Strike Plate

    Sometimes the latch issue can be caused by a problem with the strike plate. This plate is on the front of the dishwasher, and it makes contact with the metal latch when it closes. If the strike plate is misaligned, the latch cannot close properly.

    While the dishwasher door is open, take a close look at the strike plate to note any abnormality. If the plate is bent, misaligned, or loose and anyway it will need to be readjusted to its correct location and shape so that it will fit properly within the door. If the strike plate is bent, you may be able to straighten it with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

    In some cases, however, it will need to be replacedparticularly if it has rusted or become damaged in any way. You can replace the strike plate yourself, as it’s a fairly simple task. After replacing it, try latching the door again to see if this fixes the issue.

    How To Fix An Amana Dishwasher Door Latch

    The door latch on a dishwasher does more than keeping the door in place in order to prevent water from leaking out.

    Your dishwashers control board will not work properly if it does not register a shut door, and a door can only be shut if the door latch is in working order. So, what should you do to fix the door latch on an Amana dishwasher?

    If your Amana dishwashers door latch doesnt seem to be functioning properly, heres what you need to do:

    • Cut the power to the dishwasher
    • Check the door latch
    • Check the door latchs rotation
    • Check the strike plate
    • In extreme cases, you might have to replace the door latch entirely.

    In this guide, Ill explain the steps to fixing an Amana dishwasher door latch in greater detail, as well as discuss why door latches fail in the first place and how to tell when the door latch needs to be replaced.

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